Return Of Legends

The Kids First Big Trip

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Chapter 18

Nine months had passed since the fighting. There had been no word of the brothers since the devastation that Naruto and Sasuke dealt them. Everyone was beginning to think they had died or were hiding, afraid of Naruto and Sasuke. But there were several who knew they were still out there, and they would be back.

"Naruto!" Came a call making, him turn to see Sasuke suddenly beside him. "Naruto, you better get to the hospital. Your parents just took Sakura there, and she's in labor." Naruto's eyes widened, and he took off with Sasuke right by him. Once at the hospital, Ino grabbed him and drug him to where Sakura was, he went into the room and saw her laying in the bed, wincing and rubbing her stomach every so often.

"Sakura?" He said softly as he went to her side and grabbed her hands. "Sasuke came and got me, and I came as fast as I could." She smiled before she felt another pain, and she squeezed his fingers until it passed.

"I thought Ino was just making it look worse than it really was, but this really does hurt." Sakura said before wincing again. Naruto smiled and smoothed her hair back. "It's almost time to see our baby." She smiled up at him.

"You'll be fine. You're a lot stronger than Ino." He smiled when she chuckled. "You seem excited to be changing diapers and to be thrown-up on." He said, making her laugh before a big contraction hit, and she closed her eyes, wincing as she held his hand. "It'll be alright." He said as a doctor walked into the room and examined Sakura.

"It looks like it's time. I hear you can be very strong." He said to Sakura and saw both Naruto and Sakura nod. "Then I suggest you don't hold his hand, or you should make sure you watch your strength." Sakura nodded and was about to let go when Naruto held her hand tighter and smiled.

"You can't hurt me, remember." He smiled, making her laugh.

"Sakura, I want you to start pushing." The doctor said, and Sakura took a deep breath and started to push to get the baby out.

After an hour there was a cry that filled the air as the doctor laid the baby on Sakura's chest, and a nurse, who was on the opposite side of Naruto, began to clean it off. Naruto cut the umbilical cord, and the nurse took the baby to wash it off quickly and handed it back to Naruto.

"Congratulations, it's a little girl." The nurse said and handed the baby over. Naruto looked down at the little girl with pink hair. She opened her eyes slowly and looked up at her father with bright blue eyes. Naruto smiled and turned to hand her to Sakura.

"She looks just like both of you." The doctor said. "She's very healthy and wide awake. More awake than the usual baby." Naruto nodded "What will you be naming her?" The doctor asked, making Naruto and Sakura look at each other.

"Ryoko" Naruto said, making Sakura look at him with a bright smile. "You miss your mom, figured we would give her the name." Sakura nodded, and the doctor wrote the name down and left, only to be bombarded by everyone waiting outside the room. Naruto looked down at his daughter, he couldn't believe it. He was a father. He, the boy who grew up being hated for being the host to the nine-tailed beast, was a father. He saw Sakura's eyes start to look heavy. "Get some sleep. I'm going to go show her to the others that are trying to get an answer out of the doctor." He kissed her and took the baby as Sakura fell asleep, and he opened the door and saw everyone look up. All the women handed the babies they were holding to their husbands before running to Naruto, followed by the men.

"How's Sakura?" Ino asked.

"She's sleeping, figured I would bring her out, so you will leave the poor doctor alone." Naruto chuckled as all the women turned their attention back to the baby girl.

"What's her name?" Karin asked as she rubbed her swollen belly.

"Ryoko." He said, making all the girls smile. Kushina reached over and took the girl from Naruto, making the women change who they were surrounding. Naruto chuckled as he was pushed back and was standing with the men. "Every time." He said as they all stood watching the women.

"Troublesome women." Shikamaru said, standing in the group of men holding his two and a half month old daughter.

"Careful what you say, you're out numbered in your house already." Shikaku said to his son as he took his granddaughter.

"They can't be that bad." Kiba said with a smile, holding his one month old son. "Besides you can always try to even the field." He smirked. "Look at Kakashi, Me, and Lee, we're already winning." He said, making everyone laugh and look at Kakashi holding his month old son.

"If it weren't for the women, there would be no us." Minato said. "You should be happy for girls." Kiba, Shikamaru, Sasuke, and Naruto looked at him, and then back at the group of women, then back at him.

"Obviously, you haven't met most of these women." Naruto said "They're nothing to wish for." He said as the other three nodded in agreement. There was a cry from the middle of the circle of women that made all the men look. "I guess I better go save her from being like any of them."

"With Sakura as her mother, I think it's too late." Jiraiya said and was hit on the head by Tsunade. "Ouch!" He yelled as Naruto walked away, laughing, to take his daughter back. He made his way through the crowd and took the infant from Kushina and made his way back out with the quiet girl. "How'd you make her shut up?" This comment earned another hit to the back of the head.

"He took her and she stopped crying." Ino said as she took one of her two and a half month old twin girls from Neji. "She must know who her father is." She smiled.

"There may be some hope for her yet." Kiba said with a chuckle when Hinata took their daughter. The group talked for hours until it was time for Ryoko to be put to bed for the day, and everyone left to see Naruto and his family in the morning. That night, Naruto sat in his chair while his wife and daughter slept, thinking of how he got where he was now.

"Naruto?" Came a soft whisper from the door, making him look up and see his parents at the doorway. He told them to come in and they found seats and talked quietly, careful not to wake Ryoko or Sakura. "What's on your mind?" She asked making him look up at her again.

"Just thinking." He said and looked back at Sakura. "I'm wondering how I went from the kid that everyone hated to being married and be a father. So much has happened, and it seems like yesterday I was in the academy." He said.

"Everything works out the way they're meant to. Or else we wouldn't have had you, and we wouldn't be here right now. If you hadn't grown up the way you did, you wouldn't be the man I see in front of me." Kushina told her son. "I am not happy that you were left alone and had to grow up the way you did, but it had to be done to make you strong in so many ways."

"I don't' know what to do with a kid, but all I know is I'm gonna give Ryoko a better childhood than I had." Naruto said.

"You have others to help you, too. This isn't something that will be as easy as fighting for you." Minato said. "It's not something you can do alone." Naruto nodded and went back to looking at his wife and child sleeping. "It's a big difference from years ago." Naruto nodded and heard Ryoko start to fuss; he stood up and picked her up gently. Kushina smiled as she went to help her son, and he asked her to make a bottle for him. He took the bottle and sat back down, putting his right ankle on his left knee and placing the baby in the 'cradle' his legs created, and he put the nipple in her mouth and watched her eat.

"It's a good thing I had to help the others when their kids were born." He chuckled as Ryoko started to relax her fisted hands and look up with her bright blue eyes. Kushina smiled and agreed with him as she watched the baby try to look around while she ate. "Already wants to know what's going on." He said with a smile.

"I think we're going to go get some sleep. You coming home?" Minato asked as he and Kushina stood to leave.

"No, I think I'm gonna stay here and let Sakura get as much sleep as she can." He said, looking up at his parents. "I'll let you know when they're letting them out." He said and watched his parents nod. Kushina kissed Ryoko and Naruto on their foreheads and left with Minato giving a bright smile. Naruto was left in the quiet room feeding his daughter while his wife slept.

Sakura and Ryoko were released the next morning. Naruto wrapped an arm around Sakura's waist and held Ryoko in the other arm as they made their way back to his apartment where he was to meet his parents. On the way several people crowded around to see the new baby.

"She's precious." Tenten said holding her son and looking at the new sleeping baby. "She looks just like you Sakura." Sakura smiled and looked at Naruto.

"She has Naruto's eyes." Sakura said.

"She is beautiful. Hopefully, she'll grow up like you with the best parts of Naruto." Shizune said with a smile. "That's all we need, another Naruto running around." She said, making everyone but Naruto laugh.

"Naruto turned out fine after everything he did when he was a kid. I'm sure he'll teach her what to do," Iruka said. "Like listening to the teacher and going to school." Everyone laughed before Naruto shook his head, and everyone said good bye and went on their way. They got to the apartment and found Shikamaru and Temari with their daughter, Sayuri, Ino and Neji with their twin daughters, Chie and Chika, Kakashi and Anko with their son, Sakumo, Kiba and Hinata with their son, Isao, and Naruto's parents.

"Figured we should all see how you two were doing." Kiba said and watched Sakura take the infant and move off with the other women, leaving Naruto to sit with the men. "Heard you stayed at the hospital all night, you must be tired."

"Not really. I'm used to next to no sleep for weeks on end." Naruto smirked. "Never know when you won't get any sleep." He said, making the men chuckle. As the two groups talked there came a knock on the door, Minato answered it and saw Jiraiya standing there with a bright smile.

"There's gonna be another one to add." He said making everyone look at him. "Karin was just taken to the hospital." All the women smiled at each other before they started towards the door. Naruto and Minato grabbed the front of Jiraiya and pulled him out of the way as the women went to the hospital, making the men follow.

"You had to announce it?" Naruto asked with a chuckle.

"They were on their way here, it was better I announce it now than if they find out and no one told them. It's definitely better than it happening here." Jiraiya laughed. "Just imagine what that would be like."

"I'd rather not." Shikamaru said as he walked beside Naruto.

Two years later there was still no sign of the brothers, and everyone began to relax and watch their children grow up. They saw best friends begin to develop and enemies be made. Ryoko was friends with everyone; she was known to be an almost exact replica of Naruto, only she listened more. Her pink hair was now down to her shoulders and flew in the wind as she ran, looking at everything with mischievous blue eyes. Sasuke's son, Itachi, was friends with Sakumo and Isao. He looked almost exactly like Sasuke with small features that showed Karin. The girls banded together and became fast best friends, so did the boys, but every group had the few who didn't like someone. The adults had planned a day that everyone would meet at the park, and they all sat around talking as they watched the kids play. Ryoko was just like Naruto, she was all over, getting into everything, making friends with everyone she met, but she listened like Sakura. Itachi was just like Sasuke, but was slightly more outgoing. He was a smart two year old second only to Sayuri. Sayuri was brilliant like Shikamaru but acted like Temari. She had long brown hair that was held in a pony tail on the back of her head and bright teal eyes. Sakumo was a carbon copy of Kakashi, with the silver hair and black eyes, even in attitude. Isao was just like Kiba, running around without a care in the world with his black hair laying back with the wind and looking around with laughing gray eyes. Hiroshi was exactly like Lee, running around trying to work hard for everything and trying to make everyone else work hard for things; this earned a lot of enemies. He even looked exactly like his father. Neji's and Ino's twin girls stayed close together. Chie was like Ino and was one of Ryoko's best friends; she had blond hair and dark blue eyes, while Chika was a perfect mix of both parents, brown hair setting her apart but looked more like Neji with her white eyes, Ino's outgoing, and Neji's thought process.

"You weren't kidding when you said she was just like Naruto." Ino said as she watched the two year old Ryoko run everywhere possible. She was climbing trees and playing with the other children who were out going.

"You see her now; you should see her when she's with Naruto." Sakura said. "I pray to be saved every day when those two get together." She said, making the women laugh. "I hope she starts to calm down and act more like Minato or even Kushina when she gets older."

"She's not that bad. Ryoko's just a lot of fun." Naruto said with a chuckle, making everyone laugh and shake their heads. "At least she listens." He said as he sat next to Sakura.

"If you need a place to run to, our door is always open." Ino said with a smile to her best friend. "I say we get all the women together and let the guys watch the kids for a few days while we go somewhere." She said, looking at the other women smile and the men looking at each other afraid.

"We could go to my village, Naruto said it was rebuilt. I know of some secret places that no one else would know of. Even if they did, they couldn't get to them without someone from the village itself." Kushina said with a smile, making all the women nod.

"Okay, hold on. You were all just talking about how the kids are, and you want to leave them with us?" Naruto asked, looking at all of the women. "Is that a very good idea?" He asked them, making them look at each other before they turned back with smiles.

"Well, I think it is because when we get back, I better not hear anything happened while we were gone." Sakura said, looking at Naruto. "Besides, you guys aren't made to stay here. You were saying how you wanted to visit Gaara anyway. Why don't you take the kids to the sand village?"

"Why don't we go with them then head to the waterfall country from there." Temari asked. Everyone agreed and made plans to gather in a week and head to the sand village.

A week later, the adults stood at the gates with sleepy two year olds in their arms. Tsunade had made Jiraiya tag along to make sure that he behaved. Her idea was that the responsible men would be able to watch him and make sure he didn't go spying like he did in the leaf village.

"Chie, why don't you walk?" Ino asked. "You're getting to big to be carried everywhere." The girl shook her head and had Ino carry her.

"I got an idea." Naruto said pulling out a scroll with one hand while he held his sleeping daughter in the other. Sakura hit his head and looked at him sternly as he chuckled.

"Don't even think about it, Naruto. You can't seal them in scrolls." She said, making him laugh. She rolled her eyes and sighed. Jiraiya laughed as he came closer with Tsunade beside him. "We're all here, you're the last one." Sakura told him.

"Whose idea was it to start this early?" Jiraiya asked as he stopped in front of them.

"Jiraiya, it's one in the afternoon." Naruto said "Maybe you shouldn't have been out all night with sake." He said with a smirk.

"Then why are the kids all sleeping or half asleep?" He asked, confused as he looked around and saw Kiba holding Isao, Kakashi holding Sakumo, and Shikamaru holding Sayuri, who were all looking around sleepily. Ino and Neji held their half-asleep twins Chie and Chika, and Naruto was holding a sleeping Ryoko. The only one who was standing was Lee's young boy, Hiroshi, who stood by his parents with wide awake eyes.

"It's their nap time." Kushina said. "Now let's get going, we have a while to go to get to the sand village." Tsunade smiled when she saw Kushina and Sakura grab Jiraiya by the front of his clothing. "And no sake business, understand?" Jiraiya looked at both and nodded, making Naruto and Minato laugh, before they set out on their way.

Three hours later, the children were starting to wake up and walk beside their parents. Shikamaru and Naruto were the only ones carrying their children. Temari and Sakura had talked about the way the men treated their daughters; the two men spoiled the two girls rotten. For someone who always thinks women and girls are troublesome, Shikamaru sure loved to dote on his daughter. They stopped at Shibugakure to rest for the night. Naruto and Sasuke were able to get rooms for everyone for free; turned out that they each knew a person that owned the inn they stopped at.

"Do you know someone everywhere we go?" Kushina asked when Naruto and Sasuke told them about the rooms. Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other and smirked.

"It's better than us not knowing anyone." Naruto said as Ryoko walked over to him. She had been walking the last hour holding his hand and she, like everyone else, was tired. Sakura smiled when she saw the girl reach up, and Naruto picked her up only for her to lay her had down on his collar bone.

"That's true." Jiraiya said as he watched the little girl silently beg to be held and Naruto obliging. "I think we're all exhausted, we should get some sleep." He said with a smile only to have Kushina and Sakura drag him off to his room and push him in. He turned to look at them and Sakura was holding a seal. He looked behind the two women and saw three laughing faces. Naruto was laughing holding his daughter; Kakashi was chuckling standing next to Minato, who was laughing.

"I can get out of any seal; I'm the one who taught Minato." He told the women before they started to laugh.

"Who said Minato made this one?" Sakura said. "You forget there is another one who makes them." She smiled and shut the door putting the seal in it. "You're not getting out of this, so get sleep for tomorrow." She called through the door and heard a loud thump as Jiraiya sat on the floor.

"Pervy sage, you better give up, I made that one especially for you." Naruto laughed and walked to his room with Sakura, Minato and Kushina following him as Kakashi went to his room to find Anko putting their son into bed.

"Did you really make that one special?" Kushina asked as Naruto went to the small cot and laid Ryoko down. "It didn't look special."

"It wouldn't. I made it look like a design Dad does, but if you look close, you can see very small changes that will make it so only me or Sakura can remove it. It's so simple no one will be able to remove it." Naruto explained as he went and sat on the end of his bed. "It looks like it would be a difficult way to remove it, but its two hand sins in front of it and it falls right off." He smiled. "That's why there's no way he's getting out from behind the door. He can't get out at all, it seal the room." Naruto chuckled as Minato smirked.

"I think Jiraiya, met his match." Minato said and saw Kushina give a small yawn. "We better get some sleep for tomorrow if we want to be able to get to Ki by night fall." Minato and Kushina stood and said good night and left Sakura and Naruto get into bed and sleep.

The next morning they woke up to Ryoko climbing in bed between them giggling every now and then. Sakura cracked an eye and saw Naruto smile, they waited for the girl to climb up to their heads and Naruto grabbed her, and Sakura started to tickle her, making her shriek with laughter. As Minato and Kushina were walking down the hall, they heard the laughter and smiled. They never thought they would be able to see their son grow up, let alone have a grandchild. It was pure happiness that they couldn't even explain when they were able to see Naruto smile with his wife and daughter.

In the room, Sakura sat back laughing as she watched Naruto start to tickle the girl, who tried to sneak up on them. It brought a bright smile to her face to see Naruto, the boy that she had grown up with, the boy that everyone feared and hated to now be laughing and playing with their daughter.

"Daddy!" Ryoko cried out. "No!" She shrieked in laughter, and Naruto stopped, leaving her laughing and looking at her parents. "We gotta get Grampa Jiraiya." She laughed and ran out of the room only to run into Sasuke, Kakashi, and Minato as they were walking down the hall to get something that their wives forgot. Ryoko was looking back and didn't see Sasuke as she ran into him and fell back wards onto the floor. She looked up at the three men as Naruto and Sakura came out of their room.

"Good morning Ryoko." Kakashi said "Where are you running off to this early?"

"Daddy gonna let Grampa Jiraiya out." She said to him before standing back up and looking at Sasuke. "Sorry Uncle Sasuke." She said and ran off again as Naruto and Sakura came walking up.

"She's excited this morning." Minato said, glancing back to where his granddaughter had run off to. "What did you tell her she could do?" He asked his son. Over the last two years he had learned that Naruto was usually the one to say one thing and get the girl going and getting into trouble.

"I didn't tell her anything. She's just excited to be wide awake enough to annoy pervy sage." Naruto chuckled as he walked past the three men to find his daughter. "Ryoko!" He called and saw her poke her head around a corner before smiling and taking off again.

"She's worse than Naruto." Kakashi said as Sakura sighed. "Too much like him." He said, making Sasuke smirk and the others chuckle. Suddenly there was a crash, and everyone turned and started to run, thinking Naruto and Ryoko had done something. They turned the corner to see Naruto, and Jiraiya holding Ryoko come running from the other end. In the middle were Isao and Hiroshi. They were standing in front of a large, now shattered, vase. The others came running, wondering what happened and found the two boys. Kiba grabbed his son and Lee led his son away, while Naruto and Ino cleaned up the mess. Once it was cleaned up, everyone went down the stairs and out of the inn, leaving Naruto and Sasuke to talk to the owners. Naruto and Sasuke walked out of the inn to join everyone at the gates of the village.

"Where go now, daddy?" Ryoko asked as Naruto came up to the group.

"If we get moving we can make it to Ki before nightfall." Naruto said to her. "We can stay there and head to Kawa in the morning." Everyone agreed, and they started on their way. All the children walked with the adults and ran near them, playing games to keep them from getting bored. They stopped in a small town for lunch, making the children sit and eat. When they were done they were on their way again and, they soon noticed that the children were wearing out. One by one, they were picked up and carried. After a while, Chika was getting too heavy for Ino, and Minato took the girl to help, and then Sakura had to hand Ryoko over to Naruto when she started to get too heavy.

"They're getting too big for us to carry any more." Ino said. Looking at the girl Minato held. "I remember when I could carry her all day." she said.

"I know what you mean. I remember when I held Naruto." Kushina smiled, but lost it as he turned and looked at her with a bright smile.

"You wanna try it again?" He laughed, making her shake her head, and all the other men chuckled. The group continued to walk for several more hours before they stopped for a break. They laid the children on the soft grass as they took a breather; all the men went back to the women stretching their arms.

"They're like little angles when they sleep." Jiraiya said as the men sat down. "How long till they wake up?" He asked glancing over at the sleeping children.

"Relax Jiraiya. They're just kids." Shikamaru said with a smirk.

"You guys did something to them. They're too smart to be two-year olds." Jiraiya said "They plan their attacks on me." Minato, Naruto, and Kushina laughed at him.

"I think you're just paranoid." Naruto said as Ryoko and Sayuri walked over to the groups. Sayuri climbed into Shikamaru's lap while Ryoko climbed into Naruto's lap. "You two have a nice nap?" He asked the two girls.

"No. Isao kicking us." Ryoko grumbled and laid against her father and started to doze like Sayuri had done. Naruto and the others chuckled when they heard the little girl's words. Naruto and Shikamaru moved the girls so they were being cradled while they slept.

"You two spoil them rotten." Ino said looked between the two men, who looked at each other then back at her. "Those little girls could get away with murder with you two." She said.

"We don't spoil them; if we did we would be giving them anything they wanted." Naruto said, and Ino looked at him and smiled. Jiraiya looked around and sighed.

"We better get moving again." The men stood and gathered up the kids and started on the walk to Ki again.

It had taken a week to get from the Leaf village to the Sand village. The group decided that the women would leave the day after they arrived at the Sand village. They were now gathered at the gate and saying goodbye to their husbands and children for a few days.

"Mommy, you come back?" Itachi asked as Karin held him. She smiled and nodded before she gave him a kiss and handed him to Sasuke.

"I'll be back before you know it." She smiled at him and turned to leave with the other women. The men set the children on the ground and lead them back to the Kazekage's tower. Gaara's wife, Matsuri, and Hana had decided to go with the women, leaving Gaara's and Matsuri's twin boys, and Kankuro's and Hana's daughter with them in the village.

"So whose idea was it for the women to leave?" Gaara asked on the way to the tower. The men looked at each other and shrugged.

"Well technically it was Ino who suggested they all go somewhere, and it was Kushina who figured out where, and Temari was the one who said to come here." Shikamaru said. "Damn woman." Shikamaru mumbled.

"It's only for a few days, besides we can catch up. We haven't seen you guys in a while." Lee said. "Why don't we meet somewhere after the kids are asleep?" He suggested, making most of the men just shrug.

"Well the rooms we have are connected to the Kazekage's tower. Why don't we meet in the tower?" Jiraiya asked. "The kids all go to sleep about nine, why don't we meet at ten?" Everyone nodded and walked back to the tower.

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