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Return Of Legends


Naruto comes home to find Danzo trying to control him by threatening his friends. Will he go along with it to keep his friends safe or will he fight back? Who are the legends who come to the rescue?

Action / Adventure
Lauren Boerner
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I in no shape, no way, no how own Naruto. It would be awesome to have a guy like Naruto (looks and everything) beside me but I don't and I can accept that. I think I will be okay just writing about my love.

I want to thank Uzukazi for all the time he spent reading through and fixing my silly mistakes.

Chapter 1

Naruto sat on the stone bench in the park thinking of the past few years. A lot had happened to him, he lost loved ones, met new friends, found out who his parents were, ended a war, but one thing still remained…. He had to end Danzo's rein over Konohana. As the wind blew his thoughts strayed back to the days when Danzo's terror began. He looked down at the ground as flashes of events from years before.

(Flash back)

"Naruto are you going to be okay?" Sakura asked as she came to his side. Her green eyes looking deeply into Naruto's blue eye, both only staring.

"Yeah, I'll be fine, Sakura-chan." He told her looking back to the monument that was in remembrance of Tsunade. She was like a grandmother to him, like Jiraiya was a grandfather, his only family in the dark world and they were both gone. Gone forever. Naruto was lost. He had seen too many die for silly reasons and he wanted an end to this.

Naruto stood in the front line as Tsunade was placed in her final resting place. Tears fell down his cheeks as he saw the coffin slowly lowered. He couldn't take his eyes from the slowly moving box, when suddenly something was on his hand. He turned and saw Sakura standing beside him with tears streaming down her cheeks as she held his hand tight.

"Naruto, I'm sorry." She said softly.

"Sakura-chan. You have nothing to say sorry for." Naruto said. It hurt worse inside knowing that everything was hurting her as well.

"Naruto, will you be alright?" Iruka asked at the after funeral banquet.

"Yeah, I have some places I have to go for a while." Naruto said with a small smile.

"Oh?" Iruka asked.

"Yeah, I found out some things and won't be back for a while." He told his old teacher before he left to gather his things and meet the others at the gate before he went on his journey.

"Naruto, be careful." Kakashi said as he stood with his other friends to say goodbye to Naruto.

"We'll see ya when ya get back." Said Kiba.

"Be safe, Naruto" Hinata said as everyone else said their goodbyes and he took his bag off Sakura.

"Come back safe, Naruto." She whispered to him as he put his back pack on and smiled before he walked out of the gates to reach destinations he had only dreamed of going before.

(End flash back)

"It's been three years since you died Grandma Tsunade and even longer for you, pervy sage. You would be so pissed if you were here… I don't know what to do." Naruto said as he looked up at the blue sky. Naruto looked around before he sighed and stood up. "Well, I better go check in. Danzo took over and now there are so many rules. He put an order out for Sasuke to be killed and I am to remain inside the village walls at all times. I have to go tell them that I'm here so they don't try to track me down, or try to hurt anyone." Naruto started to laugh. "Like they could." He laughed his way to the Hokage's tower and checked in with Danzo as he sat at his desk waiting.

"Ah, I see you received my message." Danzo said with a smirk.

"Yeah, you said there were new rules and I have to remain inside the walls at all times. What the hell do you think you're gonna do? Get me to listen and follow your orders?" Naruto started to raise his voice as he spoke to the Hokage.

"Are you raising your voice to me?" Danzo practically yelled when suddenly two ANBU ninjas came through the door to stand next to Naruto.

"Hokage, please allow us to deal with him." The one said.

"Let us deal with that temper of his." The second ninja said.

"Fine, you are dismissed." Danzo said glaring at Naruto as the two ANBU ninja lead Naruto out of the room.

"So what, you're supposed ta follow me now? Because that lunatic said so?" Naruto yelled.

"Naruto, please calm down." The second ninja said making Naruto look hard at him. He wasn't able to see through the cat mask but he knew he knew the voice from somewhere. The three walked to Naruto's apartment, once inside Naruto looked hard at the two ninja.

"Take the masks off." He demanded and watched as both took their masks off to look Naruto in the face. His eyes went wide when he saw their faces.

"Yamoto! Sai! What the hell?" Naruto asked on the verge of losing his mind.

"Hello, Naruto." Sai said with a smile.

"It has been a while." Yamoto said.

"Why would he make you two follow me around? What the hell is going on?" Naruto yelled looking between both old friends.

"Danzo sees you and Sasuke as threats and wants to get rid of you. Killing Sasuke would be a normal order to place but if he had placed orders against you the people of the village would start a war against him. This was his only option." Yamoto said.

"That bastard." Naruto mumbled. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and when Naruto opened it he couldn't believe who he saw standing in front of him. "Kakashi Sensei! Iruka Sensei" He smiled and moved to the side letting them into the room.

"We had heard there was a disturbance at the Hokage's office, we figured it was you." Kakashi said looking at his former student.

"Yeah, well Danzo's got another thing-"

"Naruto, relax." Iruka said.

"Danzo thought ahead and has made it so that anyone that was close to or friends with Sasuke cannot leave." Yamoto said.

"So Kakashi sensei, you're stuck here too?" Naruto asked looking at his old instructor.

"Yes, and so are the other people that were in your class. We seem to all be a threat to him." Kakashi said as Naruto took them into the kitchen to sit at the table and discuss more. Naruto let everything run through his mind as he thought of how to get his friends out of this and save himself and Sasuke. As the four visitors talked Naruto listened trying to take everything in but at a point his mind shut off as ideas flooded his mind. He needed to go and relax somewhere. He thought, there was nowhere in the village that was relaxing to him, then he remembered. He would get his ideas for jutsus and be able to make plans and think straighter when he went into the hot springs with Jiraiya. ''But pervy sage isn't here anymore'. Naruto thought sadly and sunk in his seat.

"Naruto?" Sai asked as his mind came back.

"Huh?" He asked confused.

"Are you alright?" asked Yamoto.

"Yeah, just tryin' to think…." He paused as everyone looked at him sadly.

Not far away a woman with pink hair and a woman with blond hair see a tall man walk into the bath house. Ino flips her blond hair over her shoulder and looks around for a way to see over the wall.

"Ino! What are you doing? Are you nuts? That's the men's side!" Sakura called as she tried to catch her friend. Ino climbed until she found and spot that was overlooking the spring and she wouldn't be able to be seen.

"Sakura, Look!" Ino said as Sakura climbed up onto another branch and looked over with a gasp. "He's such a hunk!" Ino said softly to her friend.


"What? Look at those muscles and…and …and"

"Hello, earth to Ino!" Sakura called softly waving her hand in front of her face making her snap out of her daze. "Ino, you know how wrong this is?"

"Yeah, but…. Look." Ino said and watched Sakura turn to look at the man for the first time. Her eyes became wide as she looked at the man with the muscular body, and wild hair. "Sakura, you like him don't ya?" Ino giggled.

"Ino, who is that?" She asked wondering if it was a ninja from the leaf village or just a traveler.

"I don't know. But he has to be from around here. There aren't that many ninja's that are allowed in here from other nations."

"What makes you think he's a ninja?"

"Did you even look at that body? He's a ninja." Ino smiled and looked at her friend.

"Let's go before we get caught." Sakura said as she dropped straight down and Ino followed her making the branches to shake slightly. The man uncovered his face and looked at the tree. Once he knew nothing was there he relaxed again and began thinking about his problems.

"Sakura, you have to find him. He looks like he would be perfect for you." Ino smiled at her friend.

"Ino, would you stop trying to get me men. I can do it on my own." Sakura said and crossed her arms as they continued down the road to their houses. "Besides shouldn't you be looking for yourself?" The question through Ino off guard and made her stop and look at Sakura for a moment before continuing to walk.

"For your information, I've already found one." She crossed her arms and looked the other way.

"Oh come on. You know you can't have Sasuke." Sakura laughed as Ino turned and glared at her.

"I know that, it's someone else."

"Who?" Sakura asked and watched Ino blush. "Who? Who? Who? Who? Who?"

"Okay, okay. It's….. Neji." Ino mumbled making Sakura gasp and giggle.

"You would make a cute couple." Sakura said as they split and Ino went into her house while Sakura continued walking to her house wondering if she would see that man again.

The next morning Sakura and Ino met at the ramen bar. They were stuck at the village because Sakura was a team member and both were friends with Sasuke.

"So did you see that guy anywhere this morning?" Ino asked.

"No. I doubt we will see him." Sakura said sadly.

"Let's go for a walk around the village see if anyone knows him." Ino said making Sakura smile.

They finished their food and left to see who might know who this man was. They found Tenten walking around shopping when they stopped to talk to her, telling her about the man. She didn't know anyone like that and decided she had to see this guy. The three women went and found Hinata and Shizune talking with Temari and Shikamaru.

"Hey, we have a question for you." Ino said as they walked up to them. "Do any of you know of a man that just came in with blond hair and really…?" Ino looked at the two women behind her for help explaining.

"Hot?" Tenten asked with a smile.

"What?" Shikamaru asked raising an eyebrow to their question.

"Last night Sakura and me were walkin around and we saw this guy, we never got to see his face, but….. We have to find out who he is." Ino looked at Sakura with a smile. "Well, she does."

"Ino!" Sakura yelled making everyone smile and laugh.

"Well, I haven't seen anyone like that." Temari smiled.

"No, I don't know of any man in this village like that." Shizune said.

"Well I think we'll just keep looking." Tenten said.

"Tenten? Why are you goin with them?" Temari asked

"Cause if what they say this guy looks like is true, I have to see it." She smiled making the three women look at each other and then at Shikamaru.

"Such a pain." Shikamaru said and sighed and all the women left to try to find this man.

Naruto was just waking up and walking out to the kitchen to make breakfast.

"Naruto, what do you plan on doing Today?" Yamoto asked

"I was thinking about going to the training ground and work on some things I learned while I was away. Don't want to get too rusty." Naruto said with a smile.

"New things? Like what?"

"Well you'll see when we go." He said as he went back to eating his breakfast. Once he finished he thought for a moment. "Yamoto, could ya maybe get Kakashi sensei. I have a few questions for him."

"I'll get him, if you need anything you know that Sai is here with you." Yamoto said before fading through the wall to take Kakashi to the training ground. Naruto got dressed quickly in his Black shirt, White pants, and his short sleeve orange jacket with black flames at bottom of sleeves and jacket. He through his shoes on and called to Sai.

"Sai, ya commin?"

"Yes." Sai said as he followed Naruto to the training ground unseen. Naruto walked down the street, as he went off the road to take the path to the ground, he could have sworn he saw a group of people jump behind a building. He shrugged and continued on his way but knew he had followers.

"A large group is following." Sai said as he appeared next to Naruto.

"Yeah, I know. Probably not dangerous since they're in the village." Naruto whispered as they walked out on to the field. Naruto heard voices and heard someone speak clearly.

"Let's go get the others." He knew the voice from years before but didn't know who it was so he kept walking and saw Kakashi and Yamoto sitting on a bench Yamoto made.

"Sorry I took so long." Naruto said as he got closer.

"I heard you had a few questions?" Kakashi asked.

"Yeah. You trained under the fourth right?" Kakashi gave a nod. "I figured out a few more techniques but I want to make sure their perfect."

"What techniques?"

"The Flying Thunder God technique. I already mastered summoning, the Rasengan and seals. Drowning Maelstrom Technique I learned when I went to my mother's village."

"You can do it by yourself?" Yamoto asked.

"Yes, I learned to use that technique and several other jutsus that they used there." Naruto smiled.

"You learned a lot in three years." Kakashi said looking straight into Naruto's eyes. "Well I know the flying thunder god technique. Minato sensei used it a few times. Let's see it." Naruto gave a nod and suddenly he was on the other side of the training ground clearing. "How long have you been able to do that?"

"Not long. I went through some records I found and, he really liked to make notes." Naruto put his hand behind his head and laughed.

"What about the one you learned from your mother's village?" Yamoto asked. Naruto smiled and gave a nod as he charged a Rasengan and threw it and suddenly waves rushed forth from his other, combining and making a clearing into the forest. "You really did get stronger in the three years you've been gone."

"Tell me where did you find these documents, Naruto?" Kakashi asked and the four turned smiling when they heard branches snapping. "Come out." Kakashi called and saw a very large group emerge from the forest.

"Hey guys!" Naruto laughed.

"Is…..that…. Really you…. Naruto?" asked Tenten.

"Yeah. I just got back yesterday, thought I'd get some training in and make sure I did it right before I went out lookin around the village." Naruto smiled.

"Naruto where did you get Minato sensei's notes?" Kakashi asked.

"The fourth was your teacher?" Ino, Sakura, and Kiba asked at the same time.

"Yeah. And pervy sage taught him." Naruto answered then looked at everyone that had gathered. "Why were you guys sneaking around?"

"You should ask those two troublesome girls over here." Shikamaru said pointing to Ino and Sakura who were trying to hide in the back of the group. Naruto looked confused at the two of them.

"So you came back like Danzo said?" Neji said.

"Yeah, Figured it be better to be here and be able to get resources to train and learn more stuff than be out running from the leaf village."

"Have you learned anything about Sasuke?" Asked Konohamaru.

"Not the place." Naruto said looking at all his friends shocked faces. "Why don't we go to my place for a reunion?" Everyone nodded and agreed that they would be meeting later that night.

"What documents were Kakashi talking about?" Hinata asked softly.

"Oh, well after granny Tsunade died, I got documents that Tsunade had been saving for me. They were notes and information about my family. I took the documents and changed a few things." Naruto chuckled and looked at Kakashi.

"I want to know how you did that later." He said before Naruto nodded and went back to talking with his friends.

"Then when I left I knew I had a few places to go and visit and I had to go to specific places to learn some things."

"Where'd ya go?" Choji asked.

"When I left I went to find my mom's village. That's where I learned to control water element chakra then I had a few stops that I had promised, and I had to go to Myobokuzan. I was able to perfect some techniques and learn new ones."

"Why don't we go back for that reunion?" Kakashi asked as everyone started to walk back to their homes before going to Naruto's.

That night everyone gathered at Naruto's apartment to catch up and to find out exactly what was going on. Naruto sat on his bed with Sakura next to him, Ino next to her, then Neji, Hinata, Kiba, Shikamaru, Temari, Rock Lee, Tenten, Choji, Shino, Iruka, Shizune, Konohamaru, Sai, Yamoto, and Kakashi next to Naruto.

"So Naruto, you really kept moving the last three years." Iruka said.

"Yeah, I was trying to get stronger then go after Sasuke, but I got the message and figured it be much better to come back here." Naruto said.

"You were going to go after Sasuke alone?" Ino asked as everyone looked surprised.

"Do you really think that was very smart?" Konohamaru asked next.

"Well I was finished and about to track him down when I got that damn message from Danzo." Naruto said.

"Why didn't you just go after him? You could have taken out the ANBU sent after you." Choji asked.

"The message is the reason. It didn't really give me a choice. Danzo said that if I didn't come back that everyone associated with me wouldn't just be confined but they would be imprisoned until answers were given or killed if needed." Naruto said making everyone look at him sadly. "Besides, my dad worked hard for this place to be the way it was, I'm not gonna let it get destroyed by Danzo!" Naruto said loudly as Kakashi placed his hand on his shoulder.

"Your dad? Who's your dad?" asked Lee. Naruto glanced at Shizune, and Kakashi.

"They're going to find out as soon as Danzo does." Shizune said. Naruto nodded before looking at his friends.

"Then I'll let them guess till that time comes." Naruto laughed.

"Come on Naruto!" Ino begged.

"Who was he?" asked Konohamaru.

"So what are we going to do now?" Iruka asked changing the subject, knowing that everyone would be pestering him and no information and catching up would be done.

"We have to get Danzo out of power and get us out of this restriction. We have to find a way to get Naruto out of the Village to go after Sasuke." Sakura said looking around.

"How exactly do we do that, Forehead?" Ino asked Sakura. Sakura opened her mouth to answer but Naruto cut her off.

"I have an idea." He looked up from the ground.

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