Return Of Legends

Attack In The Night

I want to thank Uzukazi for all the time he spent reading through and fixing my silly mistakes.

Chapter 10

Everyone had been gathered for hours talking, laughing, and sharing old stories. They'd all had dinner together and talked more before they began to head home for the night. It was now down to the only ones who were left were the sand siblings, the old teams with their sensei's, and the adults who had recently come back. The group laughed and joked about the years past while filling the parents in. After a few more hours, they too had started to leave for home. They had planned to all take out all gather and have a very big celebration party with the whole village, so they would need some sleep in order to help set up for it. Kurenai stood with her three year old son fast asleep in her arms.

"I better get him home to sleep." She said.

"I'll walk you home." Shikamaru said standing up with Temari since she would be heading to her room and would see her brothers in the morning. Shikamaru took the boy from his mother while she grabbed her bag, and the three left. After a few minutes Guy, Lee, and Tenten left. Soon after it was only team 7 with the parents, Karin, Jiraiya, and Tsunade. Sasuke, Karin, and his parents decided they would be turning in. Kakashi, Tsunade and Jiraiya took Minato and Kushina to Naruto's place while Naruto walked Sakura home.

"Thanks." She smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow. Try not to be late."

"I'll try." He smiled and leaned down and gave her a passionate kiss before they had to break to for air. "I'll see you in the morning, Sakura." She smiled and gave him a small kiss before going inside, and he flashed home to see Jiraiya, Kakashi and Tsunade leaving.

"We'll see you tomorrow." Tsunade said as she, Jiraiya and Kakashi stood to leave, almost running into Naruto as they walked out the door. "Have a good night Naruto." She smiled.

"Good night." Jiraiya and Kakashi said as they left, and Naruto walked into his apartment. His mother was getting juice as his father sat at the table, when he walked in the door.

"Oh you're back. Where are your blankets and pillows?" His mother asked.

"They should be on my bed." He said confused as he went into his room and grabbed extra blankets and pillows to lie out and make a bed for himself. His father smiled as Kushina went over to help. "You guys can have the bed, I'll sleep here." He said as he finished making his bed. "I guess they showed you around the place, right?" He asked.

"Yeah. Seems you've been doing quite well on your own." Minato said.

"Yeah, I guess. I do what I can." He went into the fridge to get juice. He sat down on an extra chair between his father and mother at the table. "Kakashi and the others have helped a lot too. Can't say I would have what I have or be where I am without them."

"They told us about when you were little." Kushina said looking sadly at her son. "They told us all of the horrible things the villagers did to you. Why didn't you tell us all of that?" She noticed he had a sad look, but then he looked up with a smile.

"But if none of that happened, I wouldn't have believed that I could become the person I am now. It was the past where I left it, no use in bringing it up I guess." He smiled as she placed her hand on him and smiled.

"We better get some sleep if we want to be rested enough to help with everything." Minato said as he stood up from the table. Kushina hugged Naruto and said goodnight before she left to go into the bedroom. Minato put his hand on his sons shoulder and smiled. "Everything we've heard and seen makes us even more proud of you." He said making Naruto smile before he followed his wife. Naruto finished his juice and washed the three cups before he too went to bed.

Around Two o'clock in the morning, Naruto and his parents were woken up by someone pounding on the door. Naruto answered it and saw Sakura's mother. She looked at him and collapsed as blood flowed onto the floor. Naruto caught her and laid her down. His parents came over asking who it was.

"It's Sakura's mother. There must have been a fight. Can you take her to the hospital? I have to go to Sakura." His father nodded, picked the woman up, and left with Kushina while Naruto flashed to Sakura's home, where he heard yelling and the sound of battle ringing through the open front door and windows of the house the mother and daughter shared. He ran in and found ten ANBU trying to kill Sakura. She was having a hard time and the only other way was to use her cherry blossom impact, but that would bring the house down around them. Naruto ran up and killed each one leaving only one alive to get answers. Naruto grabbed him and pulled the mask off.

"Naruto." Sakura said as she placed her back against the wall and slid down to sit on the floor.

"What the hell are you doing?" He yelled. The man didn't answer. "Who ordered you to come in here and try to kill Sakura and her family?" He yelled again. The man looked at Naruto before opening his mouth.

"Danzo said that if anything happened to him, to go after the ones closest to you and kill them, only them though." Naruto gritted his teeth and held the man by his collar as his mother and father ran in. The man started to fight to get out of Naruto's hands while Kushina went to Sakura's side. Minato was about to help Naruto when he pushed the men hard into the wall. "Do you think you're gonna die like the other ones? Do you really think I'm gonna let that happen?" Naruto asked slamming the man into the wall every time. "Why did he send you?" He yelled. The man tried to fight again making Naruto slam him hard into the wall making a dent. "Fine, don't tell me but you will be answering." He said turning with him still in his grasp. "Take her to Sasuke, she'll be safe there, I have to visit Tsunade." Naruto said holding the ANBU tightly. Kushina helped Sakura up and took her out of the house as Naruto began making the man walk out into the street and to the Hokage tower.

"Who sent him?" Minato asked as he walked next to his son slightly taken aback by the way he had acted. Naruto looked at him as if to ask a question. "I heard you ask why someone sent him."

"Danzo. I kind of know why he was there, and I have an idea as to why Danzo sent him. He said that if anything happened to Danzo, the group was to go after the person closest to me."

"A way of trying to win after his death." Minato said as they reached the tower. "Tell Tsunade we need to speak with her immediately." The gaud gave a nod before eyeing Naruto holding the half unconscious ANBU. He came back a few minutes later and told them to follow him. He left them in the office as Tsunade stood up.

"What's this?" She asked walking around the desk to look at the half conscious man.

"One of Danzo's guys. I got him from Sakura's home. Danzo told a group that if he were to die, they were to go and kill the one that was closest to me. Sakura's mom got to the house, and she was bleeding pretty badly. I went and found Sakura trying to hold off ten of them." Naruto said then turned to his father. "How was her mom?"

"They said she was dead when I got there." He said softly.

"Where is she now?" Tsunade asked looking up from the ANBU.

"Kushina took her to the Uchiha's." Minato said. Tsunade gave a nod and sent a message for Inoichi to interrogate the ANBU. Tsunade went with him and the man while Naruto and Minato went to Sakura.

Kushina pounded on the door to the Uchiha main house. Fugaku opened the door and saw Kushina practically holding Sakura up as she was on the verge of passing out. Sasuke came up with his mother behind his father and saw Sakura. As Fugaku moved out of the way Kushina made it into the house, and Sasuke picked Sakura up and carried her to the couch to lay her down.

"Sasuke. Naruto was fighting ANBU." She whispered to him. He gave a nod and took towels from his mother and held them on Sakura's wounds.

"Sakura, heal some of the bad ones." He said in a demanding voice as he placed her hand over a particularly bad wound. Kushina took another towel and began to hold it against another wound. Once the wound was healed, he moved her hand to another wound, and healed it. After four times, there were only minor wounds left, but Sakura passed out.

"Sasuke, go get some water and bandages." Kushina said as she moved to take his spot in the front of the couch. Sasuke came back with a slightly angry look in his eyes but had the warm water none the less, and his mother brought bandages. "Thanks."

"What happened?" Sasuke asked. "She said Naruto was in a fight with ANBU."

"Her mother woke us up pounding on the door. Minato took her to the hospital while Naruto when to Sakura. I tried to follow, but he used his jutsu. Minato caught up to me and we found Naruto fighting with one guy and Sakura was sitting on the ground leaning against the wall. He said to bring her to you where she would be safe. Minato is with him now. I don't know what's going on, if that's your next question."

"Why would he think she would be safe here, if she wasn't safe in her own home?" Fugaku asked.

"Because, no one would attack here knowing that I'm here." Sasuke said. "The dobe isn't so stupid to know I am the most feared, next to him. Even ANBU would be too afraid." he said looking down at Sakura then up at Kushina, his dark gray eyes sending an eerie shiver down her spin, now realizing a small reason he was feared. "What of her mother?"

"I don't know. Minato never said." Kushina told him as she placed the last bandage on her. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and Sasuke went to answer it. He opened the door and found Naruto and his father standing there. He led them into the living room.

"How is she?" Naruto asked Sasuke.

"I made her heal the worst ones, but she's exhausted. Your mother said her mother was taken to the hospital. What of her?" Sasuke asked looking at Naruto as he turned from looking at Sakura to looking sadly at Sasuke.

"She didn't make it." Naruto said. "Tsunade and Inoichi are interrogating the one guy that I didn't kill. I got some information out of him though. He said Danzo told him that if anything happened to him, he was to attack and kill the one that was closest to me. It's a way to try and win after he died." Naruto said standing behind the couch, looking down at Sakura.

"You can stay here if you'd like. We have extra rooms." Mikoto said.

"Thanks," Kushina said to the woman. "But I think we'll go back to Naruto's place." Minato nodded as Kushina got up and went to his side.

"Naruto, you should probably stay here. I heard about last time." Sasuke said. Naruto gave a nod, and Mikoto went and grabbed some blankets and a pillow for him. She came back out and laid them next to the couch.

"What happened last time?" Kushina asked as she and Minato made it to his side.

"There's been a few times recently that no one was able to get through to her or calm her down. He was the only one that was able to take care of her." Sasuke said looking at Naruto.

"The one time was your fault." He said to Sasuke, who gave a small nod while looking at the sleeping woman knowing full well that he had done many stupid things to hurt her and Naruto. He tried his best to hide the fact that he often wondered what it would have been like had he stayed and grown up with them, he knew he could never have the bond he once shared with the two team mates and knew he needed to hide his pain deep inside to keep old wounds from opening and his feelings to be played on. "You guys head back; Tsunade may look there to let us know what she found out."

"We're going back to bed." Mikoto said as she and her husband said goodnight and left. Minato and Kushina said good night and headed back to Naruto's place to get as much sleep as possible. Naruto and Sasuke stayed with Sakura a bit longer before Sasuke went to bed, and Naruto set his bed out on the floor and fell asleep. Hours passed and the sun rose. Naruto and Sakura still slept while everyone was up and doing their daily routines. Minato and Kushina came over and were talking with Fugaku and Mikoto, when suddenly, Sakura's scream rang through the house, making everyone run to her to find Naruto holding her as she mumbled and cried.

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