Death Ninja

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Naruto and the others had thrown a plan together before heading out to do what they could. They all ran together until they reached the border of sound country where they spent one last night together. They would split in the morning to their separate groups and follow the rumors to kill each person. Naruto sat against a tree staring at the flames as they danced in the night air while Sakura lay beside him sleeping. The others settled their things before sitting to talk.

"Sakura's actually sleeping?" Kushina asked as she looked at her daughter in law sound asleep next to Naruto who never took his eyes from the flames.

"She's asleep because she's gonna need all the rest and chakra she can get so she'll be able to heal everyone and help fight. Besides she knows that if anything happened I would wake her up." Naruto smirked as he finally pulled his eyes away from the light to look at the sleeping Sakura.

"Shouldn't you be doing the same?" asked Kaori as he sat across from his son in law.

"I'll be fine. I've learned how to deal with much more on much less sleep. Before Sakura and I were married we were sent on missions one directly after another for about three months. Each one we had to use a lot of chakra to be able to control everything we did while undercover and we never slept when we were out on missions. I think we got a total of a few hours between the both of us in three months."

"Naruto has been doing these things for a very long time. I'm sure he knows what he is capable of and what he is not." Kakashi said and looked at his former student as his bright blue eyes were fixed in the light again. "why don't we all take turns sleeping that way we are all rested?" he suggested.

"I'll more than likely stay up anyway." Naruto said making Sasuke and Itachi give a nod agreeing with him. "Old habits die hard." He smirked at them as several of the adults shook their head. "You should all get rest we'll keep watch for the night." The group looked at him for a moment before nodding and going to where they had set their things out.

"So what's your plan for tomorrow, dobe?" Sasuke asked as he and his brother came closer while the others drifted off to sleep.

"I'm thinking we follow the rumors for Kabuto."

"We want Sasori." Naruto gave a nod.

"Last I heard they were sticking around each other so it won't be hard, and we can split if we need to. Sakura and I are used to working with just us anyway."

"From what I hear Sasori is up towards the north east of sound. We should be able to get there before word spread that the others are under attack." Itachi told them.

"Last I heard Kabuto's not too far off from there. We'll head up that way and split when we need to. I say we finish them off fast and head to help the others where they need it." The two men gave a nod in agreement as they sat back to relax for the night. Naruto slowly dozed off like he always had done on missions as the others sat up waiting for the time to come to get revenge for their parents.

The next morning Naruto slowly opened his blue eyes to see the sun shining through the forest canopy as the others began to stir and rise for the day that could very well be one of their last. He looked around as everyone stretched; stretching himself he gently woke Sakura making her sit up well rested.

"Time to go already?" she asked him making him nod as he gathered his gear and stood up with the others as she followed him.

"Alright, we'll all meet back at the village unless someone calls for help." Minato said as they all gathered around talking low before they split into teams.

"Like we'll need help." Naruto smirked as he put his hands behind his head before he got a half serious glare from Sakura. "Yeah, yeah I know Sakura." she smiled at him as Minato continued.

"Good luck everyone, and stay together. These are not regular ninja we are going up against. We need to help each other." Everyone nodded and started off as Kushina stopped Naruto and his group.

"Be careful. I don't want to hear that any of you are hurt. You hear me?" she said looking at all four of them. "Don't push yourselves too much."

"Don't worry Sakura will stop him." Sasuke smirked as Sakura raised an eyebrow at him.

"I'll stop both of them from getting too carried away." Sakura smiled at her mother in law. "You guys be careful too. I don't want to have to run all the way to you to heal you." she laughed softly. The two groups said good bye and Minato's watched as Naruto's took off to the rumors of Kabuto and Sasori.

"I hope they'll be alright." Kushina said softly as she turned back to Minato and Kaori.

"They'll be fine. They're the best there is in pretty much the world, so if they aren't okay…. I guess we're all doomed." Kaori chuckled making his friend smirk.

"They'll be fine. Itachi knows when to pull back and Sakura is keeping Sasuke and Naruto in line and they're ready to finish this. I think they'll be more than fine." Minato told her as they took off towards the rumors of Madara.

"Alright this is where the rumors split." Sakura said to the three men. The group had been running and sneaking around to gather information for three days and finally they found the spot where each was. "You two be careful, Sasori is even worse now. Make sure you take him out fast and get over to help whoever needs it. If you guys get into trouble send word and we'll get there as fast as we can." She smiled at the two men she had come to see as brothers.

"You too, make sure not to get to stubborn." Sasuke told them.

"We won't. And Sasuke… beat Sasori to a pulp for me." He smirked as he glanced at Naruto who was going over a paper.

"Take care of the dobe; he'll need a baby sitter." Sakura laughed softly before the two brothers turned and walked away leaving Sakura and Naruto alone.

"Well let's get this done and over with so we can get home to our babies." Sakura smiled as Naruto chuckled.

"I can't wait to be able to stay home with them, like we always wanted. We should have done this a long time ago." He smiled at her and gave her a kiss before the two took off to find Kabuto.

Naruto stood breathing heavy as he stared at Kabuto's torn up body. It had taken almost everything in Naruto and Sakura, who knelt completely worn out, to get Kabuto down to his last tricks to stay alive. They weren't going to let him get away again. It was down to Kabuto or Naruto and Sakura could only watch in horror as they charged once more colliding and standing still. This time neither pushed back and Sakura began to worry when she saw blood drip from between them.

"You have improved much, Naruto-kun. Make sure you finish what you started." Kabuto said as blood seeped past his lips and he went limp in Naruto's arms making both of them fall to the ground. Sakura used what little she had left and ran to Naruto afraid that this was his last battle. As she knelt beside him she saw his eyes closed making tears rise to her eyes.

"Don't cry, Sakura-chan. I'll be alright. I'm just completely spent." He whispered opening his eyes with a smirk. "We finished what we started all those years ago." He told her with one on his trademark grins.

"Yes, yes we did. You finally killed Kabuto." She laughed as tears ran down her cheeks. "I can't believe that this is all over."

"I know. Now all that's left is to make it back home."

"Let's rest a while and then start on our way back to the brats."

"Now you really are a mini Tsunade." He laughed making her join in as she laid by his side and let the fox take over healing both of them as they drifted off into the fox's layer. "Hey how long has it been?" Naruto asked after what seemed like hours.

"I've been replenishing your chakra and healing you wounds for three days now. Why?" the fox told him.

"Just wondering how much longer it's going to be before we can start heading back to the village."

"It should be another two days. You were both in bad shape when I started to heal what that bastard did to you." suddenly the fox growled and looked at Naruto and Sakura with his blood red eyes. "It seems you are both being called on to help."

"What happened?"

"Uchiha said that you are needed to help heal and to move people. I can lock you on to his location for you."

"Thanks." Naruto looked at Sakura who seemed worried. "don't worry we'll go and I'm sure they're all fine and just need to be brought up to where they need to be to get home." They both opened their eyes to see the blue sky above.

"What about him?" Sakura asked.

"I'll seal him in one of those special seals I was working on a while ago." He told her bending down as he pulled a circle seal from his pocket and put it on Kabuto's chest before performing three hand signs and Kabuto's body was gone leaving a green complex seal over the original drawing. "Alright let's go." He formed several hand signs and the kyuubi burst into flames as he landed in front of them.

"This way, and hurry up." He growled before the three took off towards the others.

Naruto and Sakura dropped near a small group just as two others arrived. It had taken them a day to get to them at full speed and found everyone covered in blood looking exhausted. Sakura looked at everyone assessing who to heal first before jumping to her job while Naruto used followed the kyuubi to several points where the battles had gone on to seal the others before going back to seal Madara last. He sighed as he found a spot and dropped to the ground breathing heavy, not going unnoticed by the others.

"Kyuubi, why didn't heal this one first? It fucking hurts." He said as the miniature kyuubi walked over to him.

"I told you, you both needed another two days. When he was fighting he was using his chakra to cut you. It's very hard to put back together things that chakra cut." He watched as Naruto winced as he moved. "Call me back, I'll see what I can do while we wait for the others." Naruto nodded and called him back as the others watched before his eyes bled red and glowed slightly while the fox took over, unnerving Kaori, Rin, and Obito.

"Why do you have to do that Naruto? Who knows when he could just turn and kill us and you won't be able to stop him." Kaori said before the blood red eyes looked at him.

"Who would I kill?" a demonic voice said making Kaori go still and kyuubi began to laugh.

"Kyuubi, stop it right now. You know better than to scare people like that. After all these years of you being so good to me and Naruto, you have to start mouthing off." she shook her head making kyuubi chuckle.

"It's just too easy to scare people when the kit relaxes so I can work. I only take care of you because you are the kits mate and you are a very pretty vixen." Sakura smiled at him as she went back to working on Asuma's arm that had been broken. "I am sorry I have scared you."

"Why do you seem so nice and anytime they talk about you, you are always so mean in the stories?" Kaori asked.

"Since I have been living with Naruto he has changed me somewhat. We always had our problems and he released me and caught me himself. Since then we've worked out our problems and work together. I do some things he wants and he does some things I want."

"What does he do that you want?" Obito asked cautiously.

"Why would I tell you?"

"Kyuubi!" Sakura scolded making Rin, Obito and Kaori look at him then at her worried he was going to do something to her for yelling at him. "That's enough. Is Naruto's wound healed?"

"For the most part, it shouldn't hurt him like it was."

"Good, you think you can help me heal them?"

"I would have to go through the kit. My chakra would kill them, so we would have to mix our chakra."

"How come he can heal you with the kyuubi's chakra and it doesn't do anything to you?" Rin asked.

"Because a long time ago when Naruto and I were on our missions I got hurt really bad and the only way to heal me was to use the kyuubi. They forced the chakra through me and it's kind of like your body creates an antibody for a virus. I'm able to take it in doses but I could never take a huge amount and defiantly not the amount Naruto does." Suddenly they heard Naruto.

"What about me?" he asked looking around with his bright blue eyes.

"I was explaining how I can have the kyuubi's chakra directly and they can't. How's your wound?" Sakura asked as he moved over beside her.

"I'll live. Kyuubi told me what you need, who do you want first?"

"Start with my dad, then Jiraiya." Naruto looked at his father in law and saw a strange look on his face.

"Relax. Kyuubi can't do anything; he's just a big kitty cat." Naruto smirked making Sakura laugh.

"If he heard you say that, he would rip you to shreds." She looked over at her father who shrunk away. "Not literally. Dad, Naruto and even I have had plenty of arguments where if he really wanted to he could have killed us. He hasn't done anything but fire back with words; he's not going to do anything to anyone." Naruto smirked as he closed his eyes before opening them again to revile his silted pupils.

"he better leave some for me to get us all home." He chuckled before putting his palms facing Kaori and let his chakra flow out and roll over him in waves of purple. Everyone watched amazed that the chakra had rolled over Kaori to cover his entire body before receding back into Naruto's palms leaving Kaori good as new.

"Wow." Rin said as she watched Naruto look up as Sakura glanced and shook her head.

"Let me know when you need a boost."

"It will take a while to gain your chakra but other than that you are like you were never in a fight." Naruto smirked before nodding to Sakura. He moved over to sit in front of Jiraiya. "So you ready pervy sage? I told you I would be the best one day." Jiraiya smirked as Naruto put his palms up and did the same thing he had done with Kaori. After working on several others he began to breathe hard when he pulled his chakra back making Sakura stop healing the last wound on Rin and sitting down behind Naruto. She placed her hands on his back and looked at the remaining people.

"Once you're healed just move over and let the next one sit in front of us. It will take more energy than we have to keep setting up." Everyone nodded as she formed one hand sign and placed her hands on his back while he formed three and closed his eyes. He reached out and let the chakra flow over his mother healing everything before pulling it back and waiting for the next one to sit down. They healed everyone in a matter of an hour and a half leaving Naruto completely drained as his eyes returned to normal and Sakura pulled her hands back.

"Are you alright Naruto?" Asuma asked as Sakura pulled Naruto back to rest on her.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. It takes almost all of my chakra to mix and heal." He said as his eyes closed and he passed out. Sakura sighed and went into his tiny pocket in his jacket finding several super tiny scrolls like before.

"Are they going to take us back like last time?" Obito asked as Sakura looked at each one.

"Why does he have so many?" Kushina asked.

"Because each one goes to a different place, this one is for the stone village, this one is the cloud village, this one is to bee, this is Kishibe, sand gates, Gaara, and this is for the leaf gates. Looks like this is the closest to home we'll get."

"Didn't he have one that took us to the Hokage tower?" Obito wondered where it could be.

"After using one of these, he has to make a new one. That's the drawback to having the little ones, and with everything going on, he never got around to making another one. Besides if Tsunade finds out that he has ones that does that to her, she'll likely kill him."

"What about the one for Gaara?"

"That one is one of Naruto's prized scrolls." Kakashi smiled as Sakura unrolled the tiny one to take them home. "He uses that to bother Gaara and pop in to try to annoy him." Suddenly everyone saw white then the giant gates were in front of them. Sasuke and Sakura hoisted Naruto up and between the two of them they walked him into the village where teams of ninja showed up to take everyone to the hospital to be looked over and rest.

"So it's all finished?" Tsunade asked as everyone gathered in her office after a day's rest. Naruto walked forward and laid the five seals on her desk.

"These are Madara, Zetzu Kabuto, Kisami, and Ginji. They were the only ones I was able to seal because when the others were defeated they turned to ash. This way they cannot be revived resurrected or anything."

"You really have become a master of seals." Naruto smirked.

"Makes it easier to bother people." He chuckled.

"Well I think because you have all finished your mission you deserve a good rest. Naruto, you hold onto these for me." Naruto nodded and reached out to grab the four seals when suddenly the room when black and cold as a figure in a black robe arrived.

"Although several of you were not able to complete the task it looks like you've held up your side." He said with a deep voice. "And so I will hold my side. You all have your lives back as of this moment." He said as the death ninja glowed a faint yellow before he held his hand out and the five seals were pulled to him. "I thank you for sealing them up so nicely."

"No problem." Naruto smirked as everything went back to normal and everyone looked around.

"What are you going to do now?" Tsunade asked.

"We were given a second chance. I don't think any of us are going to waist it." Rin smiled before they all wandered out to find their families and the rest of their friends waiting.

"So what do you want to do?" Naruto asked Sakura who smiled up at him with a look in her eye that drove him mad. "I like your idea." He smirked as Ino rolled her eyes and took the twins from them.

"You're taking Katashi tomorrow night." She told them before they took off leaving their children with Sasuke and Ino. Asuma held Kurenai tight before lifting his daughter into his arms with a bright smile. Minato and Kushina wrapped their arms around each other as they watched Kakashi hug his son and wife, Kaori held Akemi as they walked over and started talking to Ino and Sasuke and agreed to take all the children for the next two nights. Rin and Obito pulled each other close and smiled before they kissed. Everyone was happy and life was back to normal, well as normal as it could with the death ninjas all back from the dead.

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