Return Of Legends

Surprise Release

I want to thank Uzukazi for all the time he spent reading through and fixing my silly mistakes.

Chapter 24

The fighting went on, it seemed to be never ending, and if the group had to fight very much longer they were sure to die. They were wearing down and making mistakes. Suddenly, Sakura appeared stopping a sword from taking off Kakashi's head. She punched the creature, knocking it flat on its back; it didn't look like it was getting back up.

"We all thought you were caught in the blast with the toad." Kakashi said over his shoulder.

"I had to wait. Madara would have seen me come back in and would have targeted me." she said after knocking another demon around to smash into a second. "I hope Karin's alright." She said before she broke off to help others fight.

Up on the hill, Karin sat watching and sensing all of her friends' chakras, all of the friends she had made over the past few years now fought and she couldn't do anything to help them but watch. She looked at them all wearing down and knew the fight needed to end soon. That's when she saw it. She summoned a small snake and told it to give a message to Sasuke. It slithered off to find Sasuke and deliver the impotent message.

Sasuke and Naruto were fighting fiercely attacking and wearing Madara down to give them an opening to kill him. As Naruto was attacking, Sasuke stayed back to let Naruto have full rein, he saw a small snake slither up onto his shoulder and began to hiss.

"Karin said Madara's chakra is leaving him and he's trying to put all of the remaining Chakra into his eyes to follow you and Naruto. She said in a few moments you should hit him with the Chidori and it will kill him. Then you two can go help the others. She said they are not doing very well in their battle." Sasuke nodded and watched Madara begin to slow very slightly. The snake disappeared and Sasuke charged his Chidori, as soon as Naruto was clear he charged so fast Madara never even saw him until he was stopped in front of him with the Chidori drilling into his chest. He cried out falling backwards half dead. The power that was sent through his body and into the air had made his mask fall off. He looked up at Sasuke and forgot for a second, about what Itachi had done to protect Sasuke. He didn't have enough time, he was swallowed by the black flames, to become no more. They heard several people scream making the two turn and see Jiraiya catching Tsunade. Everyone came around closer to protect them while Jiraiya lowered her to the ground and found that there was no hope at all. Sakura knelt and saw the wound; there was nothing she could do. The two stood back up and the group fought with a new wind.

"We have one more battle to fight." Sasuke told Naruto who was in the seven tail form. "Let's go, they can't hold out much longer." The two ran over to help the others, who were more than relieved to see them. Sasuke and Naruto landed in the front where Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, Shino, Kakashi, Anko, Kiba and Akamaru, and where Sakura had gone to. "Can you hold the army for now?" Sasuke asked the group.

"Not for too much longer but we should be able to hold them long enough." Anko said. Sasuke nodded and turned back to look at the big creature that was called Belu. "What do you plan to do? If you charge up, you'll be killed." Sasuke gave a nod as Naruto roared and they were gone.

"They can handle themselves." Kakashi told her.

"Besides, them being here means they finished Madara off." Sakura said.

"If they can take that thing out, the army will most likely leave." Minato said killing another.

"They better, you kill one and three more take its place. Too much longer and we will be over-whelmed." Kushina said as she started to battle another demon. They all looked up when they heard the creature roar in pain and saw Naruto and Sasuke attacking it with everything they had. Naruto had turned back and made the Rasenshuriken. "What is that?" Kushina asked

"That would be a modification Naruto made on the Rasengan." Kakashi said. "He calls it the Rasenshuriken. He almost destroyed his own arm the first time he used it."

"He used it against Pain too, that's when he threw it." Kiba said as they were beginning to be surrounded once again as Naruto threw the Rasenshuriken as hard as he could and Sasuke followed up with the dark Chidori. Belu fell backwards and roared at them.

"It looks like that just pissed it off." Shikamaru said watching as Belu stood up and moved to Naruto and Sasuke quickly trying to kill them as they disappeared. They heard Naruto yell Sasuke's name and Sasuke backed up. Naruto had the red surround him and cover him and suddenly, in front of them stood the nine tail fox. They couldn't believe Naruto would let him out.

"It's about time kit." It said and looked at Belu in front of him. "Can never just let me get fresh air can you?" He said before he smiled at the creature. All nine tails were swinging wildly behind the fox making the ground explode and wiping out most of the army.

"This may not turn out good." Jiraiya said. "Why would he release it?" He wondered, staring at the fox as he was about to battle. The massive demon had drawn all enemy away from the group, they could see Sasuke doing his best to kill as many as possible as he ran over to the group as everyone gathered together.

"You need to get out of here. Once they start battling Naruto will not have any control, and won't be able to get the fox to look out for you." Sasuke said glancing back at the Nine Tails.

"Why would he release that thing after all these years?" Neji asked not taking his eyes from it.

"He didn't release it. It's the same thing that killer bee does with his beast." He said making everyone look at the exhausted man sitting down.

"Naruto took the seal off himself a long time ago." Sakura said. "He said he had made an agreement with the fox and they would work together, instead of the fox trying to kill everyone." She told the group who were amazed.

"Now get moving." Sasuke said. "Naruto can't hold this forever, and if Belu attacks Naruto has to let go." Sasuke told them glancing back at the fox who was growling fiercely. Everyone started to run to get out of the way leaving Sasuke to stand there. He saw Killer Bee hadn't moved and knew what he was planning. "You should go with the others. I'll be able to help take this thing down now that we don't have to worry about hitting anyone." Killer Bee said making Sasuke smirk.

"I will stay. When the battle's over Naruto will have to be taken somewhere immediately. We can't even wait for one of them to run or even flash down here." He paused. "Do not worry about me, I can avoid being hit or caught in the middle." Killer Bee nodded, and Sasuke disappeared to a safe place while Killer Bee released his giant ox, the eight-tailed beast. He moved to stand beside the Kyuubi.

"It's been a while, hasn't it, Gyuki?" asked Kyuubi not taking his eyes from Belu.

"Yes, old friend, it has been very long." Gyuki said as he stared down Belu. Belu charged full force at the two only to have them move out of the way. Kyuubi wrapped two tails around it and pulled it closer while Gyuki used a blast of chakra to nearly kill it as Kyuubi threw it in the air. He whipped his tails around as hard as he could and sliced it into pieces letting the body fall to the ground making craters and the blood rain down.

"That was too fast." Kyuubi said and looked around as he and Gyuki swung their tails killing off the army. They looked around and Kyuubi knew that he had to let Sasuke know it was time. He roared so loud making the mountains rumble and the group who had gotten to Karin covered their ears. "Sasuke. You are here to take care of Kit." He said looking down at the one of the very few men who was not afraid of him. Sasuke gave a nod as he stood next to him and the fox transformed with a burst of flames leaving Naruto standing in his place.

"Thanks." Naruto whispered to Killer Bee as he walked over, back to normal. Just as everyone was arriving in the clearing, with the wounded, Naruto went limp taking Sasuke, who was well past his limit, down with him. Everyone rushed to them and found they had both pasted out. Sakura started to heal Naruto's wounds after seeing he was the worst out of everyone, only by a little to Temari.

"Let's get them out of here. I need bandages." Sakura said.

"One problem, we don't have the chakra to do even the simplest thing." Minato said from beside his son. Everyone heard a groan and saw Naruto and Sasuke start to move. They forced themselves to sit up.

"Naruto, Sasuke. Lay back down." Sakura said and was stopped when she saw their eyes. Sasuke looked up with yellow eyes and red pupils and Naruto looked up with red eyes and black fox pupils. They moved to stand up when Jiraiya and Minato held them down.

"If you two move too much you're going to kill yourselves." Jiraiya told them.

"Get the scroll out." Naruto said getting looks from everyone. "Sasuke and I have enough Chakra left to get everyone to the toad world. If you don't hurry up we won't have any." Jiraiya and Minato looked at each other. They didn't want to take the chance of them dying from over using their chakra but they needed to get everyone to the toad world. That's when they saw Manda and Katsuyu making their way over to them slowly with Gamabunta behind them.

"We will lend our strength also." Katsuyu said. Jiraiya pulled the scroll and laid it out while Sakura helped Naruto lean forward and Karin did the same with Sasuke. Katsuyu, Manda, and Gamabunta placed their tails and toe onto the scroll and at the same time they all released chakra into the scroll taking everyone to the toad world. Naruto and Sasuke looked up before going limp again, this time Sakura knew they wouldn't be getting up for a while. The toads rushed to see what was going on and found everyone sitting with blood all over and almost everyone was about to pass out. Naruto was leaning back on Sakura, Sasuke had his head on Karin's lap, Shikamaru held Tamari, Kushina was resting against Minato, Kakashi was about to pass out and was being held up by Anko, Kiba was laying on Akamaru while Hinata leaned against the giant dog, who was laying down, Neji had Ino sleeping in his arms while Matsuri had Gaara leaning back against her, much the same way Naruto was positioned on Sakura. The only ones who were still okay at the moment were Lee and Tenten who were only trying to catch their breath, Kankuro and Hanna, who were checking on their brothers and Temari, Shino, who was by Hinata and Kiba and Choji, who was with Shikamaru, and Jiraiya, who was holding Tsunade in his arms. The toads worked together with the humans who were okay and able to move and got everyone to a place to rest while other toads, along with Sakura and Ino who woke up, who were helping the toads to heal everyone. The toads said to leave Tsunade with them after Sakura told them there was nothing she could do. Sakura and Ino worked together on Naruto first, then Sasuke, and down the line from the worst to the just worn out. They were almost done when Sakura passed out and had to be put in bed to rest while Ino did what she could before resting.

Naruto began to stir as he heard voices talking quietly. He couldn't quite make the word out until the fog started to clear and he opened his eyes and slowly sat up, forcing himself passed his protesting body. He saw Sasuke sitting in his bed, Karin sitting on the edge, Minato standing between the two beds with Kushina sitting in a chair next to him. Sakura was sitting on the edge of his bed twisting to look at him with a smile.

" You're finally awake." Kushina smiled at him as he looked around. "You've been out for four days. We were beginning to think you would never wake up."

"I'm surprised it only took four days." Naruto said low. "I used every last drop of my chakra and almost completely drained Kyuubi."

"We were just talking about that." Minato said. "Sasuke and Sakura seem to know only a little about the Kyuubi. How were you able to take the seal off and control him?" Naruto gave a bright smile and chuckled.

"It took a really long time but over the years I was able to talk to him a lot and we basically made a deal. I would let him roam and let him out for air once in a while if he would listen to me when I needed him to. We had a few fights and I got my ass kicked a few times but I was able to get him to submit." Naruto explained leaving Minato amazed at his son once again. "How is everyone?" He asked

"Not too bad, you're the last to wake up. There were a few hurt pretty bad but they're all healed and outside with everyone." Sakura told him.

"What about the casualties? How many?" Sasuke asked softly as everyone glanced at each other before Sakura answered.

"Little more than half the demons who came to help died, and we only had one person die." She said and suddenly images flashed in Naruto and Sasuke's mind and they said the name together.

"Tsunade." They looked at everyone as they were surprised they knew.

"When we finished Madara we heard everyone yelling and we saw you trying to take care of her." Sasuke said and looked at Naruto. "You remember?" He asked.

"Yeah. The images just kinda flashed in my mind. I guess Kyuubi trying to help me remember things when I'm in between." He said low.

"I did everything I could but I knew there was no hope." Sakura said as tears began to gather in her eyes. "We brought her here and the toads tried everything they could, but it wasn't enough." A few tears fell and Naruto pulled her to him and held her for a while.

"How are Jiraiya and the others?" He asked as Sakura cried silently into his chest.

"They're not too bad." Kushina said trying to push the tears back down as they slowly gathered in her green eyes. "They're outside with the kids."

"We'll go check on them while you two get up and come out." Minato said as Kushina stood up and the two left. Sakura sat up and wiped her face as Karin wiped her tears away and the two men started to get up. They were both still weak but they knew the strength would come back soon.

"Did you get any rest?" Naruto asked Sakura as she stood up and nodded. "When did you get up?"

"I woke up not long before you did. Sasuke woke up right after me and then you." She said walking out with him. Sasuke and Naruto had their arms over their wives' shoulders so they could walk straight as they exited the little hut and went to find everyone sitting under a few large trees as the children ran around playing a game. Before anyone could ask about the children, two children ran from behind and hit Naruto and Sasuke hard just after they sat down. Sasuke pulled the boy around front and smiled as she boy sat in his lap. He looked over and saw Naruto pull a little girl from behind him. His eyes went wide as he looked at the smiling and giggling little girl with pink hair and bright blue eyes.

"I missed you, daddy." She said and gave him a hug. He hugged her back, so relieved to see the girl running around again. She pulled back and looked at Sakura. "You too, mommy." She smiled at both of them as Sakura took the girl and held her close.

"She was running around when we got here." Shikamaru said with a smirk as he walked up with Temari beside him. "They said that about five minutes before we got here she woke up calling for you and Sakura." Sakura looked down and saw Ryoko looking up with a big smile.

"Ryoko, they gonna start a new game." Itachi said climbing out of Sasuke's lap to go pull Ryoko behind him. The two children ran off to join in leaving the adults to gather and watch them tackle Jiraiya as he tried to walk over to the others. The children screeched with laughter as Jiraiya began to play with them.

"Years ago he told me he hated kids, now look at him." Naruto said with a smile as he watched Jiraiya pick Ryoko up above the others and hold her under one arm and then he bent and grabbed another and held Isao under his other arm and he started to run with the others chasing him.

"He was just trying to get out of training you." Sakura said. "Half the time you should have let him go. I can't count how many time he almost killed you." Naruto smiled and chuckled remembering all the training that almost meant the end. "But then again, I don't think Ryoko would have so much fun without him." She smiled and everyone saw Ryoko squirm and pull something from her pocket before putting it in the fold of Jiraiya's shirt. He stopped and put the two kids down quickly before he started to try to get the thing out of his clothing. The adults laughed at him squirming around as the children stood in front of him laughing at him.

"Well now we know she really is your daughter." Ino laughed, making Naruto and the others laugh as they remembered all the jokes and pranks he pulled when he was younger. "Let's just hope she grows out of it and grows up like Sakura. I don't think we can handle another you."

"As long as neither of your girls turn out like you, the world will be safe." He said back chuckling. Jiraiya was finally able to get the thing out of his clothing and held it up before looking at Ryoko, who started to run to the other adults. She ran as fast as she could and jumped into Naruto's lap begging for him to hide her while everyone laughed. Jiraiya walked over, still holding the thing, when he stopped and everyone saw he was holding a little green toad; they all started laughing so hard, some fell to the ground while others got teary eyed.

"Oh, no that is something you would have done." Sakura said as she started to calm done.

"That was funny but it is too low. I would have gotten a friend to put a snake in there. Now that would have been hilarious." Naruto chuckled.

"So the eraser in the door way was above this?" Sasuke said with a smirk making Naruto laugh as team seven looked up at Kakashi who rolled his eyes.

"I can't believe he really fell for it." Naruto laughed.

"Should we talk about the bell test, Naruto?" Kakashi asked making Naruto look at him for a minute while Sakura giggled and Sasuke smiled. "The charging when you were supposed to hide, the traps, trying to eat the food before noon?" He said making Naruto laugh.

"I was twelve, and you told us not to eat, I was hungry. Besides, we could always talk about the second bell test." He smiled as Kakashi sighed. "Your little weakness." He said as Jiraiya stopped in front of them. "Having fun?" He asked as Jiraiya looked down at him.

"What have you been teaching that girl, Naruto?" He asked making everyone laugh. He sat down next to them and handed the toad back to Ryoko. "You should take care of the toads, one day they may be your friends, like your father's." The girl smiled and looked up at Naruto.

"You got toad friends, daddy?" she asked.

"Yup, just like your mother has slugs, uncle Sasuke has snakes and uncle Kakashi has dogs." Naruto said making her look around amazed.

"Where are they? They friend, so they should be with them." She said looking back at her father.

"Those friends are different than the other kids out there. These friends only come when you call them." Sakura said. "And you have to know how to call them; it takes a long time to learn."

"Yeah, it took Naruto weeks to learn to call a toad that big." Jiraiya laughed. "It took me pushing him off a cliff for him to call the really, really big one." Suddenly he was hit on the head by Kushina, Sakura, and Ino. "What? He had to learn how to use the fox chakra." He said trying to make the women relax. The three just looked at him with disapproval as the men laughed. The group sat under the trees the rest of the day talking about the old days sharing stories again, as the children played.

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