Death Ninja

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

(time skip)

Three months later Naruto was sent out on a mission to the sand village with Kakashi and Sasuke to deliver a simple message. They were just outside the village when a toad popped onto Naruto's shoulder.

"Naruto-boy. You have to get back to the village now. Sakura's not doing well. I don't know what exactly is going on but Jiraiya-boy said you need to get back now." Naruto stopped in his tracks and looked at the toad.

"If he sent a toad to get you…" Kakashi trailed off as Sasuke looked at Naruto and knew he was worrying. "go Naruto, go find out what's going on. We'll meet you back there as soon as we can." Naruto nodded making one hand sign, disappearing in a blast of flames reappearing in another blast just outside of the village. Naruto ran right to the hospital to find his parents, Sakura's parents, Ino, the kids, and Jiraiya sitting in chairs worried.

"Naruto!" Ino called as the three children ran to him crying as he wrapped them in his arms. "Naruto, something happened and…. And…." She stumbled over her words as tears came to her eyes.

"I want you three to stay out here with your grandparents okay? I'll be back out in a little while." Naruto told his kids as he stood up and started running down the hall as Ino yelled the room number to him.

"You think mommy is okay?" asked Azumi as she looked up at Ino holding her three month old son.

"I'm sure she'll be just fine. Your father's here now so let's go back and sit down and wait." She smiled at her and watched the three children walk back over to their grandparents.

Naruto found the room and swung the door open, running in, stopping at Sakura's side as she lay in the hospital bed extremely white unconscious. Tsunade stood up from her chair and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Naruto, she's okay for now. She's lucky Ino went to check on her today. I don't know how long she was unconscious on the ground bleeding for but any longer and she wouldn't have made it. It looks liked she fell down the stairs outside your place but…."

"Sakura's too careful, especially when she's pregnant. She wouldn't have fallen." He turned and looked up at Tsunade as she looked at him with tears still stinging her eyes and sliding down her cheeks. "someone attacked her again didn't' they?"

"It seems that way, but this time I am going to personally search the entire village and find every single one who planed though or knew of this and I will take care of them even if I get thrown out of office."

"What was it?" Naruto asked looking back at Sakura as she slept.

"A boy….. I'm going out there; do you want me to do anything?"

"No. I'm just gonna sit for a while." His voice strained with the pain he felt for losing his unborn son and almost losing his wife. Tsunade left quietly to find everyone still sitting in the waiting room. She watched as they all stood up to try to find out what was going on.

"I did what I could. She's sleeping now, I have blood running and Naruto's watching her now. All we can do is waiting until she wakes up."

"Choji, Shikamaru." Ino said low as her friends showed up when they got her message. "I'll explain everything later, but I think it would be better if someone took the kids for a bit. Things aren't looking too good right now." She whispered to them making them start to worry and nod.

"Azumi, Saki, Satoru, come on. We're gonna go back and hang out with Hirumi, Megumi and Masami." Shikamaru told them as they shook their heads.

"Your father wants you to go play. He'll get you when he's done with your mother." Tsunade smiled at the three kids before they shrugged and had Shikamaru and Choji carry the twins and Azumi walked sadly between them.

"Tsunade?" Ino asked turning back to her. "How's the baby?" Tsunade closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"He didn't make it." Everyone knew what that meant as Tsunade took a breath. "Naruto's not going to be able to do anything for a while and Sakura's going to be out, can anyone watch the kids?"

"I might be able to but not until Sasuke gets back to help, I won't be able to take care of them and Katashi." Ino said sadly.

"You four will most likely be here all the time you can; I'll look at the other friends and see if anyone can watch them until Naruto can pull things together."

"He will. He always does and this will be no exception." Jiraiya said low. "It might take him longer but he will."

"The kit may not this time." Came a voice making everyone jump and look to see the mini kyuubi walking up to them. "Kit kicked me out so I wouldn't see him so upset. I've seen him work though tough and painful things before but this may have taken away the old him."

"What do you mean?" Kushina asked confused.

"I was inside him for his entire childhood and young adulthood. He pushed himself through the death of Jiraiya, and all the problems growing up and with getting Sasuke back, he's always pushed every bad thought and feeling aside to do what he had to, but…. I can't explain the feelings he had before he kicked me out making me pop up outside the room."

"He just lost an unborn child. He's gonna be in pieces for a while." Jiraiya said low as he tried to think of a way to help his old student. "The only thing we can do for him and Sakura are to find the people who did this, take care of the kids and be strong for all of them." The group all nodded and went back to sit and wait.

Two days had passed and still no sign of Sakura waking up. Naruto was still sitting beside Sakura looking at her praying that this was all a dream. All he could think about was Sakura and how he almost lost her and had lost his unborn son. His parents and Sakura's parents still sat in the waiting room to hear that something changed with Ino.

"What happened?" Sasuke asked as he and Kakashi walked in. Ino jumped to her feet and ran to him with tears in her eyes as he wrapped his arms around her. "Ino what happened to Sakura?"

"Someone attacked her and left her to die. They made it look like she fell down the stairs." Minato explained. "Ino went to see how she was and found her on the ground. She caught us and we brought her in but…." He paused and sighed as the kyuubi walked over.

"It was too late for the little kit."

"How's Naruto?" Kakashi asked knowing he was going to get hit hard.

"He's not doing well. He's been in that room for the past two days. Kit took it hard and kicked me out."

"Sasuke, you have to talk to him." Ino pleaded looking up at Sasuke as he sighed.

"Has Tsunade or Jiraiya talked to him yet?" Ino nodded making him close his eyes. "If he didn't listen to them, I doubt he'll listen to me."

"Please try." Kushina begged as he looked at the others standing around and he nodded asking what room. Ino told him and he walked down the hall hoping that he could help. He slowly opened the door to see the back of Naruto's head as he sat in his seat staring at Sakura, who still looked a little pale.

"dobe." He said, not getting a response he walked in farther to stand next to Naruto. He looked down to see his best friend in bad shape. He was pale, with bags under his eyes. "How's she doing?" When he didn't answer he sighed and grabbed a seat to sit in next to Naruto. "Naruto, you need to snap out of this."

"If you're here to try to talk to me and make me feel all better, it's not gonna work." He told Sasuke with a harsh tone. "Jiraiya and Tsunade already tried that."

"I'm not here to try to talk you into anything; I'm just here to tell you how much of a dumb ass you are. You should see yourself now, acting like some child who's never been through anything hard."

"You don't know anything."

"I know more than you think. I know you're acting like a moron. Suck it up and move on."

"Don't talk to me like that!" Naruto turned his blood shot angry eyes on Sasuke. "You don't know anything that I've been through!"

"What are you gonna do if I keep talking to you like the pathetic ass you are?" Sasuke said thinking he might be able to get him to come out of his daze if he got him angry enough.

"I'll kill you." Naruto said as his voice turned even darker.

"I still say suck it up baby." Naruto jumped to his feet throwing Sasuke through the door into the hallway with a huge crash causing everyone to go running.

"Sasuke!" Minato and Kakashi went to help Sasuke up when they heard him yell.

"no!" he turned to look at the doorway as he stood back up slowly. "So the baby wants to play?" he called in only seconds later he was caught around the neck pushed against the wall. He made a fist and swung smashing the side of Naruto's face making him let go of Sasuke's neck.

"Sasuke, you were supposed to talk to him not piss him off!" Ino yelled at him making him smile.

"You wanted me to make him better. This is the only way he's going to get passed this and start looking for a way to fix it." He told his wife as Naruto started to get up. "No matter what happens, stay out of this." He warned before he started walking towards Naruto as he looked up with blood red eyes.

"Naruto! Stop it!" Kushina yelled at her son but she couldn't get through to him before he tackled Sasuke and he started to use the seal. "Naruto!" she called about to jump in when Minato pulled her back out of the way getting ready to fight as Kakashi pulled his leaf headband up. Sasuke was tackled once again but as Naruto went to grab for him he kicked Naruto hard with built up chakra knocking him down as blood came from his mouth. He jumped on him and started to hit him as hard as he could until he threw Sasuke off of him. Sasuke came back quickly with a punch from his wing knocking Naruto back against a wall. They all watched as Naruto started getting back up.

"what do I have to do to make you stay down?" Sasuke asked as he charged a small chidori and rammed it into Naruto making him fall to the ground. Naruto stood back up like nothing had happened knocking Sasuke back before Sasuke reached out grabbing Naruto by the throat slamming him into the floor. "now you want to stop?" he ground out as Naruto struggled under his grasp after a few minutes Naruto slowed down his struggling until he closed his eyes spinning and twisting his legs up to kick Sasuke back and land on his own feet with a kunai in his hand held at Sasuke's throat. Everyone was about to run in until Sasuke chuckled.

"Naruto stop!"

"Naruto won't hurt me." Sasuke smirked and looked up at Naruto who hadn't moved. "A little better?"

"Yeah, for now." Naruto whispered before he dropped to his knees as Sasuke caught him.

"Naruto." Kushina called as she and the others went over to him as he sat back. "Are you okay?"

"I'll be fine." Naruto whispered as he opened his blue eyes. "Where are the kids?"

"They're taken care of." Tsunade said as she and Jiraiya walked over to him. "What were you two thinking?"

"I don't know. I only remember sitting and Sasuke started talking to me. You said the kids are being taken care of?"

"Yes. Shikamaru and Temari took them in for a while. They are getting really worried and have been asking Shikamaru and Temari all kinds of questions at all hours." Naruto gave a little smile as he thought about his kids.

"Sounds like them." He closed his eyes and slammed his head back against the wall as Sasuke slowly got up. "Thanks teme." Sasuke smirked.

"You needed it dobe. And maybe next time we can fight when you're with it." Naruto gave a small chuckle before he sighed and slammed his head again.

"Naruto stop hitting your head and let me take a look at it." Tsunade told him as she tried to get his small wounds. He looked at her and slammed his head again. Tsunade narrowed her eyes grabbing a hold of him to hold him still only to see his wounds were almost gone.

"Kit, that's it!" Kyuubi called as he walked over to Naruto. "Pull me back and use me to heal the vixen as far as we can. We can heal her to a point and let her body take over the rest." Naruto looked at him for a minute; he couldn't believe he didn't think of that sooner. He did one hand sign and the mini kyuubi was gone. Naruto stood up and went into the room to hold onto Sakura's hand as the red chakra flowed over her for five minutes before it faded and Naruto closed his eyes to talk to the kyuubi.

"So when will she wake up?" Naruto asked Kyuubi

"It may be a while, she's had a lot of damage and it's going to take a while to heal emotionally." Naruto opened his eyes and sat back in his seat as the others started crowding around.

"It's going to be a little while."

"I'm going to go check on any information we received about what happened." Tsunade told him and left. Everyone found places to sit to wait for Sakura to wake up.

"Naruto," Akemi said as she took a seat next to him. "You've been with my daughter for eight years now and you've been through a lot. I know we had our problems and they went away for the most part but you know Sakura will be fine."

"Problems?" Jiraiya asked curious and watched as Naruto looked back at Sakura and Akemi looked down in shame. "What do you mean problems?"

"It's not her fault." Naruto started. "When Sakura and I started dating she didn't like it cause she saw me as the kyuubi. There was a big fight and Sakura was kicked out of the house. She lived with me and we brought Takara back from the rain country. We dealt with those problems and then got married. Akemi never talked to Sakura until three years after the fight when Azumi was born. That's when we straightened thing out. She's been helping with everything she can ever since." Naruto gave a small smirk.

"Not that I've had to help much, you and Sakura have been able to work through everything with almost no help."

"It was all Sakura. Always knowing what to do."

Two more days passed with everyone watching over Sakura. Naruto fell asleep with his head on the bed as he held her hand while the others watched and talked softly when Sakura started to stir making everyone move closer to the bed and watched as she cracked her green eyes.

"Sakura. Sakura sweetheart." Akemi said as Sakura opened her eyes to see everyone crowded around.

"Mom?" she asked as she looked up at her mother's smiling face, she looked around and saw her father, her in-laws, and an old perverted sage. "Did Naruto get back yet?" she asked with a soft raspy voice.

"He never left your side." Akemi smiled and made Sakura turn her head to see him sleeping, leaning over on the bed. "He was having a really hard time with everything until Sasuke came in and somehow they wound up in a fight." She smiled at her daughter who rolled her eyes.

"Why don't you get some more sleep?" Kaori said as he saw Sakura looking around for others as Naruto stirred and looked down with a bright smile when he saw Sakura was awake.

"Where are the kids and the baby?" she asked making everyone looked at Naruto who opened his mouth and closed it again. "What? Naruto what happened?" the others looked at him not knowing what to say.

"Sakura-chan…." Naruto moved his chair closer to the head of the bed as he closed his eyes before opening them again. "Azumi, Saki and Satoru are with Shikamaru and Temari."

"What about the baby? Is it stable?"

"Sakura-chan, when you were attacked they brought you in as fast as they could but Granny couldn't…." Sakura looked at him hoping that when he finished hat sentence it wouldn't sound as bad. "She couldn't save him, he was already gone." she looked at him as tears welled up in her eyes spilling over as she tried to force herself to sit up. Naruto gently held her down as he moved closer to her and ran his fingers through her hair as she cried and wrapped an arm over his shoulder.

"Why? It….it…" she was lost to sobbing as Naruto sat trying to be strong, knowing that if he broke down he wouldn't be able to help Sakura. The others watched as Naruto fought back the tears as he tried to sooth Sakura.

"Sakura." Jiraiya said from beside Naruto making both look at him. "Tsunade is searching the village for that did this. Do you remember anything?"

"No, all I remember is walking out to go to the store and something hit me on the back of my head. Then I slide down the stairs and at the bottom I saw five people who started to kick me and…. And beat me. I… I tried….. I tried to use what little chakra I had to put a barrier around the baby, but… I guess….." she started to cry again as Naruto started running his hands through her hair and drying her tears as he spoke softly to her.

"It's alright Sakura-chan. Relax and try to get some more sleep."Sakura looked at him and knew he was trying his best to hold everything in; she shook her head and tried to get up again only to be held down by Naruto. "You can't get up yet, granny said she had to do some surgery to stop the bleeding." He said as he leaned farther onto the bed as he wrapped his one arm around her head and the other across her as she grabbed hold of him and started to cry again. The heart monitor started beeping faster and faster making Naruto look up afraid of what was going on.

"Sakura, you need to calm down. You're getting your heart going too fast and it's going to turn out bad." Kushina said as she moved closer to her daughter-in-law who started to hyperventilate.

"Sakura-chan, it's okay. I'm right here. Slow down." Naruto told her and watched as she continued to hyperventilate. Nurses ran in followed by Tsunade a few minutes after as they went to try to make Sakura relax, Tsunade stopped them.

"Sakura, breathe. You can do this; you've calmed others down before now calm yourself." Tsunade told her as she tried to slow her breathing and heart but couldn't do it. Naruto was starting to get nervous as he leaned closer to her.

"You can do it Sakura-chan." He smoothed her hair as he continued to talk to her. "Azumi's been bothering Shikamaru about going out and coming here. I know you wouldn't want her to see this." He said and smiled as the beeping began to slow down slowly as she closed her eyes and tried her best to take a deep breath and let it out slow. "That's it." Everything slowed down making Naruto give her a kiss on the forehead. "You did good."

"That was great Sakura." Tsunade smiled as she put her hand on Sakura's shoulder. "I'm gonna need to check the stitches." She said looking around as everyone left but Naruto who still sat holding Sakura's hand and smoothing her hair. Tsunade rolled down the blankets and lifted the gown to see the large incision seeping slightly.

"How's it look?" Sakura asked with her raspy voice.

"Not too bad, it's seeping a bit but it's going to heal nicely." Tsunade put the gown back and covered her back up with a smile. "I want you to stay in bed for another four days then you can get up slowly. Naruto, I'm taking you off active duty for a little while." Naruto gave a small nod understanding and silently thanking Tsunade. She turned and left to let the others in as Jiraiya told her what Sakura had said.

"So how's the stitches?" Akemi asked as she sat on the opposite side of the bed as Naruto.

"Seeping a bit but good otherwise." Naruto answered for her as Jiraiya walked in with a glass of water.

"Here this might help a bit." He gave a smile as Naruto sat the bed up so she could drink and talk with everyone. Everyone took their seats for a few minutes until they decided to leave Naruto and Sakura alone.

"Naruto-kun…." Sakura said as her voice choked up making Naruto grab her hand.

"Sakura-chan, don't try. Please don't blame yourself; it's not your fault." Naruto said as the tears he had been fighting for so long began to rise. "I'm so sorry I wasn't here. I am so sorry I couldn't stop you from getting hurt and save our son."

"Naruto-kun, you didn't do anything wrong. You had no idea anything would happen, please don't think this is your fault." She said as tears spilt from her eyes as a tear fell from his eyes. The two wrapped their arms around each other and cried.

Two weeks had passed since Sakura work up, she was now up and about almost completely healed and this was the day she was going to be going home. Naruto had gone home while Tsunade took care of Sakura, so he could drop Azumi off at the academy and pick the twins up from Shikamaru's. He walked up to Shikamaru's door and knocked to have it answered by Hirumi who smiled and hugged him tight before calling for everyone in the house.

"Naruto!" Temari called as she came to the door first with a bright smile. "How's Sakura?"

"Good she wants to take Azumi to the academy and we'll go home. She's moving around almost like she was before." He smiled as the three children ran at him to hug him. "Were you guys good?"

"Yup. We were really good daddy." Azumi smiled.

"Can we see mommy?" Saki asked as Naruto smiled brightly and gave a nod. Temari watched and noticed that Naruto was off with his smile and the way he was acting. She knew he hadn't gotten over the loss of the newborn boy they had named Benjiro and buried almost two weeks ago. She thought back to that day when they had a small ceremony where Naruto held Sakura as she cried into his chest and the others worked hard to hold their tears until they were home.

"I wonder how Naruto and Sakura are doing." Temari said as she sat with Shikamaru watching the children play in the backyard with their grandparents. Temari handed Shikamaru a pitcher of lemon-aid to take out to them. "I can't even imagine how they must feel right now."

"One thing a parent should never have to do." They heard from behind them as Shikamaru's mother walked in the house. "Burying a child is difficult alone, but a child that wasn't even old enough to live outside the womb…" she trailed off and looked out at the children running around.

"I pray that I will never have to know that feeling." Temari whispered and walked outside with glasses filled to lemon-aide putting on a smile.

"I pray for that too." Shikamaru gave a nod as he went to leave only to be stopped by his mother. "Perhaps you should talk to the others about taking the three kids for a while. I'm sure Sakura needs some time to heal emotionally and Naruto must be crushed." She looked back at her grandchildren running around happily.

"I'll talk to the others tomorrow morning and we'll figure something out." He said before he walked outside only to be spotted and almost tackled by three little girls as they giggled making him smile one of his rare smiles she had only seen him give to his daughters.

Naruto and Sakura walked slowly through the park as their three children ran off to join their friends. They had been trying to work through things together knowing that they needed to keep moving forward for the kids and each other. They smiled as they talked about their friend and all the concern.

"Well we know they all care about us." Sakura smiled. "For them to offer to take the kids so we could get away for a while." She trailed off making Naruto chuckle.

"They must really be out of their minds."

"I say we take their offer. I mean how often are they going to volunteer to take the kids for however long we want so we can go off on a little trip?" Naruto smiled at her as they stopped to look over at the large group of children playing with the adults watching.

"If you really want to we can go somewhere for a few weeks." He smiled as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. The two had be taking more time to themselves when the children were with their friends. Sakura gave a little nod as she pulled closer to him and sighed.

A week later Naruto and Sakura said goodbye to their children before leaving them with Naruto's parents and starting on their way to wander around to visit old friends they had made when they were younger. They were going to travel like they used to hoping to begin to feel like they did way back then.

"Naruto?" Sakura said as she sat across from him in their camp site. She stared into the flames of the fire as she spoke low to him. "Do you think we'll ever get over his death? I mean I know we'll always feel it but I just can't stop think about how it could have been."

"I think after this trip everything will be better." He told her as he moved to sit next to her and wrap his arm around her as they sat starring into the fire until they settled down to sleep.

Three days later the two came across a little run down hut in the middle of nowhere. They had found this hut years ago before they found Takara. They had kept it secret in case they needed to hide or get away. The two walked in to find everything how they left it when they had last stayed there.

"It's been so long since we've done anything like this." Sakura said as they walked around. "Why don't we head to that little town and get a few things before we settle in for a little while." They walked off to travel an hour walking through the woods to reach a little village that was hidden away where no one would find it.

"So what do you want to get?"

"Well we need food and I figured we could look around for things we want." Naruto smiled as he followed her through the tiny village. As they moved through the village Naruto began to feel like someone was following them making every one of his and Sakura's ninja senses go on high alert. Sakura looked at Naruto as they turned the corner and formed two hand sighs pulling kunai to their hands as the person who was following them turned the corner. Just before they came down to kill the person they stopped.

"Otochan. Kachan." They heard as the young girl smiled up at them. Naruto and Sakura looked at each other then down at the girl surprised. "I thought you would come find me."

"Takara?" Sakura whispered as she dropped to her knees in front of the young girl with long blond hair and teal eyes. "We thought you were dead." She wrapped her arms around her arms around her for only seconds before pulling back with tears in her eyes.

"What happened?" Naruto asked as he watched the young girl and the woman hugged tight once again. "We were told that everyone was killed. How did you get out alive?"

"I ran and hid where they couldn't get me and then after everything went quiet some people came by and said they would take care of me. They took me with them and left me all alone. I've been here ever since." She said sadly.

"I'm so sorry we weren't there to protect you." Sakura said through tears as they grabbed hold of each other again.

"It's okay." Takara sniffled as Naruto smirked. "Is granny and everyone okay?"

"They're better than okay. Why don't you come back and see for yourself?" Takara smiled at Sakura and looked at Naruto who was still smirking as she stood and jumped up and down. "We'll head as soon as we get our things together."

"I'll get a hold of them and let them know we are bringing a precious gift home." Naruto smiled as he bit his thumb summoning a toad to relay a message before they went back gathered their things and started off.

Minato sat with Kushina and Jiraiya as they watched the three children run around in the back yard of the Namikaze main house. The three laughed and talked about the old days until Kaori and Akemi walked through to see them. They took their seats and started to add to the stories about how the three children acted like their grandparents and parents when there was a sudden pop in front of Minato.

"Naruto wants to tell you that he and Sakura will be coming back sooner than expected. They are bringing a precious gift. They'll be back in less than a week." Minato and the others looked at each other before the toad disappeared and they were left to figure out what the message meant.

Four days later Naruto and Sakura dropped into the Namikaze compound with Takara beside them as they walked up and knocked on the door. Seconds later the door swung open for three young children to wrap their arms around their parents calling for the other adults to come. Naruto smiled as he lifted his two girls in each arm and stood to greet his parents.

"Were they good?" Naruto asked as he looked at the two in his arms give innocent smiles making him chuckle a real chuckle. Kushina smiled as she watched her son smile at his children before he set them down. "This is Takara." He smiled and pulled the ten year old girl in front of him with a bright smile.

"Isn't that the girl you told us about? The one that the elders made you give up and everything?" Kushina asked confused as she looked at the girl who smiled at the younger children.

"Yeah. When the sand village was attacked we were told she was killed but, she survived and has been alive all this time."

"What about the elders now?"

"I really don't care. We've fought through more and won they can't tell me I'm not aloud now." Naruto smiled brightly as Sakura set Satoru on his feet and started talking with Takara. "We better go talk to Granny. Can you guys watch the kids for a bit longer while we tell granny?" His parents nodded as the three walked off towards the Hokage tower after telling their kids to be good.

"Come in!" they heard from the other side of the door. Naruto and Sakura walked in with Takara close behind, hiding out of sight for now. Tsunade smiled when she saw the two looking happier after only a little while of being gone. "You two are back already?"

"We traveled a bit and we found something that made us happy." Sakura smiled as she gently pulled Takara in front of her and Naruto and watched as the Hokage's eyes went wide. "I'm really glad everyone talked us into going on this trip. If it weren't for that we would have never know."

"I can't believe it. All the reports said no one lived." Tsunade stood and walked up to the ten year old with a smile.

"We wanted her to say hello to her granny before we started making her at home."

"Well then….. Welcome home Takara." She smiled down making Takara's face light up as she lunged forward wrapping her arms around her. "You've got a lot of work to do a head of you, so you better get to work. I'll stop by later." The two adults nodded and left with bright smiles to go get their three children and head to their own house in the Namikaze compound to set up Takara's room.

That night Tsunade stopped by with Jiraiya to see how everything was going and found the four children running around like they had been together all their lives while Naruto and Sakura worked on setting up the last of her things in her own room.

"So you have another girl, eh Naruto?" Jiraiya chuckled as the children ran passed them. "Just another one to spoil."

"Talk about spoil, you should have seen Granny when we first brought Takara here. Whatever she wanted, she got, no matter what Sakura and I said." Naruto laughed as Sakura and Tsunade talked softly about planning a welcome home party and starting to get Takara set up in school.

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