Return Of Legends

The First Test

I want to thank Uzukazi for all the time he spent reading through and fixing my silly mistakes.

Chapter 12

The next morning, they got dressed and were going shopping, when they got a message from Tsunade that they were to meet at her office. They dropped the bags off and went to the Hokage's office. "What did you call for?" Naruto asked walking in to see Neji and Shikamaru standing there waiting.

"I have decided to add you four as instructors, if you will agree. This class has had almost everyone graduate with a total of twenty-four kids. With all the attacks and plans going on, I think it would be better to keep the three students to one instructor." Tsunade said looking at the four young adults she had met years ago. "If you agree, I will be assigning you teams to begin training within the month." She looked at all four. "Do you all agree to take the position?"

"Yes, but I'm only a Genin." Naruto said. "Remember, I wasn't here for any of it." He said making the others think, none of them were Jonin except Shikamaru. Tsunade looked at them and gave a nod.

"Well because of the skill I have seen you and your fellow members fight with, I am promoting all of your generation to Jonin. Here are your teams. In a month you will meet them and start their training." She said. The four bowed and were on their way out when Tsunade stopped Naruto and Sakura. "You two. You can't imagine how many noise complaints I received this morning." She smiled as they looked at each other and turned red. "You're dismissed." Tsunade said and the two practically ran from her office, making her laugh. "They are cute together." Tsunade laughed

"Yeah, but did ya have to embarrass them like that?" Jiraiya said as he peeked through the window. "Although I have to admit it is fun embarrassing Naruto." He chuckled and watched the door open as Kakashi, Guy, Minato, and Ino entered and stood in front of Tsunade. "Looks like you have several new instructors."

"I will have two more if they agree." Tsunade said to him before turning to face the ones who just entered. "Minato, I realize you have had the title Hokage and are far above an instructor, but since you have decided to live as a general ninja I would like you to become and instructor once again, I would like the same from you as well, Ino. Training will begin in a month." Minato and Ino nodded. "Good. I've decided that you're teams may work with any other teams you wish. Here are your files." She said handing each one a file with the papers on their three ninjas. "You're dismissed."

"Oh, Minato." Jiraiya called from the window. "You might want to have a talk with your son. Tsunade got slammed with a desk full of noise complaints." Jiraiya laughed making Minato smirk and shake his head.

"From what I hear you're to blame for that. Besides Tsunade's the Hokage. She can handle a little pile of complaints." Minato laughed as he left and found Naruto with the others talking about all working together.

"That wouldn't be very fair." Sakura said. "Whoever would take the bell test would never win against you and your dad." Minato chuckled as he came up to the group.

"Then we would have to sit out." He said to his son. "We could plan to have only one instructor do the bell test and switch off each time. Besides, Kakashi's team was able to handle me." He said to Sakura.

"You maybe, but definitely not Naruto." Sakura said pointing to him.

"Don't look like that, Naruto. You know you can act like you're all better than us, but at least we went through all of our exams." Ino said making Minato look at Naruto.

"You never finished the exams and you're an instructor?" He asked. But before Naruto could say anything Jiraiya was in the group.

"He was out with me and never did them. When he came back there was the whole thing with Gaara, then he had to train to become a toad sage and fight Pain. He did a lot even though he never took the exams, so Tsunade promoted him and all the others to Jonin." Jiraiya smirked before looking at his watch. "I have some things to do, remember that talk." He said to Minato who laughed as Naruto and Sakura looked at each other before glaring at Jiraiya and Tsunade, who was looking out of her window. "Hey Naruto let's have Ramen and sake sometime, your treat."

"I know what that means, and no." He said. "Or do you want me to tell Grandma Tsunade about your ramen and sake?" Jiraiya smiled and laughed before he left to do what he had had planned. Everyone but Minato and Sakura looked at Naruto confused.

"Naruto? What's that mean?" Asked Ino.

"When I was training with him, we used to stop in villages and make me pay for his ramen and sake, and that always led to him just being, well, pervy sage." Naruto said making everyone laugh.

"Well let's get the girls and get something to eat." Guy said. Everyone split up and met back at the ramen bar to discus training and their teams.

One month later, Naruto looked at Kakashi, who was in the middle of his test, then looked back at Sakura as she battled three children as they worked together to try to get the bells as several came from behind to grab them. She smiled and punched straight down, creating a barrier around her before she jumped out and hid in the trees for a second and landed behind the children as they looked at her amazed.

"I think she always liked you in a way." Sasuke said making Naruto look at him. "She always wanted to take care of you and worried over you. Seemed like she was always slightly more worried about you. And I know you love her. It's about time she came forward." Sasuke smirked and looked from Sakura to Naruto, who was looking at Sakura with a bright smile.

At noon Kakashi had Hiromi and Suko tied up. The others ate while Kakashi walked away to meet the others. Sakura had only Yukio tied. The second would have been Junko if he wasn't with Tsunade. Once everyone but Yukio was eating, she took off to meet the others.

"Any bells?" Karin asked Sakura, who smiled and held up all the bells she started with. "How bout you?" She asked turning to look at Kakashi.

"No one gets the bells from me." Kakashi said before Sakura and Naruto laughed. "Unless they deceive me." He said making everyone turn to the two.

"You're just mad because we know your weakness." Naruto said. "When I came back from traveling with Jiraiya for almost three years, he had the two of us do the test, and I told him I was going to tell him how his book ended. I didn't really know, but I made him cover his ears and close his eyes as we took the bells" Naruto told them making everyone smile and laugh. Sakura and Kakashi looked at their teams and saw one person on both teams try to feed the tied up people.

"Looks like Katsura has the hang of it." Sakura said before jumping off to scare the hell out of the children.

"Looks like Yamana gets it." Kakashi said before leaving to do the same thing he had done with his last group. Naruto watched how the children would react to Kakashi, when he heard Jiraiya.

"She really is worse than Tsunade." Naruto turned and saw the children scared almost to death as she leaned in front of them. Naruto smiled and chuckled as he came to his old master's side.

"You don't know the half of it." Naruto said making Jiraiya chuckle. "Damn right she's worse than Tsunade. I can get away with callin her granny Tsunade; I can't get away with anything with her mini me." Naruto said watching Sakura give her bright smile and talk to her team. Minato and Kushina watched both teams and smiled, hearing the conversation Naruto had with Jiraiya.

"It looks like they're done." Minato said before he and Kushina took off towards Kakashi with Jiraiya and Naruto, Sasuke and Karin went to Sakura. They walked her and the children over to Kakashi and the rest. Once everyone was together Minato had them stand in front of him as he told them instructions. "You will have the next four days off before we start your missions. You are all free to go." Hiromi raised her hand and waited for Minato to call on her.

"Where's Junko?" She asked making Kakashi wonder as well. Minato looked at the young girl for a moment.

"He had to leave early. Now go and enjoy what's left of the day." He said as the children all took off running and Kakashi looked at the others. "He attacked Ikue. Sasuke and Naruto stopped them and he stabbed Naruto's hand then tried to attack him after that. Tsunade took him." Minato explained as they began to walk towards the Hokage tower.

"He will be punished for what he did and will return to join the missions, but he has been warned, by me and his family, that if anything happens, making any of you remove him from ranks, that is the final word." Tsunade told them as they all stood in Tsunade's office. Once everyone started to leave Naruto walked up to Tsunade to talk to her. "What's on your mind, Naruto?"

"It's actually what Junko said to Sasuke. He told him basically that he shouldn't be a ninja because of what he's done. Sasuke tried to hide it but it's still bothering him."

"That little brat." Tsunade said.

"He made Sasuke think that he isn't meant to be a ninja because of what he did. He tried to get to me by calling me a monster, but it's nothing I haven't heard before. I just want you to help me remind Sasuke that he has every reason to be a ninja." Tsunade gave a nod and Naruto left to join up with everyone as they walked to the ramen bar.

"Naruto, where were you?" Sakura asked as he came up beside her.

"I'll explain later." He said and wrapped an arm around her, giving her a smile. "How ya feeling after that test?" She gave him a bright smile that she only ever gave to him as she wrapped her arm around his waist.

"I feel fine, maybe a little tired but nothing much." She told him as several others smiled at the couple as they all walked to the ramen bar. "I think I might head home. I'm not very hungry." She said

"You feeling alright?" Naruto asked and Sakura nodded. "Alright. I'm gonna get something, and I'll meet you at your house." She gave a nod and started on her way home, while Naruto went in with the other.

"Where's Sakura?" Kushina asked looking around with Karin.

"She went to her house. She's tired and wants to get some rest." Naruto said as he sat down at the bar. "It sounds like I'm gonna have my hands full with the brat." Naruto said with a sigh. "Why couldn't granny Tsunade give me the good ones?"

"Probably because you call her granny." Kakashi said as everyone smiled. "What did you stay to talk to her about?"

"Just wanted to ask her something." Naruto said as he started to eat the ramen when it was placed in front of him. The group ate and talked about their teams for a while before Naruto started to get up. "I'm gonna get going and see how Sakura's doing. Pervy sage can pay this time." Naruto chuckled and left before Jiraiya could say anything but heard his father comment.

"That's nice of you to treat us out to lunch, Jiraiya-sensei." Minato said, amused. Naruto smiled and walked off to find Sakura making some food. He smiled and gave her a kiss as she smiled and continued to cook her lunch.

"I don't understand how you can constantly eat ramen." She giggled as he kissed her neck and walked away.

"I like it." He smiled and she glanced at him before he took paper and a brush and began to draw. Once Sakura was finished she put everything on a plate and sat next to Naruto looking at his drawing. "It's a summoning seal." He said and saw her give him a weird look. "It's for you. If we're separate and you need me this is how you can get me." He smiled and slid the paper over to her. "All you do is put both of your hands on it and send chakra to your hands, and I'll show up." He smiled as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Can you draw one for you? If anything happens you can get me." She asked finishing eating. He gave a nod and grabbed another paper and started his work. "Now if we need each other we will have no problems." She said, stood up, and was about to put her dishes in the sink, when Naruto stopped her. She looked at him, wondering why he was stopping her, then he kissed her, and she knew the reason. The two made their way to the room they had been sharing and showed each other how much they really loved each other.

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