Death Ninja

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

(time skip)

Four months later Naruto and Sakura were walking through the village as their five year old daughter ran laughing with their two year old twins ran ahead. Naruto smiled as the twins ran up to their older sister and grabbed hold of her as they continued to run.

"Don't go too far ahead." Naruto called to them making Azumi slow down and stop her brother and sister.

"Sakura!" came a call as she and Naruto caught up to the three children. "Sakura, you're never going to guess." Ino smiled as she and her husband of two months, Sasuke stopped in front of them.

"What are you so excited for?"Sakura laughed as Ino smiled brightly.

"Daddy!" Azumi called making Sakura and Naruto turn to look as she pointed at a store she always loved to go into. "Please?" she begged making him smile as he walked over and took the twins' hands and followed Azumi into the store. Sasuke rolled his eyes at the two women as Ino continued to cheer excitedly making Sakura laugh. He started walking to meet up with Naruto in the store.

"Sakura, I just got done at the doctors…." She smiled as Sakura only looked at her with a bright smile. "I'm pregnant." She told he best friend making the two women hug and cheer in the middle of the streets as villagers walk past wondering what was going on.

"Oh Ino, that's great! What did Sasuke say?"

"Nothing really. He still can't believe it. I mean we've only been married for two months and we're already going to have a baby. I don't know what we're going to do, I mean are we ready-" Ino was cut off by Shikamaru's hand as he stopped next to her with his four year old daughter standing next to him looking around for Sakura's three children.

"You never did know how to shut your mouth and calm down." He smirked and took his hand away.

"Trying to get out of kid duty?" Naruto asked as he walked out with Sasuke and the three children who ran over to Hirumi.

"nah. Tamari took the twins to the sand for a few weeks, leaving me home alone with Hirumi."

"Why didn't you go with her?" Ino asked her team mate making him shrug.

"He was trying to get out of doing anything." Naruto chuckled as Sakura looked at him with a slight smirk.

"Daddy come on. I wanta see the fair." Azumi whined as she grabbed Naruto's hand and started pulling him. "Granny said she had a surprise for me."

"Alright, Alright. Relax Azumi. We'll get here." Naruto chuckled as she looked back up at him with her bright green eyes. "I'll go ahead with them, besides I'm starting to worry about this surprise Granny got her." Sakura nodded.

"I'll meet you there." Naruto kissed her check as he turned back to his three children as they all grabbed hold of him and started pulling. Sasuke told Ino he would see her there and Shikamaru said good bye and followed as his daughter began pulling at his arm. "Those children never sit still." Sakura laughed as the two women began walking slowly.

"I still can't believe I'm going to have a baby. It's just….." she sighed as Sakura smiled at her.

"Relax; you'll be a great mother. I see how you are with Azumi and the twins, ever since they were born you've been just like a second mother to them. And I think Sasuke is going to make a great father. He's great with my kids too."

"Yeah but I don't want that whole Uchiha thing rubbing off on any kids we have." Sakura laughed lightly as she shook her head.

"You remember how Naruto used to be when we were younger? He was wild and doing whatever he wanted, I always was worried that once we got married he would just continue to act like that and not care that we needed to start being responsible. Well he changed after we got married, even before we did, he always made sure that Takara and I had everything we needed and wanted and then he would worry about himself. He was still wild and acting like his old self, but the second he held Azumi in his arms for the first time… he changed into the father you see now."

"But Naruto and Sasuke are complete opposites."

"In how they act yes, but once Sasuke hold that little baby in his arms everything will change. It will probably start when he feels it kick, but just you watch, he'll change."

"You should have seen Minato when he first saw Naruto." Kushina giggled as she and Minato walked over to them. "So you're going to have a baby?" she smiled as Ino nodded. "Well then congratulations."


"You let Naruto go alone to find out what Tsunade got for Azumi?" Minato asked Sakura.

"Should I not have? "

"Would be better if you're both there to see." He smirked making her raise her eyebrow and shake her head and turn back to Ino.

"Then you have to worry about the grandparents." She laughed as they all walked up to see people and colors everywhere. Children ran past them laughing and giggling as they ran to a ride off to the side.

"Welcome to the Konoha Fair! Now to kick this off to a great start I want everyone to see this!" Tsunade's voice echoed through the streets making Sakura really worry.

"Just remember, he's in shock. He'll snap out of it. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go see what I need to be afraid of." Sakura smiled and said good bye to her in-laws and took off to find Naruto and her three kids standing up front.

"So what did the fifth get Azumi?" Ino asked as Minato chuckled.

"A dog." Ino's eyes went wide as she snapped her head back. "I think she's trying to send a message to Naruto, from what I hear she's trying to get him back from when he was younger."

"Sakura and Naruto are definitely not going to like this." Ino whispered as Tsunade called Azumi up on stage. She held her breath as she, Minato and Kushina walked closer to find all the friends and families gathered together.

"You ready for your present?" Tsunade asked and watched the little girl nod before she gave a grin to Naruto and Sakura.

"This isn't going to be good." Naruto whispered to Sakura who nodded

"Okay. Close your eyes." The girl did as she was told and Tsunade turned around for a minute and told her to open her eyes as she came around with a small black puppy. "Here you go." Azumi's face light up bright as she squealed as Naruto and Sakura sighed knowing that it could have been much worse.

"Why couldn't it be a fake one?" Naruto groaned making everyone laugh. "We'll see how she likes it when we go on a mission and she has to watch all of them together." He grinned evilly. The crowd moved off and began enjoying the fair as Naruto and Sakura walked closer to the stage.

"Look! Granny got me a puppy!" she called as she ran over holding the tiny black puppy in her arms before she handed it t Sakura and Naruto helped her down.

"It is kinda cute, Naruto." Sakura smiled as she pet the puppy.

"Mommy likes her, so we can keep her, right daddy?" she asked and looked up at Naruto who could only chuckle and reach out to pet it."

"Like your father would get rid of it after you asked so nicely." Tsunade laughed as she walked over with Jiraiya, Minato, Kushina, Akemi and Kaori.

"At least now we can sleep, and not get woken up at five in the morning to be asked to get a dog." Naruto smirked. "Besides, looks liked you just made things a lot easier." He smirked at her evilly.

"Five in the morning? Really?" Kaori asked and looked down at the girl who still wore a bright smile.

"It serves you right for being a pain." Jiraiya chuckled until Naruto turned his mischievous blue eyes on him.

"Azumi why don't you go show Aunt Ino and uncle Sasuke?" Sakura smiled as she handed the puppy over to the five year old girl who took off to find her aunt and uncle.

"You know granny, it looks like you screwed yourself. Once everything's set, Sakura and I are off on a mission that we never know how long it will take. Which means you're left here to watch all three kids and the dog." Tsunade smirked and shook her head.

"You do that you find a new baby sitter."

"You won't be able to turn them away." The others only looked between the two as they stared at each other knowing that this would only continue to no end until Sasuke and Ino walked over with Azumi carrying the little black puppy.

"What are you going to name her?" Kushina asked as she knelt in front of her granddaughter.

"Umm… Nikita." Azumi smiled as her brother and sister ran over and started to play with the puppy as she started to become fully awake and wanting to play and Kushina stood back up with the others.

"Hey don't you have something to announce, Ino?" Kushina asked to get her son and Tsunade to call it a tie. Sasuke's head snapped to look at her as Ino smiled and the entire group began to gather.

"Don't worry Sasuke; it was bound to happen sooner or later. Better to have it out now with everyone in one place and somewhere that everyone's already happy." Naruto chuckled at his friends' scowl, until Sakura whispered in his ear so only he could hear.

"I wouldn't be laughing at him. You're on his side after all." She smirked as his head whipped around so he could look at her as she smiled and walked over to look at the children run around with the young dog.

"Sakura-chan?" he asked making her turn slightly to give him a small smile and turned back while several of the people standing around watched as Ino announced her news to the entire group. "Sakura-chan, when… are you sure?"He asked as she nodded to him.

"yesterday." she watched as he smiled brightly for a moment as she walked over to him before his face dropped.

"Damn it!" he cursed causing a few of the others to wander over to see what they were talking about.

"What's going on?" Anko asked as Naruto ran a hand through his blond hair and took a deep breath.

"Nothing just something I forgot to do." Sakura smiled knowing that the two of them need to talk about what they would do before they told anyone about the new addition to the family.

"Could you guys watch the kids, we're going to go do something and we'll be right back." Sakura smiled at Ino as she nodded and the two took off down the street.

"I wonder what's going on." Kushina said aloud as she and the others looked down the street after them.

"Knowing those two, it could be anything." Sasuke said as he walked over to join the group as he tried to figure out why is two friends acted the way they did. "If they ran off like that it has to be something important."

"But what would be so important to run off like that and they didn't get any notes or anything." Ino commented as Sasuke narrowed his eyes thinking. "Sakura said something to Naruto and shortly after that they took off. What could she have said to him?" she wondered aloud as she tried to think.

"Granny!" they all heard and turned to see the three children standing in a row with the dog sitting in front of them. "We wanta go on that." Azumi said pointing at a small train off to the side.

"Then go. Go have fun and go on what you want." Tsunade smiled and watched her shake her head.

"Daddy and mommy said that we can't go nowhere without someone cause Daddy is scared." Tsunade looked at the girl then at the people behind her as a few turned to look.

"I find that hard to believe." Kiba chuckled as he and the five month pregnant Hinata walked over. "Naruto's not afraid of anything." Kiba smirked and watched his and Hinata's three year old daughter run over to Azumi and the twins as Tsunade looked back at her.

"But daddy is scared. Mommy said its cause of all the mean people that will hurt me and Saki and Satoru. Mommy and Daddy are teaching me how to protect myself, just in case no one is able to help us." She told them as she thought for a moment. "Why is daddy scared, Granny?"

"Because there are many people that would hurt you just to make him feel bad. He's afraid they will do something to you or your brother and sister." Tsunade paused and swung her head around to look back down the street where Naruto and Sakura had gone down.

"What's the matter Tsunade?" Jiraiya asked as she narrowed her eyes.

"We are going to have to be stronger in battle because I'm going to kill our two best ninja." Everyone looked at her confused until Minato ran her words and related it to his son's behavior and realized what she meant.

"They should know better." He said with a small smile as he looked a Kushina as she was still confused. "We'll let them say it." He said with a smile then looked at his three grandchildren with a bright smile. "We'll go watch you, go head." He watched the three smile and run off with the puppy trailing behind them.

"Sakura-chan. So you found out yesterday and never said anything?" Naruto asked once they walked into their house to talk privately.

"I still have to go to the hospital and get blood work to make sure, but the home kit says yes. I was going to wait till I got the blood work but you shouldn't be making fun of Sasuke and we really do need to discuss what we are going to do if this is really happening." Naruto smiled and pulled Sakura into his arms as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "So what do you think?"

"I think we will tell the others and do our best to hide what we can for now. We better hope there's no fighting for a little while." He smiled.

"We really should be more careful." Sakura sighed and laid her head against his chest. "Are we going to be able to take care of the puppy, the three we already have and a new baby while trying to protect everyone?"

"We'll make due. Besides we'll have all the help from the others when we need it. They're already doing so much for us but you know Granny and Purvey sage would baby sit and help your mom watch them. My parents and all our friends would defiantly help with anything we needed."

"I really don't like it but it can't be helped." Sakura and Naruto sighed as they held each other hoping that they would be able to take care of their entire family and the village at the same time.

"It seems that several of their strongest ninja are going to have children that include Sasuke and Naruto and Sakura." Zetzu told Kabuto and Madara.

"Excellent. We prepare to attack in nine months. By that time Sakura will not be able to fight at all and if we're lucky she and Sasuke's woman will be in labor and they will most likely be out of the picture. And even if they're not we will be able to use them to make those two worthless." Kabuto smirked.

Naruto sat against a tree watching the three children as they ran around with their friends. Their parents all sitting together talking and relaxing as they watched to make sure others weren't trying to bully the kids.

"Naruto, how's Sakura feeling? She seemed like she was sick when I saw her yesterday." Ino asked as she and Sasuke walked up and sat next to him. "Is she alright?"

"Yeah, she's fine. She's just been sick the last couple days."

"Don't you find that strange?" Temari asked as the group had known Sakura was feeling ill and they had an idea why. Naruto only looked at her then at everyone who sat around.

"Why are you so interesting in why Sakura's not feeling well?" they all shrugged as Temari asked her question again making him smirk."I'll answer your question if you answer mine." He smirked making Sasuke roll his eyes.

"They think Sakura's pregnant again." Sasuke blurted out making half the group look at him angrily. "You wouldn't have gotten anywhere with his little game."

"So is she? Are you going to be a daddy again?" Shikamaru asked sarcastically with a smirk as Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"Have you told Gaara yet?" Naruto smirked as he sat back closing his eyes as Shikamaru and Temari glanced nervously at each other before they heard Naruto laugh. "Anyone else want to start asking questions?"

"yeah." He looked over to find his and Sakura's parents. "You going to answer their question?" asked Karoi as everyone watched Naruto smirk, close his eyes, and lean back.

"Nope. I don't think I will. They think they know, so let them believe what they put together, that includes you four."

"So are we going to have to plan to take Sakura's place when we have to fight?" Tenten asked with a smile as Naruto smirked and looked around at everyone looking at him.

"You can chime in any time you want." Naruto smirked as everyone looked at him confused.

"I figured you were doing well enough." They heard from a branch above them making them look up to see Sakura sitting with a smile. "You guys ask and assume way too much." She laughed as she landed beside Naruto. "And if you want your answer you're going to have to wait and find out like any other time."

"So we have to wait until you decide to tell us that you are? That's just mean, we told you as soon as we found out." Ino told her best friend.

"That's because you can't keep your mouth shut, and we can read you two." She smiled at Shikamaru and Temari. "So you going to keep bugging us or you going to wait until we say yes or no?" they all looked at the couple as Naruto stood up.

"We won't be too long, just gonna run a quick mission and we'll be back in a day or two. The kids stuff is all right there." Naruto told his parents as he and Sakura smirked and started walking away.

"I guess we'll never find out if it's true." Kiba chuckled as everyone else sighed.

"If they want to tell you then they will. Why can't any of you just let them tell you when they're ready? They're probably trying to find a way to be able to deal with it." Kushina smiled at everyone as she looked at her three grandchildren. "They have to take care of those three, that new puppy, and protect everyone in the village. Adding another baby would be a lot more than you think."

After a week Naruto and Sakura still weren't home and they were all beginning to worry that something happened to the two. Tsunade had to explain that she was doing everything she could to find out what was going on every day, and even more when they still hadn't returned after two weeks. She had had enough after no word in over two weeks. She called in reinforcements to send out looking for them.

"I want you to go find any trail there is of Naruto and Sakura. Track them down and find out what's going on. Make sure you find out why they haven' reported in by now." She said to Kiba, Shikamaru, Minato, Kushina, Kakashi and Kaori who stood in front of her desk. They all nodded and left as Tsunade asked that Minato stay for a moment.

"Do you know anything about why they haven't reported back?" he asked.

"No, but it worries me. They have reported in every single time they went out on a mission, even when they were supposed to be completely undercover they always managed to send word of what was going on. Them not doing it this time means something is terribly wrong."

"Let's hope we can find them and get them back here in one piece."

"Kiba and Akamaru will have no problem getting the trail and finding where they are and if you need plans I'm positive you and Shikamaru together will have an unbeatable plan. Minato, I know you're worried about your son but I'm worried about them and I'm sure you've heard the rumors going around about them."

"Yes. Before they left the others were trying to get information out of them."

"They had a test done right before they left and we still haven't received the results so it is possible that Sakura is out there fighting pregnant. Naruto will be trying to take the brunt of everything any way but it will be even worse now. They don't know if she is or not. Get them out of there and bring them home."

"What about the others? They want information on what's going on."

"Tell them that we're working on it and to stop asking. I will tell them when I have word. I have Sasuke, Kakashi and Sai out looking for what they can to help so you may run into them, they still haven't found anything."

"You know we'll stop at nothing to get our kids back." Tsunade smirked.

"That's why I'm sending you, Kushina and Kaori. You've been here for a few years now how's it feel to have to go after your son?" she smiled as he smirked and shook his head.

"Even after a few years it still feels strange to be able to know my son. I never though Kushina and I would be involved in Naruto's life let alone getting to know our grandchildren." Tsunade smiled and nodded.

"Make sure you bring that brat home so I can beat him for not telling me what was going on." Minato smirked and nodded before he left to join the others and try to find his son and daughter-in-law.

The group had been traveling for three days when Kiba and Akamaru stopped suddenly. The others looked around confused as the two tried sniffing.

"What's the matter Kiba?" Shikamaru asked as Kiba looked back at his old friend.

"Their scent ends here. We can't smell anything in the next few miles."

"That's because they are hiding from everyone." They heard as Sasuke, Kakashi and Said dropped in front of them. "Naruto and Sakura are trying to hide so no one will go after them. It seems they're trying to keep something away from others."

"Why wouldn't they ask for help? Under the circumstances they should have known to call right away." Kaori said looking at Sasuke as he sighed.

"You don't know the dobe or Sakura well enough." He said making Kaori look at him hard. "You've been with them for several years and yet you don't know them at all. Naruto and Sakura will both die before they let an enemy get to anyone in the village, especially to tear apart other families if the enemy is too much."

"That's enough Sasuke." Kakashi told him making him turn away and close his eyes. "We're all worried about those two. We need to work together they are going to be the hardest people to find and with all of their skills we may not even find them."

"Then what do we do?" Kushina asked sadly

"We follow Sasuke." Kakashi pointed over his shoulder at the young man who was starting to glow blue. "He's another one that has skills that no one else has."

"I have the same as Naruto only a few less and most of mine are less powerful." He turned back to look at them with his sharingon activated. "We go straight. I have a feel on them but you have to keep up. They are using everything they have to move fast and try to lose us and whatever is following them." Sai drew a bird and brought it to life before taking to the skies. Almost immediately he dropped back down.

"It is someone on a white bird."

"Deidre." Kakashi said making the others look at him. "We have to caught up to them and fast. He's another on that Kabuto brought back and he is very tough. I'm surprised Naruto hasn't transformed yet."

"He has." Sasuke said. "From what I can tell he transformed a while ago and Sakura's not doing too well with her own chakra. We need to get to them and soon." He said and took off.

"Naruto transforms into the fox when he is out of chakra or his anger gets out of control." Kakashi explained as the rest took off to find Naruto and Sakura.

Naruto turned growling as Sakura missed a branch almost falling as Deirdre sent a bomb after her. he grabbed the bomb and blew it up in his hand as Sakura caught herself only to see Sasuke and the others land off to the side before they made their way over to her while Naruto continued to fight.

"Thank god you're here." She whispered before she dropped to her knees.

"Sakura." Kaori said as he knelt in front of her.

"I'll be fine I just need a good rest to bring my chakra back up. Go help Naruto so he can pull his chakra back." she said as the others nodded and took off leaving Kaori so kneel and try to help Sakura boost her chakra.

"Are you alright?"

"I'll be fine, once Naruto gets most of his chakra the kyuubi can push both of us both back up to full. Get Naruto out of there. Deirdre will kill him if he doesn't change back soon." She looked over where Naruto was still transformed and fighting with the others.

"Wont that hurt the baby?"

"Kyuubi is the one that helps take care of me when I'm pregnant, and we don't know if I am right now or not." Kaori and Sakura jumped out of the way as Deirdre threw a bomb the size of Naruto at him exploding causing him to crash backwards through the branches all the way to the forest floor far below. "Naruto!" Sakura cried out before she started on her way to him as he landed hard creating a large crater.

"Sakura wait!" she heard her father call as he followed her. She jumped down to the edge of the crater to see Naruto sit up still transformed.

"Naruto." She whispered. "Naruto turn back, we have help." He snarled and was about to take off as Kaori took a step forward making him turn his blood red eyes at Kaori and snarl. Sakura put one hand on his shoulder and the other on the side of his face.

"Sakura, be careful."

"shh." She hushed softly. "Naruto would never hurt me." She turned back as Naruto growled softly and narrowed his eyes at Kaori. "Naruto, look at me." When he didn't she took a deep breath. "Naruto, look at me this instant." He shifted his eyes to look at her making her smile. "Now turn back, we have help now. Let them hold him off so we can get enough chakra to kill him." Naruto snorted making her put her balled fists on her hips and looked at him sternly. "Turn back now before I hit you across the forest." Kaori took a step back as he could feel her anger rising as he watched Naruto roll his red eyes before closing them and the fox chakra disappeared.

"I thought we stopped our trail to keep everyone away."

"You did dobe." Sasuke said as he landed beside him. "How you two feeling?"

"I'll be good to start again in a minute. Sakura you should sit for a bit longer, you were almost on absolute empty."

"I'll be back soon after you, go help them." Naruto nodded as he turned and looked at Kaori who looked at him afraid then at Sakura for information. "I'll explain everything later." He nodded and took off with Sasuke beside him as they both began hand signs finishing seconds before they flew past the others and smashed into Deirdre making a huge black sphere around them and Deirdre.

"What are they doing?" Kushina asked as Sakura and Kaori landed across from her and Minato.

"They are trying to confine Deirdre's attacks. He can't attack if it will hit himself." Sakura told her as they all looked up "they made it so no one else will get involved and hurt." She said as they all watched until Deirdre smirked evilly and sent a large bomb at them exploding between them filling the sphere with black smoke making it impossible to see anything going on.

"What are they trying to accomplish by cutting all of us off?" asked Kiba.

"They are wearing him down." Sakura said not taking her eyes from the sphere. Suddenly she closed her eyes and took a deep breath opening her eyes with a now blue hue t them looking back up at the sphere. "Everyone start getting ready with your most powerful jutsu. As soon as that bursts go at it."

"We'll hit Naruto and Sasuke" Kushina said surprised at what she was expected to do.

"No you won't. They have a plan, just trust me on this." The group nodded and started preparing only to have the sphere burst seconds after they finished. Each person shot out the most powerful jutsu they had making a giant explosion as Sasuke and Naruto jumped and flipped to the side as all the jutsus caused a huge explosion as wind whipped through the trees as Naruto started to pull all the wind to him making everyone look confused at him. Deirdre hit the ground hard as Naruto molded the wind to his chakra and pulled it all into his palm. He smirked and looked at Sakura as she nodded before he jumped high into the air flipping and diving straight down until last minute when he turned back around throwing his palms straight down. As he hit the ground the earth flew up and trees were ripped from the ground as the wind whipped around nearly throwing the others off their feet before it died down and the dust settled revealing Naruto sanding to the side breathing heavy and barely standing as they all dropped next to him in time for him to fall to his knees. Sakura knelt and immediately started to heal him as he leaned against her and closed his eyes.

"I've never seen you do that before. What is it?" Kiba asked as Naruto opened his eyes weakly and looked up with a smirk.

"Naruto hold still." Sakura told him as he chuckled softly and closed his eyes again. "He doesn't do it unless he has to. It drains him and kyuubi almost completely and he takes internal damage. That's why I didn't do anything but wait. I have to be able to heal the major problems so he and kyuubi can gain their chakra back and heal themselves." She explained as everyone stood shocked that Naruto would almost kill himself.

"What would you two have done if we didn't show up?" Kaori asked.

"Naruto and I would have tried to do our best to do what everyone did but it probably would have killed us both"

"You would have killed yourselves instead of finding a way o get help? Why didn't you send a toad, Naruto?" Minato asked his son as he started to gain his energy.

"Because we didn't have a chance to stop for even a second since he found us." Naruto told him as Sakura started to turn the tint around her hand to red making him wince and gasp. "Fucking Kyuubi." He mumbled as he took a breath. "Why can't he do it like he used to?"

"Because you screw yourself up so bad he's trying to make sure you don't die." Sakura told him as she stopped healing and he sat up on his own. "Let's get you back to the village and I can use one of my scrolls to get you back to normal." She told Naruto as he stood up and helped her stand.

"You gonna be okay to head back?" Naruto asked as he held Sakura on her feet before he pulled her into his arms as she almost fell to the ground. "Let's head back." he told the others as he turned and started off through the trees.

"He doesn't waste time." Kaori smirked.

"He does take after his mother, after all" Minato chuckled as they all started on their way back to the village.

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