Return Of Legends

Personal Attack

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Chapter 19

Ten o'clock Naruto checked on his daughter, who was sound asleep in her bed, before leaving to meet the others. He met Sasuke on his way and the two friends walked to the room they were all supposed to gather in. They were the last two, and they all sat down and talked with some sake and food.

After a few hours, the group was laughing and joking, talking about the old days when they heard a scream. All the men ran out of the room to where the kids were all sleeping. As they neared the hall they saw the children open the doors and look down the hall. The only door that didn't open and show a child was the one Ryoko was behind.

"Daddy!" Came a scream making Naruto flash into the room with Sasuke beside him. They saw a man in a mask walking towards the terrified little girl. Naruto and Sasuke looked around as more men in masks came from the walls. As the man was about to hit the crying girl, Naruto grabbed the man's arm. "Daddy!" She yelled when she saw him.

"Sasuke get her out of here." Naruto said just before Sasuke appeared next to the girl and was gone again. "Trying to hurt my daughter is not the best idea." He said twisting the man's arm, making him drop to his knees. "Why are you trying to kill her?" He asked as the other men began to move in. Naruto flashed around and killed the others and grabbed the main man before he could breathe. "Answer me."

"The killer brothers want the elimination of the murderer of Danzo. They said to start at the bottom and work up the family tree." The man said in pain as the others came into the room. Minato was sitting outside and down the hall with Jiraiya, taking care of Ryoko, who was in hysterics.

"I have never seen those masks before." Gaara said as he walked closer.

"You wouldn't have unless you know the most secret person in the bird country." Naruto said. "It's close to the ANBU only these are supposed to be trained assassins." Gaara's sand ANBU took the man, who was still in pain, and drug him out of the room to be interrogated. The others left the room as Naruto went down the hall to find Ryoko. She looked up at the sound of people and saw Naruto walking towards her. She jumped out of Minato's grasp and ran at Naruto, who picked her up and held her tight.

"What happened?" Minato asked, walking up to his son holding his hysterical granddaughter. Everyone could only watch as the spastic little girl was now crying like a baby in her father's arms. The men watched as Naruto tried to calm himself before talking.

"Sasuke, where's Itachi?" Naruto asked looking around, but Sasuke was gone. The men went to the room Itachi and Sasuke were using and found Sasuke sitting on the bed holding Itachi as he cried silently. "They get in here too?"

"Yeah. He saw them first and hid, and they went away thinking he wasn't in here. That must have been when they found Ryoko." Sasuke said standing up with Itachi in his arms. "Naruto, we need to start." He said making everyone but Gaara confused. Gaara shook his head.

"You two need to plan it out, I guarantee you cannot charge into bird country and take the two brothers out. They have obviously planned this out, and I am sure they would have a plan for you if you went after them." He told the two men.

"It's what they want you to do." Kiba said. "They did that to get you two to go after them and who knows what they'll do. They may go after you or they may try to take the kids out again once you leave." Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other.

"They won't get away with trying to kill them." Naruto said before he sat thinking and looked down at the tear stained face of his daughter. She had cried herself to sleep, and he felt like it was his fault for not being there to stop them before she could see anything. "There is a place they can't touch them." He said looking up with a smirk.

"Naruto, even if you take them there, what next, you two run off and get killed? How long will you have to keep them there?" Kakashi said. He knew the two men were scared for their children and wanted nothing more than to make them safe, he would be doing the same thing if it was his son who was threatened, but he needed to help get them through it logically.

"Just for a bit, just long enough for us to get the information we need." Sasuke said. "You may have seen how we've grown but we still have many things that no one has seen." He said making everyone look between the two men.

"Remember the jutsus we asked Tsunade to let us use, two years ago?" Naruto asked. "We have more than just a few that can save our lives. We didn't use any because Tsunade said no to our request, but with in a second Sasuke and I could have finished the army off and ended this forever. I have a chance to do that now, and I'm going to take it." Naruto said sternly as he looked around.

"Naruto, just try to gather information like you did before, at least until the women get back." Jiraiya said knowing that once Sakura was back she would talk him out of it and they would all be able to work together. When Naruto sighed and gave a slight nod Jiraiya felt relieved. He didn't want anything to happen to the young man or to the little girl he held.

"I'll wait but I'm gonna start the search now." He said and pulled out a scroll, using one hand he pulled him, Ryoko, Sasuke, and Itachi into the Toad world. Minato and Jiraiya sighed and pulled their own to make sure they didn't do anything.

"Naruto!" Called a yellow toad as he and a red one hopped up to him and Sasuke.

"Shhhhh! Gamatatsu, keep it down." Naruto said glancing at Ryoko who shifted slightly. "Gamakichi, is the toad sage awake?"

"Yeah, I think so. He was supposed to be talking to Ma and Pa a few minutes ago. Who are these kids?" the red toad asked looking at the two Naruto and Sasuke held.

"That's Itachi, Sasuke's son and this is Ryoko, my daughter. I have a very important thing to talk to the toad sage about." Naruto said as Minato and Jiraiya came to his side. He turned to the two men, Sasuke and he handed the two kids over.

"No, daddy." Ryoko cried as Minato took her and held her close as Jiraiya took Itachi who only looked sadly at his father.

"Ryoko, stay with your grandfather." Naruto said to the little girl. "We're gonna get the toads out looking. If I can get the toad sage to agree he'll hold a special council and meet with the heads of the other demons. If he does that we can take back control from Madara and be able finally stop him and these brothers." He said to Jiraiya and Minato.

"A council? I've never heard of that before." Jiraiya said walking behind the two men. "Is that what you had asked about a while ago and Gamakichi said the sage didn't know about it?" Naruto glanced at him and gave a nod.

"I asked him if they've ever had one. I thought if we could get everyone on the same page we could get everyone out for their heads." Naruto said as they reached the stairs. "I hope he'll be able to do it." the group walked up the stairs to find the toad sage talking with ma and pa. The toad sage looked up and saw them clear the last step.

"Naruto, Minato, Jiraiya, and you must be Sasuke Uchiha." The sage said looking at them. "What brings you all here with two children? I imagine it is important." Naruto nodded and walked forward.

"I had asked a while ago if you could get a council together." Naruto said and watched the toad sage look confused. "I came a few years ago and we were talking about getting the heads of all demonic creatures. If we can get everyone together so we could get everyone working on stopping Madara Uchiha and those two brothers that had helped in the fight with Danzo."

"There has been no word since the battle two years ago. Why ask now?" Pa asked. Naruto and Sasuke glanced at their children and back at the toads.

"Because they've surfaced again. This time I will follow them to the end." Naruto said. "They've taken it too far this time. They tried to kill Sasuke's son and my daughter as a way to get rid of everyone who killed Danzo." Naruto said angrily. The toads looked at him then at the two children then back at Naruto and Sasuke.

"Your children?" Ma asked and Naruto gave a nod.

"Ryoko, come here." Naruto called and Sasuke called for his son and the two older men let the kids down to run to their fathers. Naruto picked Ryoko up and held her in his arms as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "If we had been a second later she wouldn't be alive still, it's luck Itachi heard them and was able to hide." Naruto explained what had happened earlier and the Toad Sage nodded.

"I will see what I can do. This is an evil that needs to be put to rest." The great toad sage looked at the two small Toads. "Shima, Fukasaku, spread the word…." He paused forgetting what he was talking about.

"Would you like us to send word to all the heads and ask for council?" Ma asked with a sigh. Everyone knew how the sage was, he would be talking one minute and the next, completely forget what he was talking about.

"Yes. Get word out now." The two toads left to spread the word while Minato and Jiraiya walked closer to Naruto and Sasuke with the kids. "If you would like the children may stay here while this is settled." Naruto and Sasuke were about to shake their heads, when Ryoko pulled tighter crying, and Itachi looked up sadly at his father.

"No, Daddy! I go too!" Ryoko called as tears fell down her cheeks. Naruto whipped wiped the tears away and pulled her close to him.

"Daddy, no leave." Itachi said as a tear slid down his right cheek.

"Ryoko. Relax." Naruto said as he whipped more tears away. "You're not going to stay here, you'll come home with me." The girl rubbed her eyes and looked at him with her bright blue eyes. Slowly she smiled and laid her head on his shoulder. Sasuke picked Itachi up and held him as the boy looked at his father with his dark eyes.

"Me too?" He asked and watched Sasuke and Naruto nod.

"We should send word to the women; get them to come back, so we can figure out what to do." Minato said. "Great sage please let us know when you have it all settled." The toad sage nodded and the group disappeared in a poof of smoke, appearing in the room that everyone was still sitting in, waiting.

"What happened?" Kakashi asked when the men sat down. Sasuke put the boy on the floor, and he sat down while Naruto sat with his little girl in his lap.

"They're working on getting everyone together. For now we need to get word to the women and get them back. That's all we can do right now." Minato said sitting in a chair next to Naruto. Sasuke sent a snake out to get the women to come back.

"How did they get in here in the first place?" Jiraiya said. "You have the place protected by your ANBU. Who would come into the Kazekage's home to attack guests?" He glanced at Naruto, who hadn't said a word and saw him running his hand through Ryoko's long pink hair as she slept against his chest. Jiraiya couldn't help but smile, the boy he had seen grow up fighting for everything he had and now he was sitting in front of him doting on his daughter.

"I have talked to all of my ANBU and there is no way they could have gotten passed them." Gaara said trying to think of how they could have gotten in and almost killed his best friend's daughter. Everyone was wracking their brains to figure out how this could have happened.

"They used scrolls." Naruto said making everyone look at him; he was still smoothing Ryoko's hair. He looked up at everyone before he spoke again. "It's the only way they could have gotten into the rooms. They had to have made summoning scrolls. They took a chance going when they did, they had no idea we weren't in with them."

"So what do we do now? Stay awake all the time to make sure they don't do it again?" Kiba asked. "We can't always be watching for them." Naruto looked back at his sleeping daughter and Sasuke glanced at his son who was leaning against his leg falling asleep.

"It's Naruto and I who need to watch. We were the ones who killed Danzo, we're the only ones they're after." Sasuke said looking around the room. The other men sat thinking of how to help.

"I can't wait to see these places." Ino said as the group of women walked towards the waterfall country. They were all so excited to see where Kushina was going to take them.

"I know some relaxation from running around after Ryoko and let's not start on Naruto." Sakura said making everyone laugh. "I could use the relaxation."

"Speaking of relaxation, why don't we find somewhere to stay for the night? Keep moving in the morning." Temari suggested, and the women all agreed and found an open area to camp in. They all talked and ate before going to bed late. Hours later, Karin woke up to something slithering over her. She looked and saw one of Sasuke's snakes.

"What's wrong?" She asked and the snake hissed for her to hear. She sat straight up and gasped. "They're okay, right?" The snake nodded its head and watched Karin look over to Sakura who was still asleep. "Go back for me, and tell him we're on our way now." The snake nodded and slithered off as Karin went to Sakura. "Sakura. Sakura." She watched as she opened her eyes and looked up. "We need to get everyone up, and go back. Sasuke sent a snake, said someone got into the Kage tower and tried to kill Itachi and Ryoko. Naruto took care of the men. It said that they would tell us everything when we got back but we should get going." Sakura shot straight up.

"Let's get the others up." Sakura said and went to her mother in law while Karin went to Temari. "Kushina!" Sakura called waking the woman. "Kushina we need to get back. Sasuke sent word that Itachi and Ryoko were attacked."

"Are they alright?" Kushina asked sitting up shocked.

"From what the message said, Karin said that Naruto took care of the men, but we need to get back." Sakura explained, and Kushina nodded, and the other were woken, and they started on their way back as fast as they could.

It had taken the rest of the night and all morning to get back to the men. They made their way to the tower and found the men with the children. Sakura, Karin and Kushina noticed right way that Itachi was holding Sasuke's pant leg and when Naruto put Ryoko on her feet the girl refused to leave his side. Even when they saw the women, all the children ran to their mothers but Itachi and Ryoko waited excitedly at their father's sides. When Sakura and Karin came close enough the kids couldn't wait and went to them. The two mothers pulled them into their arms as they kept walking to get to their husbands.

"Karin said Sasuke sent a snake to tell us to come back. What happened?" Sakura asked holding her daughter close. "Naruto, what's going on?" She asked as he took the girl from her.

"Go play with the other kids. Uncle Gaara, Uncle Kakashi, and your grandparents are all here if you need anything. Mommy and I will be right back." He said kissing her cheek and putting her down before she ran over to the other children. He looked back to Sakura and wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her to the side. "After the kids were asleep we went down the hall and met to talk and catch up. We heard Ryoko scream and when we got there Sasuke got her out of the room while I got rid of the men. I got the last one to talk as everyone came in. Sakura, the brothers and Madara are back. They want to kill the killers of Danzo from the bottom of the tree." Sakura looked back at the little girl who was starting to get into her game. "I have the toads working on getting a council and we're waiting on word form Tsunade. We want to get everyone looking for the bastards before Sasuke and I go take care of them." Naruto said glancing at Ryoko.

"She's not safe anywhere." Sakura said. "What are we going to do?" She asked looking up at Naruto.

"Believe me; I'll make sure she's safe. I won't let anything happen to her or you, I promise." He said giving her a hug and turning to walk back to the others and Ryoko ran over for Naruto to pick up. As they got to the others, Kushina took the little girl and took her and the other kids to play for a while with Tenten and Matsuri.

"I hope they send word soon. To be able to get everyone together would be a first in all of history." Jiraiya said. "If we can get all the demonic creatures together to help and the humans to work together this should go smoothly."

"If that all works that way, if it doesn't we have to use the second plan." Sasuke said; several were confused, they had never talked about any other ways to solve this. "We know what we're up against now. I know Madara, he's going to slowly put more pressure on us to make us do something and with those brothers he thinks it will make it easy. Naruto and I will be able to find all three and finish this if it comes to it."

"You two are not going out somewhere where we have no way of knowing anything." Ino said. "Who knows what could happen."

"We will figure out what to do when it comes to it. For now, let's just hope this toad sage is able to get everyone to agree." Gaara said. "That is our best bet at this point." A messenger bird flew by and landed on Jiraiya's arm as he read the message.

"Looks like Tsunade's pissed." He chuckled. "She's getting all the Kages together; she wants us to join her." everyone was slightly shocked that Tsunade would bring everyone but they weren't about to argue. "We should get going and we can meet her on the way."

"I will get everything worked out with the elders and then we can move out." Gaara said to everyone and left his wife with their twin boys while he went to discuss his plans with the elders of the sand village. As the group of adults began to talk of ideas, a toad appeared.

"A council has been arranged, they will gather in a few hours." The purple toad said. "The toad sage has expressed the want for everyone to attend, if you would like." Naruto, Sasuke, Minato and Jiraiya nodded.

"Gaara's talking to his elders to arrange it so he can leave the village. Let the toad sage know that the Kages are meeting to get an agreement in the human world, as soon as Gaara is finished we will join the Toads." Jiraiya said. The purple toad nodded and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. "Looks like we're going to be busy."

"What are we going to do with the kids?" Karin asked looking over to the children still running around playing with Kushina, Tenten and Matsuri. "Most of them won't sit still in a council."

"The Toads will be able to take care of them, but I think a few should stay with their parents during this." Shikamaru said "They may be safe in the Toad's world, but it may be better to have them by our sides."

"I think they'll sit still once they see the demonic creatures." Kiba smirked. "Isao will be too scared to move." He chuckled. "Isao would be the only one that would get wild." Kiba said. "Akamaru'll make sure he'll sit still and be quiet, though." Akamaru gave a bark in agreement. "All we need is to wait for Gaara now."

"Not anymore." Naruto said as he saw Gaara walking towards them. "How'd it go?" Gaara gave a nod and the adults went to get the children and go to the Toad world. Between Naruto, Minato and Jiraiya they were able to take the whole group over.

The three men lead the group to the great toad sage. As they reached the top of the stairs, everyone looked around at all the leaders waiting. As their eyes met with the humans they began to get upset, yelling and asking why humans were in the council. As Naruto looked around he saw a very large Dog, Cat, Bird, Panda, Lizard, he saw Manda and Katsuyu, along with a fox, who only glared at Naruto and watched his every move. The great toad sage held his hands up to silence the chaos.

"Please. These humans have come to us with information of a great evil that has been using our ranks. I have called the first ever council so that we may set our differences apart and work together to end this evil. Please listen to our friends." he said and tuned to the group making everyone look at Naruto and Sasuke who were the only ones fixed on specific creatures.

"Let us hear what they have to say." The green and purple bird called through her yellow beak. "This was such a need that the toad sage reached out to us, let us hear what this evil is." The others didn't respond. The black Fox only stared at Naruto with its black eyes; Manda looked to Sasuke and surprised most of the creatures.

"You have the floor; speak of the evil, Sasuke." He hissed. The other two snakes looked at Manda then to Sasuke then back, confused how their leader knew a human.

"Sir, you know this human?" Asked the deep blue snake with disgust making Manda turn and glare at him and the Gray snake beside him. The two cowered under Manda's gaze as he turned back to Sasuke who was unfazed by the black eyes. The man stepped forward slightly to speak.

"We have learned this evil has the name of Madara Uchiha." He said making everyone whisper until he spoke again. "Twenty three years ago he was the reason the nine tails attacked the village hidden in the leaf. He took control and made him attack, forcing the death of a great ninja, in order to weaken the village and allow another man to take his place as Hokage." the creatures looked at him wondering when he would tell them why they were in this council. "Over the years we have found out several thing and now as it comes to a head, Madara has taken to controlling armies of creatures. He has turned them against each other for fun, taken them away from their homes and families for betraying their people. He will annihilate us then turn to the troops and their people."

"So what?" Said a calico cat with green eyes. She looked around at everyone. "This is a great story and everything, but we have no reason to have to travel all the way here to listen to a few humans chat." She said; she was beginning to get annoyed at having to listen.

"You many not feel that way when your own men are turned against you." Naruto said as he stepped forward. "Madara needs to be stopped and we need everyone to work together in order to finish this once and for all." The creatures looked at him and he heard growling. When he turned he saw the black fox standing with his eyes fixed on Naruto.

"Why should we help the one who holds the nine tails hostage?" He growled. "Who knows what you'll do to us."

"The nine tails is not being held hostage-" Naruto started but was cut off by the brown fox with hateful gray eyes, which stood up next to his leader.

"Then release him back to us. Show us he is not hostage." He growled and was slightly confused why Naruto wasn't fazed in the least.

"I don't need to prove anything to you, and if you don't want to listen or help save yourselves, then you can leave. It's your decision to make. You listen to what we have to say or you don't, there is no me proving to you." Naruto said as he looked at the two foxes hard with his blue eyes. The foxes and the Lizards didn't like what they heard. They stood up to help defend the foxes when they heard Naruto before he turned to face them. "You can also choose on your own." As he was paying attention to the lizards the gray fox lunged at Naruto and landed on top of him. Ryoko cried out for him from Sakura's arms before she was handed off to Ino. Sakura went to Sasuke's side as all of the friends moved closer ready for anything as dirt and rocks cleared. That's when they saw Naruto on the back of the fox with a seal immobilizing it.

"Daddy!" Ryoko cheered as she saw Naruto standing unhurt. She turned and looked at Ino and smiled. "Daddy, beat him." She said making Ino smile down at the little girl.

"I told you, I do not have to prove anything to you." Naruto said and jumped down to talk to him. "If you didn't realize, I'm faster than you and, it seems, more intelligent. That seal stays on until you control yourself." He said and looked up at the stunned leader and turned away to go back to the group.

"Control himself? You are the one attacking him; maybe I should attack you…" The fox said before he smirked and looked to the side. "I have a better idea." He lunged to where Ino stood with Ryoko in her arms and her twin daughters at her side. The demon was flung backwards hitting the ground hard. When he looked up he saw Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto standing in front of him with all the men behind them to help.

"I don't care who the hell you are! You try something like that again, and I will kill you!" Naruto yelled. Sakura and Sasuke looked pissed as they moved closer.

"I don't care where we are or what's going on, you try to hurt my daughter again and I will make sure the next hit scatters you into a million pieces." Sakura warned. The fox looked at her and Naruto as they glared at him, using every bit of their self restraint not to kill him for the attempt, then he looked at Sasuke who still looked pissed.

"Try to hurt my niece and ask Manda what I could do to you." He said low. "Let's finish this so we can leave this group of morons." He said to Naruto. The men still stood behind the two men and one woman watching each creature to make sure no one would try anything.

"I will ask you once." Naruto said stepping closer to the demon creatures. "The human world is in danger. Madara needs to be stopped before any more humans, or demons, get pulled into death. If you would like to help stop him and the two brothers before they start on the demon worlds, then we must start discussions. If you choose not to, I wish you well when your time comes." Many looked around at each other before voicing their opinions and thoughts.

"I want to join." Katsuyu said nodding her head as the toad sage gave a nod agreeing also, along with the pandas and birds.

"Why would I join? If we fight against this man and loose he will look for us. If we don't it may take a while for them to find us. We could be killing ourselves." The dog leader said low. Kakashi stepped forward to help his students.

"Eriko, if you do not join we could lose and it will bring him closer to you. If you join there is a very high chance of winning and putting this all to an end." Kakashi said making the dog leader look at him for a long minute before sighing and giving a nod.

"I will listen and discus but I do not promise the dogs in the fight." Eriko said making several of the demons who hadn't agreed yet look around. The cats were next to agree.

"We will agree, and we wish to know more about you. You three seem strange for humans." She said looked at them with her green eyes. The toad sage gave a small smile before he spoke to her.

"Once we have agreed to help each other we will be learning much. These three are very different than any human, and you will find why." He said as he glanced around waiting for the last remaining demons to agree. The lizards gave their nod and Manda gave a slight nod to them.

"Do not fail Sasuke." Manda said making everyone look between the two.

"I told you when I summoned you the first time. I am not Orochimaru. I do not loose and you will listen either way." Several demons were surprised when Manda just pulled back with a hiss. Only a few in the whole place understood that to be a summoner of Manda, one needed to show power and control, so those who didn't know this were confused and taken back by Sasuke's cold words as they looked to the Foxes for their answer. The cream colored Fox who hadn't said a word or made a move looked to her leader.

"Crevan, just agree. Kyuubi would have if he was given this choice." She said, trying to get the foxes to help and be helped.

"Tokala, shut up. You don't know what he would have done. He was never given a choice." The black fox growled making Tokala angry.

"Don't you start talking like that. You know what happened and why things happened. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it was the right thing to do. And don't you dare tell me that I wouldn't know what he would choose!" She began to raise her voice. "You may be more powerful, but I have the authority to go over you, I know what my father would have chosen." She said shocking everyone but the black fox. She turned her blue eyes to Naruto and the others. "I am taking control of the Foxes. I agree to join." The black fox began to growl loudly. He lunged at her; he felt pain fly through his body, then nothing.

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