Death Ninja

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

"Daddy! What's going on? There's all kinds of noise and yelling and screaming. Everyone was so scared." Azumi asked as she clung to her father as they little group walked out of the torn up house to find a safe place for all of them.

"It's alright. I need you to listen to us though alright?" she gave a small nod as he pulled her to him and held her as she cried. "I want you to make sure your brother and sister and grandmother stay safe. You think you can do that for me?" the girl nodded sadly and gave a small watery smile.

"I can do that. I'm just like you daddy." Naruto smirked as he led the way through the empty, torn up streets. "Where's granny?" she asked making Naruto glance at her.

"She's working on getting everyone else safe." he told her making her pull herself closer to him as they snuck through the streets. "Sakura lead them off to the hid out." He told her and started handing off Azumi to his Father-in-law. "Azumi, I need you to go with them and make sure they all get to the hid out safely, okay? I'll meet you there in a bit." The girl nodded and started to tear as Kaori took the little girl and held her close. "I'll meet you at the Hokage tower in half an hour."

"Be careful Naruto. We both know how hard Kabuto is to beat and adding Kisami into it….. Just come meet me in one piece." She whispered before they kissed and she pulled back to see Naruto giving her a look she knew all too well. "You will pull through this. We all will, just please stay safe until we're all together and can help each other."

"I'll do my best, Sakura-chan." He smiled as he gave her a small hug and kiss. "You stay safe until I'm there to protect you."

"I will Naruto-kun." The two smiled as they turned their backs to each other and Naruto took off as Sakura took the lead and started another way towards the hide out. "If we move fast enough we'll be able to get to the hide out without anyone seeing us."

"Sakura…" Akemi whispered as she watched her daughter glance back at her and Kaori as she spoke with her face set with a mask and her words sounding harsh as they left her lips. It took them only a few minutes to reach the hide out where Sakura met Iruka in the hallways.

"Sakura. You guys are back?" he asked surprised as he walked up to her and took Saki from her as they walked to where the others were.

"Had a feeling something was wrong. Only a few of us came back, the rest are working on the army up north and are going to come back when that's done."

"Where are the others?"

"Out working on getting who they can before we start fighting." She looked around the crowded room before a group of young children ran to her. "It's alright. Relax your parents are all fine. I promise." She gave them a smile as Kaori let Azumi down and she ran to join her friends. "I want you all to listen to everything you're told." they all nodded and she stood back up to look at Iruka and her parents.

"You're going back out?"

"Yeah. My friends and family are out there fighting right now; I'm not going to stay hiding while they could be killed." She told him softly. "Besides Naruto took off while we came this way. I have to find him and make sure he's not getting into too much trouble." She gave a small smile as she looked at her mother. "You will be safe here. Try to take care of the kids as best you can. They're all worried about their parents." Akemi gave a small nod, not wanting her daughter to have to go back out to fight.

"Be careful, Sakura. And make sure Naruto doesn't do anything stupid." He smiled.

"I will. Take god care of my kids; make sure you keep an eye on Azumi. She's just like her father and will take any chance to help." Iruka gave a nod as Sakura formed a hand sign and was gone arriving back on top of the Hokage's tower. She looked around at the smoke as it rose high into the sky in several directions, she looked around hearing cries and screams as people were hunted down and killed. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on finding everyone and making sure they were all alright. She found Anko and Kakashi not too far off fighting through a small group of soldiers, Minato and Kushina were in another direction working on cutting down as many people in the army as possible as Jiraiya stood on Gamaken's head with Tsunade and the third not far behind as they fought slowly. She searched and waited as she found her father running to join her before she felt two strong forces of chakra fly at her making her eyes snap open.

"They all safe?" Naruto asked her.

"Yeah, all the kids are there, Iruka and my mom said they would keep a close eye on them."

"Looks like a few people are having some trouble keeping up." Sakura gave a nod as he father landed next to her. "Granny and the old man are running out of chakra and pervy sage won't be able to hold the army back for too much longer. I say we go get them out of there and then worry about the others. The sooner we get this army taken care of the sooner we can go after Kabuto and Kisami."

"Then let's get going." Kaori told him as they four of them started off to lend Jiraiya, Tsunade and the third a hand. As they arrived it was only getting worse, Tsunade and the third were barely standing as Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke went to work and Kaori went to the two.

"Thank god you're all back." Tsunade whispered.

"We're not all back it's only a few of us." Kaori told her as the three walked over to her. "Naruto brought a small group and has the others attacking the army up north."

"You three going to take Kabuto and Kisami out?" Tsunade asked as she leaned on Kaori.

"That's the plan. Everyone is safe in the hide out for now. Why don't you two old timers head up and relax and let us take over." He chuckled as Tsunade narrowed her eyes.

"Naruto!" they heard making them all turn and look to see Kakashi and Anko on their way to them. "Kabuto and Kisami aren't alone. They have brought others back to life."

"What?" Naruto asked. He couldn't believe it. He remembered when the third had to fight the first two Hokage's and how hard that was, Kabuto called several back and he had a feeling they were all the worst. "Who did they summon?"

"Itachi and Pein are the ones that we've found." Anko told him making him clench his fist as Minato and Kushina arrived beside them "we just told them." She told the two as they landed.

"Naruto, Kabuto and Kisami were bad enough but if they summoned those two…" Sakura trailed off before a voice behind them made them jump.

"It's been a very long time, Naruto-kun." Kabuto smirked evilly. "And I see you have Sasuke-kun on your side too. Well let's see if you can last a second round with your big brother shall we?" he smiled as Itachi walked out from behind him and Sasuke got ready to fight. "And I'm sure you remember Nagato, Naruto-kun." Naruto clenched his fist as he got ready for anything.

"Kabuto what they hell are you trying to accomplish?" Naruto yelled making the man chuckle.

"Oh Naruto-kun. You cannot imagine what I am going to accomplish. You see all of your friends are being murdered as we speak by some other special friends." Naruto bit his thumb as Sasuke did the same summoning two toads and two snakes.

"Go tell everyone to pull back and get back her as fast as they can." Naruto told the one toad.

"You heard him." The one snake gave a nod as the two summons ran off and they were left standing beside one summon each. "Looks like we're going to have to fight for a while." Naruto gave a nod as everyone backed them up. "Stay out of our way. Fighting them could get out of hand."

"Try to get as many back here as possible." Sakura told Minato and Jiraiya who were able to cut through the toad world. "Everyone else just make sure you try to get out of the way if you have to." Sakura pulled a kunai from her pouch and got ready as Itachi smirked as he moved forward.

"It's been such a long time why don't we have a little practice, shall we?" Sasuke took a deep breath and closed his eyes as Itachi continued to move closer to them.

"Naruto, you think the others can hold them off for a bit while you give me a hand?" Naruto smirked and looked behind him as Sakura gave a nod and he moved closer. "I can supply the hand signs if you supply the chakra. It will take a few minutes to do." Naruto gave a nod as Sasuke started going through hand signs while Naruto started preparing to send chakra to his friend. Sakura charged out to take on Nagato as he started towards them and the others spread out to help. Sasuke called for everyone to move as Naruto pushed chakra into him and Sasuke hit the ground a second before lightning shot from the ground hitting Itachi over and over again as the first group of help arrived, including Fugaku and Mikoto who stood watching as Sasuke electrified their son who had supposedly turned evil and died. The lights died down as Itachi hit the ground with a dull thud and Sasuke smirked.

"Where'd you learn that one?" Naruto asked with a grin.

"Orochimaru's scrolls. Itachi's out of the way, now we only have these freaks to take care of."

"That's not nice Sasuke-kun." Kabuto smirked as he and Kisami both made three hand signs and stood seconds later with Azumi and Sakumo at knife point. The two children looked at their parents stunned not knowing what to do as Naruto began to tap into his fox chakra and the others were about to charge. "Make any movement and it will be their last." Kabuto chuckled as Naruto began to growl.

"Naruto…" several whispered behind him as Azumi looked on the verge of tears.

"Daddy!" she cried out as Kabuto pulled the kunai closer, pressing it hard enough to start to draw blood.

"'Daddy' can't save you now." He told the girl as she started to cry and Kabuto looked at Naruto and the others. "So what shall daddy do? Risk having his daughter killed to get to us and hope to kill us or stay still and maybe save the girl's life?" he watched as Naruto closed his bright blue eyes before opening them a moment later forming hand signs that Kabuto couldn't even see. Suddenly a miniature Kyuubi stood behind the two men growling.

"Let go of the pups. You think you can take me on without having to hide behind innocent children?" he growled as Kabuto smirked and looked directly into Naruto's eyes as Sakumo pulled a hidden dagger and quickly sliced through Kisami's hand before running to his mother and father.

"Well for that stunt, I think the child will lose her life." He was about to pull the kunai across her throat to realize he couldn't move. "What?"

"Apparently you don't quiet remember the leaf village ninja as well as you think." Shikamaru said as he and his father stood off to the side. "You two should know better than to come in here and try to kill our kids."

"You'd be insane if you think we would just stay still and let you do what you want all because you could kill one of our kids." Kiba smirked as he stood beside Akamaru. Kabuto pulled his chakra together and forced himself to move only to be hit hard by Naruto as he maneuvered himself to stop the blade and pull Azumi free. The girl ran to her mother as tears spilt down her cheeks.

"Are you alright?" Sakura asked her and watched as she gave a nod. "I want you and Sakumo to stay in the back with granny and the others. Don't leave her side." The girl gave a nod and made her way to Tsunade who wrapped her arms around the frightened little girl. "Sasuke." she said low as he gave a nod and they charged at the other two while Naruto continued to fight Kabuto.

"What's going on?" Jiraiya asked as he and Minato came back for the last time and stood beside the kneeling Tsunade.

"Naruto and the others are pissed. Those two are lucky I'm almost out of chakra." She looked at the two men as they knelt down and Azumi ran to Minato. "Kabuto got a hold of Azumi and Sakumo somehow. Sakumo was able to get away and Kabuto was going to kill her when Naruto got her out of the way and started fighting him." The two men stood back up as Azumi clung to Minato as she started to calm.

"Naruto's fought this guy a lot; he knows what he's doing." Jiraiya told Kushina as she walked over worried. "He's beaten him every time, why would this be any different?" he asked as he watched and the others moved closer together to get out of the way as Naruto and Kabuto started causing explosions.

"Because he's hurt." Shikamaru told him. "I've seen them fight and Naruto is hurt somewhere but he's trying to hide it."

"It had to be when we all split up." Kaori said. "When we got Akemi and the kids Naruto went off in one direction while Sakura and we went to the hide out. Although I never saw any blood or anything that would have indicated he was hurt."

"He wouldn't have shown anything, he would have cleaned it up and was probably ignoring it." Tsunade told the man. "That's how Naruto gets away with so much." suddenly Naruto was slammed into the crowed by a chakra covered hand from Kabuto who only smirked. They all looked over and saw Naruto stand back up as he coughed up blood and was bleeding from many wounds, one of which stood out the most to Tsunade. "It's his chest. He has a major wound in his chest." She told them as they all watched as he took a deep breath and winced slightly before running back into battle with Kabuto.

"What do we do?" asked Rin as she moved closer with the others. "They seem like they're really strong and none of us know anything about them. We can't just charge in there."

"Then we start putting pressure on them. Get them to think that at any minute we are going to jump in and switch. They'll have to watch all of us." Kushina said as Minato walked over to Mikoto and Fugaku.

"Watch her for a bit." He said to Mikoto as he looked down at Azumi and she looked horrified. "Just for a bit, until we can get your parents out of this mess. Mikoto will make sure nothing happens to you." just as Mikoto took the little girl Iruka arrived beside them.

"She and Sakumo were standing together and then they were gone. I thought they had run off."

"Iruka sensei!" Azumi cried as he walked closer to them.

"We had a problem and we are getting everything worked out now." Minato told him. "Take Mikoto and everyone who isn't a high ranking ninja back to the hide out. Wait for one of us to come get you." Iruka gave a nod and looked around as Minato, Kakashi, Rin and Kushina began to spread the word and clear most of the crowd. Just as Iruka was about to leave he saw Naruto thrown directly into the ground, Sakura was cut on the arm and Sasuke was thrown into a building as the summons and the miniature kyuubi continued fighting the best he could while Naruto and Sasuke slowly got back to their feet.

"Their getting up slower and slower each time." Temari commented as she watched like all the others helpless to do anything.

"This is why we need to start moving in." Minato whispered as hey entire group slowly got closer and closer making Kabuto and Kisami uneasy about having to watch everyone as they all looked about to charge. Sasuke ripped his electrified sword through Nagato's body turning it to dist as he turned his sharingon eyes to look between his two friends when he hear Naruto yell to him.

"I can still stand, go finish Sakura!" Sasuke took off coming out of nowhere to fight Kisami, pushing him off balance just seconds after he slammed his sword forward cutting only Sakura side as she dodged the attack. Kabuto and Kisami were pushed closer and closer together until they smirked.

"I guess we'll have to pick this up next time, Naruto-kun." He and Kisami went up in flames and were gone leaving everyone standing around Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. The two men looked at each other covered in blood that had seeped from their wounds with Kisami earlier just before Naruto went to his knees coughing blood and wincing as he took a breath.

Tsunade worked her way through to them as she knelt in front of the man she had met all those years ago as a 12 year old boy. Sakura and Sasuke knelt on either side of him as Sakura pulled his jacket off and ripped his shirt to see a large gash that was almost all the way through the ribs.

"Naruto." She whispered as he took shallow breaths and winced with each one. Tsunade started to heal the wounds as Sakura worked to control the pain of all the deep wounds. She looked to see Sasuke trying hard not to show any pain making her take a hand and lay it gently on his hand as he helped hold Naruto up. Sasuke looked at her knowing what she was doing and gave a small smirk as he closed his eyes.

"My healing ability can only take wounds so far. You're going to have to heal the rest of the wounds on your own." Naruto gave a nod as he looked at his wounds as they were half way closed then up at everyone standing around.

"You three alright?" asked Kaori as he walked closer. "All three of you took quite a beating."

"I think of it as a fight not a beating." Naruto chuckled as Sakura helped him and Sasuke stand up

"Well let's get everyone out of the hide out and start cleaning up." Rin said as several of the ninja took off as everyone started to talk about what happened and what was going on.

"So what's the plan now?" asked Fugaku as he walked closer to his son.

"We start rebuilding and heal up before we attempt to go anywhere near that group." Sasuke told his father.

"Sakura-chan, we should get those scrolls form home." Naruto told her as everyone started looking at them. "It will make everything a lot easier." He looked around at all the people standing in front of him. "It's going to take a few people to use each of them but I made scrolls a while back that when we put them in spots around the village it will undo any damage."

"How did you manage to create something like that?" Jiraiya asked.

"The same way anything was created." He chuckled before it turned into coughing making Sakura worry. "kyuubi." He said and the fox walked to his side and burst into flames and was gone only seconds before Naruto's gashes began to smoke and close up. "It's still gonna take a few days to get back to where I was but this will do for now." He said as he wrapped an arm around Sakura and they, followed by Sasuke made it through the crowd and over to Itachi's body.

"I've been meaning to ask you two about this." The third said as he walked up leaning on Asuma. "When they are killed they turn to dust. Why didn't Itachi's body dissolve?"

"One thing I am grateful towards Orochimaru for. He allowed me all access to all of his scrolls. I was able to learn a lot. Most of them I don't have the chakra for and that's why I had Naruto lend a hand."

"Drains the chakra, had me down pretty low." Naruto told them as Sasuke bent down and looked at the body.

"Itachi!" he said making everyone look confused as Itachi's head started to move and his eyes slowly opened until he saw Sasuke by his side and everyone gathered around him and he shot up confused as children ran through. Azumi ran forward and wrapped her little arms around Sasuke with a smile, as Itachi got ready to fight. "I killed you once and I will not hesitate to do it again if you hurt her." Azumi clung to him afraid too even move.

"You seem to have gotten soft since we met last."

"I've had some help coming back to my senses." Sasuke pulled Azumi in front of him and held her as Itachi looked between the two.

"She yours?" he asked confused making Naruto smirk as he held Satoru and Sakura held Saki.

"Azumi." Naruto smiled making the girl look to him then smile and look at Sasuke.

"Uncle Sasuke? I'm sorry I got caught and you and daddy and mommy had to fight and get hurt." She told him softly as Sasuke pulled her closer to him as Itachi looked up and down, completely confused now.

"She's Naruto and Sakura's daughter. She's my niece." He smirked as his brother gave a small smile and saw his parents standing next to Naruto and looked away ashamed as Naruto and Sakura started to try to clear the crowed as the parents knelt down next to Sasuke. "We all know the real story of what you did and why."

"Azumi, come on." Sakura called as she and Naruto turned to walk away.

"But I wanta stay with uncle Sasuke." she whined as Sasuke turned and gave them a nod.

"Alright but don't get in the way. And we still expect you and your uncle back for dinner."

"Okay, mommy." She cheered as she turned back around and sat on Sasuke's knees. "You know mommy's making something special for dinner tonight."

"She did say that when we get back she would make your favorite." Sasuke smiled at her as she looked back at Itachi. "Azumi, this is my brother Itachi." She looked at him and cocked her head before she looked back at her uncle.

"He looks like you. So you're my uncle too?" she asked as Itachi looked from the girl to Sasuke who smirked.

"She caught me off guard the first time she called me that. At least she's asking you."

"So you're uncle Itachi?" he gave a nod and she laughed. "Uncle Sasuke can I go find the other kids?"

"Go ahead, just don't get into any fights or else you can explain to your parents." She smiled and ran off looking for her friends as Mikoto smiled.

"I think she like you." Itachi looked at his mother. "Why don't we go and talk for a bit?"

"Sasuke I think she doesn't care about explaining to Naruto and Sakura." Fugaku said as he made Sasuke look over to where Azumi was running from a little group of older kids.

"No, those are the kids that are going to get hurt a long with their parents." He said as he stood up and saw a group of adult following after them as a large group of kids jumped the older ones and the parents started to grab for them until Sasuke appeared in front of them.

"We…we….uh…" the stumbled over their words trying to find something to come up with.

"You know what happens when you mess with one of those kids, especially her." he said as they started to back up and bumped into a group of the adults.

"Trying to push your luck even after you were just saved by her parents only thirty minutes ago." Shikamaru said with a smirk as the group tried to get away only to turn and run into Naruto and Sakura both crossing their arms as the one year old twins ran to their sister.

"I told you last time; they do it again to do what you want with them, Granny." Naruto smirked as they looked at Tsunade in horror.

"I think you can save your scrolls Naruto, they just volunteered to reconstruct the entire village and work for six months with anything I need them to do with the very minimum pay, if any. I haven't decided yet." Tsunade started to laugh as the group looked like they were about to faint as Kakashi called to the kids as they continued to beat the older ones up.

"I think they've had enough for now." The group of children backed up with Azumi holding her brother and sister's hands in the middle.

"Lady Hokage!" One child cried out. "They came out of nowhere and attacked us for no reason!" he called to her as she looked at him hard and he shrank back.

"Alright, get started and I think I may have a job or two for the children as well." She smiled and made them all follow her as Naruto turned and looked at his daughter.

"What do you think?" he asked over his shoulder to Sakura as she put her hand on his shoulder.

"I think it's time to teach them who's who." She smiled as Naruto smirked and gave a nod. "Well, now that that's over with…"

"Tame, Sakura and the other women came up with one of their brilliant ideas." He chuckled until Sakura elbowed him in the side. "They want to have a big dinner with everyone, what do you think?"

"Like my opinion matters, dobe." He said and turned back to look at the children as they began to play , then to Itachi and their parents as he saw smiles on each of their faces. "Besides, no matter what we say, you know what's going to happen."

"Yeah, I'll get beat up, you'll get threatened and the rest will laugh while the women get their way." Naruto laughed until Sakura punched his side making him grab it and pout until she gave in and started to heal the deep muscle bourse. The others laughed and started to disperse to where they were needed as the children all played together and Sasuke walked over to the others and Naruto spoke softly to Sakura as she conditioned to work.

"You know you do always get what you want. All you have to do is give me one look and I'll let you do whatever you want." He smirked as she gave a little smile and glanced up at his face. "That's gotta be where Azumi learned it from. It's obviously where she got her looks from." He smiled as she smiled up at him and laughed.

"Sometimes Naruto." She finished what she was doing and he wrapped his arms around her waist. "Sometimes you make me want to kill you and other times…. I just love you so much." They smiled as they leaned in and kissed as she wrapped her arms tight around his neck.

"Hey you two, get a room!" Kiba called making Naruto and Sakura turn and laugh at him as Hinata blushed and turned away. "It's not polite to be making out in the middle of public."

"I'll remember that the next time I see you Kiba." Kiba shook his head and turned to see Hinata almost bright red. "Married for a year and still shy about it." He laughed before Sakura hit the back of his head. "hey, now you have to say sorry." Sakura began to laugh which made him smile as she shook her head.

"Well then, Naruto. I'm sorry but you need to stop making fun of people." She smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked off putting an extra kick in her step as Naruto stared hopelessly mesmerized until Ino smacked his chest and smiled.

"Don't make me tell her!" she taunted as Naruto laughed and turned back to talk to his friends who were gathered near and she ran off to catch Sakura, but not before she and Sasuke spoke.

"What was that about?" Naruto asked his best friend who only shrugged and walked away making Naruto grin evilly. "You have a crush on Ino!" he called making Sasuke stop in his tracks and everyone turn to look at the two as Sasuke narrowed his eyes at Naruto who only grins and laughed.

"Should we start talking about you and how you tried to get Sakura?" Naruto looked at him hard making everyone look between the two as they stared at each other. "Maybe we should settle this." Sasuke smirked before Ino and Sakura walked back and jumped in.

"No! You two will talk your fights out like human beings. We have enough fighting to do and you two are not going to add to it." Sakura told them and watched them smirk as Ino shook her head,

"I don't think they heard you." Ino told her best friend.

"Those two will never grow up." Sakura shook her head as Naruto turned and looked at her. She looked into his bright blue eyes as she began to smile and want to walk to him and just hold him until Ino grabbed her and pulled her towards her.

"That was a cheap shot." Ino said low as Sakura shook her head and looked away before she gave a teasing smile to Naruto and walked away. Ino shook her head as she watched Naruto follow every movement Sakura made as she walked down the street. "You two have been married for four years and you still act like teenagers." She smiled as Naruto smirked at her and started to wander off in the opposite direction.

"Where's he going?" asked several people who had watched the whole thing.

"I guess I have to find Kaori and Akemi or Minato and Kushina." Ino sighed.

"Find us why?" asked Minato as the two sets of parents walked closer. "What's going on?"

"Someone's going to have to watch Azumi and the twins for a little while." Sasuke chuckled making the parents look at him before Ino shook her head. "Naruto and Sakura are busy."

"Hey dad, can you teach Azumi and me how to do the chidori?" Sakumo asked as he and the girl ran up to Kakashi who sighed.

"Maybe when you're older, besides Naruto may want to teach Azumi one of his techniques." The two children sighed and started off looking depressed as the others smiled and chuckled.

"I did want to have another dinner with my grandchildren." Akemi smiled.

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