Death Ninja

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The group had been in the sound for a week and they were getting the hang of the mission. Naruto and Sakura still took the dangerous part where they changed their appearance and talked to the villagers, but the rest of the group was doing well enough. This day was one where Naruto and Sakura were going to take the group out and wander the village like travelers to see if they could get more information. Naruto did a hand sign and before their eyes his blond hair went black and his blue eyes turned brown and his whisker marks were gone. Sakura did hers at the same time turning her pink hair red and long and her green eyes to a steel gray. The group marveled at the looks of their two friends having never seen their looks till now.

"Alright now it's your turn." Sakura said and watched everyone turn their features the opposite that they were originally. "Good, good. Now let's see. You two are from marsh," Kiba and Hinata nodded. "Shikamaru, you and Ino are from Waterfall. Now we'll all walk in separately and join up at the little bar and start talking about traveling and our homes. If you can't come up with anything don't say or do anything but drink and listen."

"Alright Sakura and I will go first and get things set up next group a few minutes later and then space them out." Naruto said as he and Sakura turned and left them to watch them walk into the village from the shadows. "You think they'll be okay doing this? It can get intense at points. Hinata's not exactly one to hold up under pressure."

"I think they'll be fine as long as they stick with us." She whispered as they took their seats and ordered drinks and snacks. "So we'll go to that shop over there after we eat. I heard they have some cute things in there. And I think before we head home I want to get the kids something special." Sakura said with a smile as Naruto smirked at her.

"Yeah, yeah. You got them boys' spoiled rotten. They think they can do anything." He chuckled as Kiba and Hinata walked in and sat several seats away.

"Like your one to talk. I see you with the girls." Kiba and Hinata looked over curious as to what their two friends were up to.

"How many you got?" asked the man sitting next to Sakura.

"Seven. Three girls and four boys." Sakura answered happily. "They wanted to travel with us so bad but we just wanted to get away for a bit. Can't have a relaxing time with the little ones running around." she said

"True. I got three boys at home. They want to grow up and be just like the local hero."

"The local hero?" Naruto asked

"Yeah. Where you from? You probably never heard of him. He's great. Madara came here and stopped all the raiding for local thieves and even roaming ninja. He's the best thing that ever happened to his place." Naruto eyed Shikamaru and Ino walk in and sit between Kiba and Naruto.

"you should bring your kids up here sometime. I'm sure they would love it. You might even want to move here. Let your boys be taught by the great hero and your little girls would have a blast with the other little girls."

"You could always take the little girls out for the day in the flowers. That's where a lot of the women and girls go while the boys are getting trained." Said a man on the other side of Hinata.

"Kids?" Shikamaru whispered to Kiba making him smirk and whisper back as he raised his glass.

"Don't ask."

"How about you travelers?" the man on the other side of Hinata asked them.

"Us? Yeah we got three. Two boys and a girl." Ino said with a bright smile as Shikamaru gave her a quick look.

"Nah. Not yet." Kiba said not knowing what to say or do.

"I probably should have been like that when I was younger. Oh well. At least if I get pulled into this war that the fire country's bringing after Madara the family name will live on." The man beside Sakura said.

"War?" Sakura asked

"Yeah. The Leaf village seems to have something against him. He's a savior and all they want to do is kill him." Said a woman at the tables behind them, making them turn to see her. "It's just like what they did with Lord Orochimaru. Killed him off too, guess they don't want any heroes but their own."

"Like their own? What heroes could the leaf possibly have?" Naruto asked playing dumb

"You didn't hear about that little blond haired brat with the nine tailed fox in his belly? He's been runnin round the world helpin people when the others kill everyone else's heroes. Then you got that girl with the pink hair. She's a pain in the ass."

"She looks good though." The man next to Sakura said.

"Yeah, wouldn't mind taking that one for myself." Said the one next to Hinata. Sakura gave a small smile and held Naruto's hand as he calmed himself before he blew their cover. They all watched to see if Naruto would react but were surprised when he acted like he never even heard it.

"So they have those two and try to kill everyone else's? That seems a little harsh but ya never know."

"Yeah, well another country's guy killed one of theirs and they wound up in a war. All over some old guy that they called a sanin." one scoffed as Naruto and Sakura held each other's hands.

"So where ya from?" asked the girl behind them.

"Deep in river country. We used to travel before we had kids and we got the chance to go this time and figured we take the trip. Who knows when we'll get another one." Sakura answered.

"Yeah, the kids can get to be a problem. Although I've heard it depends on where ya live. There's some healer in rain country somewhere. He's been taking care of kids while the parents have a week or more to themselves. Makes it easy to get the kid back to work, having a healer close by."

"How bout you guys? Where you from?

"We're from the waterfall country." Ino told the others.

"Marsh" Kiba added.

"Not so far away as you too, huh?" Ask the man two seats down from Sakura.

"What brings you so far away from your home?" the woman asked them.

"They're on a second honeymoon, Chika. Don't you listen?"

"I was wondering what made them leave their kids at home to travel all the way up here, Jiro" Chika shot back. "How many kids did you say you had?"

"Seven" Naruto answered with a smirk.

"A lot of kids to be dumping off onto someone."

"Come on Chika. You can't be suspicious of every traveler that comes through here. You're one of the best ninja in the village you would be able to detect of someone was spying." The man next to sakura told her as he took a sip of his drink.

"Eiji's right. You were trained by Lord Madara himself. You defiantly will know when someone is trying to get information. "Jiro added.

"Yeah, and I have a feeling that something's up today." She looked at those sitting at the bar for a minute. "How long you in town?"

"We'll be here for a bit." Naruto told her.

"How 'bout I introduce you to a friend of mine? You ever have a controlled fight?"

"A few times."

"Koichi is the best in the village we live in." Sakura smiled making Naruto smirk at her. He knew she enjoyed playing the part and this part gave her the chance to show off her acting skills to their friends. Their friends sat wondering what to do or say. They knew this woman was setting up a trap to see if Naruto was a ninja, they knew how carried away he got when fighting and knew that if that happened they cover would be blown and they would have a big problem then.

"Oh really? Well I have a friend who would love to challenge that."

"Well then I guess I'll have to take that challenge." Naruto smirked making all of their friends' hearts skip a beat.

"Good. How about we meet here tomorrow about this time?" she smirked thinking she had just pulled this man into her trap. "Anyone else wants in on this?" the others only shook their heads while Naruto and Sakura looked at each other

"Do you do it also?" Sakura asked as their friends worked hard not to look stunned.

"Yes I do. Would you like to try me?"

"I would love to test myself. I'm not very good but I figure I might as well try." She shrugged as she smiled at Naruto. "We'll I think we better get going. We have some shopping to do and then we better turn in early. Don't you think Hun?"

"Yeah. Better get going, never know where you're gonna drag me to." He chucked making the other men chuckle as he whispered behind his glass to Ino. "Leave after us but space it out even farther than when you came in and leave in a different order." She gave a small smile as he looked down the bar at the rest of his friends before he stood and took Sakura's hand and left. The two smiled as they walked their way down the street making sure no one was spying on them as they slipped back into the shadow they had started in and dropped their disguise.

"What do you think?"

"I think if that guy was right and there is a war coming we might have a problem. They said that Madara's training everyone personally so we'll have to see." He peaked around the corner to see if anyone was coming yet. "I told Ino to come out with even more separations and in a different order. Hopefully they'll listen."

"See if they can handle the pressure from everyone in there and tomorrow." They both looked again, after an hour all of the friends were back together in the shadows. "Did any of you hear anything after we left?"

"Nothing that would help anything. It was just talking about that woman and how she's always like that and how they hope you two wipe the floor with them." Kiba told them.

"Alright if there was nothing to add then lets head back for the night and come back randomly tomorrow."

"You two can't possibly be thinking of really fighting them." Ino asked and watched the two look at each other.

"She was supposedly trained by Madara and according to the men in there most of the people that will be coming after us are too. We need to see what we're up against." Naruto told the group. "We are only looking at the surface of what we are getting into."

"The next step is to get friendly with them and getting more information from them." Sakura added.

"What more could they possibly know? They are only villagers." Ino asked looking between Naruto and Sakura.

"They are more than just villagers. The way they were talking and acting with that woman Chika tells me that they know a lot more than they're letting on."

"So this is all you two do on these missions? This doesn't seem like something that you would have to have special training doing." Ino spoke up from her spot. She had been wondering why Tsunade would only allow Naruto and Sakura to do these missions while any Ninja would be suitable.

"Like I said this is only the beginning. You make one mistake and it could end up really bad. It took us a while to be able to control our chakra and looks enough to pass as normal villagers." Naruto told her.

"What about us. We only changed the way we looked we didn't do anything with our chakra."

"We did. Sakura and I have been doing this long enough to know how to use our own abilities on others without anyone knowing."

"Let's just rest before we have to go back in and get even farther into this." Shikamaru said as everyone agreed. They began walking back towards a little place Naruto and Sakura used for their missions. Once there everyone began talking about their fake identities and what was said at the bar. "What the hell were you thinking Ino?" Shikamaru was not happy about Ino's response to the questions at the bar.

"Well I saw how they were talking to Naruto and Sakura and I figured it might help us get involved in the conversation. I should have known you wouldn't play along." Ino turned and looked at Sakura who was talking to Naruto quietly as he was working on something. "Sakura how do you and Naruto play this off so well?"Sakura glanced at Naruto and smirked as he shook his head slightly and continued to work.

"We just put ourselves in that situation. We just go with it."

"Yeah, usually we go with whatever Sakura comes up with." Naruto chuckled before he was nursing a small bump on the back of his head. "Here" He said tossing a small bundle to Ino. "More than likely the closer you get to them the more they want to know all about you. Since you are supposed to have kids you need to have pictures and you better start coming up with names and ages for each one."

"We aren't going to do all the work. You came up with it you follow through." Sakura told her as she turned around to talk to Naruto.

"Speaking of kids." Ino smirked as Sakura rolled her eyes and sighed. "Seven? I mean really. I guess you two were busy." Naruto's face tinted pink as Sakura turned red before replying back.

"It's the same thing we use everywhere. It's gotten us more information than you can image over the past three years."

"So do you guys have a pile of fake pictures too?" Kiba asked with a smirk and watched Naruto pull a small stack out of his wallet.

"Sure do. Gotta make sure every spot is covered." He handed them off to let the others look.

"So what's your story?" Ino asked. "You said you've been using the same one for years and it's gotten you pretty deep. What do you tell people?"

"We have seven children. Twin boys, Kei and Ryota age fifteen. Next is Aimi at age eleven and Hiro at age eight, Aki is six, Kayo is five and Takara is two. Depending where we are we have to change the ages a bit but that's our basic story." Sakura explained while Naruto sat back against the wall with his eyes closed.

"Are you alright, Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked as she moved to sit beside him. Making him open his eyes and look at her.

"Yeah. Used a lot of chakra holding the transformation and controlling everyone's chakra."

"Oh. Just that took almost all of your chakra?"

"Naruto is able to hold the chakra and make sure everyone's transformation holds while he stays on high alert and searches the others in the room." Sakura said as she knelt on the opposite side of him. "That and then making those pictures can take some chakra too." She gently placed her pale blue hand on his chest as he laid his head back and closed his eyes once again.

"I never knew Naruto could do half of that." Ino said watching as her best friend worked.

"He can do a lot more than you think. With his large chakra pool he can hold a lot and not be affected. He can even hold it off until he's in a safe place."

"Wow. He sure has grown up from being a little prankster." Kiba commented. Suddenly Naruto shot forward and grabbed his gear lying in front of him.

"Sakura-chan, we have visitors." She grabbed her things lying not too far from her and they both looked out the window to see two figures walking towards the little place. "Stay inside. If this starts turning bad you are all to get back to Konoha and tell Tsunade everything."

"So you want us to just sit while you two go out and fight?" Ino asked not happy with being ordered to do something by Naruto.

"Ino. This isn't a normal fight. These two are strange, I've only seen these kind of people once before and they nearly killed us both."

"But you said Naruto was low on chakra and if they nearly killed you last time, they might actually kill you this time. Let us help."

"No." Naruto turned to face them with his sage eyes. "Stay here until it gets too dangerous. Sakura and I know how to deal with this." He ordered before he walked out of the little house to greet the two people.

"You know him. Just stay out of the way. If Naruto uses all of his chakra he's going to have to tap into the other pool."

"What other pool? You mean the fox?" asked Kiba.

"Don't worry about it. Just stay away and run if you see him getting out of control." She told them before she followed after Naruto. The group looked at each other before going to the windows to watch. Naruto and Sakura had changed their appearances again and talking with the two visitors.

The group watched for a few minutes until one of the visitors shot a hand out and tried to slice Naruto's throat. Everyone watched Naruto duck and take a swing but they were gone. The friends in the house were amazed they hadn't seen anyone ever move so fast. Sakura and Naruto were on the move swinging and clashing fighting and what looked like wining to their friends when suddenly Sakura was caught and thrown roughly through the air and hit hard creating a crater in the ground. Naruto saw and began fighting as hard as he could moving the fight over to see if she was alright. The others were amazed when they saw Sakura stand up and block an attack that was meant for Naruto's back. The battle raged on making the friends nervous as Naruto and Sakura were repeatedly put down but did hardly any damage to their opponents. Suddenly Naruto was thrown into the trees breaking three and cracking a fourth. Sakura was thrown to the side and was finally not getting back up. The others were about to rush out when the night went silent and the air grew heavy. Hinata was shocked as she saw the amount of chakra flaring where Naruto had been thrown.

"What's going on?" Ino asked as she watched from the window.

"there's a massive amount of chakra coming from Naruto-kun. It's like it was years ago." Hinata explained. "It looks like the two out there feel it too."

"Should we go help?" Kiba chimed

"No. Naruto and Sakura said they knew what they were doing. Even if it looks bad they are still in charge." Shikamaru told everyone. "We'll stay a few minutes before we decide to go against orders or to follow them." As they looked on they began to see Naruto walk from the trees surrounded by orange and red chakra. He crouched like an animal and roared before he lunged at the two who could barely keep up with him. They caught him a few times but it was as if he never felt one hit and only continued grabbing hold of them and throwing them as hard as he could into the forest. They watched as Naruto stood by Sakura looking around with the blood red eyes looking for any sign that the two were coming back. After a few minutes there was nothing and the chakra began to fade and he dropped to the ground. Their friends ran out to see what they could do only to be stopped by a shout.

"No!" Sakura called out as she pushed herself up and moved over to Naruto's still glowing body. "Don't touch him. He still has the fox's chakra on him. It will burn you and you won't be able to have it healed." She explained before she reached out.

"Sakura, you're gonna get burnt too."Ino said as she grabbed hold of Sakura and pulled her back a bit.

"No. It's another thing we developed in the past few years." She reached out and touched Naruto's arm with a glowing red hand. They watched as Sakura closed her eyes and Naruto began to glow a bright red. They were stunned when it dulled and they saw Naruto almost completely healed. Sakura looked down as Naruto opened his eyes that were still blood red.

"Sakura?" Ino asked unsure of what to do.

"I heal the things that can be healed and you make the rest as if it never happened. That was our deal to keep him alive."

"I always told the twerp to watch out for you." a deep dark voice grumbled from Naruto's mouth. "A deal's a deal. Can't having the kit dying on us now can we missy?" Sakura smirked and winced as she began to feel the pain of her wounds. "You should get yourself healed up before he wakes up. You know how he gets."

"I'm almost out of chakra."

"I may be able to do something about that. Go spend some quiet time with the kit." He said as Red chakra surrounded Naruto and reached for Sakura. As the others went to grab Sakura the blood red eyes turned to them stopping them in their tracks.

"They are friends, Kyuubi. This way you won't have to guard us like last time." Sakura said before looking at her friends. "Just let him finish and when you don't see red anymore get us to somewhere safe and let us wake up on our own."

"You're sure about this?" Ino asked her best friend.

"Yeah, we'll explain everything later." She said as she dropped to the ground unconscious and the red glow sounded her.

"Was this what she was talking about Naruto-kun losing control?" Hinata asked as she watched the man she loved be healed by some demon.

"I wonder what it meant when it told her to spend quiet time with the kit." Ino wondered aloud.

"It probably meant Naruto, but how could they…." Shikamaru answered as they all sat and took guard.

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto called as he looked away from the giant cage with glowing red eyes in it. "What's going on?"

"She used that technique I taught her and she's out of chakra… thought you might like some company while I heal you both."

"You're turning soft Kyuubi." Naruto smirked but had to jump back out of the way when a glowing mass of chakra in the shape of a paw shot out at him.

"You better watch it kit. One of these day's I'll get a hold of you." he warned

"Aw, but your just a big kitty!" Naruto chuckled as the Fox became even more angry.

"Naruto, stop it! He's trying to help us and you can only make fun of him. Leave him alone, he doesn't have to do this you know." Sakura scolded as she stood beside Naruto.

"You better listen to your mate, kit. She'll keep you from dying." Naruto and Sakura looked at each other then at the fox behind the bars.

"We are not mates!" they both yelled at him.

"We told you how many times, we aren't mates." Naruto said to him.

"You two are so close and have the same feelings, you should just get it done and over with." He grinned as the two turned red with anger and embarassment. "You're as good as mates anyway. You can't run form anything."

"Why you-" Naruto started but was cut off as he shot straight up. He looked beside him and saw Sakura begin to stir. Their friends who were not far away were started by the sudden movement. "Sakura-Chan." He called until he saw her pale green eyes open. "I'm gonna teach that stupid fox one of these days." He grumbled as Sakura sat up.

"Not before I get a hold of him." She mumbled back. "Where does he get of saying stuff like-"she stopped and looked around as everyone began to gather. "How long were we out?"

"Two days. How do you feel?"Ino asked as she knelt next to Sakura and Hinata knelt next to Naruto. "What were you talking about a fox for?"

"Damned fox thinks he can say whatever he wants and he'll get away with it." He looked around and stood up stretching. "How far away from the house are we?" Naruto told her.

"About an hour. Mind explaining what that was all about?"

"A few years ago Naruto and I had a big run in with a bunch of those guys and we were in worse shape than this time. I was trying to heal Naruto's wounds but ran out of chakra just trying to get to him. The Kyuubi still had some control and we made a deal. If Naruto dies so does Kyuubi so I agreed to always do what was needed to heal and take care of him while he worked on keeping Naruto's basic life systems alive. He taught me how to treat the wounds and I passed out and he took care of me."

"This time went a lot faster. Guess him not having to guard us helps things go faster." Naruto added. "Let's get our things together and start moving."

"You might want to hear what we found out while you were out" Kiba said making Sakura and Naruto's heads snap up and look at the others. "We found out some information about that woman at the bar. It seems she isn't who she pretended to be. She seems to be one those ninja that the fifth told us to avoid. We were also able to dig deeper and find out that the others were also the strange ninja. They call themselves death ninja and they are looking for specific people. We didn't find out who or why but they seem to go after strong ninja."

"How exactly did you get this information?"

"A few of us hid ourselves in the shadows and listened in and followed them." Ino said proudly.

"You did what?" Sakura yelled as she and Naruto jumped to their feet. "I told you to get us to safety and we would talk, not go and follow them!" Naruto closed his eyes for a minute and opened his sage ones before taking to the trees without a word. Sakura looked hard at their friends before doing the same. The group looked at each other before they heard gasps and two dull thuds. They were about to run into the woods when Naruto and Sakura walked out of the woods dragging a body behind them. They threw them in front of the group.

"This is why you don't mess with them. I told you we ran into them before and to get the hell out of there." Naruto looked down at the two bodies and looked them over grabbing the ninja weapons. He pulled a short sword on the shoulder of one and handed it to Sakura. "Eternal scavengers." He said as he continued to search the bodies.

"Eternal scavengers? Never heard of them." Kiba said watching Naruto look over the dead bodies and Sakura thinking about their next move.

"They are messengers for the death ninja. They have been after us for a long time. We had a few run ins a few years back and they have been wanting to get a hold of us."

"Why? What did you do that would make them want to track you down and kill you? Why haven't we heard anything about them before now?"

"Because it was something that Tsunade and we wanted to keep secret. The less people who know the less people they will go after. Now we have to deal with a few of them while we try to make it back to the village."

"Naruto, we can't get away from them. We are going to have to fight them soon." Sakura said. "And I really hope they don't bring help with them."

"Okay… stop and explain to us. What exactly is going on?" Ino asked confused.

"We …accidentally killed their boss and that basically cause them to declare war on us. Since you followed them and found out all about them you are now in the war. This is why we told you not to get involved." She sighed and looked at Naruto who was looking into the trees. "What do you think we should do Naruto?"

"They're involved in this now, there's no getting around it. The only thing we can do is try to lead them away while they head for Konoha. I won't be able to take them by myself and you're the only one who knows how to fight them. That leaves us with only one option." He said and turned his bright blue eyes to look at his friends.

"You guys head back try to avoid all fighting, unless it's absolutely necessary. Naruto and I will lead them off course and try to take as much of them as possible. This is the biggest order we will give you on this mission."

"Don't come back, or do anything. No matter what you see or hear. Keep going as fast as you can back to the village and tell Tsunade everything. She'll know what to do next. I can't guarantee you won't be killed or severely wounded if you go against this order. We won't be able to protect ourselves and you if you stay to fight. All we can do is hold them off and give you a chance."

"Why are you being so protective Naruto?" asked Shikamaru.

"Because I've seen more of these damn people than you can imagine. They don't care about anything and are merciless." Naruto said before he made several clones. "These will help make sure you get back alright. Sakura and I will either get there a few days after you or Tsunade will send people out to find us." Naruto took off into the trees as Sakura turned to look at her friends.

"These guys really pissed us off with what they've been doing. I'll explain everything I know when we get back. Ino, do me huge favor and tell Lady Tsunade to send people to Kishibe and make sure she's alright. She'll know who I'm talking about."

"Alright but you have a lot of explaining to do when you get back." Sakura gave a small smile and took off after Naruto. The group had no other choice but to follow orders and talk about what Sakura had meant.

"She specifically asked that I ask you to send people to make sure she was alright. Who is this she?" Ino asked Tsunade wanting to know what was going on.

"Sakura and Naruto never told you or the others anything from their missions?" Ino shook her head as Tsunade sighed. "You ever think there was a reason for that?"

"No. They never were very social about any of their missions."

"About a year ago I sent them to investigate several villages being destroyed in the river country. It turns out there was an organization looking for strong ninja and they destroyed everything in their path. Naruto and Sakura showed up at Kishibe right after an attack. They helped survivors find loved ones and they helped fix what they could. There was a baby, only about a year old who was orphaned. The villagers had no way to take care of her so Naruto and Sakura gave one family money and the means to take care of her. Takara had been a lively little girl once Naruto and Sakura started taking care of her."

"That was the mission that took almost a year for them to come back, right?"

"They basically adopted her. Always taking short trip to visit her. Sakura says Takara's always upset when Naruto leaves the room."

"Why didn't they say anything?"

"Most likely the same reason they never told you anything about the eternal scavengers. They don't want any of you involved."

"Please let me go and check on her."

"You don't know where she is or even where to look." Tsunade sighed as she looked at the worried Ino. "I will wait two more days before I send anyone. If they get back before then they will most likely go themselves but if they're not I may need you to help find them."

"I understand." Ino told her disappointed

"I will talk to them and ask if they would like some company." Ino smiled brightly and went to leave. "Ino. You are to tell absolutely no one about Takara." Ino gave a sharp nod and left.

Two days later Naruto and Sakura stumbled into the gates of Konoha only to smile and collapsed as several ninja ran towards them. They were taken to the hospital and word spread quickly that they were in critical condition in the hospital, and all of their friends were in the waiting area to hear what was going on. They waited anxiously until Tsunade walked out and grabbed Kakashi.

"They're both in pretty bad shape but it looks like they have already started healing from something. They should be awake soon but it will be a little while before they should get up and move around. If it's alright with you I want to ask them if it's alright I send you and Ino to check on Takara."

"Of course. When will their friends be allowed to see them?"

"When they are well enough to move around. I know Naruto well enough to know that if his friends are around he's going to be up running around."

"Too late for that." They heard Shizune coming down the hall. "He went looking for Sakura."

"I told you to put them in the same room."

"I know but the Nurses refused to put them in the same room."

"I want theses nurses in my office in ten minutes!" she yelled making everyone look up at her. "What way did he head?"

"Towards the next floor."

"He won't be able to get far before he collapses, let's try to get him before he kills himself. Shizune I wanta second bed in the room Sakura's in. Have it ready for him." The three of them took off down the hall while the others sat confused.

After half an hour they finally found him walking down the hall holding onto the wall. Just as Tsunade walked up next to him he fell . She looked down as he slowly slipped away into darkness.

"Sakura was hurt bad." He whispered.

"She's fine. She's resting like you should be. Come on." She said as his eyes slid closed. She pulled his arm over her shoulder and lifted him up and carried him down the end of the hall to Sakura's room where she laid him on the bed to rest.

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