Return Of Legends

The Announcments

I want to thank Uzukazi for all the time he spent reading through and fixing my silly mistakes.

Chapter 13

"What do you say we go get something to eat?" Jiraiya said and looked at Naruto who had already started to glare at him. "We can all go get Ramen." The group walked slowly to the ramen bar to eat and were talking amongst themselves when Tsunade spoke.

"Karin isn't yours and Sasuke's wedding coming up?" As soon as the words left her mouth she heard Sakura groan, Sasuke put his head on his arms and Naruto slammed his head into the table. "What is with you three?" She asked looking at the three as everyone chuckled.

"Granny Tsunade, don't talk about it. You have no idea what it takes to plan that thing and it ain't even mine." Naruto said and he slammed his head down again. Karin looked down and gave a small smile.

"What is that supposed to mean Naruto?" Tsunade asked taking his comment the wrong way.

"No talking about the wedding." Naruto said before he slammed his head down for a third time.

"It can't be that bad." Minato said looking at all of them as Sakura looked up at him then over at Karin. It had taken a long time and hard work but they were all beginning to fall into a little family lifestyle, Sasuke started to losses up and relax, and Naruto and his parents started acting like parents and child.

"Karin, where and when do you want to have it?" Sakura asked and sent the young woman off on naming places and time and reasons they would and wouldn't work. After a while she started to go in circles and Sasuke put his hand over her mouth. "See?" Sakura said as Naruto slammed his head into the counter just for good measure.

"I'm sure Kushina would love to help." Minato said. "Beside's it will give her something to do during the day." Minato said.

"I'm sure we could get all the women to help, but it doesn't help if she doesn't make up her mind." Shikamaru said. "But Temari might be able to help; she already has everything planed out."

"I'm sure if we all work together we can make it all fast and easy." Ino smiled before she saw Naruto look at her.

"Just keep us out of it." Naruto told her as he hit his head one more time.

"Naruto, if you bang your head one more time, you won't have to worry about having one." Sakura said and saw Naruto look up at her with a smile before he dropped his head and took off laughing making her chase him. The others shook their heads as they continued to talk for a little while longer.

"Why don't we all meet at Sakura's place tomorrow night and we can work on the plans." Ino said and Karin nodded as Naruto and Sakura ran by again.

"Just leave us out of it." he said really fast before he was off again. Suddenly Sasuke reached his hand out and stopped Naruto while Tsunade grabbed Sakura. "What?" He asked looking at Sasuke who rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"You never grow up." He said standing up. Naruto smiled and turned to look at Shikamaru as something sunk into his head.

"Shikamaru, when is it?" Naruto asked.

"Spring." Shikamaru said before he cursed himself for opening his mouth. He looked up and glared at Naruto who only smiled while the others looked at him. "You're such a pain in the ass, Naruto." He said before standing up. "Temari will meet you guys tomorrow." He said as he walked out.

That night everyone was home relaxing when Naruto and Sakura decided to go for a walk and pick up some groceries and snacks for the next night. They dropped the bags off and went back out to walk through the park. Naruto and Sakura found a hill that made the sky look very large and clear and the laid on the ground looking up at all the stars. Suddenly Naruto started getting up and turned to face Sakura as she still lay on the ground now looking at him confused.

"It's so pretty out here tonight." She said before she noticed Naruto beginning to get up. "Naruto, something wrong?" She looked into his bright blue eyes and he turned and looked down at her.

"No nothing's wrong, I just had a question. That's all." Sakura looked at him waiting for the question. Suddenly Naruto felt nervous and started to have doubts but decided to take his own advice and just be himself. "Sakura-chan, I want to know if… will you marry me?" He asked and watched her green eyes go wide with shock be for a large smile grew across her face and she leaned up and kissed him as he and she relaxed back to the ground. When they split for air Sakura was still smiling.

"Yes, Naruto-kun. Yes of course I will." She said wrapping her arms around his neck before he pulled back and pulled a ring out of his pocket. "Oh, Naruto. It's beautiful!" She said as he slid it onto her finger. The couple stayed like that for a while longer before heading home and showing how much they loved each other and to show their feelings. They spent the next day together and had Kushina and Minato over for dinner. After dinner the others began showing up and the men gathered together. Once everyone was there the men left to go to the bar and drink and talk.

"Hey Naruto." Shikamaru said "When did you ask her?" Naruto looked at him blankly before he gave a small smile that only Shikamaru saw.

"Ask who what?" He asked playing dumb. Shikamaru asked again this time spelling it out asking when he asked Sakura to marry him and Naruto shrugged and still played stupid. "Shikamaru I didn't ask her." He said as he moved closer and gave a small grin. "You can't fool me."

"Naruto, when did Sakura get the ring?" Sasuke asked.

"Last night, I-" He cut himself off and glared at his friend while half the other men spit or choked on their drinks and looked at Naruto.

"Maybe not me but, I believe Sasuke just got ya." Shikamaru said as Naruto tried to think of a way out of it. Sasuke smirked as he saw his friend think and the other men were beginning to get the ability to speak again.

"She bought it last night." Naruto tried to cover up but Sasuke and the other friends wouldn't let it go and it wound up dragging the older men into the conversation.

"You can't try to hide it." Sasuke said taking another drink. "You're almost about as far as I am."

"Speaking of rings, Neji, that was quiet a nice ring Ino had on tonight, and Kiba." Shikamaru said making everyone look around before Jiraiya just opened his mouth stopping all conversations.

"How many of you are getting married?" He asked and saw Lee's hand up first, then Neji, Kiba, raise their hands then he saw Sasuke, Naruto, Shikamaru barely raise their hands and did it slowly. "Anyone else?" he asked looking at the other men.

"I can carry the secret no longer." Guy said holding his hand up as Kakashi and Iruka smiled and held their hands up. "Well it looks like it's just me and you who aren't stupid enough to let the women take over, Minato." Jiraiya laughed "Not yet anyway." He turned and looked at Naruto before looking at the others. "When where you planning on telling everyone?" He asked and the others looked at each other before they answered at once.

"Women." Jiraiya and Minato began to laugh as they ordered another round for everyone to celebrate.

Back at Sakura's the women had all notice the rings on each other's fingers and smiled at each other. They took turns telling about when, where and how the men proposed and they all sat together collaborating ideas as Tsunade laughed.

"Those men really don't know what they got themselves into." Tsunade said.

"You can say that again." Kushina said. "But I can't believe my son is getting married." She smiled happily as Tsunade laughed. "Well it seems there's a congratulations all around." She smiled as Tsunade got up, before she said a word Sakura's voice was heard.

"Fourth cabinet over Tsunade." She said with a smile before she went back to trying to help plan Karin's wedding. She seemed like the one most in need of help. The night wore on and soon the men came through the door. Some more drunk than others.

The women looked at their men and smiled, Tsunade laughed at Jiraiya as he fell over and took Guy with him as he tried to catch himself. Naruto was one of the most stable drunks they had ever seen. It was clear he was drunk but he was walking and talking fine as he helped Sasuke to walk over to their fiancés. Minato was with Kakashi, Neji with Kiba, Shikamaru grabbed hold of Naruto, Iruka with Lee while Guy and Jiraiya were passed out on the ground.

Naruto almost dropped Sasuke on one side of Sakura while he and Shikamaru went to the other side and almost fell down instead of sit down. The men all looked at the women and smiled as they took the alcohol that the women had pulled out and started to pass the bottle until Sasuke was about to pass it to Naruto. Sakura took the bottle and put it by Lee and Tenten.

"How much did you guys drink?" Sakura asked looking around.

"I can help there. As you can see Jiraiya, Guy, Iruka and Kiba are the worst; they tried to all play some drinking games. Naruto had the next largest amount then Sasuke, Shikamaru, Minato, Kakashi, Neji, and me not having any." Lee explained as Iruka, and Kiba fell over soon followed by Shikamaru, then Kakashi, Minato, Sasuke and Naruto. The women looked at them as they all were asleep but Lee and smiled.

"I am so not carrying your lazy ass home Shikamaru!" Temari yelled at him when he wouldn't wake up.

"Temari don't wake them up. I think we can let them sleep and wake them all up in the morning with a nice big breakfast and noise while we make it." Sakura smirked.

"You are an evil one forehead." Ino said with a smirk looking at Sasuke. "Let's get to bed so we can all get up nice and early tomorrow."

"I only have three rooms but everyone can find places anywhere to sleep, I have extra blankets and pillows in the first room on the left when you go up the stairs. Once everyone was settled the women went to sleep excited about their day in the morning.

Bright and shiny in the morning the women woke up and woke the others as they head for the kitchen and started to pull pots and pans out and talking loud. Sakura turned the radio on really loud then turned it down a bit as Ino accidentally dropped a frying pan making all the men cry out in pain, obviously some more than others. They began their cooking with the radio up once they knew the men were awake. Suddenly the music was turned down making the women turn around to find Naruto barely standing while Sasuke, Shikamaru, Minato and Kakashi tried to sit up but failed only wanting to curl up.

"Naruto, are you okay? What's wrong?" Sakura asked playing dumb. As the other women were cooking. Naruto covered his ears and closed his eyes before whispering to Sakura.

"The sound is killing my head, the light is blinding and me standing up, is probably not the best thing to do." He said as he collapsed making Tsunade and Sakura carry him into the living room with the others who moaned as they set Naruto down and spoke loud as they left the room.

"That damn woman." They heard Jiraiya say low and they managed to fall back to sleep until they all came in with platters of food and waking the men up loudly.

"We thought we would celebrate all of us getting married and cooked a big breakfast for everyone. I hope you're hungry." Karin said shoving food in Sasuke's face making him run for the door followed by almost every other man in the room. Once they all sat down again they tried to clear their vision and tried to keep their voices down, but the women had no intentions of letting them go.

"What the hell happened last night?" Naruto whispered rubbing his head.

"I don't know. We were talkin bout how you're all screwed and then… this." Jiraiya said in a low voice.

"From what we hear." Tsunade said loudly as she sat between Jiraiya and Naruto. "You all had a little party and drank too much last night. Wound up here and passed ou-" she was cut off by Naruto and Jiraiya both placing their hands over her mouth.

"Shhh. Quiet." Jiraiya said making the women laugh and the others took over when Tsunade couldn't.

"It's your own faults. If you hadn't been out drinking this wou-" Sakura was cut off when Naruto let go of Tsunade and cover Sakura's mouth.

"Please, Sakura-chan. Try to keep it down, my head is killing me." He said as his vision finally started to clear up. "We know it was our fault, we don't need lectures on what we do. Just let us feel better." He said and looked at her as he asked. She smiled before Ino and Karin pinched her and she squeaked making Naruto and the others cringe. "Who can make it to my place?" Naruto asked and saw everyone try to get up. Several of the worse cases fell back down. Naruto stumbled a few steps before his legs gave out.

"No one." Kiba said as he lay flat on his stomach. Naruto turned to lie on his back and look at Sakura pleading her to let them be.

"I think the boys have had enough this morning." Sakura said before she grabbed a plate of food with a smile and looked at the other women. "But a bit more won't hurt." suddenly they all shoved food in the men's faces and laughed loudly making the men run to the bushes outside again. While the women laughed. "Alright, let's let them get the rest out of their systems."

"It's a good thing there's no emergency and they need to stand and fight." Tsunade chuckled as they, one by one, began to make their way back into the house to pass out and sleep the rest off. That evening they woke up and sat up looking at each other.

"I feel like shit." Jiraiya said looking around. "I think we drank too much."

"You think?" came a voice from the door way. They looked to see Sakura standing there leaning with her side against the door jam. "You guys had way too much to drink. What were you thinking?" She asked.

"We were celebrating." Jiraiya said. As Tsunade and the others began to show up.

"No we were celebrating, you took it too far again, Jiraiya." Tsunade said. All the women walked in and sat beside their men. "You fell over and took Guy with you passing out before you hit the ground, the others barely sat down before passing out. You all passed out after trying to pass around a bottle of alcohol that we had out." Tsunade explained

"I don't think I'll ever drink again." Naruto said letting himself plop backwards hitting his head on the ground.

"I'm there with ya." Kiba said as he did the same thing. Sakura and Hinata leaned over their men and smiled at them.

"I'm glad cause I wasn't gonna carry you anywhere." Sakura said with a smile as she started to run her fingers through Naruto's hair while he lay on the floor and turning to the others sitting up before looking at Jiraiya as she, Shizune and Tsunade glared holes in his head.

"You should know better than to mess around and make them drunk." Tsunade scolded. "You should know your own limit by now for god sakes!" She said getting louder.

"Tsunade, please don't yell." Naruto said low as Sakura continued to run her fingers through his hair and he closed his eyes. The rest of the night they spent getting rid of all the alcohol in their systems.

Seven months later the men were all gathered at Sasuke's place while the women had gathered at Sakura's place. It was the day of Sasuke and Karin's wedding and it seemed like Sasuke's nerves were on high gear.

"Sasuke would you sit down, you're gonna wear a hole in the floor." Fugaku said watching his son walk back and forth.

"How can I sit?" Sasuke said as he continued to pace. Naruto stood up and grabbed his friend making him sit in the seat. "Naruto, let me up." He said as Naruto held him down.

"Sasuke, just relax, it ain't like it's gonna be the end of the world." Naruto said.

"Yeah, like ta hear you say that next month." Sasuke said when there was a knock on the door. Minato answered and returned to the group.

"Seems like their ready." Naruto let his friend up and got him walking to the door and to where he would be standing waiting for Karin to come down the aisle.

"Maybe we should make him wait a bit longer, this is kind of fun." Jiraiya laughed before he was hit over the head by Sakura and Tsunade. "What?"

"How is he?" Sakura asked Naruto as she looked over to Sasuke who was still pacing as they stopped for a minute. She smiled and went to her friend and stood in front of him. "Sasuke, relax. You look good." She said straitening his tie. "It will all go nice and smooth, I promise." She smiled and kissed his cheek. "I better get back to her." Sakura smiled as Sasuke fidgeted less and she went to Naruto and gave him a kiss before starting back to the bride.

"You see? Now, would ya stop walkin around?" Shikamaru said. "It's really not that bad." He said. He and Temari had been married fifth out of everyone so far. It seemed that there was a wedding once a month as Kakashi and Anko were first, then Lee and Tenten, Guy and Ayame, Iruka and Shizune, Shikamaru and Temari, Kiba and Hinata and now Sasuke and Karin. Naruto and Sakura were next month and Gaara would be getting married in a few months after that. Naruto walked with Sasuke to where he was to stand. Naruto stood behind him as his best man while Sakura was Karin's maid of honor. Sasuke's breath caught in his throat as he saw Karin walking towards him. She was beautiful in her white gown.

The ceremony went smooth and everyone gathered in the Uchiha estate for the reception. Everyone sat talking and eating before the dancing music started and everyone began to get up and dance. Slowly each couple began to rise or the men were drug to the dance floor. Naruto sat at the table with Minato on one side as Jiraiya, and Kakashi sat on the other with empty spots for the women. Naruto looked over at the women who were gathered together talking to Karin when Sasuke was pushed away and he wandered over to the other men.

"Having fun?" Naruto asked as Sasuke sat next to him. Sasuke rolled his eyes and glanced at the women making Naruto chuckle. "Looks like you're relaxed now."

"I'll remember that next month, dumb ass." Sasuke said making Naruto's smile drop and the other men to chuckle at him. Suddenly all the women went back to their men. Karin wrapped her arms around Sasuke's shoulders as the other women sat down with bright smiles on their faces.

"What are you so happy about?" Naruto asked Sakura. She looked at him and her smile brightened as she looked at him.

"Ino, Tenten and Temari are pregnant." She said making everyone look at Shikamaru who rolled his eyes and looked at Temari who was smiling. No one could believe that they were now old enough to be parents.

"It's such a drag." Shikamaru said crossing his arms as Temari hit his arm making everyone at the table laugh.

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