Death Ninja

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

(small time skip)

Naruto was sitting at the kitchen table once again with a map and a stack of report working on how to finish this war soon before time ran out. Sakura walked into the room while the children ran around outside laughing. She sat next to him and started looking at the papers to try to help him plan out routes while they waited for everyone to come over so they could all talk together. It had been six month since they brought Takara back and started to heal the deep wounds of losing their unborn son. Things were looking up making the two start to fall back into their old selves making their friends feel better and worry less as they began to laugh and socialize like they used to.

"So when do we start leaving?" asked Sasuke as he walked in with the others slightly behind.

"As soon as we can all get our things together. We know basically where they are and if a few of us can slip in we can get even more details so we can pin point them we'll be able to take them out." Naruto told him as he read another paper.

"Then how do we do that without putting anyone in harm's way?" asked Lee asked him and the others took their seats where ever they found a spot.

"We can do it a few ways. We can send a summons in there; clones, ANBU or Naruto and I could work our techniques and get the information we need." Sakura told them as she looked at the map.

"He said without getting people in harm's way. If actual people go they could get killed." Ino told her as Sakura glanced up at her then back at the map.

"Do you forget we were the ones doing worse missions only a few years ago? We know what we have to do and how to do it. We can't send inexperienced people of things in to gather specific information."

"I also remember you two nearly dying many times." Ino shot back at her making Naruto and Sakura look up. "It's too big of a risk. You two can't keep taking on the burden of everything, one day it's going to crush you."

"Let us help." Kaori told his daughter as she and Naruto sighed and looked at the map again.

"Why don't we break into a few groups and investigate together, would that make you happy?" Sasuke asked his wife who thought for a minute before smiling and nodding. "How 'bout you two?"

"There are two places that look like it's where most of the activity is. Split into four man squads and go in. Find everything you can and get out. Do not fight or anything but gather information. If you're over run or you come up to trouble get out and get some help as soon as you can." Sakura told everyone as she looked around.

"So who goes?" Kiba asked looking around as everyone exchanged glances.

"Kakashi, Rin, Obito and Asuma make one group. Purvey sage, Dad, Mom and the third will make a second group. These are the two spots I need your groups to look at and get what you can. You chose who goes where."

"What about you and the rest of us?" Tenten asked as Naruto looked around.

"If they try to attack while we are away there need to be enough in the village to defend and send word to everyone so they can get back to help. Sakura, and I have our own place we need to visit to get information."

"Where are you three going to go if they have those two areas covered?"

"We are going to check the sound village and a few of our contacts may be able to give us something."

"We should head out as soon as we can." Minato said looking around as everyone agreed and began making plans for the children and traveling.

Naruto and Sakura walked through the gates to see their friends waiting for them.

"So what did you two find out?" Shikamaru asked as the group slowly made their way to the Namikaze compound where everyone told what they found out as Naruto and Sakura worked with the map and the information they were given.

"Looks like most of their forces are focused in here and from the information we got they are building u for one massive attack to destroy everything in their way. Looks like we only have a little while to go before everything starts up."

"We better get moving with plans and ending this stupid thing before it takes any longer." Kiba said as he sat beside Hinata.

"We need to get moving before they get their army mobile. If we plan this right we can fight them on their own land and still have the village protected." Naruto began telling everyone what he was planning letting them add and move idea around until they came up with the best plan to do everything they wanted and needed.

"so we are going to have everyone who came back from the dead go with you, and Sakura while everyone else stays here to protect the village from any attacks." Shikamaru said as Naruto gave a nod looking around as everyone agreed.

"Then we should start getting ready and leave in a week so we can start fighting on their land and end this once and for all."

A week and a half later Naruto, Sakura, Minato, Kushina, Rin, Obito, Jiraiya, the third, Asuma, Fugaku, Mikoto, and Kaori stopped on the outskirts of a camp to regroup and set up for an attack. They split into three groups to attack from several angles to infiltrate and find the men they were looking for. Minato stood with Kushina, Rin and Obito in their position, Fugaku was with Mikoto, Kaori and Sakura, while Naruto stood with Jiraiya, The third and Asuma. The three groups stood ready as they waited for the sun to begin to sink before making their way into the large camp that looked like a small village.

"You really think this will work?" Kaori asked Sakura as she stood looking over the camp as the fires were lit to illuminate the area.

"Naruto and I have made several successful missions doing this and this should be no different. With all the gifted ninja that are a part of this, it should go smoothly."

"The sun is down." They heard a voice say over the radio each had.

"Everyone knows what they have to do. Let's get in and get out." Naruto's voice came.

"Get this over with." Kaori said as the three groups started their way into the camp to find the men they were looking for so they could fulfill their mission and be able to live out their lives with their loved ones. The three groups moved stealthily through finding several tents being guarded closely. Slowly they slipped through only to be met with Sasori in one and Kisami in a second tent leaving one as a trap.

"Well if it's that girl who killed me." Sasori smirked.

"And I'll do it again." Sakura told him as she pulled a kunai into each hand, ready to fight.

"Too bad my grandmother isn't here to help you this time." Suddenly he pulled four puppets and sent them out to each person knocking Mikoto back three yards as Fugaku, Kaori and Sakura blocked just in time. Fugaku started making his way towards Sasori as Sakura maneuvered her way passed the puppet to help her father. The two landed back to back fighting the two puppets off as Fugaku was flung backwards.

"Fugaku, you okay?" Kaori called as he ran to his old friend.

"Yeah, I'll be alright. What is this thing? I couldn't even see him move until he hit me." Fugaku winced as he moved slowly holding his side as blood ran from the gash on the back of his head and the many cuts from the debris of the camp.

"I don't know but Sakura knows him. Lets report-"

"Naruto, we have Sasori." Sakura called over the radio as she dodged another attack.

"There's nothing here. It was a trap to get us away from you guys. It's going to take a bit to get through to you because of the men." Called Obito.

"Naruto, did you find anyone?" Minato asked only to hear dead silence making everyone's heart skip a beat.

"Naruto?" Sakura called into her radio only to hear nothing making her heart sink. Suddenly they heard the radio crackle.

"We got Kisami." Jiraiya called.

"Where's Naruto? Is he alright?" Kushina asked as Sakura worked to dodge the attacks that were coming faster and faster.

"He's fine. He's in the middle of fighting. I had to get away to radio in. I'm going back; get here as soon as you can." Jiraiya said making Sakura smirk as she focused on fighting Sasori as Fugaku and Kaori jumped into the fight.

"Watch out for the tail. It has poison in it that will kill you almost instantly. He has a lot of tricks so let's finish this as fast as we can." Sakura said as she did a back flip and landed between her father and Fugaku. "Have you heard of him before? He was famous in the sand when Kakashi-sensei's father was an active ninja."

"I've heard of a skilled puppeteer who became a rouge ninja many years ago. They never found him but they called him Sasori of the red sand." Fugaku said.

"That's him. It took everything in me and the grandmother of Sasori to defeat him."

"And you only did that because granny controlled you." Sasori chuckled as he attacked again making the three jump out of the way. "you can dodge my attacks but can they?" suddenly his tail whipped out to attack as the two men stood ready when suddenly the tail went past both of them to slam into the belly of Mikoto as she was slowly standing up.

"Mikoto!"Fugaku screamed as he ran to her, catching her as he retracted his tail and she fell to the ground. "Mikoto…" Fugaku trailed off as he looked at her pain filled expression then down at the wound that was gushing blood.

Naruto dodged another swing of the massive sword as Jiraiya and Asuma attacked from behind only to be trapped in giant water balls. Naruto back flipped to the Third as they both got ready for another attack.

"You move and these two will be killed." Kisami told them asking them to glance at the two who were trapped within two giant water balls as Kisami made several hand signs making three clones. Two went to control the two water balls while the other one stood beside Kisami. Within minutes they both made three hand signs making water to flow all around them, forcing Naruto and the third to jump out of the way of the rushing water.

"You tried that before and it didn't work. What makes you think that's going to work this time?" Naruto called as he crouched down ready to take off but before anyone could say or do anything else the 3rd lunged in and began using all of his techniques to defeat Kisami so that his son and student would be released. Naruto watched as Kisami disappeared under the water only to appear suddenly in the thirds blind spot as Naruto jumped in to block the attack that would have ended the Third.

"Naruto…" Asuma whispered when he saw the young ninja push the Akatsuki back causing Kisami to almost lose his footing as he tried to stay on his feet. Naruto charged in with a kunai in each hand blocking and swinging as he pushed Kisami back. They couldn't believe that the boy who couldn't do anything right was now forcing an Akatsuki member into submission. That was until the radio crackled and they heard Kaori's frantic voice.

"We need a healer! We need a healer now! Sasori caught her in the stomach with his poison!" Naruto's mind swung t the question of why they needed a healer if they had Sakura, and was it Mikoto or Sakura who was hit. Kisami took the slight hesitation to cut into the opening and hit Naruto back to where the others were; only stopping after skidding across the water.

"Who was hit?" Kushina asked praying that it wasn't Sakura, and that it was an easily healed poison.

"Is Sakura alright?" they heard Naruto ask softly.

"Sakura's fine. She's holding Sasori of while Fugaku and I work on Mikoto." Kaori reported making Naruto sigh before he called again.

"Don't let her fight him alone. He is one of the hardest members to fight, and one of the most deadly. Get someone in there to help her." he called and took off again to back the third up, hearing Sakura's soft voice in his ear.

"I can hold until someone gets here to help."

"It took a lot out of you the last time you fought him and you had help back then. You should still have someone to help you."

"Just focus on fighting and we can argue about this later Naruto-kun." Naruto smirked as he heard her add the affectionate kun on the end of his name.

"You too Sakura-chan." Naruto turned and started fighting the clone as it walked over to try to make it harder for the third and Naruto to protect each other. Jiraiya and Asuma smirked as they looked at the two clones controlling the water balls. Jiraiya closed his eyes moving his hands as fast as he could to make three hand signs so he could begin working on breaking the water ball. Suddenly the two clones were sliced in two and the water fell, releasing Jiraiya and Asuma.

Kaori looked up to see how his daughter was fairing in the battle to keep Sasori away from them to see her land on the ground out of breath. Suddenly Sasori shot his tail out changing course quickly to loop around and hit Sakura in the back.

"Sakura look out!" he yelled and jumped to his feet to charge in but heard the metal of the tail clang on the metal of a kunai. He blinked and saw Minato blocking the attack pushing it out of the way before he turned to his daughter-in-law.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah I'll be fine. Just need to catch my breath." She gasped before Sasori sent another attack at them making Minato and Sakura jump out of the way.

"Kaori, lets fight like we used to." Minato smirked as Kaori ran out to him. "Sakura, go help Kushina." Sakura gave a nod and took off as Minato and Kaori ran in.

"Sakura!" Kushina called as she saw her kneel beside her.

"We have to get her out of here when he can't reach us before we can start working on her." Sakura said as she pulled her chakra and lifted Mikoto into her arms and jumped off with Fugaku and Kushina right behind her before she stopped and set Mikoto on the ground.

"What are you going to do? You said the poison was deadly." Fugaku asked Sakura as she started digging in her pouch pulling out a small bottle filled with liquid. "What's that?"

"This is an antidote I was able to create years ago to save Kankuro. When I heard he was revived I started carrying it but, this wound is very large and he had to have pumped a lot of poison into her. I don't know how far this will go." She said as she pulled the liquid around her hand. "Can you start healing the wound while I work on the poison?" she asked Kushina and watched her nod and start healing before Sakura began working on the poison.

"Is it working?" Fugaku asked after a few minutes. Sakura was starting to sweat as she continued to work as they began hearing the sound of battle getting louder.

"Leave her work. Go help Minato and Kaori while we work on Mikoto." Kushina told him as she glanced at Sakura starting to lose her breath again as the sweat was pouring from her. Fugaku looked at the then at Mikoto who was extremely pale and unconscious before he took off to help. "Sakura, are you alright?"

"I'm fine. This just takes a lot out of me and the amount of poison in her…. I don't know if I'll be able to save her." Sakura whispered as she continued.

"What you doin getting caught, old man?" Obito taunted as he looked at Jiraiya making him give the younger ninja a scowl.

"We were just about to get out when you showed up. Kushina and Minato go to Mikoto?" Obito gave a nod as they all looked back to see Naruto caught in the side with the sword making him fly off to the side as blood gushed from the wound. Suddenly the real Kisami shove his sword in the front and out the back of the Third making everything go silent as they ran to Naruto. Suddenly they saw Naruto stand slowly holding his side wincing as he got ready to fight.

"He really doesn't give up." Rin said as she pulled her kunai.

"He takes after his father." Jiraiya smiled as he and the others prepared to jump in and help when they saw the third standing with a sword through him. Asuma could only stare as he watched his father fall backwards off the sword landing in the water hard with the blood flowing out into the water all around.

"No…" Asuma shuddered as he stared when suddenly the clone was sliced to pieces leaving only the real Kisami to swing at him making Naruto flip out of the way as his eyes turned blood read and the chakra began to flow around him.

"He's going to kill himself if he keeps it up." Rin said as she watched the blood ooze from the wound. "There's never giving up and there's being completely reckless. Minato-sensei would never be this reckless."

"Naruto is trying to finish this before anyone else gets hurt. Before Kisami and the others go after his friends and family." Jiraiya smirked. "His father would do the same thing only fight more gracefully." Jiraiya and the others began attacking as Naruto flipped and jumped around to avoid getting hit when he came close to hitting Kisami. Kisami smirked before he back flipped and pulled out of combat.

"We will finish this another time." He said before he disappeared with all of his techniques he used.

"Damn." Obito cursed looking around as Naruto went to a knee and Asuma ran to his father.

"Naruto!" Jiraiya said as he knelt beside his old student. "Let me see, I'll be able to help heal it." Naruto shook his head.

"He did something to it with that sword. It can' be forced healed. Kyuubi and I already tried." He said low wincing as Rin and Obito ran to the Third and Asuma. Naruto turned and looked at the blood stained ground where the limp body of the third laid and he sighed looking down again. "I couldn't save him again."

"You couldn't help it. It happened as you were hit." Jiraiya told him as Asuma, Rin and Obito walked over to them. "You gonna be alright?" he asked Asuma who gave a quick nod and looked at Naruto as he gasped, wincing as he held onto his side.

Kaori, Minato and Fugaku worked as a team to try to finish off Sasori but they were only able to get a few hit on him before he was able to jam his tail tip into the chest of Fugaku making him fall to the ground while Minato and Kaori pushed harder and harder as Kushina came to help before Sakura came out of nowhere to hit Sasori from the side knocking him across the battle field. Everyone watched as she clenched her fists as Kushina ran to Fugaku. Sakura looked up from the ground with tears in her eyes, threatening to slide down her cheeks as she gathered her chakra and ran full speed at Sasori as he stood up but before she made contact he disappeared making her explode the ground.

"Sakura!" Minato called as he made his way over to her while Kushina and Kaori knelt by Fugaku. "Sakura, you alright?" he asked as he saw her fall to the ground with the tears falling down her cheeks. He knelt down in front of her pulling her into his arms, not knowing what else to do.

"Sasori disappeared." They heard in their earphone as Kaori reported to the others.

"There's nothing you could have done. We all fought knowing there was a great risk." Minato told Sakura as she sniffled and pulled back drying her tears. "Let's get the others and go home. We will figure out what to do after that." Sakura nodded as they both stood and walked over to Kushina and Kaori as they stood.

"Ours too, but we need Sakura to get here immediately." Rin said. "I'm doing what I can to stop the bleeding but it just won't heal." They could tell she was starting to panic as Sakura and the others started running as fast as they could to where their other team was.

"Rin, calm down. Who's hurt?" Kushina asked as she ran beside the others.

"It's Naruto. He was hit with that sword and …. It's bad."

"We're on our way just hang on." Sakura's heart dropped as she picked up the speed afraid of losing Naruto. Minato and Kushina were worried about their son and they all knew that for Rin to begin to panic, it had to be bad. After a few minutes they all landed as Sakura ran to Naruto's side to see the blood seeping from the massive wound of shredded flesh.

"Naruto…" she whispered as he opened his eyes and looked at her with a smirk. "What happened?"

"Kisami caught me with his sword and the damn sword did something and we can't heal it." Naruto told her making her pull as much bandages as she could out to start wrapping the wound.

"Hold this here." She told Jiraiya who was helping to keep Naruto sitting. "Rin, give me a hand holding this one." Rin nodded and helped to hold another large bandage on the wound as Sakura began wrapping a roll of gauze around Naruto's body tightly to try to slow the bleeding.

"Naruto, you think you can walk?" asked Minato as he knelt down in front of him.

"With the amount of blood he already lost he won't be able to stay awake much longer." Sakura told him as she finished wrapping and secured the bandage. She looked up at Naruto as his eyes slowly closed; she placed her hand on his cheek as she spoke to him. "Relax we'll get you home and fixed up in no time, Naruto-kun." She gave him a small smile as his eyes slid closed and he went completely limp in Jiraiya's arms.

"Is he going to be alright?" Obito asked as he looked at the limp body.

"He'll be okay as soon as the bleeding stops and I can get him home. But he lost a lot of blood and has only a little chakra left so we're going to have to be easy taking him home." Sakura explained as she smoothed Naruto's hair back and took his headband off putting it into her pouch for safe keeping.

"Well we've been up for almost twenty four hours. We should find somewhere to stay and get him able to move." Kushina said as Jiraiya laid Naruto out flat and Sakura kept an eye on the wound until they could move Naruto.

Three days later the group stopped once again as the sun sunk beyond the horizon. Jiraiya set Naruto down on the blanket Sakura laid out before he and the others worked on making a camp while Sakura cleaned the wound that had begun to get infected as it slowly healed. Sakura felt Naruto's forehead as she saw the sweat on his brow and found a high fever. She began looking at the medications she had brought and thinking of how to make him feel better as her mother-in-law sat on the other side of Naruto.

"How's he doing?" she asked as she looked down at him as he winced in his sleep making her place her hand on his cheek.

"He has an infection setting in and his fever is getting worse. We need to get him home, but we have to walk all the way back. The jolt of being sent to the demon world then to the village may make it impossible for him to recover."

"But there's a chance he'll be fine, so just do it and get it over with. It will get him home faster." Obito called out making everyone fall silent as Sakura turned angry eyes to him. "What? You want to get him home fast and he could be fine, why not just get this over with?"

"Because I will not play games when it comes to his life. I will walk him all the way back which gives an even bigger chance of living."

"You just don't make sense."

"Looking at the options I am always going to take the option that gives Naruto the best chance of survival. We need to be easy with how we deal with his wounds because we've never had to do this for him and we don't know how what we do will react with the kyuubi."

"I'm beginning to think you just want to stay out of the village as long as you can." Obito scoffed making Sakura even angrier.

Sakura stood staring at Obito as he continued making accusations and trying to talk her into risking Naruto's life just to get home faster. Minato looked between the two before glancing at Kushina who was looking down at Naruto sadly. Jiraiya looked at everyone as the arguing continued, Rin stood trying to make Obito be quiet and let Sakura call the shots for what happens to Naruto, while Kaori and Asuma stood off to the side not knowing what to do. Just as Minato was about to break the fight up Sakura spun around quickly to look at Naruto as she and Kushina were the only ones to hear.

"Sakura-chan…" he struggled to say as he cracked his blue eyes to see a blurry image of Sakura as she sat beside him smoothing his hair back.

"It's alright, I'm here Naruto-kun." She said as tears began to rise in her eyes.

"I feel like crap….."

"I know. Kisami hit you with his sword and shredded your side wide open. We have to have it heal normally, I don't know what he did but he made it impossible to have me or the kyuubi heal it." She told him as he took a deep breath and tried to sit up making Sakura grab a hold of him quickly pushing him back down.

"You have an infection Naruto. You need to rest." Kushina told him as his breathing became labored. Sakura checked the wound to see it bleeding once again.

"You do anything stupid like that again and I'll kill you." she gave him a tearful grin as she set to work stopping the bleeding. "Now, please just relax and we'll get you home. I'm sure the girls will love making you feel better." She smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"yo, you think we should risk going through the demon world to get you home faster?" Obito asked as he leaned over Sakura's shoulder.

"There is a huge chance you won't make it, the shock that it sends through the body and chakra system…. We need to just walk you back and I'll take care of you on the way." Sakura told Naruto as he opened his eyes a little more to look at the others sitting around him.

"Like I said, you wanta stay out of the village." She turned and looked at him so angry the others in the tiny camp held their breath.

"You open your mouth one more time and I will break something in your body and make sure you have a very slow and painful recovery." She warned as she turned back to Naruto. "What do you want to do?"

"Like I have a choice…." He chuckled making himself wince in pain. "In my stuff, there's a scroll….. Use it to get us home… it doesn't work like the demon scrolls….. It shouldn't affect me…"

"Naruto, you have a million scrolls you carry around with you…. what one do we use?" asked Asuma as Sakura started digging through all of Naruto's gear until she found a tiny pocket in the lining of his jacket. Smirking she ripped the fabric, confusing everyone as she pulled a very small scroll that was no bigger than her pinky as she showed it to the others.

"So what was the special occasion you were saving this one for?" she smirked as she turned back to Naruto who grinned.

"Probly to get away from you." Obito mumbled making Sakura throw her elbow backwards hitting him between the legs, making him drop to the ground in pain.

"I told you, and that was a warning." She turned back to Naruto who was trying to laugh but turned out in a coughing spurt where Sakura had to turn him on his side as he began to cough blood. Once he was done she laid him back on his back. "Be careful, Naruto, you're going to wind up killing yourself." She told him making him roll his eyes as his father and Jiraiya looked over the tiny scroll.

"What is this Naruto?" Minato asked as he sat beside his daughter-in-law.

"Sakura knows how to use it; it'll get us all back to safety that one takes us to the Hokage tower." He said softly as his eyes began to close again.

"Go back to sleep Naruto-kun, I'll take care of getting everyone home safely." Sakura told him with a smile. She took the scroll and looked at it with a smirk as she told everyone to gather as she laid the scroll in front of her on the ground closing her eyes before she said "prank" in a blink of the eye they were in the Hokage's office.

"There's no one here." Rin commented.

"Go find Tsunade, someone get us a stretcher to get him to the hospital." Sakura began shouting out orders making everyone jump to as Tsunade rushed into the room.

"Sakura!" she called as she knelt beside her. "What happened? You were supposed to finish this not come back with the brat half dead." She told her as the stretcher came in. as everyone backed up to let Jiraiya and Kaori lift him onto the stretcher they heard screams and cries come from the doorway making them all turn to see the four children standing there looking at what was going on. Azumi and Satoru ran to get to Naruto only to be grabbed and held tightly by Sakura, while Takara and Saki were pulled into a hug from Kushina.

"Daddy!" Azumi cried out and began to scream when he didn't respond. Sakura held her close as the little girl screamed for him and the little boy cried hysterically.

"Sakura, you should stay with the others while we patch him up." Tsunade said softly as she placed a hand on Sakura shoulder when she saw tears begin to run down her cheeks. "He'll be alright. You know him, he'll pull through anything. Naruto won't go down that easy." Tsunade smiled as Sakura gave a watery smirk. "I'll let you know the second I get any information for you." Sakura gave a nod as she held onto the screaming little girl. As Azumi began to try to run after Naruto, Kaori took Satoru and held him close so Sakura could concentrate on Azumi, who seemed to be taking it the hardest.

Six hours later they all sat in the waiting room as more friends walked in to see if there was any news. Sasuke and Kakashi walked in to find Sakura slouched in her seat with her feet on another while Azumi slept on one leg and Satoru slept on the other, Saki was a sleep in Minato's arms while Takara slept leaning against Kaori's side as he wrapped his arm around her. The two walked over to talk to Sakura only to be stopped by Minato.

"Leave her sleep." Minato told them as he gently handed Saki over to Kushina as he stood up and walked away having Kakashi and Sasuke follow him. "All we know is Kisami hit him in the side with his sword and tore his side apart. It did something making it so it has to heal on its own but in the time it took us to get him stable and awake he developed an infection. Tsunade has him in surgery but it's been six hours."

"Nothing new?" Kakashi asked worried about his old student.

"Nothing, no one has even come out to say anything. Sakura just fell asleep, and the kids have been out for a while. They ran into the room when we got here and it seems like Azumi is taking it the hardest and Satoru isn't having an easy time either."

"Naruto's strong, he'll pull through. He's amazed us before with his survival skills and I guarantee he won't let us down this time."

"Not with Sakura and the kids waiting for him." Sasuke said.

"Sasuke where's your brother?" Minato asked.

"He's on his way. Why?"

"Because I need to talk to both of you. Our mission didn't go as we planned." Sasuke looked at him sternly waiting for the rest of the story making Minato sigh. "Kisami took the Third out as his clone hit Naruto in the side while some of us were fighting Sasori. Sasuke, Sasori was able to take down both your parents." He and Kakashi watched as Sasuke clenched his fists as set his jaw. Suddenly they heard a high pitched scream making everyone jump to see Sakura sit up and wrap her hands around Azumi as she cried hysterically. "I wish there was some way to help her." Minato sighed.

"She takes after Naruto, she'll be fine. She just needs to know he's alright." Kakashi said as he looked back to Sasuke who turned and looked at the little girl who had softened his heart. "Both Sakura and Naruto are strong, and they've passed that onto their kids." Kakashi said as he watched Sasuke walk over to kneel in front of Sakura.

"Sakura…" he said low making her look up at him as tears slid down her cheeks. He sat in the seat Azumi, who was now being cuddled in Sakura's arms, was sitting seconds before Sakura wrapped her arms around him too.

"Sasuke…. I tried to save your parents but-"

"Sakura, don't worry about my parents, for now let's focus on the dobe."

"Thanks Sasuke. I just…"

"He'll be fine, you know him better than anyone, you should know better than to worry about him." He smirked.

"Wow, I didn't expect to see this when they said the family was waiting." Said a nurse as she walked out and saw all of Naruto's friends crowding the waiting room, anxious for information. "Alright, I need imitate family only." Sakura stood up as Sasuke took Azumi who was still crying and afraid to let go of Sakura. She waved to Naruto's parents and the three walked over to the nurse while the others sat waiting for information.

"So how is he? Is he going to be alright?" Sakura asked quickly as they walked over to the corner of the waiting room to talk.

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