Death Ninja

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Naruto groaned as he started to wake up. Slowly he opened his eyes and found Tsunade and Kakashi sitting at the foot of the bed. He shot straight up looking around. He knew sakura had been hurt badly and knew that if they hadn't gotten medical attention as soon as they walked into the village they would have died.

"Relax, Naruto."Tsunade told him as she walked over to him. "Looks like you had another run in with those eternal guys."

"Yeah… we were able to run them off but it took everything we had. Did you go check on Takara?" he asked and glanced over to see Sakura sleeping.

"we wanted to wait another day to see if you two came home and we've waited a day more to see if you two recovered enough to go to her yourselves." Naruto gave a small smile "both of you healed pretty fast for the wounds you had. You have any ideas?"

"Kyuubi." Tsunade and Kakashi looked at him confused. "A while ago we were pretty beaten up and in order to keep himself alive he made a deal with Sakura. He told her how and she healed everything he couldn't and he would heal her the best he could. We've been working like that ever since."

"So Kyuubi talked to Sakura?"

"Yeah. When I get bad enough he has partial control and can talk and everything. I don't really know much about it, but he sets me and when he heals Sakura by his cage and then we wake up when we're healed and rested. Sakura knows more about it."

"About what?" she whispered making everyone look over at her as she began to wake up.

"About Kyuubi and that deal. Feelin' up to a little trip?" he smirked as she sat up with a smile.

"Looks like you two are good to go then. If you wouldn't mind I would like to send Kakashi and Ino with you just to give some back up with things." Tsunade told rather than asked

"But Ino…" Sakura trailed off as Tsunade smiled.

"She's known for a while now. I made her swear not to tell anyone. She understands that it's your place to tell everyone about Takara, but she did request to go."

"Can we leave in like an hour?" Tsunade smiled as Naruto and Sakura jumped out of bed and ran to fight over the bathroom so they could get going.

"They never grow up." Tsunade sighed. "Keep an eye on them, I don't think they are entirely ready to go traveling like this but they wouldn't listen anyway." Kakashi nodded and the two left the young ninja to fight over the bathroom.

An hour and a half later Naruto and Sakura walked up to the gate where Ino and Kakashi were waiting. The four left for the river country talking about the old missions, and Takara with Naruto and Sakura. They were traveling light and at a steady pace until they got close to the border about a week later and began to hear rumors of villages being ransacked and people killed again. The four took off as fast as they could only to reach a giant smoldering pile of rubble where Kishibe once stood. Sakura and Naruto looked around not finding anyone looking through the ruble this time. Tears began to gather and slid down Sakura's face as she turned away and cried into Naruto's chest. After a couple minutes Naruto handed Sakura off to Ino and started to look around While Kakashi kept watch over the two women unaware of their surroundings. Naruto started flipping things and looking everywhere for the little girl that he had found two years ago. He had almost given up and was on his way back to where Sakura was when he heard whimpering he ran over to where he heard whimpering and found a half destroyed house with a little opening. He looked in and saw a little girl crying in the back corner.

"Takara?" the girl looked up at him for an instant before crawling as fast as she could to get to him.

"Tochan!" she screeched making the others turn and look at her wrap her arms around his neck as he held her tight and lifted her into the his arms. "I so scared Tochan." She cried.

"I know. It's alright now. We're back now." He whispered to her as he made his way up to where Sakura, Ino and Kakashi were. "Look who came with me." He said with a small smile as she looked and saw Kakashi. She gave a small smile before her eyes fell on Sakura. Naruto put her on the ground and she lunged at Sakura.

"Kachan!" Sakura wrapped her arms around the tiny girl with a bright smile at Naruto for looking around. "You and Tochan came back!" she smiled as she started to cry again. Sakura whipped the tears from Takara's eyes with a bright smile.

"We told you we would. Now come on. No more tears." She said as the girl smiled and hugged her tight again. Sakura stood up with a smile and introduced her to Ino. "Takara. This is my best friend. Her name is Ino." Ino looked at the girl with a smile as she realized how much the little girl looked like Sakura. Her eyes which were a pale teal and her hair which was a dirty blond made much darker from the dirt and soot in it were the only differences. She glanced at Naruto who was smiling at Sakura and it hit her, this child looked like a cross between the two. She made a mental note to ask about it later.

"Please no leave me 'gain!" she said into Sakura's shoulder as she laid her head down. Sakura looked at Naruto who shrugged and looked around.

"Doesn't look like we even have a choice this time. Guess we'll have to take her home and make her officially from the leaf." He smiled as the little girls eyes lit up and she reached over for him. Ino watched Naruto interact and realized she had never seen him act like such an adult before. "We should start heading back. With the way things look, they were looking for destruction, not just a person or thing."

"They will probably go after anything in the area. We should go as fast as possible." Kakashi added. "You going to be alright carrying her all the way back?"

"Not like I have a choice. She won't let go." He chuckled as they all got ready to take off. "Hold on tight. Okay?" Takara nodded as Naruto took to the trees as they all went as fast as they could to get out of the area and back home to safety.

It took them a week at their pace to arrive back at the Konoha gates. Sakura and Naruto had been switching off carrying the little girl who had fallen asleep in Sakura's arms. Once at the village Naruto took the sleeping girl and they made their way through the village to the Hokage tower where they were going to report about the killings. Tsunade smiled as she saw Naruto walk in with Takara sleeping against him peacefully.

"I see you brought her back with you."

"The village she was in and several others were burnt and destroyed. Takara found a good hiding spot and waited. It's a good thing we went when we did." Kakashi reported as the little girl started to wake up.

"So she was the only survivor out of the entire village?"

"They may have been more in the forest but the entire village was gone. She was hiding under what was left of a house." Ino told her. The little girl smiled as she looked around.

"Tochan and Kachan say hid when scary men come." She crossed her arms making Naruto and Sakura smile. "They come get me."

"I'm sure they wouldn't let anything happen to you." Tsunade gave a small smile as the girl looked awfully proud to remember what the two young ninja had told her. Tsunade wasn't expecting the girl to be talking and remembering what to do at the age of two, but she was happy that she was smart enough to remember. "You're a very smart little girl." She turned to look at the four ninja in her office. "Did you hear anything else?" The four shook their heads and she dismissed Ino and Kakashi while Sakura had Takara go with Ino. "I was wondering what your thought are about the girl. She seems like she would do well in a foster home, or would you two rather take the responsibility on yourselves?" she asked with a smirk already knowing what they were going to pick.

"She'll stay with us." They both said making Tsunade smile at hem and open one of her draws.

"Well then. You'll probably be needing this." She handed an envelope to Sakura who opened it and immediately tried to give it back.

"We can't accept this. We are taking her in, and we will deal with what we have to." Sakura said as she handed the envelop filled with money back to her old teacher.

"It's a present for becoming parents." She smiled as Sakura and Naruto looked at each other bright red neither knowing what to say back. "Use it to get the things she needs for now. Then you can start buy the brat things." The two gave a small smile before turning and leaving. Naruto turned and looked at Tsunade as he was about to close the door.

"You're getting soft granny. Hey, you know what? You really are a Granny now!" he laughed as he shut the door quickly and ran before Tsunade could get a hold of him. He met up with Ino and Kakashi outside the building talking to Shikamaru as Ino watched Takara chase a butterfly not far away.

"Did you make her mad again?" Ino asked him as he ran from the building. Sakura wasn't too far behind him not looking all that pleased with Naruto.

"You think?" she asked sarcastically before she heard giggles and then saw the little girl running up to her with a bright smile. "What have you been up to?" she asked as she knelt down.

"Look Kachan! Butterfly!" She giggled again as she showed Sakura. She looked up at Naruto who was talking to the others and smiled. "Tochan!" she called making him look at her. "butterfly." She held the butterfly that was sitting on her hand up for him to see.

"That's great." He grinned as he picked her up and held her in one arm. "It's time to let it go so we can get some things."

"Tochan?" Shikamaru asked curiously.

"This is the she Sakura was talking about when she told us to ask Tsunade to send people to check on her." Ino explained. "They're basically her parents." Naruto and Sakura said their goodbyes and left to get Takara cleaned and dressed in a new outfit before they went out to shop for everything she would need.

"She looks a lot like them. Is she related to them or something?" Shikamaru asked making Kakashi chuckle.

"No, no. Takara was an orphan they found. They've been paying a family to take care of her so that no one would just leave her on the street. They've wanted to bring her here for a long time but never had the chance with everything going on." Shikamaru gave a small nod but Ino still wanted to hear the truth straight from Sakura.

Later that night Naruto and Sakura decided to take Takara out to eat while they finished shopping. They stopped in at the ramen bar and took their seats with Takara between them. Ayame smiled as she saw them sit down and she was surprised to see a little girl sitting between them.

"Aw how precious." She smiled.

"This is Takara. Takara this is Ayame. You'll most likely get to know her really well in only a few days." Sakura said and glanced at Naruto who only shook his head and watched the two.

"Cause Tochan likes ramen?"

"Yes, cause Tochan loves his ramen." Ayame looked between the two ninja then at the girl.

"She's yours?"

"It's a long story, but basically yes." Sakura smiled. "We adopted her from Kishibe after raiders attacked and left her all alone. We figured we would bring her back this time and keep her with us."

"Always safe Tochan and Kachan!" Takara smiled brightly.

"They are the very best I know." Ayame smiled. "Have you ever had Ramen?" Takara shook her head. "Oh well then I have something special for you. I'll be right back." she said coming back in ten minutes with three plates handing one to each. Takara took one bit before devouring the rest, making the others chuckle. "You take after your Tochan."

"Sometimes I think Naruto's the one who takes after her." Sakura laughed making several of the other customers look over and grumble. Naruto could over hear all of their conversation and didn't like what they were saying.

"That demon has a kid? Who would have a kid with a monster like that?" one man said a little too loud. Sakura and Ayame looked over angrily at the three men.

"He probably killed the woman right after the kid was born."

"He probably turned her into a monster too." Sakura had had enough. She was about to go over when Naruto stopped her.

"Sakura-chan let them say what they want. They're not hurting anything." Sakura looked at him for a moment and knew he was hurt deep down but wouldn't show it. "Let's just pay and go. We still have to set up her bed and everything at home." Sakura gave him a small smile and the three walked out with Takara holding both their hands making the men speechless.

It had been a month since Takara had come to live with Naruto and Sakura and two weeks since Kakashi and Anko had gotten married. Sakura was just getting back from dropping Takara off for a play date with a little girl down the street. Naruto was already back from training with Kakashi and had started dinner.

"Just drop Takara off?" he asked. It had been like a daily thing having the girls at their place of at the other. "Dinner's almost done." He smiled as she walked over to taste a little bit of it. Naruto thought about what had gone on in the past three months. He and Sakura had gotten together and were dating, it was that reason she and her mother haven't spoken since the fight, and they had adopted a daughter. It had taken a lot to get used to all the changes that had to be made, especially the bad dreams in the middle of the night.

"I saw Anko today. She said the pictures from the wedding are in. She was showing a couple that she's going to get copied for us. She had some really nice ones of Takara and her flower girl dress. She even got one of you dancing with her." She smiled happily making Naruto smile. "I finally have my black mail!"She laughed and poked his sides and she sang it over and over again until Naruto grabbed hold of her wrists and pined her against the refrigerator with her hands above her head. The two could only look into each other's eyes, memorized and unable to look away. They had had this 'problem' several times and it always ended the same way as it would end this night… exhausting. But instead of moving from their place Naruto smirked as he let her wrists go and gave her a small kiss.

"I think I have something better." He smiled as he kissed softly again. "Wanta get married and make this a real family?" he asked and watched her look at him in shock before she snapped out of her stupor and wrapped her arms around his neck giving him a huge kiss.

"I would love that!" she smiled brightly. "And Takara is going to be so happy. And I have to go tell Ino." She said quickly only to be held in place as Naruto placed a ring on her finger.

"Ino and the others can wait." He grinned and watched her eyes fill with lust as she caught his meaning. They two made it to the bed room to celebrate.

The next morning Sakura woke up excited. She smiled and kissed Naruto's bare chest as he sleep making him wake up. They went through their normal daily routine. Showers, dress, eat, get Takara, take her to Tsunade where she was already learning, and it was off to shop and do small errands around the village. Sakura left to go out with Ino to do some shopping leaving Naruto to pick up Takara and take her to Tsunade. As the door opened he could here Takara yelling through the house as she ran at him and he lifted her into the air.

"Tochan!" she squealed making the mother smile "time to see Granny." It was the nickname she had taken from Naruto and Tsunade never seemed to mind it coming from the little girl.

"It sure is. Kachan told me you were going to have a big day today." Naruto said after he thanked the mother and started on his way down the street towards the Hokage tower. "Granny has some special things planed from what I hear." The two walked up to find Tsunade in her office with several of the village elders.

"Naruto, come in, come in." she said and saw Takara run to her. "And the pretty little girl." the elders looked at her, never seeing this side of her before. "Why don't you and Shizune go get some candy?" she asked as she put the cheering girl down and grabbed Shizune's hand. Before Naruto could even say a word they were gone making Naruto give Tsunade a disapproving look.

"You spoil her. She's gonna come home thinking she can have whatever she wants."

"Like you don't do the same thing. Besides she knows she can get anything when she's with Granny." Tsunade smirked as Naruto rolled his eyes and Tsunade called him over. "It seems several of the villagers and elders have a problem." She looked at him serious.

"A young woman living in the same house as a man when they are not married is wrong enough but there was nothing said about a child being with the nine tailed beast as well." One elder said making Naruto's blue eyes blaze with anger.

"You have a problem with Sakura and Takara living with me?"

"Yes, of course. You are the nine tails first of all, and you are two are not married, it only leave one option. That she is a demon's sex slave. And on top of it you have a child out of wedlock."

"Takara is not biologically theirs." Tsunade defended. "This is Naruto, not the nine tailed fox and personally I think your old ways are worthless."

"We cannot stand back while this is happening. You find a suitable place for her and the child or we will take care of it for you. Your choice." Tsunade and Naruto looked shocked at them. They were suggesting Sakura and Takara be kicked out of the house.

"That's an easy one." Naruto said with a smirk. "They don't have to do anything they don't want to and they aren't going to be kicked out of their home because of your senile old ways." Tsunade smiled as the elders were taken back.

"We will await the correct answer by tomorrow." They got as far as the door when Naruto stopped them.

"I've got a couple answers for you. Stay out of my life, don't threaten me or order me around like you own me, and screw you. We will do what we want; it's none of your business." He said making the elders look horrified not realizing that he would fight back. Tsunade smiled and looked at the elders smugly.

"I guess you have your answer then." The elders looked stunned; they had had never believed that he would fight them. The elders walked back in slowly eyeing the two standing in the office.

"What have you done?" one asked.

"You will ruin us all. You are supposed to kick her out. You will cause a civil war!"

"I believe you gave him an option and he picked one." Tsunade smirked as the elders were stunned. "I believe you are all dismissed."

"That girl still needs to go. She is not yours and she is not of this village." One elder said while the other elders stood looking at the two before they left hurriedly to find out what they would be able to do to counter him. As they opened the door, a little girl burst through and ran to Naruto Giggling.

"Tochan, look!" she smiled as she showed him all of the candy in her arms. "Shizune say Granny spoil me." Naruto chuckled as he lifted her into his arms and saw Tsunade looking at the smiling Shizune. "What's that mean?" she asked curiously.

"It means, Granny gives you too much things that Kachan and I tell her not to."


"Because sometime too much of something can hurt you." Shizune smiled as she walked closer.

"Nothing I give her will hurt her." Tsunade protested making Naruto chuckle.

"Maybe not her but Sakura sure doesn't enjoy it." He smirked as the little girl giggled. "I've gotta get goin. You be good." He told Takara as he set her on her own feet. "I'm going to be working with Kakashi for a bit so Sakura's gonna get her when she's done at the hospital and we'll talk about her and the elders later I guess."

"Acting like a true parent. I never thought I'd see the day the little brat would be so responsible." Tsunade laughed at him making him chuckle and rub the back of his head.

"You know me. Couldn't just leave her on the streets without anyone to watch out for her. She deserves to have someone take care of her, even if it's not her real parents." Everyone understood what Naruto meant without him even explaining it. They knew if he could he would help every orphan out there. Takara wrapped her arms around Naruto's leg to give him a hug before saying goodbye for the day.

It had been six months since the elders demanded something be done about Naruto, Takara and Sakura, the three had sat down to try to figure out a way to get the elders to leave the little girl alone while still letting Naruto and Sakura take care of her. Their only option was to send her to another village to live, the elders disapproved of anyone from another village moving into their own. They remembered all of the problems that occurred when they allowed it to happen.

Naruto and Sakura were cleaning up and getting the last of Takara's things packed and sealed in scrolls before they set out to take her to the sand village. Naruto had taken a trip shortly after the meeting with Tsunade and talked with Gaara, who had agreed to place her with a family in the sand village and look after her. He introduced Naruto to the man that was one of Gaara's guards and would be Takara's foster father. He felt better knowing the she would be taken well care of and Gaara would even keep a close eye but it was still difficult to give the little girl up.

"I'll go get her up." Sakura said sadly not wanting to give the girl up at all. She watched Naruto only nod as he continued to pack. She knew it was hurting him to have to go along with what the elders said but it was the only way for them to stop targeting Takara and making her feel bad. If they carried on much longer they would have half the village on their side and there would be a civil war, there was no way around it. Naruto sealed the last box in the scroll as Sakura and Takara walked into the living room from the single room they shared, dressed and ready to leave. Naruto put his jacket on and placed all the scrolls in his pockets and they set out to the main gate to be surprised by all of their friends waiting for them.

"We wanted to say goodbye." Tenten said with a sad smile as Takara ran over and gave her a hug. Even in the short seven months Takara had been living in the village she had come to be loved by many, including many villagers who had also turned up to say their goodbyes.

"And a few of us want to go with you." Hinata told Naruto and Sakura as she, Ino, and Kakashi walked forward. "Everyone here disagrees with the elders and really would like to fight them on this." She said softly.

"We won't have a civil war started that will kill people just because the elders won't let her stay. We have found other means to make sure she's safe and we will do what needs to be done to insure the least amount of problems." Sakura told her and those around her.

"Besides we can't take the risk of something happening while we're fighting ourselves. We need to stay together for now." Naruto added as Takara walked back to his side. Everyone was disappointed that the two wouldn't fight for what was right but understood what they were thinking about.

"Then let's go and get this over with." Kakashi said as the three ninja walked with Naruto and Sakura with Takara between them. The group slowly made their way to the sand village dreading the moment they would have to say goodbye and leave her. It took them a month to get to the sand village where they met up with Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, and they family that would be taking care of Takara. The group spent three days helping to get her settled before they had to say their goodbyes. Naruto told her to be good and that he would visit her every chance he had before he started talking to the three sand siblings letting Sakura have a turn to talk to the girl.

"You be good while you're here. We'll come see you every time we have a chance and I'm sure everyone else will too. If you're really good maybe Granny will come too." The tears collecting in her eyes began to stream down her cheeks as she continued to speak. "If you need anything you have Daiki, Aki, Gaara, Temari and Kankuro to help you."

"Kachan, don't leave me. Those bad men will get me." Takara started to cry as she wrapped her arms around Sakura's neck. Sakura smoothed her back as she shushed the little girl.

"You will be safe here. Maybe even more safe than with us. Gaara makes sure nothing happens to this village and everyone in it, he's the Kazekage, and he's just like Granny." Naruto chuckled at Gaara who wasn't amused.

"None of us will let anything happen to you." Temari said with a bright smile as she knelt next to Sakura. "How would you like a tour? I'll take you around and introduce you to everyone and show you everything, maybe I'll even show you my secret spots."

"She won't even let us know where they are." Kankuro grumbled

"That's because they are spots to relax and get away from you." she said plainly to him before looking back at the little girl. "He can be such a pain sometimes. Don't listen to anything he says."

"Hey!" he yelled making Takara giggle at how they were acting.

"Come on, I'll take you around the village." Temari offered the girl her hand as she stood and smiled brightly as Takara took it happily. "I'll bring her by your house when we're done, Daiki. We'll take good care of her." Temari smiled at Sakura as she stood and whipped her tears away.

"I know thanks." She watched Temari lead Takara through the village and started telling her about it and the people who live in it.

"We better get going now. Before the elders start their crap about us being gone too long." Naruto told everyone as they all said goodbye and left. Sakura walked slowly next to Naruto sadly, they both wanted to just get home so they could just sit and comfort each other. It was becoming harder and harder to hide the fact that they were engaged from everyone, they wanted to wait until everything calmed down before they announced it. They knew if people were to find out now they would riot and fight the elders trying to get them to allow Naruto and Sakura to keep Takara. The group began to take off through the trees moving faster and faster to try to reach home. Hinata slowly worked her way over to Naruto while Sakura and Ino were talking and Kakashi was in the lead.

"My father said that there were a few council members who agreed with you and tried to get the elders to agree too." Naruto glanced over at her and nodded making her studded as she spoke again. "I… I… think you should be able to…. Keep her."

"Thanks Hinata. But this will probably be for the best anyway. This way they can't use her against us if they want us to do something and we refuse."


"Like telling me what to do and how to live, because of who I am. Most of the village doesn't trust me and never will."

"I trust you. And everyone who was there to see you off…. Trusts you."

"But there are problems with the group who doesn't."

"I was….wondering, Naruto-kun… you um… want to go out and relax when we get back?" she looked away with a tint on her cheeks as she waited nervously for him to answer.

"I don't think so but thanks anyway Hinata. I gotta start getting ready for the next mission granny Tsunade has set up for us."

"Oh…o-okay. Do you think the Hokage will send anyone with you this time?"

"It depends on the mission."

"We'll stop here for the night." Kakashi said as he slowed down between the four. "We'll rest here and head out at sunrise." Everyone followed him down to the ground where Kakashi began setting up camp while Sakura took Ino to scout and bring back water from one area and Naruto took Hinata to scout and bring back wood from another.

"So what are you going to do about the other part of the elder's orders? You can stay at my place for a little while until you can get your own place."

"I'm not going anywhere. They have nothing to hold over our heads now that Takara's safely in the sand village. There's nothing they can do to us that we can't handle."

"What if they say you can't go on missions or anything?"

"Like they would stop their two best ninja from protecting them from anything." Sakura gave her a Naruto-like grin.

"You've been hanging out with Naruto to long. Maybe you really should move in with me or something." Ino laughed as they landed by a stream to collect water.

On the opposite side Naruto and Hinata ran through the treetops looking for a spot to get wood for the night. He pulled a scroll out of his pocket to unroll it on the ground before he started piling the wood they would need.

"My father told me about the other order the elders gave you." Hinata spoke softly as she started helping. "Where is Sakura going to live now?" Naruto stopped for a second to look at her.

"She's not going anywhere. Now that Takara's out of the picture we can put up our fight. But it's our fight; we don't want anyone else to get involved."

"But they could confine you or even through you in jail."

"They wouldn't stop the two best ninja from helping the village and protecting them, and they would send us to jail over Granny Tsunade's body. I think this will last us. Let's start heading back." Naruto sealed the wood and put the scroll back in his pocket before they took off back to camp.

Naruto and the others had just finished setting up camp once again. After Naruto and Sakura told the other two that they would be fighting the elders now, there was little talk, they settled down knowing that in two days they would be back to the village and back to their problems. Everyone took their spots, Kakashi sat in the tree Naruto was leaning against, Ino was across from Naruto, Hinata wasn't far from Naruto's left side and Sakura sat down on Naruto's right.

"Aren't you two going to lie down and get some sleep?" Ino asked looking between the two.

"We'll sleep when we get home." Sakura told her with a smile before they all heard Kakashi from above them.

"They haven't slept since we left the sand village." Ino and Hinata looked at them like they were crazy for not sleeping in three weeks while still running at full speed. Ino was about to ask them something when Sakura only shook her head. "Go to sleep. We will continue through the night tomorrow and reach the gates the next morning." Ino and Hinata laid their heads down and quickly fell asleep leaving the camp silent. "You two really should rest too."

"We will. We're just used to not sleeping much when we're out." Sakura told him. "We'll be fine."

"If you say so." He said before he pulled his book out and started reading as he reclined back against the tree before glancing down to see Sakura lay her head on Naruto's lap. "When are you going to tell the others?"

"After we get things situated." Sakura said as she closed her eyes and sighed.

"Which means everything will have to wait for a long time." Naruto added with a smirk.

"Why can't they just leave everything go? They're always fighting to keep you away from everyone because of what you carry."

"Get used to it." Kakashi called down softly. "The moment those same people find out you'll be right there with him."

"Hopefully we have things straightened out by then." Naruto looked up at Kakashi who had gone back to his book.

"You two go to bed I'll keep watch for tonight. You're going to need all or your strength when we get back to the village and you have to deal with the elders."

"Yeah, guess you're right."Naruto chuckled. "We might as well try." Sakura smiled with her eyes still closed. Naruto leaned his head back and he began to doze off.

The next morning Ino woke up to see Kakashi cooking. She slowly wandered over to him and sat down before glancing over at Naruto and Sakura who were still asleep in the same position they were last night after she went to sleep she looked back at Kakashi who smirked under his mask.

"Don't wake them. They don't sleep much as it is and they're going to need all their strength when they get to the village."

"But the way they're sleeping." She said looking back at them as Sakura rolled her head to lie against Naruto's stomach.

"Leave it be. If you say anything it could cause them even more problems than they already have." He said glancing at Naruto as he took a deep breath. "Naruto. We need to get moving soon" He called over his shoulder.

"Yeah, yeah I'm up." He grumbled as he opened his bright blue eyes slowly. "Make sure you definitely don't say anything to anyone, Ino. It really would cause a civil war in the village. At least until we get things figured out." Ino looked at him and nodded, she didn't know he was awake and listening to the conversation. Ino went over and gently shook Hinata awake as Naruto woke Sakura up and Kakashi handed them all food.

"So we'll head out and only take short breaks, we should be able to get to the village by the afternoon tomorrow at the latest." Kakashi told them as they all finished eating and took off through the trees again. Ino kept glancing over at Naruto and Sakura who were running together talking low to each other, while Hinata looked on enviously and Kakashi led.

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