Return Of Legends

Meeting With The Hokage

I want to thank Uzukazi for all the time he spent reading through and fixing my silly mistakes.

Warning! There is a Lemon in this chapter! It's labeled so you know where it is. You have been warned!

Chapter 11

They all stood watching as Naruto ran his hand on Sakura's back as she cried. The others looked on as Naruto started to whisper to her and she began to calm down.

"I'm here Sakura. Don't worry, I'll make sure nothing happens to you." she sniffled as she mumbled something that only Naruto was able to make out. "It's not your fault; there was nothing you could have done, Sakura-chan." The others walked back into the other room leaving Naruto to calm Sakura for a while.

"Don't ever leave me Naruto." She sniffled as he whipped the remaining tears from her eyes and smiled at her.

"You don't have to worry about that. I'll never leave your side Sakura-chan." The two slowly moved closer and began to kiss until they heard a gasp and a laugh from Karin making them both snap to attention and take off as she ran down the hallways of the main house to get to the kitchen where the others sat.

"You'll never guess what Naruto-!" She was cut off by Naruto's hand over her mouth. She crossed her arms and bit down making him cry out in pain and pull his hand back as she tried to start again only to have Sasuke's hand over her mouth.

"Try to bite me. I don't think you will want to know what will happen, now leave people have their business to themselves, not plastered all over the village." He glanced at Naruto and Sakura not knowing exactly what had happened but knew it was not something to be announcing to people, especially people who were just brought back into their lives. Things were awkward enough without rumors flying around to make things worse. Karin gave a small nod as he let go and walked past everyone to get to his own room to change for the day. A few minutes passed as Naruto walked farther into the kitchen when a black bird flew through the open window to land on Naruto's shoulder.

"Well hello there. Sai's getting pretty good." Naruto said as he held his hand out and watched the bird turn to a scroll and fall into his open palm. "Granny wants to see use right away." Naruto turned and left with Sakura following behind him as they took off to the Hokage tower. Karin found Sasuke and told him about the message before they took off also.

"We'll I guess we just stay here." Mikoto sighed as she took another sip of her coffee.

"We'll it's probably because of the information she got from that ANBU." Jiraiya said as he leaned against a wall.

"We'll I think it's better if we stay here anyway." Fugaku said absently. "Sasuke isn't who he used to be. He's like a complete stranger."

"He's always angry." Mikoto said sadly.

"It's still strange to talk to and about Naruto." Kushina smiled as she thought of her son. "I guess it will be until we get to know them better, we have to work from scratch to get the parent son relationship. There's nothing more we can do than that."

"Come in." they heard as Sasuke and Karin stopped beside Naruto and Sakura as they walked into the room to see Tsunade sitting behind the desk. "I'm sorry Sakura." Sakura could only nod as she worked hard to stop her tears from falling. "It seems that Danzo wants the village to be destroyed. From the information we gathered, he was trying to make you either lose yourself to the kyuubi or for you to seek revenge on the village. Either way he was betting that the village would be destroyed."

"So he wants me and the village to be destroyed. If I lose control everyone will b out to kill me before I do too much damage." Naruto thought aloud as Tsunade nodded.

"But you stayed in control proving that you are better than him, and we are going to make him roll in his grave, or where ever he is by going on with life. We are rebuilding and the villagers are all back in their homes. Since being up all night with Inoichi it was bound to happen Ino would show up." She smiled as Sakura smirked sadly and Naruto sighed.

"So what does she want now?" Sakura asked still trying to stay in control of her emotions.

"She wants to have a village wide celebration. And after everything that has happened I have decided to agree. It will celebrate you and Sasuke taking care of Danzo, Sasuke is back, Minato, Kushina, Fugaku, Mikoto, Jiraiya and I were all brought back from the dead. What more could we celebrate?" she smirked. "Just go and forget about everything that has happened for the past few years and be happy, even if it's only for a night." She looked between Naruto and Sakura as she gave a small nod. "Dismissed." The four all turned and left the Hokage tower to talk to Ino and see what they were supposed to do.

That night everyone was cleaned and had fresh clothing on. The groups started to gather and mingle with the villagers. Soon the streets were filled with noise, laughter, and talking as adults talked and children played. Naruto stayed by Sakura's side, only leaving to speak with a few friends not far away, as she stayed to the side not talking or including herself in anything. Naruto glanced over to see her sit onto the ground and look down sadly.

"What's wrong with Sakura? Usually, she's up talking and partying with everyone." Ino said, looking at her best friend.

"I'm sure you heard about last night from your father, but my dad took Sakura's mom to the hospital and found out she had died. Don't go spreading it around. She feels bad enough without everyone telling her they're sorry." Naruto said. "Maybe you could try to cheer her up." Ino looked at him, then at her friend and smiled.

"No. I think the only way to get a smile across her face again is if you are over there" She smiled as Naruto looked at her. "I've known for a very long time that the little crush turned into more. And don't worry; I'll keep interruptions to a minimum." She said and shoved him towards Sakura. "Now go."

"Okay, okay." He said chuckling as he walked over to Sakura. "Come on." He said holding his hand out and she took it, standing up in front of him. "I know you miss her, but she would want you to have fun. You know that, so let's go and forget about everything for the night." He smiled as a small smile started to appear on her face. She was in complete shock when he leaned down and gave her a small kiss in public. "Come on." He said taking her hand and pulling her along through the crowd

The adults stood talking about how things had changed while laughing and joking about the new generation, when someone spotted Sakura sitting on the ground.

"What's the matter with Sakura?" Choza asked making everyone turn and look just as Naruto came up to her making her stand up. They watched but didn't know what they were talking about, then suddenly they saw the two kiss making almost everyone's jaws fall open. Sakura looked shocked before a smile grew across her face, and Naruto smiled pulling her behind him into the group.

"It seems that mystery is over." Jiraiya said "Now we know what Karin was trying to say before she bit Naruto and Sasuke made her stop talking." He laughed as they looked around the group and saw Karin leaning against Sasuke; Ino was with Neji as they sat close on the ground talking. Hinata was holding hands with Kiba, Lee and Tenten were off to the side talking as they smiled at each other, they saw Shikamaru and Temari sitting together talking with Gaara.

"It seems we are getting old." Shikaku said when he saw his son.

"Very old indeed," Jiraiya said making the others turn and see the younger adults. Kakashi was with Anko who was holding his arm as they walked, and Iruka and Shizune were off in the other direction in much the same fashion.

"We can only stay young for so long." Mikoto said with a smile as she watched her son smile at the young woman leaning on him and the music began to play. Minato and Kushina smiled at each other before putting their drinks down and wandering into the crowd making Jiraiya laugh.

"It's good to feel like the old days again." He laughed watching everyone begin to dance. He spotted Minato and Kushina laughing as they went by, he saw Anko, Karin, and Temari trying to pull the men out to dance and saw them give in after a while to join the others. Fugaku and Mikoto joined in and the others watched as they saw Naruto with Sakura as the music ended. Naruto twirled her around, and she landed with her back against his chest. They both laughed as the crowd swallowed them and the music started again. Kakashi and the others made their way over as most of the group continued. "Having fun?" Jiraiya asked Kakashi and the other men as they walked over.

"Pain in the ass woman." Shikamaru said as he passed, and Temari hit his arm for his comment. As the groups began to circle, Minato came around and told Jiraiya to join in, so Kushina grabbed him, and they took off. Iruka and Shizune came around. Shizune pushed Tsunade out, and she went with Iruka. Naruto and Sakura came around laughing a few times and suddenly, when they came close, Naruto let go, and Sakura grabbed Kakashi.

"Enjoying yourself?" Minato asked his son, who smiled and gave a nod. He smiled back as he watched his son act truly normal around him for the first time instead of trying to make things feel normal.

"Looks like you're having a blast." Shizune smiled at him as she looked over at Sakura. "I knew it would happen eventually." Naruto looked at her and gave a grin just before he saw Sakura as she fell into him. Kakashi smiled as Sakura leaned against Naruto's chest.

"You're a good dancer, Kakashi-sensei." Sakura smiled breathing heavily. She smiled and looked over to Minato. "Are you good too?" She asked as she grabbed him and pulled him out to dance. Kushina rounded with Jiraiya, and he let go as Naruto jumped in.

"They seem to be having a blast. It's the first time in a long time I've seen Naruto and Sakura so happy." Shizune said with a smile before Jiraiya took Tsunade and stared to dance. Iruka stood next to Shizune watching everyone dance. The women had taken the men out to dance and the others decided to just have fun for once.

"Have you seen Naruto?" Iruka asked. "I haven't seen him all night." Shizune smiled and gave a nod and pointed out Naruto with Kushina, and Minato and Sakura. "They look like they're having a lot of fun." He wrapped his arm around Shizune as the music ended and everyone went back to groups to catch their breath while another song started up. Minato wrapped his arm around Kushina's shoulders as Sakura walked in front of Naruto as he wrapped his arms around her, bringing her close to him.

"I think you take after your dad for dancing." Sakura smiled up at Naruto making him smile. "You two are fast." She said looking at Minato who smirked as Kushina smiled. The four walked over to Shizune and Iruka talking about dancing. Iruka smiled as they all stopped in front of them.

"You four look like you're finally having fun." He said.

"We are. I feel like this is how everything should have been all along." Sakura smiled and looked around. "I wonder where Tsunade and Jiraiya got to." She and the others looked around, and, suddenly, they heard the loud crash and Tsunade yelling making everyone smile and laugh.

"Wonder what pervy sage did now." Naruto said as he let go of Sakura to help his old teacher followed by Minato and the others. Naruto saw Jiraiya on the ground in a daze with Tsunade fuming, standing over him. Naruto and the others couldn't help but laugh. "What'd ya do now?" Naruto called.

"You never grow up." Tsunade said storming off as Naruto, Minato, and Kakashi helped Jiraiya stand up. They walked him over to a bench and sat him down.

"What'd you do?" Minato asked. Jiraiya looked at him then to where Tsunade stormed off to then back at his old student.

"Nothing. She just likes beating on me." Jiraiya said making Naruto and Minato laugh.

"She always has a reason for kicking your ass." Naruto laughed. "You were probably being a pervert again." Jiraiya looked down at the ground making Naruto and Minato laugh even harder, and the others began to laugh. Suddenly Sasuke walked to his side.

"Naruto. I need to talk to you." He said and grabbed him walking off. When they stopped he looked at him. "Naruto, I need you're…. Advice. How do I get Karin to…?" Sasuke looked at him then away. "To marry me? You seem to have everyone like you and have an answer to everything."

"You…. You want to ask her…? Well you gotta be you. Just ask her." Naruto grinned as Sasuke looked at him for a minute before leaving, and Naruto walked back to the others.

"What was that about?" asked Kakashi. Naruto rubbed the back of his head with a bright smile and shrugged.

"Nothing." He told them as he walked to Sakura. "Nothing I can talk about." He looked around at the disbelief in every ones faces.

"This was a great idea. The villagers and ninja are able to have fun and make friends together." Shizune said. "I wish we had had this sooner." She smiled. Out of the calm music in the background they heard a shriek, making everyone look over at Sasuke and Karin. "I wonder what happened."

"It's nothing." Naruto said. Suddenly he was being hit by Sakura.

"Naruto spit it out. Tell us what you know. What did Sasuke want, why did Karin just scream?" She said. "What is it?" She asked hitting him again making Naruto laugh and hold her hands to her sides and turning her around.

"You'll find out in a few minutes when all the girls gather in a large group leaving the guys to stand around." Naruto said chuckling. Sure enough, a few minutes later word passed for the women to head over to Karin while Sasuke was pushed over to the guys. "I told you. Now you have to tell them before I get beat up." Naruto said making Sasuke smirk.

"I'm sure they'll tell them." Sasuke said as he heard the women all cheer before they started to go back to the guys and spread the word. Soon everyone knew and the celebration became even livelier. Sakura came back over with the other women and Karin. She hit Naruto in the arm before hugging Sasuke and congratulating him.

"What am I getting beat up for?" Naruto asked as Kushina, Temari, and Sakura hit him again.

"Because you didn't say anything." Sakura said.

"I wasn't supposed to." Naruto said as Sakura put her palm on his chest and started to push him backwards through the crowd.

"He's in trouble now." Jiraiya said. "She's a mini Tsunade." He laughed.

"As long as he's not a mini you, he'll be fine." Kushina said as she looked at Jiraiya, whose eyes went wide as he stared after his student.

"Naruto is many things, but you are not one of them." Tsunade said as she walked back to the group. They got some food then sat to talk while they ate loosing track of how long Naruto and Sakura had been gone for.

"Sakura what did I do?" He asked as she pushed him into the side of buildings. She just pushed him in to the small spaces between the buildings before she stopped and looked up at him. As she was about to talk, Naruto leaned down and captured her lips in a sweet passionate kiss that seemed to last forever. When they pulled back, Naruto, smiled when Sakura could only look into his deep blue eyes. "What's the matter Sakura?" He asked low before he kissed her again. He pulled back and was about to kiss her again when she stopped him.

"Naruto, I love you." She said low before removing her hand from his upper chest allowing him to lean down and kiss her again. He pulled back whispering how much he loved her too then turned so Sakura was pressed against the wall, and he began to kiss her face, and traced her jaw line all the way down her neck sending thrill shivers down her spine as Naruto found a tender spot. "Naruto…. Not here….." She sighed making him lay his fore head in the juncture of her neck before she gave a few teasing kisses on his neck. He gave a smile to her before giving another kiss.

"Let's get back." He said taking her hand and leading her back to the group as they ate. The night went on and the celebrations didn't stop until the early hours of the morning. Slowly, everyone started to head home. Naruto and Sakura sat with the other adults talking about the brothers and their plan to kill Naruto. Everyone was starting to get sleepy and started to leave. "I'm gonna stay at Sakura's. After everything she doesn't like to be alone. Besides she's got an extra bedroom for me." Naruto told his parents who nodded and said goodnight while everyone went home. Naruto gave Sakura a hug and a kiss on the cheek before going into his room and she into hers. After a few minutes there was a knock at the door. He was in the middle of getting changed and threw on a pair of sweats and opened the door with only them on.

"Naruto, can I stay in here with you?" She asked and found herself in his arms. She smiled, running her hands over his chest and arms, and he shut the door.

"Of course you can." He smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck and stood on her toes to kiss him. They began to kiss with more and more passion. "You've had this planned haven't you?" He asked looking down at her as she smiled up at him.

"Maybe." She smiled and kissed his neck making him want more. They sent shivers down each other's spines as they ran their hands down the other's body and kissed each other's skin leaving trails of fire.


Naruto slid her robe down her shoulders and off of her body to pool at her feet. He continued to kiss down her neck as he picked her up and spun her around to lie on the bed. Sakura slowly pushed his sweat pants down as he crawled up to pick up where he left off on her neck. Trailing kisses down her neck and down the valley between her breasts. He stopped only to latch onto one and suck while massaging the other. After a few minutes, he switched before continuing his way down her body, as she moaned and wiggled. Before he could reach her woman hood, she smiled and pulled him back up to kiss her lips. She flipped them over and smiled as she straddled him.

"This is my plan." Sakura said as she leaned down and started to kiss her way down his body. She grabbed hold of his manhood and rubbed it making him shiver in pleasure. She made her way down the rest of his body to bring her mouth level to the thing that made him moan and shiver in such pleasure. She began to lick the tip. Naruto grunted as she began to work her mouth up and down. He began to pant and moan until he felt pleasure run down his spine, and he came. Before Sakura knew what hit her, he had flipped them with her back on the bottom, and he started his work again speaking between kisses.

"This may be your plan but I have a plan of my own." He smirked as he went for her woman hood and began licking and sucking. He tore moans and shivers out of her that intensified as he continued only to feel pleasure race down her spine as her body released. Naruto kissed his way back up her body placing himself in position before he pushed into her making her cry out and tense up. Naruto kissed her cheeks as tears fell down them, shuffling his weight onto his one arm, so he could wipe the tears away. After a few minutes, he began slowly moving, and soon he was up to his fastest speed, grunting and moaning every time he felt himself slide in and out of her. Her moans and cries of pleasure grew louder and louder until she burst, making him follow. They didn't slow down. They both wanted more of each other and continued for as long as they possibly could.

_end lemon_

He laid next to her, breathing heavily, both covered in sweat and smiling as Sakura placed her head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her body pulling her close.

"So what did you think about my plans?" Sakura said with a smile. He looked down kissing her forehead.

"It was well planned out." He smiled brightly. "Let's get some sleep." He said pulling the blankets up to cover Sakura's body and most of his. The two fell asleep in each other's arms with big bright smiles on their faces.

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