Return Of Legends

Journey To The End

I want to thank Uzukazi for all the time he spent reading through and fixing my silly mistakes.

Chapter 22

The three used all their strength to get as far as they could as fast as they could. They had left only hours ago and were about to cross into rain country. They stopped for a quick break talking about what they would do when they found the men they chased. They planned that they would fight and use their ultimate power for last. Then they were off again. After another few hours they were crossing into the bird country. It was all mountains, but they knew they would fight to the bitter end.

"Naruto, I think they would be deeper in the country. Be easier to hide and give orders." Sasuke said walking to one side as Sakura walked to the other side. All three scanned the mountains as they walked, looking for anything that would let them end this war.

A bird flew down in front of them making them ready to fight before they recognized it as Calandra, a dark blue-feathered, purpled eyes, bird that was at the meeting of the heads.

"Aiah has received word that you have come looking for them. She wishes to help and has received word that several of the others will join you while the others help protect everyone else." She squawked.

"Thank you. Let Aiah know we are thankful, but we want everyone to stay back when the fighting starts. We won't be able to avoid a large group while fighting these guys." Naruto said.

"We all understand that. We have come to help take down the evil that has been a threat for so long. This is the last straw; we have all discussed it and know the risk when walking onto that field with you three. Trying to kill your innocent little girl will mean the end of their existence, nice and slow." Said a large white dog as she and two others walked up to them.

"Kakashi is very fond of you three, especially you Naruto. I trust Kakashi's judgment and will help any way I can," said the big black dog.

"We will stand beside you on the field as well," said a light tan lizard. The three looked around and nodded their thanks. "We have all received word that many of our people have been taken and pit against their own; we must stop this before it gets any worse."

"My people have been looking through our country and have found where they are. They don't know we found them, so if we hurry they won't know we're coming." The blue-feathered bird said.

"They know we're coming. They know you found them and will lead us to them." Sasuke said. "They will be waiting, so be prepared." Everyone nodded and the birds lead the way.

"What?" They yelled at once. Tsunade gave a heavy sigh and looked to see Gaara thinking. She know he was planning a way to help.

"So the guy that should be grateful tried to kill an innocent little girl?" Ino yelled. "Where is he now?" She asked. She, like the others, was wondering where this man was, so they could kill him.

"Ino, he is having a lot of problems right now. Sasuke made sure of that." Kakashi said. "Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke went to get Madara and the brothers-"

"You let them go alone? We all talked about this a long time ago, they can't handle them on their own." Ino said. "Where are they?" She asked. She and the others had full intent on following the three to help.

"They are not to be followed." Tsunade said. "Those three are the best we have to go up against Madara and the brothers. You all know that, and you also know that you would get in the way and hold them back if you were to try to help." Everyone looked at her; several obviously were not going to listen. In a little pop a large toad showed up between Minato and Jiraiya making everyone wonder if something happened to Ryoko or the three who went to take down the three most evil men in the world.

"Calandra, Eriko, and Rykyu have joined up with them." Gamakichi said as the room started to break out with yelling about how the demons can help but friends can't. Gamakichi looked around before Tsunade told them all to shut up. "They will not be fighting with them. They have gone along to help find them and protect them on the way. Those three are so stubborn they almost didn't let the demons go with them. It was only Eriko talking to Naruto that got them to take them to the men."

"Then why can't we be there helping?" Kiba asked. "We need to make sure these men are taken down too."

"Kiba, no one is going and that's final!" Tsunade yelled. "You will remain here as we all will and wait for word." Kiba growled in dislike. The others wanted to press the issue but knew too much more and Tsunade might snap.

"Where did Gaara, Kankuro, Ino, and Neji go?" Asked Hinata looking around making everyone look and find them missing.

"Shikamaru and Temari are gone also." Choji said making Tsunade stand up and slam her hands on the table.

"I specifically said to stay put!" She yelled. "The other Kages are to meet in a few hours and we will be missing one." She said trying to think of what to do with the four ninjas from her village that left without permission.

"I told you Gaara would be pissed and everyone would be really upset about not being allowed to go." Karin said as she moved closer to Jiraiya and the others in front. "Now you need to worry about Killer Bee and the other Kages."

"Naruto has made a lot of strong friends and I bet not one of them will listen and hold back." Kakashi said. "He had a rare gift and made even the enemies into friends." Tsunade gave up trying to quiet the others and only walked away to join those up front. "Tsunade. We should get ready to follow and fight." He said making Tsunade give a small nod and a heavy sigh.

"How are we going to find them?" Kiba asked coming to stop by them. "We could sniff them out but it will take too long to find them that way."

"The snakes will be able to get to Sasuke." Karin said as Kiba and several others looked at her confused. "I can summon one and have it take us to him. It's like the same thing when he sends them to me." She explained.

"Naruto's connected to the toads, they will have no problem finding him, besides the fact that they are traveling with other demons." Minato said and looked at Gamakichi.

"I know where he is now." He said. "They are pretty deep into the bird country. It seems they're starting to slow down."

"Where exactly?" Anko asked. "We might not have the time to get there."

"We'll have plenty of time." Jiraiya said. "We can do the same thing we've been doing. We'll hold council with the Kages and we will leave. They will most likely vote to follow anyway."

Three hours later they all sat in council with the Kages. They all explained exactly what was going on, what had happened and what was about to happen. The others didn't like what they heard and began talk for a way to get help to the three ninjas who went by themselves.

"Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura will not be able to avoid armies on the field. They have a hard enough time with each other and add those who left before council into it and it could mean disaster." Karin said looking around. "They know what they're doing, and they know that if they need help they will call for it. The rage the three have will run their jutsu power, Sasuke will not let someone hurt his niece and get away with it. And must I say more about Naruto and Sakura? I can guarantee you they will not let the three men live; if they do, it will be a very painful existence for however long they survive afterwards. Why not trust them to protect everything they hold dear?" Everyone looked at her for a moment, all thinking.

"We will wait for any word from them or the group who left earlier. If we do not receive any word in one day, I feel we should move out." The Tsuchikage said. Everyone agreed and left council but stayed close incase word came in.

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura found the hideout. It was more like a large camp that housed hundreds of demons and men ready to fight. The demons lead the three to their destination and they sent them away. Told them if it looks really bad to get to the others and get them to finish it. The three looked at the camp before falling back to discuss a plan.

"They're expecting us to come." Sakura said. "They must have heard about Ryoko." She said still holding a mask on her face and steadying her voice. "They won't expect all three of us together. I'll go to the center get their attentions and then you two come from the sides." She said planning it out.

"The minute they see you, they'll charge. It's not the best idea to just walk in." Sasuke said. "We can come from all sides at the same time and take them by surprise all at once."

"That may work. What if we added clones for the outside, they'll scatter to the edges to fight us while the three of us get over them and into the middle." Naruto suggested.

"Remember Madara's abilities. He has more up his sleeve than he's ever pulled out before." Sasuke said as the three finished discussing the plan. After ten minutes they had it all planed out, and they were ready to go spreading out to take their positions and make the clones that would be drawing away most of the men to allow them to get deeper inside. Naruto went to the right and waited while Sasuke went to the left and waited as Sakura walked straight into the camp making everyone look at her confused.

"What's the matter? Weren't expecting the mother of a little girl your master attacked to just walk right up to you?" She asked making them look at each other as she smiled. "You know, you're supposed to always be on guard." She said before slamming her fist into the ground ripping it up trapping many of the men under the heavy pieces. As more men ran to fight her she pulled her Kunai and began to fight her way through as Naruto and Sasuke sent in to help. Suddenly the men weren't so worried about her and started to split off to defend the camp as Sakura fought her way through to meet Naruto and Sasuke in the middle while no one realized they had gotten through.

"About time you sent them in." She said to them as she got to them. "Where to now?" She asked looking at Naruto and Sasuke.

"It looked like it was towards the back." Sasuke said. "Let's go." The three ran to the back of the camp to find Madara standing with one brother on either side. "Looks like you were waiting for us."

"Very good, Sasuke." Madara said looking at him through his mask. "What brings you three around?" He asked with laughter in his voice.

"You know damn well what we're here for." Naruto said trying to hold himself back. "You have taken a step too far and it will all end here and now." He said making Madara laugh.

"So sensitive. It was just an annoying little girl. I did you a favor getting rid of that brat." Madara said and soon had all three charging at him. The two brothers stepped in front and blocked Sasuke and Sakura but Naruto shifted using his flying thunder god technique and found himself fighting one on one with Madara Uchiha.

"Gaara, how are we going to find them?" Asked Kankuro as he ran beside his brother. "We have no way of knowing where they are."

"Follow deep into the bird country, we will find them." Gaara said as he sped up more. "We must hurry. Neji, tell us when you find them." Neji gave a nod as he looked around with his Byakugan.

"It will be longer until I'm able to get even a trace of them." Neji said running between Ino and Shikamaru. "If they're deep into the bird country, that could mean more than just Madara and the brothers. They could be looking at armies against them."

"That's why we need to get there and fast." Ino said. "This is going to be the biggest war ever; we need to help them win." Shikamaru and Neji gave a nod and sped up to run with Gaara, Temari and Kankuro.

After hours of running they were approaching the border between the earth county, that they used as a cut through, and the back end of the bird country. They were looking hard for any signs of Naruto, Sasuke, or Sakura as they ran deeper into enemy territory. Suddenly Neji caught the chakra of the three as it exploded. The others saw the explosion of forest and ran towards it. As they came closer they saw Naruto on Gamabunta facing Madara on the shoulder of something that they had never seen the likes of. Sasuke was on Manda's head facing a brother on a black and dark red animal that looked like a mix of a komodo dragon and an actual dragon. Sakura was on Katsuyu facing the other brother on the same animal. It was an amazing sight to see. Neji caught a small amount of chakra slide down the back of Manda and slide away.

"Sasuke just sent word to the others." He told them. "I think we should just stay out of the way for now, at least until the others get here, or if they need help." The other five agreed to wait. To be honest they were nervous about being anywhere around the three fighting with everything they had. They backed up and found a safe place to sit to wait for the others, and they had a great view of the battle ahead.

Karin ran down the hall banging on the doors to Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Minato and Kushina. They all went to the doors wondering what was happening to find Karin with a Snake sitting on her shoulder. They knew what was next. They went to the other's doors and woke everyone up. Time was of the essence, Karin had told them, so they stood in the hallway as she told them the message.

"Sasuke said that we may be needed. Madara has summoned a creature that no one recognizes and the brothers have summoned dark dragon lizards." She said with a stunned face. "I have only heard of them on scrolls, if this is true, this battle is about to become such a war that could very well end all existence. Sasuke says that the three of them are fighting each of them."

"Who's fighting who, did he say?" Jiraiya asked. He had heard of the dark dragon lizards too and knew they were nothing that they really wanted to fight. He was also worried about this creature that none of them knew. It was very dangerous to fight with no knowledge.

"Said he and Sakura took the brothers. He doesn't know if this is going to turn out very well." She said looking scared for the first time since everyone had met her.

"Let's get our things and head out. Like you said, these dark dragon lizards not things to play with." Tsunade said. "I have seen them twice before, the only way not to be killed is to run, and I know those three will fight to the death." She said as everyone ran to their rooms and got dressed and ready to leave. Once everyone was together Tsunade explained what they were going to do. "We will be going to the toad world and from there we will jump to where Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are fighting. To be safe, leave the children in the toad world. Nothing will be able to get to them and they will not be able to go anywhere." She paused looking around at everyone she had met as young teens, now they were young adults holding their children, wondering if they will ever see them again. "Are we ready?" She asked and everyone walked closer and Jiraiya and Minato used the giant scroll to take the very large group to the toad world. It was such a heavy task, the two dropped to their knees breathing hard until Karin went to each of them and placed a hand on their shoulders, suddenly they were fine.

"It's something I had to learn to keep Sasuke out of trouble." She smiled before she heard a little voice call from behind, making her turn around in time to scoop her son into her arms. "Have you been good?" She asked and he nodded with a bright smile.

"Sakumo and me run around and they teached us new games to play that me and him are gonna teach Ryoko when she wakes up from her nap." He paused and looked at her thinking. "Ryoko sleeps a lot, when can she play?" He asked making Karin look at him as things rushed through her brain as to what to say to him. She was relieved when Minato saved the day as he smiled at the boy from over her shoulder.

"She was hurt and needs to sleep to get better. If she doesn't sleep she won't be able to play." Minato said trying to explain a little to the boy. Karin gave him a thankful smile when Itachi smiled and wanted to go see the other children who were waking up.

"Thanks." She said and Minato gave a nod as they walked over to gather with the other adults. They heard Jiraiya talking to the toad saying that it is slightly difficult to pin point where exactly they were. She was struck with an idea as they said they had no way to really find them. "I have something that may work." She walked forward pulling out a small scroll and opening it to reveal a summoning seal. "Naruto, made it for me, it's so if I ever need Sasuke to get to me really fast I can summon him." She explained.

"I may be able to reverse it so it will take us to them." Minato said. "Let me see that." He said as Karin handed it over he used his thumb and saliva to wipe away parts of the seal. "That should do it." He handed the seal to Jiraiya who laid it on the ground as everyone pulled closer together after saying bye to their children.

"That was easy to reverse. Are you sure it will work?" Tsunade asked.

"I think that's what he meant it for. In case someone wanted to get to him they could do it easily. He knew there were very few people who would be able to see it, let alone be able to see the seal." Minato explained as he and Jiraiya used the small seal to take everyone to Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke.

"What the-?" yelled Kiba as he turned and found the three on their summons not too far away. His yell made everyone turn and look. "We better get out of here." He said. Everyone agreed and ran for a safe place only to meet up with Gaara and the others.

"It took you guys long enough." Ino said as she saw everyone walk up to them. "They haven't really fought like this yet. A few hits but for the most part they're doing a stare down. We came up here as soon as we saw the summons." She explained to them.

"So when do we get to go help?" Asked Killer Bee. Everyone was itching to take care of the one that would dare hurt the little girl of their friends.

"I think we'll know when they need us to rescue them." Gaara said "I have known those three for a long time and know they will not need us until they can't move."

"They are more stubborn than that." Ino said turning back to the sight in front of them. As the sun set behind the hills, the three opponents lunged at each other.

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