Death Ninja

Chapter 17

Chapter 17

(small time skip)

Naruto and Sakura awoke to their three children crawling into their bed as the sun rose making both parents smile. They looked at the three young children and smiled at how they had grown as they remembered everything they had been through to get to where they were now. It had been three weeks since Naruto and Sakura were able to come back with help and report their findings. They looked at their eldest, Azumi. Now almost six years old, her pink hair had grown out to her mid back and her bright green eyes always found new things to learn about as she followed her parents around helping them with small things and taking care of her younger siblings. Naruto and Sakura looked over to see a twin climbing up on either side of Azumi. Saki was becoming more like her mother and always finding something to entertain herself. At two years old her blond hair was almost reaching her shoulders and her sapphire blue eyes were always watching her older sister while her twin brother was turning out to be more and more like Naruto. Not only was he a spitting image of his father, he was beginning to act just like him.

"What are you three doing?" Sakura smiled at them as they laughed and rolled over to lie between their parents.

"We missed you." Azumi told her parents as Naruto watched with a bright smile as Sakura wrapped her arm across all three children. "Granny was really worried. Shizune had to take us out for a bit one time and when we got back she was sitting looking really sad."

"I'm sure she was just trying to figure out how to make everyone happy." Sakura smiled at her daughter as Naruto and she glanced at each other making a mental note to talk to Tsunade. She had been taking turns with Naruto and Sakura's parents watching the kids for the past two weeks while they recovered and relaxed.

"Daddy, you gonna take us to the park today?" Satoru asked with a hopeful smile.

"Yeah, I'll take ya, but I have a few things to do before we go." Naruto smirked as he messed with his son's wild blond hair as their bright blue eyes locked. "Go get ready for breakfast, I'll do what I need to and I'll take you guys to the park." The three children smiled brightly as they jumped up and ran into their rooms while Naruto and Sakura got up and dressed before starting their first day back to work as ninjas and parents. Naruto got dressed and left the house after giving each one of his children a kiss on their foreheads.

"Bye bye daddy." Azumi smiled brightly before digging into her cereal. Her brother and sister waved bye before they started into their oatmeal.

"Bye sweetheart. I'll be back and take you all to the park." He smiled and went to Sakura as she stood in the kitchen doorway. "I'll see you later too. You gonna actually tell everyone today or you gonna see how long they'll keep going?"

"I think I might wait a little longer." She smiled evilly.

"I think I'm rubbing off on you after all these years." He chuckled and gave her a kiss before he left to do his running. First was the supply shop for his items, he and Sakura always went shopping for their own things ever since Naruto got a bomb scroll instead of a healing one. He smirked as he remembered the old days before there were any big problems or responsibilities.

"Ah, Naruto. Stocking up after that last mission?" Naruto gave the shopkeeper a nod as he grabbed a few things. "We were all worried that something happened to you two. Everyone in the village jumped at every sign that there was a message in the Hokage tower. How's Sakura? I heard you're going to add another one to that family of yours." Naruto smirked as he placed everything he was going to get on the counter.

"Do you believe everything you hear?" he smirked as the shopkeeper chuckled. "She's taking care of the kids for the morning while I do a few things, then I gotta take 'em to the park or I'll never hear the end of it."

"Well I would stop in and visit the Hokage today. From what I hear she had a really hard time while you and Sakura were missing."

"Yeah, that's what I've been hearing. Thanks." Naruto gave a nod and left the store to wander off to his next destination when he ran into his father and Jiraiya in the streets.

"How you feeling?" asked Minato as he watched his son finish sealing his new items into a scroll.

"Not bad. Still getting back to normal but pretty much there thanks to the kyuubi and Sakura." he smirked. "Have you guys seen Granny? Azumi was saying that Shizune had to take them for a bit and when they got back Granny was looking upset."

"She did seem off while you were gone. She was only receiving reports that there was no sign of you when you were only supposed to be on a little mission." Jiraiya told him as the three walked together. "She's been getting a lot of stress recently, especially from the elders and I think it's starting to wear on her."

"They're starting again?" Naruto asked mostly to himself. "Sakura and I had a problem with them years ago, but we had I straightened out. What could they be bothering her about this time." He sighed.

"Something about you, Sakura and Sasuke getting too powerful. They were telling her that you had turned and that was why you weren't coming back."

"I'll have to talk to Sakura. We might be able to do something to take some pressure off of her again."

"Where are you heading?" Minato asked as they continued down the street filled with people and shops.

"I have to pick up a few things then I have to deal with the kids. They want to go to the park, and god forbid I don't take them." He laughed as the two men said they would see him later and they went on their way. Naruto took one stop in another store then went back to the house to pick up the three kids so that Sakura could do her running and help at the hospital for a few hours. He opened the door slowly to hear laughing and giggling before he saw Saki and Satoru run from the back rooms into the living room where Azumi was sitting. It only took a few seconds for the three children to see him; they jumped up and ran to him laughing.

"Hi daddy!" Satoru greeted as he and his sisters were wrapped in his arms. "We gonna go to the park now right?" Naruto chuckled as they all pulled back to look at him as Sakura walked out and smiled.

"Yes, now go get your things and we'll let your mother have some quiet time without you three." The children took off to their room to grab a few toys as Naruto walked over to talk to Sakura. "I stocked up on a few things and I was talking to Akira. He said that he heard Tsunade was having a hard time while we were gone. I ran into my dad and Jiraiya and asked them about it, Jiraiya said that she was under pressure from the elder again and she was having trouble while we were missing."

"She should still be up there after dinner. I'll see if my parents can watch the kids and we'll go talk to her." Sakura said knowing that if the elders were putting pressure on her after she was having problems issues may arise. "I'll see you in a little while. And you three be good for your father." She smiled at her children before she kissed Naruto's cheek and left.

"alright you guys ready?" the kids ran for the door followed by the black puppy making Naruto laugh as he opened it and watched them take off towards the park where they met up with several of their friends as Naruto found a tree to lean against as he watched the children run around for a few hours.

"So it's your turn to watch the brats?" Tsunade asked as she walked over to Naruto and sat beside him. "How are you and Sakura? You were both on empty even after the kyuubi started helping."

"Yeah. Sakura was taking care of them this morning while I did some running. Now it's her turn." He chuckled. "We're good. Still a little stiff but we're both doing alright now. How about you? I heard Shizune had to take the kids a couple times." He looked over at Tsunade as she stared out at the children running around. He watched as she took a deep breath.

"I'm fine. Who told you that I was having a hard time?" she asked looking over as he turned back to the kids and smiled.

"Like anyone needs to tell me anything." He laughed and looked at her. "It seems my daughter's perceptive. She told Sakura and I this morning that Shizune had to take them and when they came back you were very sad." He watched as Tsunade looked out at Azumi as she ran from one of her friends.

"So she saw." She smirked as she watched the girl run then looked at Naruto who wore a small smile. "She is starting to take after her mother more and more now a days."

"Better than taking after her father." Naruto chuckled. "I pray Satoru grows up more like Sakura and not like me."

"It's your punishment for what you put everyone through when you were younger."

"Yeah, I can still pray." He looked over as the group of bullies walked over to the younger kids. "So you gonna tell me?" he looked over at her as she looked at him confused. "I know about the elders. Sakura and I were going to talk to you after dinner, but if you want to get this out now so we don't have to let her parents be tortured any more than they already have been." The two adult looked over at the kids when they heard yelling.

"Did they realize we're sitting right here?" Tsunade said as she went to get up but was stopped when Naruto didn't move. "They're going to start their crap again."

"I know. But they didn't count on the kids knowing anything. We've all been training the kids, taught them a few things to start getting them ready for the academy." He smirked as Azumi walked to the front of the group and confronted the bullies.

"If it isn't the little monster." The leader laughed making Azumi cross her arms as the others moved closer. "Why don't you all go running home crying, this s our park. Demons aren't allowed in it, the elders said so."

"Why don't you make me?" Azumi stick her tongue out as Naomi and Fumiko walked up on either side trying to pull Azumi back before the lead bully shoved Azumi making her fall and take the two girls with her. she stood back up and crouched ready to fight as the boy laughed and went to shove her again only to be kicked in the shin and kneed in the groin by Azumi making him fall in pain. As the other bullies went after her the other kids joined in knocking them all down.

"I'm gonna tell." Cried one bully as Azumi stood over him and smiled with her hands on her hips.

"You go home and cry. My daddy and mommy taught me not to be afraid of you. Go tell your mommy and daddy that we just taught you a lesson." She turned on her heels and walked back to the others so they could start their game again while the bullies got up slowly and wandered home. She looked over and saw her father with a proud smile on his face and her granny looking shocked. She ran over to him and threw her arms around his neck with a bright smile. "Thank you daddy."

"You're welcome. Just don't go around beating people up for no reason." He smirked as she laughed and took off. "She getting Sakura's attitude."

"Oh really?" a voice said making the two adults turn to see Sakura walking up to the tree. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Sakura-chan..." he smirked as she sat next to him. "You stop by the hospital?" he asked making Tsunade perk up as Sakura gave a nod and smiled.

"Looks like we got off easy this time." She gave a small smile as she looked over at Tsunade who stood up. "Looks like we'll be able to be back on active duties "

"Looks that way, but I still want you two to take it easy for a while. I'll let you know when I have a mission for you. Thanks brat." She smirked as she turned and walked away. Sakura leaned against Naruto and gave a little sigh as Naruto wrapped his arm around her.

"You okay?" he asked as she moved to look up at him with a small sad smile.

"Yeah, I guess I was actually looking forward to having another baby." She told him making him smile. "I don't know, it would make everything more hectic and hard to handle but now that I know…" she sighed as Naruto pulled her closer.

"We can always work on getting another brat." He smirked at her mischievously making her smile at him.

"Let's try to get this war over with or at least find out that there won't be any more danger to the kids."

"How bout we give it a few months and we can get another little you." Sakura smiled as she kissed him both only pulling back when they heard a voice.

"You two are so gross sometimes." Ino said as she sat down next to Sakura. She was only just beginning to show her baby bump that she laid her hand on as Sakura laughed.

"And you are a child sometimes." Sakura smiled as she watched Ino start to laugh. "How's the little one?" she asked as she put her hand on the little bump and rubbed it.

"Growing fast. What about you? Any news you want to share?" she smiled and gave Sakura a knowing look as Sakura looked to Naruto who smirked and shrugged.

"As good as I can. Still getting back to moving around like I used to." She looked back at the children running around and smiled up at Naruto. "Well I think the kids will be able to hold their own. Why don't we go for a walk like we used to?" Naruto smirked and stood up offering his hand to help Sakura to her feet.

"Would you like to come with us?" Naruto asked Ino who shook her head.

"I'll be fine just watching the kids. Besides my mom and dad are going to meet me here in a few hours, they want to take me and get some things for the baby while Sasuke is working with his father and brother." Naruto and Sakura gave a nod as Naruto called to Azumi.

"Azumi!" she came running over to him with a bright smile on her face. "Keep an eye on your brother and sister. Your mother and I are going to be in the shops."

"Okay daddy. Bye mommy." She giggled and ran back to her friends as Naruto and Sakura walked away holding hands.

"Repots all say that they all disappeared. They are nowhere to be found in the past six months of looking. We still need to stay sharp and keep looking for them but I think it's safe to say they are in hiding again to try to find a way to beat us." Tsunade said as she stood behind her desk and talked to those lose to the case. "We are goin to start getting back to the way things should have been all along. Dismissed." The group all gave a slight bow and left the room as Tsunade stopped Naruto and Sakura. "I have something for the twins."

"It's not another dog is it?" Naruto laughed as Tsunade pulled two small boxes out from behind her desk.

"No, I won't torture Sakura for you being a brat. It's just a doll and a truck."

"Thanks Tsunade." Sakura laughed as she took the two boxes and smiled before they left to go back to their house to see the three children running around.

"Hey, what did we tell you about running in the house?" Naruto asked as he grabbed both his daughters and pulled them under each arm.

"Don't do it when mommy can see." Azumi recited as Sakura looked at Naruto hard before he chuckled.

"Something like that. Now go play nicely in the other room." The two girls took off laughing as Naruto and Sakura walked into the living room to see her mother sitting on the couch. "How were they?"

"Not too bad, still hyper as ever." Akemi smiled as she got up. "I'll see you later." She said as she showed herself to the door leaving Naruto and Sakura to relax on the couch for a few minutes before they heard screaming and yelling making Naruto go sort the fight out coming back a few minutes to see Sakura smile at him. He sat next to her and leaned closer and gave her a passionate kiss only parting for air when they had to until they heard another scream of frustration and the yelling irrupted once again. Sakura and Naruto sat back with a sigh. Naruto got up and went to sort out another fight while Sakura looked at the phone thinking for a minute. She picked it up and dialed a number listening to the ring before she heard someone answer.

"Hey Ino. Glad you got the phone and not Sasuke." she smiled. "I have a huge favor to ask."

"Well what do you need forehead?"

"Could you and Sasuke take the kids for the rest of the day and the night? We can pick them up at noon tomorrow. We need a night without having to split them up every few minutes and Naruto and I haven't been able to just sit back and relax and we haven't been able to have a true night to ourselves in a while and –"

"Alright, alright." Ino laughed. "You two do need a date night. Alright, I'll have Sasuke pick them up and you guys can have some fun and get them whenever you get up tomorrow."

"Thanks Ino. I don't know what I would do without you."

"But you have to take mine when I want a night off." Ino laughed making Sakura join in.

"Of course Ino. Thanks, I'll talk to you later. Bye." The two hung up the phone as Naruto walked around the corner. "Help me pack the kids things. Sasuke will be here soon." Naruto looked at her confused as she walked over to him with a mischievous smile making him jump to the work of gathering the kids things and having them ready just as there was a knock on the door.

"Ino said we were taking the kids for the night." He said as he watched Azumi run up and give him a quick hug saying hi to her uncle Sasuke.

"Yeah, thanks for taking them for the night on such short notice Sasuke." Sakura smiled as she hugged him before kneeling down to talk to the three children. Sasuke walked out with the three children leaving the house quiet for Naruto and Sakura.

"So where were we?" Naruto asked in a low voice as he walked over to Sakura. The two smiled before they began kissing passionately once again. They slowly made their way through the house bumping into walls and they work their way to their bed room.

The next morning Naruto took a deep breath opening his eyes to see Sakura still cuddled up to his side. He glance over to the side at the clock that showed eleven thirty in the morning making him smile as he thought back to the night he and Sakura had shared, a night filled with making up for all the missed love making. Sakura began to stir opening her green eyes to look up at him with a smile.

"Good morning Naruto-kun."

"Good morning Sakura-chan." The two kissed before pulling back to look at each others. "We should give the kids to someone more often." He smirked making Sakura giggle.

"I agree but I think the other people will be calling for us to pick them up." She rolled over holding the blanket up to cover her body as she laid on her back. "What time is it anyway?"

"Eleven thirty. We should start getting up and go get the kids." The two made their way to get their showers and dressed before they grabbed food and left o get their three children from Ino and Sasuke's house. As they got closer Sakura began to feel sick to her stomach, making her need to run to the bathroom as soon as they got to the house.

"She okay?" Ino asked as Sakura ran past her and into the bathroom while Naruto dealt with the children as they ran to him.

"She'll be fine, probably just not feeling well today." Naruto told her and knelt down to fix a small over shirt on Satoru and the little skirt Saki was wearing. Sasuke watched as Naruto smirked and talked to the twins as he fixed Azumi's mesh sweater, even after all the years he had been with them he still was amazed that the joker, hyperactive, powerful biijuu would stand on his knees and fix dresses, jackets and shirts on his own children. "Go get your shoes." The three ran off to grab their shoes and sit down in front of him.

"Are you guys going to Choji's birthday party at the bar-b-q tonight?" Ino asked.

"Probably. Just gonna get these three home and make sure Sakura is alright and we'll be there." He said as he finished tying Saki and Satoru's shoes. Sakura walked out to them slowly putting on a small smile.

"Sorry about that. I guess my breakfast didn't sit well. Thanks for watching them last night." Sakura smiled as she bent down and picked Saki up.

"Any time." Ino smiled as she placed her swollen belly as Sakura did the same to feel the baby kick making both women smile brightly.

"We'll see you later." Sakura waved good bye as Naruto lifted Satoru into his arms and held Azumi's hand with his free hand. The tiny family left walking back to their home talking about Azumi starting at the academy in the fall.

Three weeks had past and Sakura still wasn't feeling any better. She decided that it was time to get checked out and went to the hospital coming home several hours later to find Naruto watching the tv while the children ran around in the back yard. She walked over and plopped into the seat next to him still in a daze making him look at her concerned.

"Naruto remember when we were talking about having another baby after our scare?" she asked making him slightly more confused. "Well since I waited so long to go to the doctor they ran a few tests and…. Naruto-kun." Naruto moved closer knowing that this was very important and he started fitting pieces together.

"Sakura-chan…. Are you saying…." Sakura nodded as Naruto wrapped his arms around her with a smile. "Well you said you wanted another one." He chuckled.

"Yeah, and we did wait." She smiled and wrapped her arms around him. "They said I'm four months now." Naruto smiled and gave her a sweet kiss then pulled back to smile slightly before they heard the back door open and close before three children ran into the room laughing and attacked to Sakura.

"Mommy can me, Saki, and Satoru go to the park and meet the others?" Azumi asked and watched as Sakura nodded. "Bye mommy, bye daddy!" she called as she and her two siblings ran out of the house and to the park.

"Why don't we go for a walk?" Sakura asked as they both knew a walk always made them feel at ease, and got up to leave. Once in the shopping area the two met up with Sasuke who was picking up a few things from the store. "How's Ino doing?"

"Not bad, still sleeping a lot." Sasuke said as he walked with his two friends and team mates.

"Sasuke!" they heard a call, making them turn to see his mother running up to them "Ino just went into labor." Sakura looked at Naruto then to Sasuke who was stunned.

"Naruto you take care of him, I'll meet you at the hospital." Sakura said and looked at Mikoto. "Let's go, Naruto will snap him out of it." The two women took off as Naruto grabbed Sasuke's shoulder and looked at him.

"Come on Sasuke, you gonna stand here while your first kid is born?" Naruto asked as he started to pull him behind him and head to the hospital. "Ino will kick your ass for not being here and Sakura will kick mine for not getting you there I'm sure as hell not getting my ass kicked by Sakura." suddenly they stopped not far from the hospital.

"Naruto….. I … I can't I don't know what I'm doing and for the first time in my life… I'm scared." He blurted making Naruto look at him knowing what he was going through.

"Sasuke, I know what you're going through. You should have seen me when Azumi was born. I didn't know what to do or anything but I pulled it together and did what I was told and had to. Once you hold that baby for the first time…." Naruto paused and smirked as he thought about the first time he held each one of his children. "It never gets old, no matter how many kids you have; it's always like the first time."

"What do I do?"

"Go in there and just be there for her, you'll know what to do as you go along." Naruto smirked as he saw his friend take a deep breath and nod before they continued to the hospital walking in to see a huge group waiting in the waiting room. "Keep us updated." He smirked as Sasuke was moved through the crowed.

"Like you did with us?" asked Temari making Sakura smile at him still trying to play with peoples' minds.

"I kept you updated through kyuubi." He smirked making everyone roll their eyes before sitting back for the wait.

After waiting for fifteen hours Tsunade walked out with a smile as Sasuke followed behind her carrying a bundle in his arms that he kept his dark eyes on until he reached the group. Naruto looked down to see Sakura sleeping soundly before he gently woke her up so she could walk over to see the baby.

"What did you name him?" asked Mikoto as she took the newborn gently.

"Katashi." Sasuke said still keeping his eyes on the little boy with dark blond fuzz on the top of his head. Katashi blinked a few times reveling his dark green eyes before falling back to sleep in his grandmother's arms. Naruto slapped his hand down on Sasuke's shoulder with a smirk.

"I told you, you would be fine. Besides anything you went through is worth it." Naruto whispered to Sasuke as Sakura smiled up at her teammate.

"Especially when they do their firsts." Sasuke looked at her confused making her smile. "You remember with the twins, the first time they held their head up, first time they sat by themselves, first steps, first words…" she smiled as she zoned out remembering the first time all three of her kids did each.

"Wait till the first time he calls you daddy." Naruto smirked.

"Sakura and Naruto's been through it enough they would know."

"Yeah, hopefully we don't wind up with any more brats for a while." Tsunade laughed making Naruto and Sakura look at each other making the others look at them concerned. "Not gonna have more little Naruto's. Right?" she asked almost demanding a no.

"Well…." Sakura started and smiled as Naruto took a step back behind Sasuke to hide from Tsunade. "Actually you are gonna have another little brat." She smiled as the women moved closer talking about baby stuff while Tsunade walked over trying to get to Naruto as he kept walking around Sasuke to stop her from getting a hold of him. Suddenly a hand grabbed his shoulder making him stand still. He looked to see who it was and found Kaori standing with an angry face.

"Yeah yeah, I know." Naruto said as Tsunade stopped in front of him and went to grab for his shirt as he ducked out of the way and laughed. "It's not my fault."

"It's not your fault that she's pregnant again?" Tsunade raised an eyebrow making Naruto rub the back of his head laughing.

"Well, it is but…. Hey I blame all of you for taking the kids so much." He said pointing at Sakura's father, his parents and Tsunade. Slowly he made his way around to Sakura and pulled her in front of him making her laugh.

"You're such mature adult, Naruto." She laughed and looked up at him. "Hiding behind your pregnant wife." Before anyone could say or do anything they heard a small voice and cries.

"Daddy, that bully, Kado snuck up on us and started to push Saki and Satoru around. We teached him a lesson but…" Azumi looked at her twin siblings as they cried because of the many cuts all over them. Naruto and Sakura picked the twins up and walked them over to the chairs to sit them down.

"It's alright sweetheart." Sakura smiled at her son as she began to heal the wounds while Naruto looked over Saki to see only a few cuts and scrapes healing what he could. "Come here, let's dry those tears." She cooed as she pulled him into her arms and held him tight while Naruto held Saki to him as he dried her tears from her cheeks.

"I tried daddy, I did, but I never saw him." Azumi started to cry making Naruto shift Saki to one side as he bent down to talk to Azumi. "Mommy wouldn't have to heal them if I had watched more."

"No, it's not your fault. You took care of him and stopped him from hurting them, that's all you need to do." He smiled at her and whipped her tears with his free hand. "Now come on. You wanted to see the baby right?" she smiled brightly at the mention of a baby. Naruto and Sakura set the twins on their feet as Naruto lifted Azumi up to see the baby.

"He's so tiny." She smiled and reached out placing her hand on the baby's head tenderly. "He's cute." Naruto smirked as he watched his daughter and the baby.

"Typical woman." Kiba laughed as he watched the girl and the baby before her bright green eyed gaze looked at him angrily making him go quiet while Naruto started to laugh.

"That'll teach you Kiba. She takes after Sakura-chan." He laughed as Sakura gave him a stern look making him settle for a smile.

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