Return Of Legends

Broken Heart Devistation

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Chapter 21

"So you're the one that was able to bring us back?" Came a voice from behind Minato and Jiraiya. "Are you two brothers?" He asked Minato and Naruto as they came closer.

"Naruto is Minato's son." Jiraiya said, knowing the man who asked would wind up being trouble. "Why do you ask, Toshiaki?" The man looked at him briefly before glaring at Minato, who only sat in his spot looking at the men.

"So this is Kushina's son?" Asked Fumiko. "You're name's Naruto?" He asked and Naruto nodded. "You don't look anything like Kushina. I would have never guessed you were her son."

"You would have if you got to know him, or saw him fight." Jiraiya said looking at Naruto. "If you see him fight, make sure you're on his side. Believe me you don't want to have him, Sakura, or Sasuke as your enemy." He said, making Naruto chuckle and Sasuke smirk.

"Apparently we have been dead for twenty-five years. I would love to see how rusty I am." Toshiaki said with an evil grin directed at Naruto. Minato, Kakashi, and Jiraiya glanced at each other, wondering if they should step in. "If you're as strong as Jiraiya says, you would be a good opponent in a little friendly duel. What do you say, Naruto?" He asked, making Naruto glance at his father, who gave a small shrug before Naruto answered.

"Sure, sounds like fun." He said with a smile. Naruto had seen the way this man looked at Kushina when he walked in, he couldn't take his eyes away from her until he heard Minato talking about their son, and he turned and glared death at Minato. He would have fun in this match.

"So this is where you all went to." Kushina said with everyone following her. She sat in front of Minato and leaned back as he placed his hands on her shoulders. "What are you all talking about?" She asked.

"It seems Toshiaki wants to see how rusty he got. He and Naruto are going to have a friendly duel." Jiraiya told her as Sakura looked at Sasuke and Kakashi who shrugged at her. Kushina looked between Naruto and Toshiaki, she knew the man had had feelings for her and was upset when she fell for someone other than him. She saw the look in his eye when he looked at Minato and Naruto and knew it wouldn't be just a friendly duel. She had a feeling, the others knew too.

"So when and where will this friendly duel be?" She asked and saw both shrug. "Why don't you do it on the old training grounds? That way you won't destroy the village Naruto fixed. And we can go when the kids wake up." Sakura looked down at Naruto as he glanced at her and back at the man. She wondered what was going on as she looked at the man and saw the look. It was the look she had seen so many people give him before, before they tried to kill him. She knew Naruto well enough to know what he was thinking and knew he wanted to kick the man's ass as soon as possible. As she looked at the man, she became upset with the hate in his eyes. She saw him look at Kushina as she spoke and saw his eyes turn completely and fill with love and longing before turning to pure hate when he looked at Minato or Naruto. Naruto looked up at her, silently asking as she gave a nod.

"Why don't we go now?" He asked turning back to the man. "Who knows when these three will wake up?" The others looked at him for a minute before realizing why Naruto wanted to start fast. The man gave a stiff nod and turned to start walking off towards the old training grounds. Naruto carefully lifted Ryoko and stood up as the others did the same.

"Naruto." Jiraiya said as he and Kakashi looked at him, knowing that the only real reason he was doing this was because of the look in the man's eyes when he looked at him.

"Naruto, I know you well enough to know that you are doing this because of the look he kept giving you, and I know you're not going to treat this as a friendly duel." Kakashi said, walking beside him.

"I will if he will." Naruto said with a smirk and saw the look he got from Jiraiya. "Sometimes you can be worse than Sakura when you try to scold me." He said and got a smack to his arm. He gave a bright smile to Sakura as they reached the grounds. He handed Ryoko over as his mother wished him luck, and Sakura warned him not to kill him, and he just shrugged and walked towards Toshiaki.

"Are you ready?" The man asked with an evil smile. "We have no rules; you can fight whatever way you want. Agreed?"

"Ready when you are." Naruto said with a smirk as he stood in his place, and Fumiko announced the match started, and Naruto was gone. Toshiaki looked around cursing, he hadn't anticipated the son knowing the fathers moves. But he smiled when he remembered the seal he kept on him all the time incase he ever fought Minato. He saw a flash and nothing and another flash and nothing. He listened and heard nothing.

"Are you just going to hide or are you going to actually fight? You running around like this shows me that you are not as great a ninja as Jiraiya made you out to be." He called looking around and suddenly he had a kunai to his throat. He never heard or saw anything; he was stunned for a moment before he punched back and hit Naruto only to see it disappear in a poof of smoke.

"Looking for me?" Naruto asked as he showed up behind him again, making him jump and turn his head. He pulled the seal out and put it over his stomach with a smile, knocking Naruto to the ground with a grunt of pain. Sakura looked on, knowing Naruto would win in the end, but it was like all the times she watched him fight. She felt fear run through her. Jiraiya put his hand on her shoulder when he saw her tense.

"You know, Naruto." He said with a grin as Naruto stood back up laughing. "He never loses to someone who has that look in their eyes." Sakura smiled and nodded as she continued to watch, and Ryoko started to wake up.

Naruto fixed him with an evil grin staring him down making the man uncomfortable. He looked down at the seal and saw what it was and looked over at his father laughing.

"You thought you would fight my father, huh?" He said and looked at the man who glared at him. Naruto saw full intent to kill and knew he needed to end it first. "You should always know who you're up against. You never know if you could be fighting someone who could poke you and turn you to dust," He said taking a step forward. "Or someone who is able to look at you and kill you," He said walking closer. "Or someone who could outsmart you and build brilliant plans, or someone who can see right through you." He came to a stop directly in front of the man and looked him in the eye with a grin. "Or someone, like me." He said and the man started laughing.

"You have fancy moves but you won't be able to beat me. My jutsus are nothing you've ever seen before." He said staring Naruto down. "You could never live up to be the son of Kushina Uzumaki. You should have been my son, not that low grade moron's. For Kushina to actually fall for him just tells me how much of a whore she is." He said low so only Naruto could hear. Sakura, Kakashi, Jiraiya, and Sasuke knew where Naruto was going with his speech and knew that the man had no idea how close he was to the end of the match. "Besides, with that seal on you can only fight hand to hand, I've blocked your chakra." Naruto chuckled before his chakra began to bubble around him scaring Toshiaki.

"You mean all of this chakra?" Naruto asked. "Like I said before, you should know who you fight. I have fought everyone that could destroy you in a heartbeat, which means you will give me no problem." He said walking forward as Toshiaki walked backwards. "You know, the way you look at me is the way all people looked at me my whole life. I changed that and proved I was not what they thought. I am not a monster. I am the controller of one." He said before the chakra turned bright red.

"Sasuke, is he…?" Karin whispered as Sasuke handed Karin the boy and Sakura gave Ryoko to Minato.

"If he gets out of hand, take everyone and get out of here. The four of us will get him back." Sakura told Minato and Kushina. "We've dealt with him before when he was much worse, just trust us."

"The level he will reach for by the end of the battle will most likely throw him over the edge if this guy keeps pushing him." Sasuke said watching Naruto battle the man who was barely holding his own. "Naruto, what are you doing?" He asked quietly as Kushina, Karin, and Minato watched him turn his Sharingon on, and Kakashi pushed his head band up.

"Kushina, what jutsu is that?" Asked a man with red hair and green eyes. He was amazed as he watched Naruto fight. "I've never seen or heard of anything like that."

"You wouldn't, Ryuu." Minato said. "It's the power of the nine-tailed fox. When he was born, I was fighting the fox and the only way to end it was to seal the fox. There was no way to kill him so I used a jutsu I developed and was able to seal the fox into Naruto before I died." He explained as Naruto sat looking around as Toshiaki disappeared.

"The only reason he would have gotten to this point would be if something set him off. I want to know what Toshiaki said to make him this mad." Jiraiya said watching as another tail appeared and Toshiaki appeared by the group and grabbed Ryoko from where she was standing next to Sakura. She screamed as the man picked her up and carried her off, and Sakura cried out for her. Naruto turned and saw him run off, suddenly three more tails appeared and Jiraiya had had enough.

"Kakashi, Minato. We'll get Naruto. Sasuke, Sakura start after the dumb ass before Naruto is able to get to him." Jiraiya said as he and the two men went towards Naruto, Jiraiya helping Kakashi stay alive while Minato used a seal to push back the chakra of the fox. Naruto suddenly dropped to his knees breathing heavily. The three men walked closer as Naruto looked up. "That went easier than I thought." Jiraiya said as he and Kakashi helped Naruto to his feet and saw his blue eyes still red. "Naruto, remember what I taught you." He said before Naruto was gone, running into the woods. "That seal still stops him from flashing."

"It will until me or Toshiaki remove it." Minato said "Should we follow?" He asked wanting to help get his granddaughter back but knew he would get in the way.

"We should go to make sure they don't kill the guy like I think they have their hearts set on." Jiraiya said as everyone came over.

"What's going on?" Asked Ryuu. "Toshiaki, just took that little girl and the three look like they're going to kill him."

"We better get going or else they will." Kakashi said. "That girl is Naruto and Sakura's daughter, and Sasuke's very close with them. Toshiaki is a very stupid man, and if we don't run fast, he's going to be a dead man." The group took off leaving Kushina, Karin, and Anko with the two children.

"Let's just hope Toshiaki doesn't do anything stupid." Minato said as they ran as fast as they could.

As they caught up they heard Ryoko screaming for Naruto and Sakura and then nothing before a blood curdling scream. They looked at each other before pushing harder. Suddenly the sounds of battle started to become louder and louder. Just as they landed in the clearing they heard two voices speak together

"Summoning jutsu!" They both called and in front of them scaring the ones from the village stood Gamakichi, Gamatatsu, and a large black snake.

"Naruto, what you call us for?" Gamatatsu asked and Gamakichi looked back to see the pissed-off face of Naruto, and over his shoulder, he saw Sakura holding Ryoko with blood all over the place. He could tell Naruto was trying to control himself.

"Naruto, leave him to us. You should have called pop. He would have squashed this guy nice and slow." Gamakichi said as he turned around and saw Gamatatsu look to see why everyone was so upset. Toshiaki was standing in front and shocked at what he saw in front of him.

"I would have but I want to have him suffer even more. I summoned you two because I know you can watch Sakura and Ryoko. Sasuke and I will handle this."

"Hebi, make sure no one interferes. This is our fight and kill." Sasuke told the snake and it hissed as it slithered away and showed up next to the group as they made their way to Sakura and the two toads, what they didn't know was the sight that would greet them when they got there.

"Sakura." Kakashi said as they stopped behind her as she cried. "Sakura what happened?" He asked and moved to the front only to stop in his tracks as the others came around. Minato and Jiraiya were ready to charge in and kill the man but were stopped by a large black snake.

"I have orders to keep everyone out of this fight. Lord Sasuke says it is their fight and kill." It hissed as they saw Naruto glow red and Sasuke turn dark as he activated his seal Jugo gave back to him before he died. The only thing that stopped them was Sakura. Kakashi was able to take Ryoko from her as Jiraiya pulled her away and tried to calm her as Kakashi and Minato looked after the half dead girl and whispering to themselves.

"I have a special seal that I can use that will basically put her on a life support, but there's not much else we can do. Not at the moment anyway." Minato said looking at the bloody girl. He looked over at his son and Sasuke fighting.

"Naruto has his ways of making someone suffer, and add Sasuke's jutsus into it, and that guy will be wishing he was dead for years to come." Kakashi said when he saw his old teacher turn and look at the battle. They both looked over and saw Jiraiya holding the hysterical Sakura. "To be honest I've never seen her like that." He said sadly as the other people looked on and watched the battle in awe. Kakashi, Minato and Jiraiya's heads shot up as they heard Toshiaki scream.

"In the name of Madara, I will kill you! He always knew, Minato and Kushina were no good, and they made it worse having the abomination!" Suddenly he screamed in pain as Sasuke caught him in his Sharingan. Before anyone could say or do anything, Sakura had gotten out of Jiraiya's arms and ran full force punching the man in the stomach. He looked up confused as Sasuke's jutsu wore off and he saw Sakura standing over him breathing heavy as tears fell down her face. He stood up as just before she snapped.

"I'll kill you!" She screamed and went after him. He was able to avoid most hits and knew that if he was hit by one of her punches or kicks he was done for, not to mention Sasuke and Naruto were working their way in. As he saw Naruto come from one side he was distracted enough to miss Sakura and be kicked in the stomach, knocking him unconscious as he landed hard enough on the ground to make a crater. The three stopped and watched as he took a shallow breath and Naruto wrapped his arms around Sakura and they fell to the ground together. Sasuke went to check on Toshiaki as the others ran forward. Sasuke told his snake to carry Toshiaki back with them and he went to talk to Kakashi, Minato, and Jiraiya as Sakura cried and Naruto held her with his eyes closed.

"How's Ryoko?" He asked the three men.

"I was able to use a seal that put her on a life support. But it doesn't look that good." Minato said glancing at Naruto and Sakura.

"Take everyone back. Get Gamakichi to carry Ryoko. I have Hebi holding Toshiaki as we go." He saw the three men look at his friends. "Take everyone, including Hebi and the toads. The three of us will follow." Sasuke said as he turned his back and walked to his friends. Jiraiya, Kakashi, and Minato watched Sasuke kneel and Naruto look up with his once again blue eyes as a tear fell down his cheek.

"Let's go." Jiraiya said and started to give orders. Once they were halfway back they started to hear parts of the earth exploding, making everyone look back and start to run back. "They're letting out some steam." Jiraiya said softly.

After ten minutes they got back and the women were in the same place. The two children were still asleep in their mother's arms when the women went to the men and saw why everyone was so quiet. Kushina burred her head in Minato's chest as she cried saying it was her fault. Anko stood with Kakashi holding her and she tightened her grip on her son like Karin did as she saw Ryoko. A few minutes later Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura came walking up, all holding a mask on their face.

"Sasuke, Sakura, and I will catch up to you at the Kage meeting. If we're running late we'll send word. See if Tsunade can do anything for her." Naruto said monotone making everyone look at him worried. "Make sure you keep your eyes open. If they find out about this they will think it's an easy target, and try to finish her off and kill anyone they can."

"If there's a chance she'll survive, Tsunade will be able to do something." Sakura said in a voice that sounded cold. "Tell her I did what I could, and I don't know of anything else." Those who knew them knew Naruto and Sakura were almost nothing inside and Sasuke was close to it.

"Jiraiya, send word to the toad sage and tell him what happened. We might get some help along the way if word is spread." Naruto said before turning and walking away with Sakura beside him. Sasuke walked closer to the others as they all talked noticing the way Naruto addressed Jiraiya.

"Madara showed up behind Toshiaki. He was laughing and pulling the strings when he hurt Ryoko. Naruto's taking it worse than Sakura." Sasuke said. "We will make sure this ends now. Ryoko will not almost die for nothing that is if she doesn't die before hand." He looked over and saw the little girl on the toads head. "It might be better to take her to the toads and take Tsunade to her, instead of taking Ryoko to Tsunade. The trip could be dangerous for her."

"I agree." Minato said. "I may not know the whole story of Madara and these two brothers but I hope for their sake you find them before we come looking." Jiraiya gave a nod picturing the things he could do in his mind.

"Take care of them." Jiraiya said. "If you need anything, send word. I'm sure your snakes will be able to find us."

"They will find Karin. They all know how to get to her." Sasuke said as everyone nodded and started to talk amongst themselves as Sasuke turned to his wife. "Karin, take Itachi and let the toads watch him for a bit. I'll send word if we need anything. We won't be too long with the rage those two feel." Karin nodded and kissed his cheek as he ran his hand over Itachi's head.

"Be safe, I don't want to have you come back in snake pieces." She said with a smile making him give a small smile before he started over to the others.

"Don't let anyone come after us, we won't be able to avoid more than ourselves." Sasuke said as he passed the others and walked to Naruto and Sakura. As soon as he got to them the three were off.

"Through everything, I've never seen any of them like that." Kakashi said with a sigh. "Let's get going so we can get everything worked out."

"Gaara's going to be pissed, not to mention half the other people." Karin said. "When they find out about this, Gaara will take the Sand army, Killer bee will raise the Cloud's army and you know Tsunade will go all out with the others."

"I know, but we need to try to stop them. You heard Sasuke." Anko said as she walked beside the woman. "And I think he was right about taking Ryoko to the toads. She'll be protected there, away from all of this."

"I have to get word to Tsunade that she needs to go to the toad world for an emergency." Jiraiya said. "She won't go other wise and if we tell her what happened she'll go right for where Naruto's headed." He put his palm to the ground with a small cut on his palm and summoned a green toad. "Go to Tsunade. Take her to the toad world; tell her I said it's an emergency." The toad nodded and disappeared. "Now it's our turn."

"What about us?" asked Fumiko as he stood with the other friends of Kushina. Minato looked at Jiraiya.

"Naruto said it could be done." Jiraiya said, making Minato sigh.

"But I don't know what he meant when he was talking about working on it. I have to admit he's getting far deeper than I ever was able to. It may take me a while to just figure out what he was talking about." Minato explained.

"Well only one way to figure it out." Karin said shifting Itachi to one arm as she but her thumb and hit the ground. "Summoning jutsu." There in front of her appeared a small red snake and it hissed as it looked at her. "Go to Sasuke. Tell him to ask Naruto…" She paused and looked at Minato and Jiraiya. "What do you need to know?"

"Ask Naruto how to go about making it permanent for specific ones. He'll know what it means." Minato said. Karin and the snake nodded and the snake disappeared and returned a half hour later with a scroll held in its tail as it hissed to Karin.

"Said that Naruto gave you the seal to use. He said you may only have the chakra for a few at a time but it will work. He said to make sure to pick the right ones." Minato took the scroll and looked at it truly not understanding what was what but knew Naruto would do it right. "Sasuke said they are already at the grass country border." Karin translated. "Thanks" She said to the snake and it hissed before proofing away.

"Okay. Naruto made a seal that will bring you back to life. If you don't want it, it's fine but if you do I will use it and you will have your lives back." Minato said as Kushina came to his side. Everyone agreed and Minato nodded. "Alright let's see if Naruto is a true master of seals." He said placing the seal on the ground in front of the group. He did one hand sign and put his hand on the center of the seal. Everyone watched as the ink seemed to move and twist as if unlocking, and it glowed white as the wind picked up. After a minute the light disappeared and the seal looked like it did when they first looked at it.

"Did it work?" asked Kushina's father.

"I don't know but we better get to the toad world and wait for Tsunade." Jiraiya said pulling a large scroll that he and Minato put both hands on, and transported the whole group to the toad world. They popped in, in front of the toad sage with ma and pa.

"What happened?" Ma asked hopping onto Jiraiya's shoulder.

"We had some trouble with Madara controlling people." Jiraiya said and pointed to the black snake still holding the unconscious and barely living man. "He was dueling Naruto and wasn't able to beat him so he did the next best thing. He took off with Ryoko. The only thing we know is we heard her calling for Naruto and then we heard Sakura scream. When we got there we found Naruto and Sasuke fighting, and Sakura was with Ryoko."

"I used one of my scrolls for a life support, but if Sakura wasn't able to do anything, I don't know if anyone can." Minato said just before they all heard Tsunade.

"Where are they?" She asked and saw Jiraiya give a face. "Tell me." She demanded.

"The three went to the bird country for Madara's head." Karin said, "They will not let this go. You know as well as we do that those three will stop at nothing now."

"Let me see what I can do for her then we need to go to the Kage meeting." She said as she walked over and took the girl into her arms and held her like she used to when Ryoko was just a baby. Tsunade sat on her legs and rested Ryoko on her lap as she placed the other hand on her chest and turned it green. After a few minutes she let her hand slip away. "There's nothing else to do. It is unlikely she'll make it." She whispered and tightened her grip on the girl she saw grow up, her granddaughter of sorts.

"Leave her here. We will see if there is anything the demonic world can do while you go to the meeting." Ma said looking sadly down at the pale face of the lively girl she met not long ago. "We will take care of her here." Tsunade nodded and carried her as they followed them to Ma and Pa's house where she put the child on a small cot and kissed her forehead. Jiraiya grabbed her and took her outside as the others said goodbye for now to the two other small children who were to stay with the toads again. They gathered outside, and Minato and Jiraiya took them to Taki and walked in the village gates slowly with sadness and fear filling them.

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