Return Of Legends

Shpping Day

I want to thank Uzukazi for all the time he spent reading through and fixing my silly mistakes.

Chapter 15

The next morning Naruto woke up to find Sakura gone. He walked out his door and saw several of the other men looking down the hall. He looked as every man wound up in the hallway looking at each other. They all started walking to Naruto, who was the last one up like always. As Kiba, Kakashi, Neji, Shikamaru, Sasuke, and Minato stopped in front of him he groaned.

"You okay?" Kiba asked when he heard Naruto groan.

"They started early this time." Naruto mumbled and got looks from all the men. "The women are probably planning where they're gonna shop first and what order to do the shops." Naruto whined.

"You forgot one thing they're planning." Sasuke said. "How much money we have to add to theirs." He said making Shikamaru sigh and grumble about pain in the ass women, Kiba just stared into space, Kakashi rolled his eyes, Minato gave a smirk, Neji did nothing as usual, Naruto and Sasuke sighed before walking passed the men to get down the stairs only to see all the women gathered together with bright smiles.

"It's about time you guys woke up." Ino smiled as she saw the rest of the men follow.

"Are you kidding? It's amazing Naruto's even up now." Sakura said making all the women laugh. Suddenly Naruto was behind her wrapping his arms around her waist as he spoke into her ear.

"Should we tell them about you?" He asked softly making her blush before she turned to hit him and he was gone.

"You wait till I get a hold of you." She warned narrowing her eyes making Naruto burst out laughing. The women looked at him as he nearly fell over. "Naruto!" She yelled and started to run after him, trying her best to keep track of him as he flashed from spot to spot laughing, making the men chuckle. "Sasuke, you can track him-" She said as she stopped by her old friend. Suddenly he gave a small smile.

"Nope. I'm not getting involved." Sasuke said. "When I have to track him is when we have our practice. Besides, half the time I really can't track him." He suddenly heard laughing form Naruto.

"The great Sasuke isn't so great. Huh?" Naruto laughed stopping for a second next to his wife and their friend. Sakura took off after him again when suddenly Kushina grabbed his shoulder and held him still. He looked at her in disbelief.

"When you're with your father as long as I have been, you learn a few things." She smiled as Sakura grabbed hold of him. Minato walked over to her and smirked at his son.

"Never underestimate the women." He said. "And that was really not fair, Kushina." He said to his wife.

"Who said anything about fair?" She smiled at him before looking at all the other women. "Are we ready?" they all nodded as the men looked at each other. Minato as with Kushina and the only person that would have been able to get away was Naruto but he was being held by Sakura. "Let's go." She said as the women grabbed their husbands and the group left. Naruto walked outside with Sakura pushing him from behind as she held tight to his jacket. Slowly as everyone else started to walk passed them Naruto turned and smiled down as he walked backwards.

"Don't look at me like that. Naruto turn around-" Sakura said trying not to look at his smiling face. She wanted to be upset with him for a while longer, they were never mad at each other. Suddenly he stopped and kissed her making her smile brightly at him when they pulled apart. She tried to turn her smile into a scowl only half succeeding. "Naruto you jerk!" She yelled before stomping off leaving Naruto to laugh and receive strange looks from everyone else.

"What?" he asked looking around at everyone before following her.

"Still pissing her off after all these years." Sasuke said walking beside Kakashi and the others. "He'll never change" He said making the men chuckle.

"So he was always making her upset like that?" Karin asked looking as Naruto caught up to Sakura and walked beside her talking.

"Well he was never up for making it better, and it usually involved Sasuke in some way." Kakashi said. "You didn't see her after you left; Naruto never knew when to really be quiet." He smiled looking ahead as his two old students wrapped their arms around each other's waist as they walked. "And nothing ever ended like that."

"What do you mean?" Kushina asked.

"Naruto wasn't one of the smartest kids." Shikamaru said. "He was one of the dead last in the academy."

"One of?" the woman asked making Kiba and Shikamaru look at each other.

"Yeah, Naruto, Kiba, Choji and I were dead last. Half the time he wasn't even in class. He was off pulling pranks and screwing stuff up as he was being chased down by ANBU. Naruto and Sasuke had a little… trouble with each other." Shikamaru looked at Sasuke who rolled his eyes.

"I had no problem; Naruto was the one that wanted to be rivals." Sasuke said looking at his old friend.

"Sakura wasn't all that mad. She can be worse than Tsunade when she's really mad." Kakashi said. There was a pop and it made everyone stop and look behind them to see a large red toad standing next to a large yellow one.

"Hey, you seen Naruto?" the red one asked. "We've got some information he asked for."

"And he's got my snacks." the yellow one smiled.

"You have information on the brothers already? He only told you this morning." Karin asked.

"What? The kid asked a while ago to keep watch for anything about them. Besides we have other information to give him too." The red toad said. Naruto and Sakura had seen the group stop and look behind them and they still weren't moving so they went to see what happened. As they walked up to them they saw the two toads.

"Gamakichi, Gamatatsu. What's up?" Naruto asked

"We have some information for ya kid." Gamakichi said. "First the toad sage doesn't know anything about it. He said in all the years he has never heard of it happening. And second we have gotten several reports about two brothers raising an army in the Bird country. It's a really big army. From what we hear it has men and demons alike. You're gonna have a tough time with this one, kid." Naruto sat thinking for a moment and gave a nod.

"Yeah. What kind of demons? How big is the army?" Naruto asked the toads. Then another thought came to him. They knew next to nothing about the brothers. "Any other information about the two brothers?"

"All kids. It's the fourth largest army Ma has ever seen, she said there has to be something going on. They have demon Hornets, Birds, dogs, reptiles, rams, slugs, Foxes and even toads." Gamakichi said.

"We know the brothers came from Tori in the bird country. They are taking revenge on the leaf for the wars in the past. Naruto, there is something going on. They took control of a lot of demons." Gamatatsu said.

"It looks like they want to put up a bigger fight than Pain." Gamakichi said while everyone looked at Naruto, being the only one who actually fought and took out all the pains. "What do you want to do kid?"

"I don't know yet. Pain was hard enough. He almost killed me a few times, if they're planning on putting up an even bigger fight….. This could turn out really bad." Naruto said thinking.

"Naruto Pain was one thing; these guys are using an army. Ya just gotta get to them and ya end it there." Kiba said.

"No, Naruto knows what it would turn out like." Sasuke said thinking on the same lines as Naruto. "They have a load of demons that they somehow managed to control. Demons that no one has ever been able to control before. Hell we can't even control our summons."

"Madara." Naruto whispered. "It's the only thing that makes sense. They are gathering a large army to attack the leaf with demons. He was the one who got the demon fox to attack years ago, he was in the planning of the attack with pain. That damn guy managed to get away every time he showed up, using another Akatsuki to hold us off."

"Sasuke, Tobi was the only one we couldn't get." Karin said from her side. Sasuke gave a nod.

"He's still alive?" Minato asked his son.

"Yeah, when I fought pain, the eight tails came out and the chakra you left in the seal actually gave me the idea. It told me about what you thought about the fox attack and what you thought then." Naruto said before he sat thinking. "Sasuke-?"

"Don't ask Naruto. I want to kill the bastard too." Sasuke said as Naruto stood up. "We should wait until after this wedding to start."

"Yeah." He nodded and turned back to the toads. "Thanks, guys. If you find anything else out, let us know." The toads nodded and Gamakichi popped both of them before his little brother could ask for food. "Looks like we don't need to send out teams to search." He said.

"What do you two have planned?" asked Ino then she looked at her best friend and the women that had become a friend from an enemy. "You two too?" She asked the two women.

"Ino, it's nothing. Just some things that need to be settled." Sakura said. "Come on lets enjoy the time we have before we have to fight again." Sakura grabbed Ino and pulled her off with the other women following and the men were left standing in the middle of the street.

"Wanta tell us what it is the toad was talkin bout?" Kiba asked. "What didn't he know about?"

"It's nothing." Naruto said walking off in the direction the women went, thinking followed by the others.

"If Madara is alive, then he will still want to crush the village and take the title of Hokage." Minato said. "He has control of demons that would pose a very big problem, even for me. He has something big planned."

"This will be a bit difficult but Naruto and I can handle it, add Sakura and Karin into it, we can't lose. We just need our backs watched." Sasuke said with a smirk.

"Why do you think that the four of you will be able to win with no problems? You're going to need help, whether you like it or not." Shikamaru said.

"Sometimes you need to accept help and work together with others." Kakashi said. "Didn't I teach you anything?" He asked.

"Yes, but a lot was taught to me by Orochimaru, like most of how Naruto thinks is Jiraiya and Sakura, Tsunade. We know how to handle this. Our teachers have been getting us ready for thing like this for years." Sasuke said

"So do you now think like Orochimaru?" Minato asked. "Because, that is the wrong path to follow. It will only lead to death and destruction."

"In some way I do, others are my own. And the funny thing is, Orochimaru said the same thing about the leaf's way of thinking." Sasuke said before walking faster and joining with Naruto.

"Sasuke has always been that way. He has always been full of hate, and it seems to make him go on. The three of them never really got along, but they have been trained by the three Sanin. Their thinking is closer than they think." Kakashi said watching the two men walk in front of them.

"Naruto has always been one to stick his neck out for everyone. He tried to keep as many people out of it as possible. That's Naruto's way." Shikamaru said.

"He will need help. If he had trouble with pain, it sounds like he's going to need all the help he can get this time." Minato said. "He needs to work with everyone."

"Naruto ain't gonna like that." Kiba said and Akamaru barked. "Besides, I wouldn't mind helping him, but when he gets goin, I'm not goin near him."

"Your son seems to work best when protecting others. He and Sasuke have worked together to save each other, although they fought many times." Kakashi said.

"Naruto may not be the smartest guy, but when he fights, he actually scared Tsunade into going away from pain." Shikamaru said.

"How bad was the fight with pain?" Minato asked.

"It was bad. Pain destroyed the village, killing almost everyone. Including me." Kakashi said. "Tsunade used Katsuyu to carry chakra to everyone and heal them. When she met up with the leader of the pains she was about to fight him when Naruto showed up." everyone looked the young man still walking with Sasuke.

"Naruto took out all five pains when we couldn't kill even one." Kiba said.

"Well look at his jutsus and chakra levels, of course he would be able to do that." Neji said. "He was fighting the leader and he got a hold of Naruto. Pinned him to the ground. If you want to know exactly what happened you should ask him but, when pain was about to kill him, Hinata took the hit and that's when Naruto lost it. His chakra went out of control."

"He turned into the eight tails and attacked pain." Sakura said from beside them. The men hadn't realized they had all walked past the store the women had stopped in. Naruto and Sasuke were still ahead talking. "I only know a little bit, but from what he told me pain was trying to take revenge for what the leaf village did years before. Naruto said that he talked to you or your chakra at least and he knew who was behind everything and he turned back. He finished off Pain and used a chakra receiver to find the real pain. He went off by himself and wouldn't let anyone follow him. He still won't really talk about what happened there, all he says is he faced Pain and won." Sakura glanced at Naruto as he and Sasuke stopped and leaned against a wall.

"Naruto can be so stupid sometimes but he is one of the best guys I know." Ino smiled handing Neji a bag.

"It's his way of dealing with everything. He will protect everyone he cares about, even if it means death." Sakura said. "He did that for Sasuke a few times. He won't tell anyone things that happen because he doesn't want anyone else to be hurt by anything."

"Now that is just stupid." Kushina said. "What would give him an idea to do something like that?"

"You don't want to know that." Naruto said as he and Sasuke walked up to the group. "Just leave it." He said before anyone could say anything. He looked at Sakura who was holding four large bags packed full and she gave a small smile. "How much junk do you need?" He asked taking the bags and pulling out a scroll while Sakura smiled brighter.

"You know me, Naruto." She said as everyone watched him seal the bags into a scroll and tucking it back into his pocket. He looked at all the other men carrying the bags, all but Sasuke who had done the same thing he did.

"When did you two get so smart?" Kiba joked with them the two looked at each other then at their wives and pointed at them.

"Ask them." They said making the two women look at them before crossing their arms and looking at their husbands while the others chuckled and giggled at the scene.

"What's that supposed to mean, Naruto?" Sakura asked.

"Any answer Sasuke?" Karin asked. Sasuke shrugged walked away while Naruto smiled at Sakura. "Sasuke." Karin said walking after him. Sakura shook her head before she gave a small smile to Naruto.

The group had finished their shopping and headed for the sand village the next day. The women were gathered in a large room in the Kazekage's tower. While the men were in another room in the tower. It was Hana and Kankuro's wedding day.

"Oh, Hana, you look beautiful!" Hinata said looking at her sister in law. Hana was smiling bright as she walked around the room nervous.

"Kankuro isn't going to be able to keep his eyes off you." Temari said to her soon to be sister in law. "You look so wonderful."

"Why do I feel like I'm going to get sick?" Hana asked as the girls led her to a seat.

"You'll be fine. Just try to relax." Kushina said with a bright smile.

"It's just nerves. Believe me, when you see him, you'll forget about the world." Sakura smiled. "It feels like you're going to die any moment but it will change when you're walking down the aisle to him."

"It's wonderful when you can see them in dressy clothes and not in their messy clothes." giggled Karin, making all the other women laugh. A knock at the door made them all stop. Karin looked at the door before smiling. "Seems the boys have been listening." She opened the door with Sakura and found Naruto, Sasuke and Kiba.

"Alright looks like it's time." Ino said with a bright smile as she turned to Hana. "Believe us when we tell you, it is well worth the nerves." She smiled and walked over to the other women. Hana, Kiba and their mother were the only ones in the room as everyone else left.

"So what's this about messy clothes?" Naruto asked wrapping his arms around Sakura's waist pulling her to his chest. "You think our clothes are messy?" He asked with a fast kiss to her neck making her giggle.

"Get a room." Ino said making Naruto smile and start to pull Sakura away. Ino and Karin grabbed Sakura's arms. "I was only kidding!" Ino yelled at Naruto. He laughed and gave Sakura a kiss on her check making her smile at him.

"Sakura, No!" Karin yelled pulling her away from Naruto who pouted. Kushina walked over and smiled at her son. "Sasuke would you help a little?" Karin called over her shoulder to her husband who was being amused.

"Naruto, do I have to get Gaara?" Temari warned. "He'll throw you out." She said making Naruto laugh.

"Gaara wouldn't throw me out, and you know it." He said over Sakura's shoulder. "If you want this to stop why don't you do it yourself?" He taunted making Temari walk towards him, full intent on stopping the little game when she heard a soft voice.

"Naruto." Everyone turned and saw Kushina standing in one spot a hand on her hip and a stern look on her face. Naruto smiled and sighed before he let go of Sakura and started walking again holding her hand.

"Wow, how did you do that? You just made Naruto stop. I've never seen anyone do that before." Ino said with a smile at Kushina

"Then you haven't been around Sakura and him enough." Sasuke said with a smirk at the two.

"Like you're one to talk, Sasuke. Karin has a tight little leash on you." Naruto shot back, making Sasuke glare at him. "Wanta settle this?" Naruto asked but before Sasuke could answer two voices called out.

"NO!" Sakura and Karin yelled at their husbands. "Naruto, you are going to behave you're self. Sometimes I think you're worse than a two year old." Sakura said as Karin was telling Sasuke that he was not to cause any fights.

"He's like his mother." Minato said as he and Kakashi walked down the hall. Kushina gave him a scowl as he walked over to her. "He's just like you when you were a kid." Minato chuckled.

"And he just like you now." Kushina said as she walked passed him, all the women followed making the men laugh. Before Sakura left she hit Naruto in the chest making him fall and stormed off with the others. Minato helped his son stand back up and watched him wince.

"The girl hurt you?" Minato asked with a smile when Kakashi came to his side.

"How many ribs this time?" He asked and watched Naruto chuckled before wincing from pain.

"Four I think." Naruto said holding his side. "I better go get her to fix the damage."

"That little hit, broke four ribs?" Minato asked amazed. Sakura hadn't hit him that hard, he didn't think.

"You've never seen her really fight. She can poke me and kill me." Naruto said. "I'm lucky, this time, last time she sent me to the hospital for three days before she would heal anything."

"It's your own fault. You started making fun of her." Kakashi said. "Let's get going before she does any more damage." Naruto chuckled while Sasuke smiled and Kakashi and Minato laughed.

They walked into the large room that would serve for the ceremony and found the women over to one side talking to other women, most likely from Kankuro's family. Kakashi told Naruto to sit down, he was starting to have trouble breathing and he went to get Sakura.

"Sakura?" He asked making her turn and look at him. "You're needed." She rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"He deserves a few broken ribs." She said crossing her arms and turning around. Kakashi turned and looked at Naruto as he coughed a few times, coughing up blood.

"Sakura, I don't think that's all you did" He said. She turned around looking at him. He pointed over his shoulder making her look at Naruto cough up more blood as his father and Sasuke sat near and handed him a napkin.

"Oh, no." she said and ran to him, kneeling down in front of him. "Naruto, I'm so sorry." She said as she placed her hands over his chest and started to heal everything she had done. He winced a few times as ribs were reset and his lung was inflated once again, but sat still while Sakura finished. She looked up sadly as she sat back onto the floor. The men had gone to talk to their wives when Sakura was almost finished. Sakura glanced at them laughing and holding their wives before she looked back and Naruto. "Naruto-" she started but was cut off by him.

"It's okay. I know you didn't mean it." He said with a bright smile. He reached out and pulled her to him, and kissed her. "I learned my lesson." He said and gave her another kiss.

"Hey, what did Ino tell you two?" Karin called to them making them look up and smile as all the women tuned and looked while the men looked over confused.

"I thought your mom settled this!" Ino called.

"Don't make me!" They heard Temari as she got a look for Shikamaru. All the women started to laugh as Naruto stood up and had his arm around Sakura. "It's a long story, besides you don't even want to know." She told her husband. Naruto and Sakura went to join his parents, Kakashi and Anko, and they heard a monotone voice.

"Do I even want to know what that was about?" Gaara asked as he stopped next to Naruto who gave a smile and shook his head. A small toad appeared on his shoulder.

"I'll be right back." Naruto said and walked away.

"He's gone to speak to a toad." Gaara said while Sakura and Minato nodded while Kushina looked at the two.

"I'm going to find out what's going on." Sakura said and followed Naruto. Kushina, Minato, Kakashi and Anko wondered what was going on. Kushina decided to break the silence.

"So how do you really know my son?" She asked taking Gaara aback. "He has said that you met years ago but never really went into detail."

"I would hope not. I was the host for the one tailed beast. I let it consume me and control me; we met when we had the Chunin exams at the leaf village. Long story short we wound up having a fight and nearly killed each other, but he taught me that even if I have a monster inside me, I can still have a life." Gaara said thinking back. "I owe Naruto a lot."

"It wasn't just a fight, Gaara." Sasuke said walking over with Karin. "I saw you two fight. It was huge. Well beyond anything that anyone at that age should do. Thirteen year old kids shouldn't be able to summon the head Toad, and no fourteen year old should be able to use techniques you did."

"Naruto summoned Gamabunta at thirteen?" Minato asked.

"Yeah, but I had almost no chakra left." Naruto said walking up with Sakura. "Hey Gaara, you remember the brothers that fought next to Danzo?" Gaara nodded. "Well it seems they're building a giant army to crush the leaf village."

"What did the toad say?" Minato asked not waiting for Naruto to go through the whole story with Gaara.

"They're moving. They're set on Konohana. We need to get back as soon as this is over." Naruto said and glanced around at everyone. "Or we may not have a place to return to."

"Did you send ward to the Hokage and Jiraiya?" Anko asked, falling back into ninja mode.

"Of course I set a toad to each. They're the first one's I would let know."

"We have bigger problems to worry about." Sakura said making everyone look between the two. Sakura turned to the others and told what she knew. "From what I heard it sounds like they're definitely in with Madara and have made another group. They plan on finishing the job the last group couldn't." She said and looked at Naruto. "Don't even think it, Naruto. I will have Tsunade and Jiraiya after you along with everyone else."

"I wasn't even thinking that." He said looking off into space. "I was thinking we need to warn Killer Bee. He's the only other one left." Sakura thought for a moment and knew she would have to apologize later.

"They would most likely go after him first. Get the easier one out of the way." Gaara said. "If they get a hold of him, they will stop at nothing to get to you, like last time." Naruto nodded still thinking.

"We're just gonna have to head them off." Naruto said and looked over at Sasuke. "Up for it?" Before any one could say anything Naruto and Sasuke made shadow clones and sent them on their way. Everyone was looking at Naruto half expecting him to be the clone. Sakura poked his chest and nothing happened. "Do you really think I would leave a shadow clone here and go off myself?"

"Well yeah. That's what we expect from the joker Naruto." Sakura said with a small smile. "Well let's get this wedding done and we can start talking about this problem later." They heard the change in music and everyone took their spots.

A month later they were preparing for war. Gaara, Kankuro, and Hana took a trip to the leaf village. They now sat along with all the others in the Hokage meeting room. Tsunade had planned to have meeting every time new news came in. This time it was the worst.

"We have just received news that the army has gathered more and will be here within two weeks." Tsunade said standing the in the front. "I suggest we get everyone who can't fight out of the village and to a safe spot."

"The army is only two weeks away; there are too many people to evacuate. We wouldn't be able to do it in time." Inoichi said

"We have to make an effort to save as many innocent people as we can. We can't just say we can't do it fast and that's it." Ino told her father.

"Do you see another way?" He asked her.

"Do you?" Neji asked his father in law. As the room was about to break into screaming, Jiraiya noticed Naruto and Sasuke nodding before the standing and suddenly they were separating the two groups yelling at each other. They pushed them back and Sakura, Gaara, Kankuro, Temari, Shikamaru, and Karin were in the middle ready to help. Naruto shoved as hard as he could.

"That's enough!" He yelled and stood up straight as the room went silent. Tsunade and Jiraiya stood to the side with Kakashi, Anko, Fugaku, Mikoto, Minato, and Kushina. The others stood in two separated groups looking at him. "You people need to stop fighting and start working. We don't have that much time before the army is here and destroying everything. So shut up and start working." Naruto said. The others looked at him and each other before the adults' side began to yell back.

"Do not tell us how to run our city! You are the reason they are coming!" Inoichi yelled. "It's because of you that we've had so many problems!" He screamed making all the younger adults turn angrily and look at him. Tsunade and her group watched, they almost stepped in to defend Naruto but where stopped by Sasuke he did three hand signs and everyone went silent.

"I have had enough!" Sakura yelled before Naruto was able to get a word out of his mouth. Sasuke had left his group and Tsunade's group able to speak. "You people are all the same. You were and most still are focused on the nine tails and not on Naruto himself. You all need to take a step back and think about everything he's done for you. He has saved each of you at least once. He has almost died to protect the village and everyone apart of it. You all need to shut your mouths and get to work doing what we can to help instead of standing here trying to make Naruto feel bad like every single one of you have years ago." Sakura said looking at each person in the two groups. They all looked taken aback by Sakura's speech. Sasuke smirked and undid the seal before he and Sakura went over to Naruto.

"So what next?" Sasuke asked.

"We have two weeks to start moving people to a safe place. If we start right away we should only have a few left that we can guard until they're safe." Naruto said and looked around at everyone.

"They will take out the easy targets." Shikaku said.

"They'll be too busy to even think of anything but their opponent." Gaara said. Everyone looked at him confused. "Have none of you seen several ninja here fight? The army could be whipped out with just them, but of course that would nearly kill the ninja."

"So you're sayin that if we stick a few of us in front of them, they're gonna be too enthralled with us to fight anything else?" Kiba asked trying to get his facts straight.

"He means we put the strongest up front leave the rest to protect who's left in the village and to work on whoever slips past them." Neji said.

"So who would the strongest be?" Kiba asked looking around when everyone looked at him to see if he was serious.

"Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Karin, Gaara, Shikamaru, Jiraiya, Minato, and myself will be in the front line while the rest clear the village." Tsunade said. "We will be able to hold them off at least for a while; it will give the village a chance of survival."

"Tsunade, you really don't need that many in the front." Karin said. "With the way these two fight, it's best that you have at least as possible out on the field fighting." She said glancing at Sasuke and Naruto. "Put them up front, Sakura, Minato, Jiraiya and I can back them up while the others help get people out. It would be more effective."

"More effective than making the two morons control themselves." Sakura said making Naruto and Sasuke look at her. "It will give extra hands to evacuate, when it's finished others can join back up. You should go with the village, Tsunade. You're the Hokage, we are supposed to protect you, and I doubt we'll be lucky and have someone summon you from the grave this time." She said making everyone look at Tsunade.

"You shouldn't have to kill yourself twice for this. This time I'm here and I can stop them from doing anything." Naruto said. "At least I'm not alone this time." He said and looked around. "But Sakura and Karin are right. With Sasuke and I out there, it really is better if it's only us fighting front. We have a lot of powerful things and if we have everyone fighting around us we can't use some things." Tsunade nodded. "Sasuke and I need permission to use any and all techniques we see fight in battle, too. We've talked and some of our top notch jutsus and techniques are forbidden." Everyone but Karin and Sakura looked at them. They knew of their husbands techniques and knew neither would use them unless given permission.

"What type of techniques are these?" Shikaku asked.

"Probably ones that will destroy everything." Inoichi said.

"Actually there are a few we know that are meant to protect things. If we can use anything, we can and this war quickly." Sasuke said. "If we do not have permission then this will last longer and where everyone down to their last bit." Tsunade thought for a while before looking around. Only the closest friends and family were fine with them having free rein. She didn't want to cause a war within themselves before going off to battle.

"I'm sorry boys. I can't say yes. There are a few who understand your power and trust that you will use everything to help us but there are more who know of your power and fear it, thinking that you will destroy us with it. They outweigh the ones who trust." She said with a sigh. "Do the best you can without the forbidden jutsu and techniques." Naruto and Sasuke gave a nod in acceptance of the denial.

"Then we better start our work." Naruto said and looked at Sasuke before he looked back at everyone wondering what they were planning. "I have somewhere to go for a bit. Then I'll start looking for my sources." Naruto looked at Sakura and gave a small smile. "Wanta meet him now?" He asked and watched her nod and walk to his side.

"Meet who?" Minato asked as Naruto took a Scroll out of his pocket. He saw his son smirk and shrug before grabbing Sakura's hand and placing it under his on the scroll and suddenly they disappeared. "Who is he taking her to meet?" He asked Jiraiya. He was the only one that really knew how to use the scrolls, besides himself. Jiraiya and Minato walked over to the scroll still on the ground and looked at it.

"You've got a smart boy, Minato." Jiraiya said looking at the scroll and handing it to him. "Naruto found a way to make the scroll work only for him and part way hide where he went." He chuckled.

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