Return Of Legends

Return Of The Dead

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Chapter 20

Naruto and Sakura stood over the unconscious black fox before turning to look at the others and walking back. Tokala stood looking at Crevan before she said her thanks to Naruto and Sakura. Naruto went to remove the seal on the brown seal while Sakura talked to Tokala.

"I'm going to remove this seal. I have a feeling you were only helping your leader and won't be attack anytime soon. It's gonna hurt for a second when I remove it, but once it's gone you'll be able to move and the pain will go away." He looked into the fox's eyes before he did one hand sign, and the seal fell to the ground as Naruto jumped down, and the fox stood up. Tokala walked over with Sakura as everyone started to move closer to discuss what to do next.

"Sinopa, you have something to say to Naruto." Tokala said before everyone got too close. Sinopa lowered his head to Naruto as he spoke.

"I am sorry for attacking you. Kyuubi was our leader and we all adored him. It made me mad to see the one holding him walk here like nothing had ever happened." He said looking away from Naruto, who gave a nod.

"I understand. But you don't know everything about a person by looking at them." He gave a smirk as everyone came closer. "Now that we have agreed on working together, we must get this information to our heads and set up another council for everyone to meet." The demons agreed, and Naruto, Minato, and Jiraiya took everyone back using a scroll Naruto pulled out. When everyone looked around they weren't in the sand village.

"Naruto, where are we?" Sakura asked, looking around holding Ryoko's hand.

"We're ahead of schedule." Karin said, looking to her friend. "We're close to waterfall country."

"We are in waterfall country." Kushina said, looking around. "We're by…." She trailed off and turned to look at the three men who had brought them to this place. All three smiled and gave a nod.

"You wanted to see this stuff, and you're the only one who hasn't done anything since you came back. We figured you'd like it." Naruto said just before Kushina lunged and pulled Naruto and Minato into a big hug, making most of the group smile before they started to laugh when she let go of her son and husband and grabbed Jiraiya and hugged him awkwardly.

"So where are we?" Hinata asked, looking around and stopping at Kushina and the three men. Kushina let Jiraiya go and turned with a bright smile before answering.

"A few yards to the right is where my village used to be." She said and slowly lost her smile before Minato walked up behind her.

"Let's go for a walk." He said to her. He knew it still hurt. She had lost her entire family that day; she lost her parents, her older brother and younger brother and sister. She lost all of her friends who she had grown up with, all right in front of her face. Minato pulled her off while Naruto went to Sakura. He had heard stories of the battle and of what had happened, but his mother's face said it all.

"I wanta go with Grandma and Grandpa." Ryoko said as she let go of Sakura's hand only to be caught by the back of her shirt by Naruto. He pulled her back with a smile. "Daddy I wanta go." She said looking up with her blue eyes; the way she figured got her everything. Well almost everything. Naruto shook his head with a bright smile as he pulled her back all the way.

"Not gonna work this time. I'm sure grandma and grandpa will take you for a walk after they come back. Go play with the others until they get back." The little girl ran off pouting as he stood up.

"You know she's going to learn that the longer she does that face, you'll eventually give in." Sakura said, making Jiraiya chuckle. "She's smart, I bet by next year I'll have to take over watching her and you." She smiled at her husband making him chuckle.

"I think it's something they're born with." Tamari laughed as she and Shikamaru walked closer. "Sayuri does the same thing to Shikamaru. Let's her get away with everything." The two women moved off talking and laughing as other women joined them, and the men began to make a group of their own.

"They have a point; you let Ryoko get what she wants, all the time." Jiraiya said, making the men look at Naruto and Jiraiya. "She gives you the eyes and you do what she says." He said, making a few men laugh, all but the ones with daughters.

"Like you're any better." Naruto said. "Grandpa Jiraiya, I want candy" He said with a smile. "Or anything else Sakura and I tell you not to do or give her." Jiraiya smiled and looked proud as Naruto was talking.

"I'm aloud to, I'm grandpa." He said simply, making Naruto shake his head and glance over at the children playing. "She's got a face you can't say no to, anyways."

"Right, you just like spoiling her." Naruto said. "Between her and Itachi, you get them bouncing around and give them back." He said making Jiraiya chuckle. "Did I just hear you volunteer to watch all the kids for everyone whenever we need it, or the kids want to?" Naruto asked with a smile and Jiraiya was trying to back out when the kids ran over and all looked up happily.

"Please, grandpa Jiraiya?" Ryoko begged as she looked up, giving him the bright blue eyes. He sighed and nodded and picked her up. "Yay!" she cheered, laughing as all the men looked at him.

"What? It's the eyes." He said, making the men just look at him longer with small smirks. "I doubt any of you can hold up against them." He said, turning his back, taking the kids off to play.

"I say we get him back." Kiba said low with laughter in his voice. "It's unimaginable when we get Isao back." He said, and the men all nodded and found a place to sit and talk.

"You should see Sayuri; she won't settle down and go to bed until almost the morning after he has her." Shikamaru explained as he sat. Neji sat next to him and shook his head.

"Try having the twins." Was all he said and all the men laughed.

"You see Ryoko and Itachi now." Naruto said making everyone look over and see the two run around as the other children began to slow for a break. They looked back scared. "So much worse than you think, that's why Sasuke leaves him with Ryoko." He looked over at Sasuke, who gave a smirk. "I say we get them at their worst and let him watch all of them at the same time."

"So why are you trying to get him back for making the kids happy?" Gaara asked. "It makes no sense if he makes them happy."

"Let him see how bad it is when they come home." Kiba said. "Isao actually wears Akamaru out." He said making several men nod. "When are we going to do this?" He asked and the men all planned their payback.

"Minato, we're walking to the village." She said as she stopped in her tracks. "I… I can't. I can't see what it looks like after twenty-five years." He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a kiss. "I don't think I can face it."

"Kushina, why don't we try? You'll never be able to face anything about your village if you don't try." Minato said as he held her. He took a step back and held her hand tight. "I'll be with you the whole time." She sighed and gave his hand a squeeze as she started walking with him. After a few more yards they broke free of the trees and weeds, Kushina stopped in her tracks, staring in front of her. She glanced at Minato, who started to smile as she looked back.

"I….I can't believe this." She said as tears came to her eyes. "I saw all of this destroyed." she looked back at Minato as he came closer with a bright smile. "Minato, what happened?" She asked with tears starting to fall. "Did you-?" She asked cutting herself off.

"No, you would have to give that credit to your son. He told me about this a while ago, and we figured we were coming up here anyway." Minato said, chuckling as Kushina wrapped her arms around his neck and held him for a little while before pulling back with a bright smile. "Come on. He said this is when he figured out how to make that special seal to resurrect buildings. Let's see if it really worked." They smiled at each other before walking off into the empty village.

"Look, it's my old house." She said before walking in to see it empty but every room the way it used to be. She smiled, the only thing she could do was stand in her living room and smile. "I can't believe this." It was silent for a minute. "It's too quiet without Satoshi running around taking my stuff, and Saki trying to steal my things to be grown up. Mom and Dad always had their hands full with those two. Takeshi wasn't any help. He just laughed and said it's because I used to take his stuff." She smiled remembering her older brother laughing at her when she asked for help to get her things back from her younger twin brother and sister.

"Remember when I came and we started talking?" Minato asked breaking the silence. "Takeshi had a few things to say didn't he?" He chuckled.

"You didn't have to hear him when we were home." She laughed. "He used to make fun of me, before we started seeing each other he used to tell me that we would get married." Her face dropped as she remembered her little brother. "Satoshi was so bad, he used to make up rhymes and follow me around for days."

"I'm sure Saki had a few things to say." Minato chuckled as Kushina start to laugh.

"She followed me around asking how good of a kisser you were and stuff like that." She smiled as he moved closer and gave her a kiss.

"What was the answer?" He asked with a small smile as he kissed her again. When he pulled back she started to laugh again.

"You are the best kisser. Ryuu can't stand up to you." She laughed even harder as he pulled back and looked at her. He was trying to keep a straight face but couldn't after Kushina almost fell laughing, making him catch her. "My dad and Takeshi would be so mad right now." She smiled as he stood her back up.

"Well then, let's go where they won't know." he smiled as she grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the house. She guided him off to the side to the front gates of the village and out a little ways.

"Remember this place?" she asked, making him look around before smiling and walking closer to her. "You are a ninja of the leaf, am I right?" She asked

"Yes, my team and I just brought back a family who were visiting the leaf village." Minato said

"Sounds like you and your team had a long trip. Would you like to rest for a while before leaving?" She smiled and she wrapped her arms around him.

"I don't remember it happening quite like that but I think I'll settle for it." He smiled and leaned down to kiss her. When they were done they pulled back and stared into each other's eyes before he spoke again. "We better get back to the others. Jiraiya's probably got all the kids trying to kill their parents." He laughed and they walked back hand in hand talking about the old days. Soon they heard laughter and yelling and they walked back through into the open and laughed when they saw all the kids piled onto Jiraiya, making the others laugh. Ryoko saw Minato and Kushina walk into the clearing from the corner of her eye and she turned quickly and ran to them, laughing. Naruto and the others turned to see his parents as they picked the little girl up. As the adults stood up, Kushina handed her granddaughter to Minato and ran at Naruto hugging him, knocking him backwards onto the ground

"Ooff!" he let out as he landed all the air left his lungs, and Kushina landed hard on his chest. "Nice to see you too, but you were only gone a few hours." He said as she got off him and let him sit up.

"Thank you, it's exactly like it was. Well only less noisy" She said the last part sadly. "But it is wonderful." she smiled at him and hugged him again until Minato walked over and put Ryoko on the ground before helping Kushina to her feet, while Sasuke offered Naruto a hand.

"I might be able to help with the silence." Sasuke said making everyone look at him. "We have five days till everyone get to Taki. We have time." He said and looked at Naruto. "I don't have the Chakra for the whole village though."

"I'll just have to lend a hand." He smirked and was stopped by Minato and Kushina.

"Naruto, Sasuke that is a forbidden jutsu." Minato said

"Yeah, well it doesn't hurt if no one knows." He smirked. "Besides, between the two of us we may be able to get it to last for four days. Gives us the day we need to get to Taki and meet with the Kages." Naruto said with a smile

"I think we're going to go on ahead, I want to be able to get a place to sleep." Kiba chuckled. "Who else is comin?" Soon it was everyone but Naruto and his family, Sasuke and his family, Kakashi and his family, Minato, Kushina, and Jiraiya. They all said goodbye and that they would see them before Naruto and Sasuke took off.

"Where daddy go?" Ryoko asked looking around seeing Sakura, Karin, and Kakashi sigh. Minato shook his head and Kushina had a small smile on her face. "I go find daddy." She said before she tried to run off only to be caught by Sakura, who grabbed the back of her shirt.

"Sometimes you're too much like your father." She said. "Come on, I'll help you find him. He's in big trouble when I find him." Sakura said taking her daughters hand. Minato, Kakashi, and Kushina lead the way to the village where they saw Naruto and Sasuke use the last hand sign in front of them and suddenly the village light up bright before dimming down and the sound of people walking around confused was heard. Kushina couldn't believe it she saw people starting to walk around the village looking at each other. Naruto turned around and saw Sakura standing with her hands on her hips and not happy, he saw Ryoko mimicking her mother as she ran up and stood in front of him.

"You in big trouble, daddy. Mommy said so." She said wagging her finger at him, making him smile before lifting her into his arms and Sakura walking over to him.

"I'm in trouble am I?" He asked. "Sakura, it's the only thing that would make my mother happy. She watched her whole village get destroyed." He said looking into her green eyes. She sighed and looked at Kushina with her face lit up before she went to Naruto and hugged him tight, careful of Ryoko in his arms.

"Naruto this is just….." She started to cry and looked at Sasuke and back and Naruto. "I can't thank you both enough. This is just so wonderful." She said with a bright smile and tears running down her cheeks.

"Don't cry, grandma." Ryoko said reaching for her, and Kushina took the little girl as a voice caught her by surprise, making her turn slowly.

"Kushina?" A man asked "Kushina is that you?" When she turned she saw a tall man with brownish red hair, and brown eyes looking at her. She nodded as she looked upon the man in front of her. "What's wrong? Why are you crying, sis?" he asked walking closer, oblivious to the people standing around.

"Takeshi!" She said as more tears ran down her cheeks. Naruto took the girl back and Kushina ran to her brother. "I can't believe it!" She said pulling back with a bright smile. Takeshi wiped her tears away and gave her a smile.

"Kushina, why are you crying?" He asked again.

"I haven't seen you in twenty-five years." She said. "Now… you're here and the village is…" She let go of her brother and ran to Naruto and Sasuke, wrapping her arms around both of them. "You two did it, you really did it." She smiled.

"Kushina, who are these people?" He asked, just noticing the group. He looked around and spotted Minato, who was smiling as he watched Kushina. "Is it your fault she was crying?" He asked, looking hard at Minato.

"No, Takeshi, would you knock it off!" Kushina yelled at her brother after Sakura gave her something to dry her tears with. "It's been twenty-five years since we were attacked and everyone was killed. Minato saved me, that is why I am alive." She paused and glanced at her son. "Well technically." Her brother was confused and even more when he looked behind her to see a second Minato holding a little girl with pink hair.

"Is there something wrong with me or is there a second one behind you?" Takeshi asked utterly lost, making Kushina laugh and Naruto and Minato to look at each other and smile.

"Takeshi, this is Naruto, Mine and Minato's son. Between him and his friend, Sasuke, they were able to bring everyone back for a few days." She smiled then heard a little voice behind her.

"Why is grandma crying?" Ryoko asked Naruto and Sakura.

"Sh. Ryoko. You have to be quiet for now. Okay?" Sakura said as Kushina turned around and smiled.

"Grandma?" Her brother asked now completely lost. "Is that really a grandchild?"

"Yes, Takeshi." She turned and took Ryoko from Naruto and walked forward to Takeshi. "This is Ryoko, she's Naruto and Sakura's daughter." The man looked at her and she made a funny face.

"You look funny." She said, making Naruto, Minato, and Jiraiya laugh while Kakashi smiled at the girl.

"Ryoko!" Sakura yelled. "What did I tell you about that?" She asked and wondered why she even spoke to the child as she turned back to the man.

"Why you look funny?" She asked, making Kushina start to laugh. "Grandma, who he?"

"This is my brother Takeshi; he's your great uncle." Kushina explained before she realized the other two children were looking and ready to run to her. "Come on." She said and two more came to her. "Takeshi, meet, Itachi, and Sakumo."

"I thought his name was Kakashi?" Her brother asked.

"This is Kakashi's son." She said. "It's a long story, let's go to the house and I'll tell the whole story." He agreed and they followed her to the house, Sasuke stopped to pick up Itachi and Naruto stopped to pick up Sakumo. They walked through the village, looking around as they entered the house to find Kushina's mother and father in the living room and suddenly there was yelling and footsteps from above before two young teens showed up, stopping to look at their big sister.

"Kushina?" Asked her father. He was tall as he stood up and went to her. His dark brown hair pulled back and he looked at her with his green eyes before he hugged her careful of Ryoko. "What happened? I remember stopping someone from getting you and telling you to run. Are we dead?" He asked "Who's this girl?"

"Dad, you remember the attack?" He nodded. "Everything was destroyed, everyone fought to the death." She said and saw his face drop. "I wasn't allowed to." She said and gave a glance over her shoulder to Minato. "The last second Minato came in. He and his team took out most of the attackers. A few ran, but they didn't get very far." Her family stood in front of her as she explained what happened. When she finished she noticed they were looking at the people in the room and the little girl that was lying on her shoulder.

"Who's the brat?" Asked the teenage boy.

"Satoshi!" His mother scolded.

"This is my granddaughter, Ryoko." Her parents' faces dropped as they looked at the girl. "This is Naruto, my son, and his wife Sakura. The boy Naruto's holding is-"

"Kakashi!" The boy called. "Cool!"

"That's Sakumo, Kakashi's son." She said pointing over to Kakashi who smiled when the teenage boy looked at him in disbelief. "Next to him is his wife Anko. Over next to Naruto are his friend Sasuke, his wife Karin, and their son Itachi, and you all remember Minato and Jiraiya. Jiraiya was the one that kept getting kicked out of the village." She added. Kushina's mother and little sister glared at him, making Naruto chuckle.

"You really have been the pervy sage for years." He said only to be elbowed in the side by Sakura. "What?" He asked only to have her glare at him.

"You in trouble, uncle Naruto." Sakumo said with a smile.

"Yeah, I'm always in trouble with aunt Sakura." He smiled and glanced at her as she shook her head. Naruto put him down and he went to Kakashi to tell him how Naruto was in trouble with Sakura when Naruto noticed Kushina kept pushing Ryoko back up her side. "Let me take her, mom." He said, taking the half asleep little girl into his arms. She immediately leaned her head down and fell asleep as Itachi did the same in Sasuke's arms. "All the running around and tackling finally got to her."

"So, let me get this straight." Satoshi said looking at his older sister. "Years ago we were attacked and killed but you lived on and had a kid and now he's got one, and how exactly are we dead but here with you?" He asked running out of breath.

"Well…." She paused, thinking about where to start. "It's a really long story. I went and stayed at the leaf village with Minato after the attack here. We wound up having Naruto, but the day he was born I died and then Minato died defeating the nine tail fox." As she finished her sentence her family looked over at Minato in disbelief. "Two years ago a man named Danzo was fighting Naruto and the others and he summoned Sasuke's parents, me, Minato, Jiraiya and Tsunade back to life as his puppets, so to say. Naruto was able to make something and give us back our lives. Now there's another war about to start and we're working on stopping it before it can." She looked at Naruto and Sasuke as Naruto looked away and Sasuke looked to the side slightly. "That's pretty much all I know."

"So the pervert and princess Tsunade were killed and brought back with you?" Asked Saki making Naruto start to chuckle and look at Jiraiya, who obviously was not amused.

"Yes, but like I said I don't know anything other than I told you." Kushina explained. "You would have to ask them." She said pointing behind her not realizing that Naruto and Sakura really didn't like to talk about it, Sasuke and Karin didn't know the story and some things Jiraiya didn't know. Kakashi and Anko were the only ones who knew most of the story. She turned and looked at Sasuke and Naruto. "How many did you bring back?" They shrugged.

"I don't know whoever you really knew. Best friends, teachers, and family mostly." Naruto said as a knock came to the door. Saki ran and let the people in and led them to the living room. The four young women ran and wrapped their arms around Kushina as the four young men and the older men walked in and stopped looking around. They found Minato standing next to Jiraiya and Kakashi and they walked over to him.

"You're that leaf ninja, Minato, right?" Asked the young man with black hair and black eyes. Minato gave a nod "Do you know what's going on?" He asked.

"It's a long story, Fumiko, but basically everyone but Kushina was killed in the attack and earlier our son and his friend were able to bring back those closest to Kushina." Minato explained. The one man with black hair and brown eyes snapped his head to look at Minato with a small glare Minato recognized. He pretended not to see it as Kushina and the women started talking.

"Daddy?" Ryoko asked sleepily. "Too loud." She said. Naruto told Sakura he would go sit outside with her and let her sleep some more. He started walking to the door and stopped to talk to his father and the others.

"I'm gonna take her outside for a bit. After the run in a couple nights ago, she hasn't had a lot of sleep." He said as the men that Kushina knew just looked at him as the women started laughing again.

"I'm tired." Ryoko whined from Naruto's shoulder as she tried to bury her face into his neck more.

"It's your own fault. You had to bring them all back." Minato said glancing at the loud women. After a minute he looked back at his son and granddaughter. "I think I'll go with you."

"I don't think Itachi will deal much longer in here either." Sasuke said holding the half-sleeping Itachi. Kakashi and Anko wanted their son to take a nap, so Kakashi went with Naruto; Jiraiya didn't want to be left out and followed along. The men walked out and found a shady place to sit and wait for the women to calm down. Naruto leaned back and laid Ryoko next to him, putting her head on his lap as he started to run his fingers through her hair. Sasuke sat with Itachi in his lap, laying back sleeping and when Kakashi put his son next to him the boy curled up next to him and fell asleep.

"You two really made her happy." Minato said to Naruto and Sasuke.

"I haven't seen the girl that happy since she found out she was pregnant." Jiraiya said with a small smile. "Where did you learn to do something like this for more than a few hours?" He asked the two men.

"Scrolls mostly." Sasuke said "Orochimaru had scrolls on practically everything. Over the years I read and learned most of them. A few I showed Naruto." He shrugged and Naruto just nodded in agreement. "With his chakra levels and my knowledge we had a theory it was work for about four days."

"If I took a close look, I could maneuver some things and make it permanent." Naruto said. "And making it permanent I can choose who to bring back, this one only brought those closest to her. That's why the whole village didn't show up." He explained

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