Return Of Legends

The Plans Begin

I want to thank Uzukazi for all the time he spent reading through and fixing my silly mistakes.

Chapter 2

"I thought of this a while back but I didn't want anyone to know." Naruto said looking at Shizune. "What was he like with granny Tsunade, compared to everyone else?"

"He was more pleasant and talked to her as an equal if not as if she were higher than him." Shizune said.

"What's that go to do with anything?" asked Ino.

"I hope it works…" Naruto looked down thinking again thinking then he suddenly looked at Konohamaru. "I'm gonna need your help."

"Would you mind sharing your idea?" Shino asked.

"He treated every descendent of a Hokage with respect, so once he is faced with the grandson of the third…. I think I have a way for me and Konohamaru to get everyone out and throw Danzo out of power." Naruto said.

"It may work. You will have to hope everything goes in your favor, Naruto." Shikamaru said after he thought about what his friend was saying.

"So when do we do this?" Temari asked. "Hopefully we fix this before Gaara comes. It will end in a war if he has to come for me."

"Don't worry." Naruto said getting up and going to the middle of the room. "Summoning jutsu!" He called and bit his thumb and placed his hand on the ground.

"Naruto!" Called a toad.

"Hey, I need some help with a few things." Naruto told the two small frogs.

"What can we help you with?" Asked the male frog.

"I need you to take me to Myobokuzan-"

"Naruto they will see your Chakra disappear!" Yamoto said alarmed.

"Nope. Shadow clone Jutsu!" Naruto made on copy. And looked at everyone with a smile. "Now no one will know…. I'll be back in a bit. Pa, let's go." In a pop they were gone leaving clone Naruto and his friends alone in the room to talk about what they think Naruto was doing.

"I don't know what he can do anymore." Kakashi said.

"It could be a number of different things." Shizune said. "If he went with the toad, that means he's doing something with the sage chakra…. That's all I know. Jiraiya never really talked about it but between him and Tsunade, I know he's doing something with sage chakra." Shizune explained.

"So we just wait for him?" Asked Kiba. Suddenly there was a pop and in the middle of the group stood a toad.

"I'm ma, Naruto has sent me to stay with you, so that you do not just wait for him. He said that he has a plan that involves a lot of sage chakra and the toads. He will come back in a little bit."

"Can you tell us what he's doing?" Asked Yamoto.

"Ah, yes. He makes clones and puts sage chakra in them before coming back." Ma said.

"For what?" Asked Rock lee.

"So when he runs out here he can absorb a clone and replenish the chakra." Kakashi said before ma could answer.

"He's gonna use it up fast fighting Danzo." Sai said.

"He has Toads to fight beside him and he uses the sage mode. He won't use as much as you think." Kakashi said.

"You seem like you're familiar with Toad summoning jutsus…" She paused looking at Kakashi. "I know." She hopped over to him and looked up at him. "You were Minato's student."

"Yes. Minato sensei told me all about it when I asked. He never kept anything if we were curious, always wanted us to learn."

"Most likely got that from Jiraiya." Ma said with a froggy smile. There was a loud pop on the center of the room where Naruto disappeared and his clone suddenly disappeared to reveal Naruto breathing heavy.

"Naruto!" Sakura and Kakashi helped him to a seat as he calmed his breathing.

"Did it work?" Ma asked

"Yeah, for some of em." Kakashi and Sakura held him in his seat as he slowed his breathing and gained control of himself again.

"What did you do to come back like this?" Iruka asked.

"I found a way to infuse two chakras together. I learned it when I was fighting the real pain. I was able to repel a seal. I still can't get all the clones with it but most have it." Naruto explained as he sat up.

"Yeah, but now you're completely drained." Shikamaru said.

"Nah just gotta work my chakra back up to full." Naruto smiled. After a few minutes he smiled and laughed. "See, all done." He looked around at the astonished faces. "Another trick I learned."

"So when will this happen?" Asked Neji.

"A week. That should have my clones at super high levels and I can get a plan together about how to get to him. He hides away most of the time." Naruto said.

"Boss will knock him out of hiding." Pa said as he sat next to Ma.

"Boss?" Hinata asked.

"Boss is the biggest and strongest of all of them. And no, Boss would destroy the place." Naruto said.

"What about taking it out of the village?" Temari asked.

"He'll be killed before he gets close to the walls." Shino said.

"Not if they don't know what hit them." Sakura said.

"I have a plan." Ino said. Everyone looked at her while she explained. Naruto and Konohamaru would be the best ones to use through the whole thing. He wouldn't talk down to the grandson of the third and definitely not the one who saved the village. The plan was for them to irritate Danzo and make him paranoid about what is happening and when he's focused on Naruto and Konohamaru start sneaking people out, one every week on a different day of the week. Get Gaara and Naruto can try for Sasuke then they will over throw Danzo and make sure he can never climb back up the ladder to Hokage.

That night was filled with laughter and smiles that they haven't seen on each other in a long time. As it got later everyone started to leave, Naruto walked with Neji, Hinata, Ino and Sakura towards their house. First was Ino then the Hyuga cousins split off to their house and Sakura was last to get home.

"Yer parents aren't gonna be mad at you for commin home this late right?" Naruto asked as Sakura stopped at the door.

"My mom's away for a few days so I have the house to myself." Sakura smiled as Naruto went to turn away and go home, Sakura opened the door and there was a twang. Naruto grabbed Sakura and pulled her back out of the way and landed with her on top of him. They looked at each other before Sakura jumped off and Naruto jumped to his feet to help her.

"Stay here." He told her as he slowly walked forward to try to find anymore traps and to figure out what it was that almost killed her. He looked around and saw Kunai and Shuriken everywhere by the door. He backed out and went back to Sakura. "We'll look more later on you can stay at my place if you want." He offered making her blush.

"What happened?" Sakura asked on the way to Naruto's apartment.

"Someone had it set for Kunai and Shuriken to kill you, the layout left no room for escape. Come on." Naruto said as he opened his door and lead them in. "You can take the bed; I'll pull out a cot." Naruto said as he left to set his bed up.

"Umm. Naruto?" She asked softly. "I don't have any clothes to change into." She said and he went into his draws and gave her a tee shirt and sweatpants before he left her to change. 'Wow, he really changed. He's so kind and caring.' She smiled as she finished getting dressed. "You gonna be okay on the floor like that?"

"Yeah, done it plenty of times, at least now I have blankets and pillows." He laughed and lay down as she tried to get comfortable. There was a loud bang and they both jumped up before the lightning flashed and the rain started to pound on the windows and roof. The thunder gave no mercy as it rolled across the sky nearly shaking the earth itself.

"Naruto?" Sakura asked as she went to his side when he went to get a drink. "Do you think…. I….could-"

"Yeah. I can feel something off about this storm. Freaks me out a bit." Naruto said as he looked out the window to see complete darkness before he and Sakura went to his bed and laid down trying to stay on the opposite sites of the bed. As the unnerving night wore on Sakura began to slide closer to Naruto. In the morning she was up against his side, using his shoulder as a pillow and her one hand on his chest. While his hand wrapped around and rested on her hip. Sakura was the first to stir, making Naruto Stir.

They opened their eyes to see the position they were in and both shot up trying to apologize.

"Naruto, I am so sorry-" Sakura started.

"No Sakura. It's my fault, I'm sorry.-" Naruto said as they both tried to apologize while the other shrugged it off.

After they got up and changed, Naruto started to cook breakfast while Sakura sat at the table and they talked.

"So you felt something in the storm?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah, I don't know what it was, but I think their planning something to try to kill us off so we don't cause them any problems." Naruto said as he took plates out and put some food on each. "Yamoto! Sai!" He called and in an instant they were there. "Did you two feel anything last night? That storm didn't seem natural."

"You're right; I believe Danzo is planning something to be able to stop you and Sasuke if you both attack." Yamoto said

"Sakura you're here early." Sai said making Sakura punch his arm.

"My place was rigged." Sakura said crossing her arms.

"Opening the door triggered it and sent loads of Kunai and shuriken down. It was rigged for no survival." Naruto said as he sat down to eat. And gave Sakura a plate of food.

"Unless you're there." Sakura said.

"I had enough traps set during the last three years." Naruto laughed. "That was set by someone who knew what they were doing and knew no one was there." Naruto said to Yamoto and Sai.

"Enough traps?" Yamoto asked.

"Yeah, well if ya wanta learn everything ya can ya do what ya have to." Naruto told him.

"Have you set anything like that?" Yamoto asked

"I learned how to do it, but never had it set for anyone." Naruto said thinking. "Someone really wanted her to die."

"Who would want to kill Sakura?" Sai asked.

"I don't know. I'm going to check it out. See if you find anything there that you might recognize." Naruto said as he finished eating. "You guys can have some too if you're hungry." He offered.

"We already ate." Sai told him When they were ready the two walked back to her house while Sai and Yamoto stayed hidden. If two ANBU were seen walking with them it would cause havoc they didn't want. They walked into the house with Naruto leading to find the weapons where they left them last night. Yamoto and Sai came through the walls and started looking around to try to find anything that might help.

"I think they didn't expect her to live through the front door. There are no other traps or anything anywhere else." Yamoto said.

"But looking at the things used and how it was rigged, it's from Root." Sai said. "I cannot tell you much if anything at all because of the seal, but I will tell you that it was root."

"So that means Danzo's behind this." Yamoto said as there was a knock on the door. Naruto went and answered the door to find Tenten with Ino.

"Naruto? Where's Sakura?" Ino asked confused.

"In the living room." Naruto pointed with his thumb and followed them into the room.

"Sakura, where were you last night? I tried Knocking and calling." Ino asked

"When I opened the door I triggered a trap. Naruto saved me and we figured I would stay at his place and come back in the morning to look around. Why were you trying to get a hold of me?" Sakura looked between the two old friends.

"Tenten came over late and said she almost was killed when she went home." Ino said.

"I opened the door and it felt weird so I got ready and when I closed the door, all these things came flying at me. I blocked most but a few did hit me." Tenten said.

"Then they are after everyone." Naruto said thinking aloud. "They'll most likely change styles as they go along."

"Most likely you will be one of the last." Sai said.

"You know something. Don't you?" Naruto asked and watched Sai nod slowly. Naruto sat thinking for a moment before he stood up. "I'm going to the information burro. I have some things I want to look at." He walked out and headed towards the information burro where he started to pull scrolls and research and documents trying to get what he needed.

Hours later Naruto decided to go to the training ground and practice his techniques. He knew Sai and Yamoto were still following and doing their job the way they were told, but he knew he wasn't supposed to know they were following him so he went about the village like normal, but on the training ground they come out of hiding.

"What were you looking for in the scrolls?" Yamoto asked.

"Something that is very useful." Naruto smiled. "Sai, come here a minute." Sai walked up to him from where he was looking around, and Naruto smiled. "I have a perfect idea."

"What are you talking about, Naruto?" Sai asked.

"I found a way to remove the seal." Sai and Yamoto looked at him.

"Naruto, if it's taken off, Danzo will know." Sai said.

"I know. That's why I found a way to take the effects away but leave it there. He can't use it but he knows it's there." Naruto said making Sai and Yamoto's eyes widen.

"You can do that?" Yamoto asked as Naruto nodded. Sai shrugged and gave Naruto a nod. Naruto drew a seal on the ground and had Sai stand on it. The second he step foot on it he felt something go through his body, then Naruto slammed his hand to the ground calling out.

"Aquert no Jutsu!" Suddenly Sai glowed and felt a barrier inside break and shatter. Once the glowing stopped he looked at Yamoto and Naruto.

"Did it work?" He asked

"Try it. Tell me about Danzo." Naruto said.

"He was almost the third Hokage once." Sai said and the three sat and waited to see if anything happened. When nothing did Yamoto looked at Naruto with wide eyes after looking around to make sure no one was coming for them because the seal was removed. "Naruto, you did it." Sai said amazed.

"Yeah well it wasn't that hard. You still have it and the thing that tells Danzo it's working is still there but you will have no effects and you can talk freely now." Naruto laughed rubbing his head.

"We should gather everyone and see what we can learn." Yamoto said as Naruto and Sai nodded. "I will get Kakashi senpi. Sai you need to stay with Naruto and get everyone. Kakashi senpi and I will split up and get Choji, Choza, Shikamaru, Shikaku, Yoshino, Iruka, Shizune, and Guy. You go get the others and we'll meet at your place." Yamoto said as everyone nodded and took off to get everyone and meet at Naruto's

That afternoon everyone sat in Naruto's apartment looking around at each other. Most not understanding what was going on or why they were there. Naruto came in with Sakura behind him to see everyone had come and Sai came through the wall.

"What is this all about?" Inoichi asked.

"We have some information that we wanted to share with everyone." Yamoto said.

"So you discovered information on what's going on?" Konohamaru asked.

"More like unsealed it." Naruto said. Making everyone look at him.

"Naruto was able to find a way to unseal, Sai's tongue without letting Danzo know." Yamoto said as every one's eyes went wide and looked at the young man. "Would you like to explain it to them?"

"Yeah, sure. I found ways that were used to create it and I just remade it really. It lets Sai talk but tells Danzo that the seal is there and working. It was really nothin." Naruto began to chuckle.

"Naruto, no one's been able to do anything like that or even come close. The fourth wasn't even that skilled with seals to be able to do anything." Shikaku said.

"Huh? Really?" Naruto asked. "I thought he was a seals master."

"He was but that was the one seal he could never figure out. He spent hours looking at designs and trying to break it off an old friend. He never could figure it out." Kakashi said.

"So even the master couldn't break the seal?" Iruka asked.

"Who was his friend?" Naruto asked.

"One of his team members. The girl was sent on a mission that killed her a few years ago" Kakashi explained.

"Sai, would you like to share your information now?" Yamoto asked and Sai gave a nod.

"Years ago he teamed up with Hanzo to try to get his place as the third Hokage, when that didn't work he created a special group of ANBU called the foundation or Root. He had learned that the Uchiha clan were making plans to take over the village he made Itachi kill everyone. He refused to kill Sasuke and when Danzo tried to make him, Itachi said that he would take all of the information public and let everyone know about all the secrets, the assassinations, and the village's weaknesses if anything ever happened to Sasuke." Sai said and took a breath. "He agreed but several times has tried to kill him and now that Itachi is dead he has put an order for his death. Danzo is very manipulative and doesn't care about the village as long as he has power."

"Then Naruto and Konohamaru are the targets for him." Ino said.

"Not necessarily. He may be after the nine tails and Konohamaru still holds power, but what he really wants is for them to die and the village will turn to him." Iruka said.

"Right now they are following Naruto and Konohamaru. So if they start to make the village turn against him, he needs to get a way to make them follow him. He still needs to be voted in." Inoichi said.

"So who votes?" Tenten asked.

"The Jonin level." Shikaku said.

"There aren't enough of us to over throw the balance." Inoichi said.

"But what if we got everyone or almost everyone on our side?" Lee asked.

"We could win for sure." Guy said with a smile.

"And how do we do that?" Asked Neji making his old teacher and team mate look down defeated.

"Has there ever been two people running for the Hokage position?" Shikamaru asked.

"No, why?" Yamoto asked.

"If it's Naruto they follow then let them follow him and kick Danzo out." Shikamaru said as everyone looked at Naruto whose eyes widened.

"He's young the elders wouldn't let it go." Choza said.

"They will say he doesn't have enough experience or talent to become the Hokage." Inoichi said. Naruto looked at him and pouted a bit before he looked around.

"What if we just pressure him with that? Make him think he's going to try?" Ino said.

"He would have every one of his friends killed off and then him to keep him quiet." Shino said.

"Then we're just gonna have to fight back and let everyone know what's going on." Konohamaru said.

"It will only cause a civil war." Choji said.

"Well staying like this too much longer will cause a big war. Gaara will not let this continue when he finds out." Temari told them.

"Then we have to act fast." Kurenai said

"Or we could wait for Gaara." Lee said.

"Are you crazy? The village would be destroyed and so many people would die." Hinata said.

"But he would be forced to let us go or begin a war." Lee said.

"No. I don't care what happens with me but we aren't going to let that happen." Naruto said.

"What about your clones, are they done yet?" Kiba asked.

"They should be done….. I wanted to charge them as high as possible but if we need them sooner I can use them." Naruto said.

"What about those toads?" Neji asked

"They will be ready when I call." Naruto said.

"Toads?" Yoshino asked.

"Naruto can summon toads like Jiraiya did." Shikamaru said.

"And the Fourth." Kakashi said and the older adults nodded.

"So you really have the ability to call the Toads?" Yoshino asked excided.

"Yeah. Took me a while to get it right, but I can call every one of them." Naruto rubbed the back of his head as they all heard noises outside the apartment and looked at each other. Yamoto and Sai slipped through the walls to see what was going on. The others stayed there quiet. After a few minutes they came back in and sat down.

"They were wondering why everyone was here." Sai said.

"Told them everyone was catching up." Yamoto said.

"Their getting cautious." Anko said.

"What if we start pushing him now? That way he'll try to start a fight and by that time everything will be ready and the village will finally know." Konohamaru said.

"You can't push too hard or he will most likely kill every one of the friends." Choji said as everyone nodded in agreement

"We all should start heading home, but I suggest you watch when you are in your house, you never know where they'll place something to kill you." Choza said. Everyone started to get up and walk home. Ino walked with Neji, Hinata, Tenten and Lee, Kakashi was with Iruka, Anko, Inoichi, Shikamaru, Shikaku, Choji and Choza. They stopped at the door to wait for the others to file out and told the children what to do. Once everyone had left and it was their group with Naruto and Sakura they started talking.

"Naruto, take it easy when you start pushing Danzo. If he gets to paranoid he will come after your friends first." Kakashi said.

"Just mess with him." Shikamaru said.

"Only take Konohamaru. Him being the grandson of the third will make him restrain himself some." Shikaku said and they all said good night and started on their ways home.

"I'll walk you home again." He told Sakura as she started to follow and he shut the door and they walked to her house.

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