Return Of Legends

Start Batling To The Death

I want to thank Uzukazi for all the time he spent reading through and fixing my silly mistakes.

Chapter 23

The sun was sinking behind the hills and all six knew this was going to be the longest and bloodiest night of their lives. As the light disappeared the six lunged at each other to start the endless night of pain and torment. Sasuke and Manda launched themselves at the one brother and his summons. The very large dragon lizard jumped in the air using its wings to stay just above the ground as the other brother suddenly went to the side and the summons spit fire balls straight at them. The summons had big bulky bodies with a long snake-like necks, two wings on each of their backs that would only allow them to stay in the air for a few minutes and four legs like a lizard. The one looked at the scene with its large green eyes and black scales as the other one looked around with its large yellow eyes with scales so black they took on an iridescent color. Sasuke knew they would be one of the toughest things to beat, he had read everything Orochimaru had on them, which was only one small scroll. This was going to take a long time.

"Manda, you take the summons, I'll take the master." Sasuke said disappearing, and Manda moved. He lunged at the summons knocking it off balance enough for Sasuke to appear next to the brother and push him from its back.

"I am Sethos Zenaku! You will not be able to win against me!" he yelled at Sasuke as he landed in front of him.

"Well Sethos, you better know how to fight on your own. You don't have your dark dragon lizard to fight for you." Sasuke said as Sethos stood up and was backing up. Sasuke began to walk towards him as he continued to speak. "What's the matter Sethos? Come kill me, come kill Sasuke Uchiha." He said as he stopped. "Or are you afraid of me?" He asked as he turned his Sharingan on making the man start to shake slightly before pulling a sword from his back and charging. Sasuke smiled slightly and took his sword form his back blocking the attack. The two were matched strike for strike. They weren't letting each other get close enough to do anything. Their battle would last all night, they began to pace themselves.

On the other side of the field Sakura was locked in battle with a brother and his summons who spit poison at her and Katsuyu. Sakura had Katsuyu transform into many slugs and attack while she took a giant leap into the air and onto the dark dragon lizard. As she came down she punched the stunned brother in the face knocking him to the ground.

"You think you can get away with everything you've done, but I am here to make sure you don't. I will kill you here." She said walking towards him as he stood rubbing his jaw and laughing.

"A woman cannot kill or even scare Samil Zenaku. It is I who will kill you here, and after I will make sure to finish off that little girl of yours." he laughed as Sakura ran at him with hatred and intent to kill in her eyes. As she swung he dodged before he started to fight back after a hard punch to the gut. He pulled a sword from his back and smirked as Sakura pulled a kunai.

"This is all I need to take you down." She said watching him smirk at her. They both would need to outsmart the other. He couldn't take another blow from her and would have to avoid everything while she needed to make sure she won and was able to go back to her daughter, if she was still alive. Sakura put the thought out of her mind as she went forward and they began to battle trying to make strategies to help them win quickly.

In the center of the field Naruto and Gamabunta landed across form Madara and his summons. They too had been fighting hard giving everything straight away. Naruto was worried, he had needed thousands of clones with sage and fox chakra to beat the little army, what was he going to do now with nothing to help him. Madara laughed as they looked at each other.

"You are the jinchuuriki, is that all I get from the famous Naruto Uzumaki?" He yelled "That is pathetic!" Naruto was becoming angry and the next comment out of Madara's mouth sent him over the edge. "No wonder your daughter was killed so easily!" Naruto flashed over to Madara and started to fight hand to hand. Every strike made Naruto angrier and Madara's comments about what he was going to do to Ryoko after finishing off Naruto was throwing him so far off, the chakra slowly began to swirl around him. He was attacking with more force and with such power Madara stopped making his comments. Naruto swung and attacked fast, flashing around and fighting as hard as he could.

From the safe spot, the friends looked on. The power and enthusiasm they saw their friends fight with was amazing. Ino watched Sakura chase Samil around the side of the field destroying large amounts of ground with each hit. The force she was using behind her attacks was so much more than Ino had ever seen her use. It was far more than anyone had ever seen her use. They saw Sasuke use his curse mark and turn dark, sprouting wings as he fought Sethos. The amount of chakra and power Sasuke was using from the curse mark was amazing, they were slightly higher than Karin had ever seen him use. He was fighting with everything he had to take revenge for his niece and his two best friends who had never given up on him. That thought just made him fight harder. A sudden explosion made everyone, even the ones fighting look to see it was where Naruto and Madara were fighting. When the dirt cleared they saw Madara getting up very slowly and Naruto had transformed into the eight tailed fox. He charged after Madara before he even had a chance to get up.

"What the hell is he doing?" Tsunade yelled as she watched Naruto fight and move as some beast. She looked to Jiraiya and Minato and was about to tell them to do something when they heard a voice from behind them and saw Naruto and Sasuke walk over to them. The group looked at them then back at the field then back to them. "Aren't you two…?"

"When we first started Sakura walked in and was fighting while Sasuke and I used clones to distract the men while we got in. we are the only two clones left." Naruto explained. "Don't stop me. There's a lot you haven't seen me do." They turned back as Sasuke's curse mark took over completely, and he laughed at the brother as he was smashed into the ground. Karin was about to do something when Sasuke's clone stopped her.

"Karin, you know the point I can handle." He said making her relax a bit.

"Sakura's about to her limit." Naruto said making everyone look down at the pink haired woman breathing heavy. "If she falls you can help but you have to stay as far away from us as possible." Naruto said watching Sakura struggle before she did several hand signs and was able to create a several clones that started working on something in their hands as she fought on at the end of her chakra. "She's actually going to try to use it?" He said to himself but was overheard.

"Use what?" Minato asked glancing at Naruto's clone. "What is she trying to form?"

"Naruto, is that….?" Kakashi asked as he watched the clones finish and join the real Sakura in battle.

"In a way. I tried to teach her but she couldn't do it. She found a way to use her chakra and was able to form something she calls the Kyuukyoku momoir no ranpu. That also means she has passed her limit." He said and watched the two clones send a direct hit to the man as Sakura fell to the ground. He was blown backwards and wasn't moving. Naruto flashed away and landed next to Sakura on the field. He lifted her into his arms and flashed back to the group so Tsunade would be able to take a look at her. He lowered her to the ground and Tsunade knelt next to her.

"She's hurt badly but she'll be okay." Tsunade said sitting back. "A second more and she may not have made it." She said and looked straight at Naruto. Suddenly he winced and grabbed his shoulder. "What's wrong?" She asked as Naruto sat down.

"It seems he's feeling the pain from the real Naruto." Kakashi said looking away from the battle for a moment, curious. "That is not how it works."

"I'm low on Chakra, I'm trying to keep the clone but I don't have enough chakra." Naruto said Tsunade moved closer as the others looked at the battle as the explosions got louder and bigger.

"Naruto, I have to tell you something, that way you'll know if you can't hold the clone." He looked at her wondering what it was that she wanted him to know in the middle of battle. "You need to be able to think clearly and protect everyone, especially Sakura. She seems to be making it a habit." She smiled. "She's pregnant." Naruto's eyes went wide as he looked down at Sakura again and suddenly disappeared. Then Sasuke was gone in a poof of smoke. The others looked back at the fight and saw Sasuke glance over his shoulder at them before fighting even harder. Naruto was about to attack again and suddenly stopped and Madara did three hand signs and Naruto was incased in a very thick ball of earth. It began to shrink making everyone get ready to run in. The ball burst with light as Naruto used the Rasenshuriken and landed in front of his opponent. He was back to normal and breathing heavy. He looked up with his bright blue eyes and Madara began to laugh.

"What's the matter can't hold eight tails?" Naruto smirked as he glared at the man in front of him.

"Oh, I can. I have learned to hold nine and become the nine-tailed fox, and still be able to turn back. I am just going to kick your ass while I know what I'm doing. I will kill you and protect my friends, their families, my family, my wife and my kids." He said and began to make a Rasengan in his one hand.

"In case you forgot, Naruto Uzumaki, your daughter is dead and your wife it seems has pushed too far and killed herself." Madara laughed and watched Naruto glare harder as he walked forward.

"My daughter is still alive and she will be up running around again soon. As for Sakura, she used powers to finish her opponent." He said with a smirk as he came closer with the Rasengan. He smirked as he saw a slight movement on Madara's body and waited for the right moment. He saw the slight flutter and jammed the Rasengan into Madara's chest knocking him backwards a hundred yards before landing hard. Naruto went to one knee and was breathing heavily waiting to see Madara stand back up. Sasuke was in a fight of power as another explosion went off making Naruto turn and see the two fly backwards catching their balance on the ground. Sasuke was breathing heavily as Naruto stood up and pulled his fox chakra up. He started to have red surround him and he charged and flashed to the side and behind Sethos hitting him hard. Sasuke showed up in the path and hit the man back. The two punched and kicked Sethos back and forth until Madara hit Naruto, knocking him far off to the side and unconscious. Sasuke kicked Sethos so hard into the ground, he made a crater then he turned to Madara. The two began to fight, clashing with swords and trying to use their eyes on each other until Madara pulled his summons quickly from its fight and hit Sasuke so hard, he was out instantaneously.

"Now?" asked Kiba as he watched Madara walk over to where Sasuke had landed next to Naruto. Tsunade gave a nod and the group, all but Karin, charged in to save their friends. They ran maneuvering themselves to fight the man who hurt their friends. They went back and forth all working together to try to kill Madara while the six summons were fighting. Kiba and Akamaru used fang over fang, Neji and Hinata worked together and used their gentle fist only to have Madara laugh and hit them away. Shikamaru tried to use shadow possession but the man was too fast. After an hour everyone was down to their last jutsus to try and was running out of Chakra. Minato, Jiraiya, Kakashi, and Tsunade were the last wave. They came full force with everything they had, punching, kicking, throwing weapons, everything they had up their sleeves, but Madara teleported himself allowing everything to pass through him. He stood in front of the tired ninja and laughed.

"I have evolved and know more than you can imagine. I know every single one of you and know how to win. The only ones who had a chance were the three who came after me. Their power and knowledge are unpredictable." He said to them as several went to their knees breathing hard. "You bunch are just pathetic. You deserve everything you've gotten and will get." Madara said as he started two signs but was stopped when Naruto was standing beside him holing Madara's hands together tightly. "You still live?" Naruto smirked.

"You underestimate us." Sasuke said as he came from behind the group. "Unpredictable it is not a fitting word for us." Madara looked through his mask at the young Uchiha as everyone looked behind Madara. He turned slightly to see Sakura walking up to them.

"I think we are just challenges. We are something you cannot fight, we will finish this now." She said looking at him hard. Tsunade looked at Naruto, wondering if he would make her go with the other. That's when she saw the look he gave Sakura and knew, although he wanted her to sit out, she was needed and wouldn't listen anyway.

"I don't think you will be able to finish this jutsu." Naruto said as he squeezed the hands and used his fox chakra to enhance it, breaking every bone in the hands. Madara winced and tried to jerk his hands back, but Naruto only squeezed harder and twisted. "What will you do now?" He asked Madara.

"I will kill you all. Perhaps, I'll start with you. You seem eager to die." He said glaring at Naruto trying to use his eyes. Naruto smirked at the confused Madara. "What?"

"Do you think I would not have made something to protect me from those eyes?" Naruto said. "One of my best friends has those eyes. I am not stupid." Sakura and Sasuke began to move closer as Madara flipped and twisted slipping from Naruto's grip. He stood facing the three as Sasuke and Sakura went to Naruto's side. As they stood there getting ready to fight, the others moved to stand behind them.

"What are you doing?" Sakura asked over her shoulder without taking her eyes from Madara. Everyone was set and ready to fight with everything they had.

"We are helping our friends." Ino said from behind. "You three need help to take this guy down. We are ready to go."

"Just stay out of our way." Sasuke said sliding his arms from his shirt. "We cannot be accountable for our actions." They watched the curse mark spread up his neck and down his arm and across his body. His features changed and wings shot out behind him.

"Naruto, be careful, he isn't playing around like before." Minato said standing behind his son. "It seems you know how to make him mad." Naruto gave a nod and smirked.

"I know the buttons, as do Sasuke and Sakura. It's like Madara knowing what to say to us. There will be no safety tonight. If we start pulling more power, get away." Minato gave a nod, although Naruto couldn't see it he knew his father, Jiraiya, Kakashi, and Tsunade knew what he was talking about. Naruto bent down and the red Chakra started to snap all around him once again they watched as four tails appeared and he began to growl. "Sakura, watch our backs." He said in a deep voice that sent chills down the others' backs.

"Naruto." Sasuke said bending slightly. Within seconds they were gone and Madara was in a fight with the two fastest and most powerful ninja of the leaf. After a while it looked like he was swatting the air trying to hit the wind. As Sasuke and Naruto pulled back, Madara tried to take Naruto down only to get a rock wall in his face blocking his way. He looked over and saw Sakura smile at him.

"What's the matter can't get to him?" She asked watching him turn to her and bolt towards her. The group around her was about to step in front when Naruto and Sasuke grabbed an arm each and ran him back.

"Don't think about it!" Naruto growled as another tail emerged. Madara called for his summons in a language no one knew. Suddenly the summons broke from Gamabunta and charged to the group. Gamabunta jumped and landed in front of them and took the force of the creature. Sakura jumped onto his head and did several hand signs in front of her before punching straight at the creature and Gamabunta brought it closer. The most powerful punch knocked it far away creating a hole where it landed. They thought it was over as nothing moved then it began to climb out of the hole

"Belu cannot be defeated." Madara laughed. "He is demon of earth, he controls eighty legions of demons, and no one can destroy him." Belu stomped over to where Sakura was with Gamabunta and tried to get a hold of Sakura only succeeding in being hit in the stomach with Gambunta's sword. Suddenly, Belu looked from the wound to the Toad and used a beam of pure, bright, scorching fire to knock the toad back. Gamabunta went flying landing, burnt, in pain and unable to move. Sakura was thrown from the toad and caught herself in the trees. She decided that hiding was best for a while, make Madara think she was dead, she knew Naruto would know if anything happened and knew that wouldn't be a problem. The others would think she was dead also but would find out when it was time.

"Looks like the girl won't make it." Madara said with a smile under his mask. "At least she'll be able to meet that little brat on the other side." Naruto started pulling more chakra as he punched Madara in the gut repeatedly. He was able to connect and send the evil man flying backwards as two more tails grew and the flesh was pulled from him giving him the somewhat shape of the fox. He roared as he looked to where Madara was getting back up. "It seems you have a soft spot." Sasuke flew as fast as he could and slammed a kunai through the man's chest.

"It seems you are too distracted." Sasuke said twisting the kunai and sliding it to the side with a smirk.

"Oh, and what of that vicious wife of yours, would you risk her being alone in the woods, or what of that boy you named after the damnable brother of yours." Sasuke's face darkened as he used his curse mark and kicked Madara in the gut before chasing him down with Naruto beside him.

"You will die here, by our hands!" Naruto and Sasuke yelled together as the others were working on fighting Belu.

Katsuyu and Manda moved closer together and attacked at the same time as the two dark dragon lizards moved next to each other. The attacks were so fast and fierce that the ground rumbled from Manda as he sent large pieces of ground flying at the two while Katsuyu used her acid and melted the ground as it hit the lizards, burning them and making them scream in pain as they tried to get the acid off of them. Katsuyu sent more at them and they screamed as it ate through their bodies before they fell to the ground dead. The two looked at each other. They had never liked each other or ever want to be near them, but they knew how to work as a team and they nodded their agreement to work together, at least for a while. They went to help the others and moved quickly. Katsuyu picked Tsunade up and got her onto her head, while Manda went and grabbed Jiraiya.

"I never liked you, but you are the only one besides Sasuke who I can work with." Manda said as Jiraiya stood on his head.

"I agree. Now let's go." Jiraiya said as they went along side Katsuyu and Tsunade, who was already fighting. "Looks like you're doing well enough." He said as Tsunade and Katsuyu knocked back.

"Looks like you made a new friend." Tsunade said making Jiraiya and Manda both glare at her. "That doesn't look good." She said making the two look back at Belu.

"Orior Mei Everto!" He called as he brought his hands straight in front of him and roared as he rose his arms up over his head before dropping them to his side. They saw many half rotten demons rise from the ground.

"That's not good." Jiraiya said. "Manda, Katsuyu can you take Belu?" The two gave a small nod. "Tsunade, I think we need to be on the ground for this battle." Tsunade nodded and the two jumped from the summons' heads to the ground with the others.

"It seems we are going to have a real problem soon." Kushina said "They don't look like normal opponents."

"Naruto and Sasuke better finish their fight and get their asses over here." Kiba said, and Akamaru barked as they got ready to handle the undead army.

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