Death Ninja

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Two years had passed since Akemi came forward and apologized and tried to make things right again. Sakura and Naruto were as happy as ever as Azumi grew bigger and bigger and started talking. She loved being able to play with three year old Sakumo and seven year old Akane and couldn't wait until Lee's boy, Kazuki, Neji and Tenten's twin boys, Hiroki and Hisashi, Choji's young daughter Naomi and Shikamaru and Temari's daughter, Hirumi could join them. Naruto and Sakura were sitting with the other adults as the children ran around playing when Tsunade walked up to them.

"Naruto, Sakura." She smiled as she watched Azumi tackle Sakumo to the ground. "We have some bad news. It seems like the people are starting to come out of the wood work." She looked down at them as they became serious. "I've sent my ANBU out to the grass for Zetzu and Rain for Kabuto but I only have you two who are able to go up against Madara. Take back up if you think you'll need it but go light."

"I'll go with you. You can't afford to go by yourselves. The three of us should be able to do it." Kakashi said.

"Actually, Kakashi, I've got word that the ANBU in the rain are having a bit of trouble with the death ninja, I want you and Yamoto to go help out. It sounds like adding you two will tip the balance." Kakashi nodded and Naruto and Sakura started to stand up.

"How much time do we have?" Naruto asked.

"Not much I need you all to get moving as soon as possible." She saw Sakura glance at the little girl running around happily.

"I'll watch Azumi for you, although I will have a few times when I can't." Akemi said sadly.

"I'll keep an eye on the little brat." He smiled making Naruto chuckle as Sakura went to get Azumi. "As long as she takes after Sakura while you're gone." Naruto laughed as he turned and picked up the little girl as she ran to him calling for him.

"Daddy!" she smiled as he held her in his arms not wanting to leave her behind while he went off to likely die. "Mama say you gotta go." She whined.

"Yep. We'll be back soon. You be good for your grannies and maybe we'll bring something back." she smiled brightly at the thought of getting something form her parents. She always liked the things she got when they went away for a few days on little missions.

"Okay. I want a…" she put her finger to her chin and thought for a minute before she broke out in giggles as she told her father she wanted a little dog.

"Yeah, you talk that over with your mother, and we'll see." He smirked as he put her down and kissed her cheek.

"Be good. They'll tell us if you're not." Sakura said as she kissed her forehead. "Thanks." She said low to her mother and Tsunade as Naruto and her walked off to gather their gear.

"I really hate doing that but…" Tsunade sighed.

"We all know you would find another way if there was one." Anko smiled as she watched her son tackle the mopy Azumi.

"we all know we have to go out and fight to keep people like Madara away from our families and village, I don't think anyone knows that better than those two." Kakashi said before he said goodbye and went off to get Yamoto.

Naruto and Sakura had finally reached the sound village; they pulled up their disguises and walked in like they always did. They saw a few people the recognized and hoped that nothing would come about. They slowly walked down the street looking for a little restaurant to get some food to eat. The village seemed quieter and more talkative about the upcoming war and movements. Naruto and Sakura found someone who was not trying to hide anything he was talking about and asked him a few things they wanted to know.

"We were wondering if you could point us to Lord Madara." Naruto asked in a deep voice.

"What would two river ninja want to do with the great lord?" he asked looking them both over.

"We would like to join the ranks. We left the river country looking for lord Madara so that we could teach those who alliance themselves with scum such as Konoha."

"A woman also?"

"Yes. We have been partners since we were young and we know a few things that will be able to help the army destroy the scum." Sakura said making the man look between them before leading them up the street and through a maze of allies to an old run-down building. They were led in where they met a young man sitting in a large chair while everyone was working hard around him.

"What do we have here?"

"Two rouge ninja from the river county. They want to help destroy Konoha and their allies."

"What are your names?"

"I'm Koichi and this is my partner Ume." Naruto said.

"You look legitimate. Kyo, take them to where they will be sleeping. I will discuss their test with the lord." The man named Kyo bowed and led the two down a hall way and to a small cube like room where they would be staying until they leave. Naruto and Sakura walked inside and sat down. Knowing that they were keeping a close eye on them they needed to constantly stay in character.

"So what you think of them?" Sakura asked.

"Too know it all. They're too close with the boss and they're going to take advantage, but that's how it works. At least we'll be able to teach those morons in Konoha to stop being so uptight."

"Maybe they'll let us take care of the imbeciles in the sand. That gourd would make a nice trophy." Sakura said with a small smile knowing Naruto would love to have a friendly match between himself and Gaara.

"Yeah, nice one to put on the wall. Well let's get some rest before we have our big test." They two moved and lay down next to each other like they would as teammates. They didn't know what to expect but they knew this job was going to take everything they had. Naruto rolled over and faced Sakura, neither one could sleep knowing that if they failed they would lose everything, including their little girl. The two slowly drifted off to sleep remembering the smile that was always on Azumi's face.

They had been with Madara's group for over a month, and had proven their worth several times over by stopping the eternal scavengers several times. The two were given a chance to wander into the village to relax for the day and decided to go into the bar for a drink. They talked low about what they would be doing next for the army and ordered their drinks. Half an hour later they were walking back up to the camp and they blacked out. Slowly they started to come to.

"So you're awake." They heard a deep voice say with deep anger in his voice. "Not so strong and mighty now are you? You killed over half of my team. I should kill you both right here and now." He kicked Naruto in the chest knocking the wind out of him. Naruto pulled on his arms and found they were tied above his head. The man continued to beat on the both of them asking them who they were and what their intentions were and what was planned for the world. Naruto and Sakura both remained silent until he grabbed a hot poker and laid it against Sakura's arm making her scream in pain. Naruto fought the Kyuubi down as he tried to think of something to say. Another man stood ready and when he never heard Naruto speak he kicked him as hard as he could in the head. The two men were having fun when the door opened and one of their men fell flat on his face dead. The two torturing Naruto and Sakura stepped back as two ninja dressed in all black walked in.

"Why have you taken these two prisoners?" asked the first one.

"They single handedly killed over half my men."

"We have told you before you are not to capture anyone unless we say so." The second one said before looking at Naruto and Sakura chained and beaten. "What are your names?" they stayed silent and the man took the hot poker and jammed it into the side of Naruto's stomach making him grit his teeth and cry out in pain.

"Stop it!" Sakura called as she heard Naruto cry out. "Naruto!" she screamed not realizing she had just called his real name. Just as she cried out to him the first ninja shoved a kunai into the eternal man and shoved him hard to the side. The second the name left her mouth the two ninja went still. Sakura closed her eyes and gathered her chakra slowly, the drug was starting to wear off and she pulled quickly and broke the chains. She went to Naruto quickly and found a whole in his side into his liver she grabbed his chains and broke his arms free.

"How'd you…" the other man trained off amazed at Sakura.

"You're using too much chakra." She said as she dropped her disguise and looked up at the two ninja pleading for them to let her treat him and let them both go, when she saw that neither ninja were moving to o anything to them she looked back at Naruto. "Drop your disguise so you can start pulling your chakra back and let me heal it."

"Let me deal with it. It seems you've used enough yourself, girl." A deep demonic voice came making the room grow silent and the men back up.

"No, save your chakra, I might need you to help make him unconscious if I can't get this just right..." She said as she watched the disguise fall slowly as Naruto took control back. Sakura ripped his shirt and began healing at the two ninja stood speechless. As the wound closed Naruto's breathing slowed and he opened his blue eyes to look at her. "Naruto, thank god you're alright." She whispered before they realized the two ninja were still standing near them as he jumped to his feet ready to protect Sakura.

"What do you want with us?" Naruto asked with a kunai in hand. The two ninja reached up and pulled their masks off to revile their faces. Naruto almost dropped his kunai as he recognized the two smirking faces. "But you two are…."

"Yeah. It's a long story." The woman with long red hair tied up and pale blue eyes said as she glanced at the man who looked exactly like Naruto.

"Naruto-kun." He heard a soft whisper and turned in time to catch Sakura as she fell over.

"Sakura-chan." He whispered and scooped her up and closed his eyes and red chakra began to roll and slid over Sakura.

"What are you doing?" Kushina asked slightly afraid.

"Getting Kyuubi to boost her chakra and heal her."

"You can do that?" Minato asked surprised.

"Yeah. Sakura and I have been able to survive thanks to the stupid fox. What way's out of here?" Minato and Kushina led Naruto towards the exit, by the time they reached the exit Sakura was starting to regain her energy.

"Naruto, I think I'm okay now." She whispered making Naruto glance at her pale green eyes before setting her on her feet. "Neither one of us can keep going on this energy; we better report back and start preparing." Naruto nodded.

"Prepare? Is that why you were wearing a disguise?" Kushina asked. "You were undercover in the ranks?"

"Yeah. Not as easy as it looked. But it's time to go back and rest while we have a chance." Naruto told his parents. "You should come and talk to granny, she'll be happy to see ya."

"Granny?" Minato asked raising an eyebrow.

"It's Naruto's nickname for Tsunade. It's about the only thing he can get away with and it's only because he's too fast for her." Sakura explained while Naruto put both arms behind his head and chuckled.

"cause she's getting old."

"Naruto!" Sakura scolded. "I swear you never grow up. You are such a bad influence." She said and crossed her arms looking away.

"Aw, come on Sakura-chan. You know you like treating me like a kid." He chuckled.

"Not when you're supposed to be the adult." Naruto laughed thinking of all the things he and his daughter had done and Sakura had gotten made and treated him like a child. "So how are you still alive, if you don't mind me asking? You were supposed to have died twenty-three years ago." Sakura asked and the two started to go into their story.

"It was only about five years ago we were given a chance to live again. The shinigami gathered a few people and told us that we would be able to live again if we took care of the rising evil that defies time. We've all been working as quietly as we could to finish them and try to go back to live our lives like they should have been." Minato explained as they walked along. Naruto and Sakura stopped as they looked up into the sky and say a white hawk.

"That's a strange looking bird." Kushina said as Naruto whistled and it dive bombed them. She and Minato took a step back as Naruto pulled a scroll from his pocket and held it out as the bird splattered onto it. "What is that?"

"This is a message from one of our friends." Naruto told his mother before he read the message and stood stunned at what he read. "We have to get moving. The sand was attacked. Looks like Kabuto and Zetzu started moving. Gaara's injured pretty bad and a lot of the village was whipped out." He paused and looked at Sakura. "Looks like almost all of Gaara's guards and their families were killed." Sakura froze and took the message, reading through it before tears came to her eyes.

"What's the matter?" Minato asked watching the two react to the message.

"Years ago there was a little girl Sakura and I found in one of the villages that was destroyed. We took care of her and all until the elders in Konoha got involved and we had to give her to one of Gaara's guards to take over caring for her." Naruto told her sadly.

"The attack on the sand village was to get to Konoha. It was meant to make us slow down and focus on those injured and to be too upset about those killed to do anything." Sakura told him.

"What they don't know is, this is only gonna make us go after them faster and harder." Naruto said as Sakura handed him the scroll and he put it back in his pocket. "Let's get moving. Granny said you're gonna be needed to help take care of the wounded." The four took off as fast as they could through the forest and on their way back to the village.

Naruto and Sakura landed in front of the village gates to see it alive with more people that there should have been. Minato and Kushina landed behind them with their masks back on to avoid any problems while they worked their way to the Hokage tower to explain. They watched as the people made a pathway for Naruto and Sakura as they begged them to help. Once at the tower thy found most of their friends talking.

"Naruto!" they heard and saw everyone turn around.

"I see you got the message." Tsunade's voice was filled with sorrow.

"Yeah how's Gaara?"

"He'll be alright. He took a beating though." She paused and saw Naruto and Sakura nod stiffly, knowing that they had received the other portion of the message. "Many of the wounded came here. There shouldn't be another attack on the village now, since there is nothing there that they want."

"We have reports that Madara and the others are gathering and starting to move." Shikamaru added

"Naruto, are those…?" Ino asked as she realized the two figures behind them.

"Yeah, it's a long story, but for now, what's the plan? When is Gaara going to be up and able to help?"

"He won't be up for a while." Tsunade told him as Naruto stood thinking.

"You should be alright with all of us backing you up, Naruto." Ino smiled.

"Yeah, with your parents who they were you should have no problem." Shikamaru said making everyone look at him, only a few people knew and they wouldn't have said a word to anyone. "I'm sure you know a few things from their writings."

"Your parents? You know who they are?" Ino asked and watched everyone look between Naruto and Shikamaru.

"yeah, I've known for a while. When did you figure it out? How did you figure it?" he asked Shikamaru who smirked.

"I heard a few things and fit everything together. It wasn't hard considering who your dad is." Ino looked about to burst when Tsunade stepped in.

"this is not the place to be talking about this. We need to deal with the problem at hand. It looks like they regrouped in swamp country and they're meeting up with Sasuke and his group." Naruto clenched his fists and Sakura placed hand on his shoulder.

"We need to get everyone together." Came a voice making everyone turn to see Kakashi and Yamoto walk up with two death ninja behind them. "There is no way that we can all go separate. To take this group down we're going to have to work together. That includes you Naruto."

"yeah." He said low as he thought of something to do.

"But there's no way that we would be able to take on these guys even as a large group." Ino replied. She knew what they were capable of and knew that if they were caught her side wouldn't look very good after.

"That's why you send the best." Minato said making everyone look at him. "Send the best you have after their best and everyone else is backup and to help clear the way." Tsunade looked at him trying to place the voice before Naruto suggested they all went inside. The group walked up to the roof of the tower and began talk again.

"Who are your best ninja?" asked Kushina.

"These two are the very best. And the others are only slightly behind them." Tsunade told her as she still searched her memory for the voices.

"Naruto, why don't you train us and teach us some of the things you learned from your parent's writings?" Tenten suggested. Naruto only shook his head while Shikamaru took the opportunity to give an answer.

"Probably because those techniques were developed by his parents or finished by him. There would be no way to learn them. It's their own techniques."

"Your parents created Justus and techniques? Okay, Naruto, spill it. Who are your parents?" Ino demanded as Naruto grinned and rubbed the back of his head while Shikamaru spoke again.

"The dead last is the son of the fourth Hokage." Everyone but Tsunade, Sakura and Kakashi looked at him in shock.

"Dead last?" Minato asked from behind his mask.

"Yeah, it was a long time ago. But I think it's time we all discuses the problem face to face." He said over his shoulder. Everyone was shocked as Minato and Kushina reached up and slowly took their masks off to revile who they really were. Their eyes shifted when they saw the other two taking off their masks as well.

"You three knew." Tsunade commented, Kakashi, Naruto and Sakura all smiled while the others were still trying to gather their thoughts.

"I knew about them." Naruto pointed his thumb over his shoulder. "But don't know who they are."

"Rin and Obito. Former students of Minato and teammates of Kakashi." Tsunade answered.

"But… how?" several shuddered as they looked at the four.

"It's a really long story; let's just say they were given a second chance at life in exchange for getting rid of the ones defying death." Sakura explained. "We should head out immediately. If we start up now we should be able to head them off."

"Maybe even split the group." Ino agreed.

"But there's the problem of who goes after who and what happens if someone falls?" Hinata asked as she stood next to Kiba, who she had started to become much closer with after Azumi was born and she knew she had no chance.

"I want Sasuke." Naruto said sternly. "I should be able to knock him out pretty fast and then I can help with Madara."

"Naruto, you can't pick and choose where you want to go and who you want to fight." Ino scolded but was stopped but Tsunade and Kakashi.

"No. Naruto, if you are able to take Sasuke out fast then follow through to Madara or whoever looks like they're having the most trouble.

"Who's this Sasuke?" Obito asked.

"Sasuke Uchiha. He was our teammate until he took off with Orochimaru. We've been working since we were kids to get him back but it looks like we may have to kill him." Sakura explained.

"An Uchiha? Then you better let me handle him. sharingan's the only thing that can survive against another sharingon."

"You haven't seen Naruto fight." Kiba smirked while the other friends agreed.

"Naruto's gone up against Sasuke, and Itachi and he single handedly took out Pein." Ino smirked as the new adults looked at him shocked as he chuckled.

"It was nothing. Besides I want Sasuke to myself. We have a battle to finish." He chuckled as Sakura looked at him slightly scared.

"Start gathering men and head out in one week. I want you to end this now." Tsunade paused and looked at Naruto. "Don't get taken down. They only need kyuubi and they finish their task."

"Yeah. Like I'm gonna give in to that bastard."

"You're all dismissed, except four you seven." She said as everyone but Minato, Kushina, Naruto, Sakura, Obito, Rin and Kakashi took off. "Mind explaining exactly what happened?"

"It was only about five years ago we were given a chance to live again. The shinigami gathered a few people and told us that we would be able to live again if we took care of the rising evil that defies time. We've all been working as quietly as we could to finish them and try to go back to live our lives like they should have been." Kushina explained

"So you have to kill Madara and the others and you'll be able to live again?"Tsunade asked.

"Yup." Obito said with a smile. Suddenly the door to the roof swung open and two young children sprinted across. The little girl with cotton candy pink hair and bright green eyes smiled as Sakura knelt down and wrapped her arms around her. The little boy with light brown hair and dark gray eyes ran over to Kakashi who picked him up.

"Azumi! Sakumo!" Anko scolded as she reached the door making both children shrink away.

"You two run from her again?" Kakashi asked his son.

"Yeah. But it cause you back, daddy." He said with a sad face trying to get out of trouble.

"Azumi. What did we tell you about that?" Sakura scolded as the girl pulled out of her mother's arms and ran to her father.

"I sorry. I missed you." She smiled up at Naruto who looked down trying to say angry but could only glance at Sakura who rolled her eyes before Naruto picked the girl up.

"You need to listen next time, no matter how long it takes." He told her as she nodded and laid her head on his shoulder. The four new ninja stood starring, in disbelief.

"That's your kid?" Obito asked Kakashi who smiled under his mask and nodded.

"Naruto, you might have to start teaching her early. Caught her in my gear a few times when she stayed with us." Anko said as she walked over to stand next to Kakashi.

"Azumi!" Sakura scolded again, and again the girl turned to her father. "Nope. Not this time." She lifted her daughter out of Naruto's arms and placed her on the ground. "Your father can't get you out of all trouble."

"Father?" Kushina asked looking at her son who smirked.

"Yeah, she'll be three next in a few days." The girl cheered up when she heard her father remember her birthday. He glanced over as Sakura was still trying to talk to her. "But she'll be stuck in her room if she doesn't listen to her mother." The girl's eyes snapped to her mother making Naruto smirk. "If not worse." He mumbled making Kakashi and Tsunade smile.

"You never said you had a daughter."

"You never asked." He chuckled until Sakura hit the back of his head. "ow!" Azumi started to giggle until Sakura looked at her sternly.

"I swear I have to take care of two kids, all Naruto does is teach her how to be like he was." She gave him a small glare before he knelt in front of Azumi.

"Let's go for a walk." He said as she smiled and grabbed his hand and he heard Sakumo asking from behind if he could go too.

"I'll go with you. These two can be a handful together" Anko said as Sakumo took her hand.

"Not with Naruto. I guarantee the both listen to him." Sakura looked at him as he only laughed and continued towards the door. "Before I know it I'll have the ANBU out looking for her."

"ANBU?" Kushina was curious.

"Your son seemed to have a knack for trouble when he was younger." Tsunade began to explained as they began walking towards the door.

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