Return Of Legends

The Last Push

I want to thank Uzukazi for all the time he spent reading through and fixing my silly mistakes.

Chapter 3

It has been a week since Naruto and Konohamaru began to pester Danzo. He had been sending small warnings to his friends but everyone had been prepared for anything that he could throw their way. Today the men would push him a little harder. Naruto and Konohamaru met at the Ramen bar and made their way to the Hokage's tower. They climbed all the way up and walked in the room and sat down, earning a very nasty look from Danzo.

"What do you two want?" He asked annoyed.

"We want a mission to go out on the field." Konohamaru said.

"You are not to leave the village and I have told you both that every day you come in here. No missions."

"Why?" Naruto asked.

"Because I am the Hokage and say that you are not to leave the village."

"So I guess that cool jacket Gaara wanted to give me is out of the question." Naruto said. "I'll just send him a message and tell him I'm not allowed to leave."

"What? You've been sending messages outside the village?" Danzo half yelled.

"Yeah. The Kazekage doesn't like his sister not being allowed to leave." Konohamaru said watching Danzo turn white.

"He said he wanted her home for some meeting their having. Wants her to be escorted by several of your most gifted Ninja." Naruto add, hoping that Danzo would let Temari go and maybe a few of the friends.

"You can tell the Kazekage that he can come pick her up." Danzo said turning back to his work.

"So you want the leader of the sand village to have to come all the way here to pick her up? He's not gonna just say okay and come get her." Konohamaru said

"Yeah, this is Gaara we're talkin about. He would see this as holding her prisoner and come to get her with an army behind him." Naruto added.

"Let him come." Danzo said without even looking up.

"You know he isn't gonna just take her and go home. He'll find who ever made the rule that she had to stay here and kill him." Naruto told him.

"And everyone knows it's you making all the rules, because you're Hokage." Konohamaru said.

"Are you two threatening me?" Danzo asked glaring at the two with his one eye.

"We would never threaten you, we are only warning you." The younger man said.

"Now, who would you like me to tell to escort her?" Naruto asked making Danzo become infuriated.

"No one is leaving this village! Get out of my office this instant!" He yelled and watched the two men shrug and get up slowly and make their way to the door.

"You sure-" Konohamaru tried again.

"Out!" Danzo cut him off.

"Okay, don't say we didn't warn ya." Naruto said fast before Danzo almost exploded.

"Get out now!" The door slammed behind them and he sat back down trying to calm himself. He turned and looked out the window to see the two young men walking away like nothing happened and he turned back to try to continue his work.

Naruto and Konohamaru walked back to where they would be meeting everyone at the training ground. As soon as they step foot into the ground they fell to the ground laughing. The others looked at each other and went over to the two young men on the ground laughing so hard they could barely breathe.

"What is wrong with you two?" Ino asked.

"Danzo." Naruto managed making the others roll their eyes.

"How did this one go?" Shikamaru asked. Everyone watched as Konohamaru and Naruto sat up and whipped the tears from their eyes before they started, trying to get everything out before they started to laugh. They looked at each other before they lost it again. Sakura was about to hit them when Yamoto and Sai walked out laughing.

"I think you've really pushed him." Yamoto smiled.

"What happened?" Ino asked.

"It seems they are very good at annoying and making him mad." Sai said looking at his two friends as they calmed down. Everyone looked at them and Naruto stood up.

"We told him that we wanted missions like we always do, then after he said no again I told him about a jacket I was going to get from Gaara and I would have to tell him that I couldn't go get it." Naruto said and chuckled. "I told him he wanted you to go home, Temari, and that you had to have several of our best Ninja to escort you. He practically lost it. He said to tell him to come get you otherwise you aren't leaving the village."

"He's really nuts if he thinks Gaara would take that. He would come with the entire village to kill Danzo and take me home." Temari said.

"I know and we told him that and he turned white before he started yelling at us." Konohamaru said as he stood back up. "He kicked us out!"

"You should have seen his face!" Naruto said as both of them dropped laughing again.

"The whole thing was quiet humorous." Yamoto said.

"What do you think he will do?" Kakashi asked.

"He will most likely retaliate, before finally giving in and escorting Temari home. It is unlikely but not impossible that he will ignore it and wait for Gaara to show." Sai said. "I think for now he's going to be trying to figure out how you communicated with Gaara."

"Well the task for the day is done; you two got kicked out fast today." Temari said with a smile as Naruto and Konohamaru were still chuckling as they stood back up again.

"What do we do now?" Ino asked.

"We can always practice to get stronger while we wait for Danzo to move." Lee said as he came closer.

"That sounds like a good idea. We all could use the practice we haven't done anything in over a month." Ino said as everyone started to pair off to fight until a voice stopped them.

"ummmm. No offense but I don't wanta hurt anyone." Naruto said rubbing his head with a smile.

"Like you could beat Yamoto and Sai and Kakashi." Ino said sarcastically.

"Actually he may actually be able to beat all three of us together now." Kakashi said.

"What, really?" Temari asked.

"He could probably take us all out in one move." Yamoto said.

"You have to be kidding." Ino said.

"No. I leaned one that I could win, no sweat." Naruto said.

"Fine then show us." Ino insisted.

"Tap us where you would kill us." Yamoto said and Naruto gave a nod as everyone got ready. "Everyone ready?" He called. Everyone nodded and suddenly Naruto was behind everyone with a smile while they all looked stunned.

"I think I got everyone." Naruto said looking around.

"That is a great move, Naruto." Lee said.

"What is that move?" Ino asked

"You're gonna teach me. Right?" Konohamaru said.

"I learned it not too long ago. It's called the flying thunder god technique. And I'm sorry Konohamaru. I can't teach you this one." Naruto said.

"Why not?" Konohamaru whined.

"Because it is a family Jutsu. Only someone with the same blood can do it." Kakashi said as he came closer. "You never did tell me how you do it without the special kunai."

"Oh, yeah. I do it the same way that he said in his notes but I change it and stretch my Chakra out to be like the Kunai." Naruto explained.

"So you learned these from the documents Tsunade gave you?" Ino asked. Naruto gave a nod. "Was your mother…." she trailed off as Naruto and Kakashi chuckled.

"No. She held onto the papers for my dad. He died fighting the nine tails." Naruto said.

"Oh, he was a ninja?" Temari asked.

"Yeah. He was a great ninja." Naruto said. He didn't think he was ready to answer all the questions that would come yet.

"What was his name?" Sakura asked.

"Naruto, why don't you show them the one you learned in your mother's village?" Kakashi chimed in to change the subject and hopefully send everyone in another direction. Naruto nodded and lead the young adults away while Iruka, Yamoto and Sai came to Kakashi's side.

"Why doesn't he want to talk about his father?" Yamoto asked confused.

"Because he's not ready for the questions." His friend told him.

"What kind of questions could stop him from talking about his father?" Iruka asked.

"Questions that you'll hear when he says his father's name to people." Kakashi said and they walked over to join the others while they praised Naruto for his new skills. Yamoto and Sai went to their post for a while, while everyone practiced and Naruto showed Konohamaru and the others how to do his smaller jutsus. Suddenly ANBU began to show up near Sai and Yamoto.

"What is going on?" Yamoto asked one.

"We are ordered to punish Naruto Uzumaki and his friends for the disturbance earlier." He said before he took off and the ANBU all jumped out of the trees attacking. Kakashi and the others pulled weapons and defended then suddenly the ANBU agents looked at each other making everyone look around, their target was gone. Suddenly one man fell with his knees cut. Then another with both arms, then a third with his gut open but not a death blow. One by one the ANBU went down all with minor injuries as Naruto stopped in front of them.

"When you're all better, you can go back and tell Danzo that threatening my friends isn't gonna make me not go piss him off and as for killing me….. He isn't going to win." Naruto said and walked away while his friends took one more look at the ANBU agents before following their friend.

"You let them all live?" Ino asked.

"Yeah. No sense in killing men who follow orders. Beside this will really piss him off." Naruto smiled.

"You do realize he may use it against you and try to make you an enemy." Temari said.

"That's another reason I left them alive." Naruto said as they walked down to the Ramen Bar and saw Guy talking with Ayame, the daughter of the owner. "What's he doing?" Naruto asked as he stopped to look.

"Guy sensei and Ayame will be getting married in a few weeks." Lee said as he came to his side. Naruto looked at him shocked before he was forced to continue and go into the Bar.

"Oh, my. Is that really our favorite customer?" Ayame said as the group walked up.

"Heh. You remember me?" Naruto asked.

"Who could forget little Naruto." She smiled and lead the way in everyone sat down and ordered and ate as they talked before splitting off to do their own things.

Several weeks later Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, and Ino were walking into a shop when they heard Temari calling them.

"Hey, guys. I just talked to Danzo. He said that after speaking with Gaara he has decided to let me leave and have an escort."

"Really?" Sakura asked.

"Really, the moron wrote a letter saying what Naruto told him and asked if he was in contact with him. Gaara, must have gotten word and is playing along." Temari said with a smile.

"So who's your escort?" Ino asked.

"Gaara said he wanted the best Shinobi that he knew and trusted and named eight people that he wanted to escort me." Temari said.

"That many? Is Danzo actually allowing that?" Sakura asked.

"Who are they?" Ino asked.

"Yeah, Gaara said that if one of them doesn't escort me he would come for Danzo's head…. Apparently Danzo does respond to threats." Temari smiled.

"It's Gaara we're talking about. Who wouldn't respond to a threat from him?" Naruto chuckled.

"And who are they?" Ino asked once again.

"Okay, Kakashi, Anko, Shikamaru, Ino, Sakura, Neji, Kiba, and I can't believe it but…. Naruto." Temari said making everyone stair at her.

"Are you kidding? He couldn't have agreed to that!" Naruto said taking the paper from Temari's hands and read it.

'The following Shinobi will escort Temari back to the sand village. Kakashi Hatake, Anko Mitarashi, Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka, Sakura Haruno, Neji Hyuga, Kiba Inuzuka and Naruto Uzumaki. The group is to leave in two days. As order of the Sixth Hokage Danzo.'

Naruto handed the paper back. And looked at everyone.

"It's real. He didn't like it. He broke the tip writing my name!" Naruto laughed "We better let everyone know we leave in two days." Shikamaru and Temari went one way to tell Kiba, Ino went to tell Neji and Naruto and Sakura went and Told Kakashi and Anko. No one could believe it but they all packed their things and got ready to leave.

Two days later everyone stood at the gate, as the sun was starting it's descend in the sky, to say good bye when Danzo walked out to greet everyone. He walked to Naruto in the group.

"Naruto, I would like to have a word with you before you leave." Danzo said and Naruto stood in his place with his friends around. "Alone?"

"If you want to tell me anything then you can say it." Naruto said catching Danzo off guard.

"Very well. Do not think that you or any of your friends can escape, I have my eye on you and just because I had to send you does not mean we are finished here. Understand?" Danzo said and saw Naruto glaring at him and whispered his last part. "Your mother died because of her stubbornness to listen, you keep it up and it will be the same for you." Naruto clenched his fists and was about to swing when Kakashi stepped in.

"I think we're already to go now." He called and as everyone began to leave, Naruto stood still glaring at Danzo. Shikamaru and Kiba tried to get him to walk as Kakashi whispered to Danzo.

"You think you can threaten him but I want you to know. I know all about you and your ways of dealing with people. My father and my family have our way too. Do not threaten someone that is close to me." Kakashi said in a deep voice before acting cheerful. "We will see you when we get back, sir." He turned and placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder and lead him out with Shikamaru, Kiba and Sakura following. Once out the gate a ways Sakura asked.

"What was that about?" Naruto looked away and slowed down to walk behind everyone. "Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked again

"It's for Naruto to discus." Was all he said.

They continued walking for several hours before stopping for the night. Sakura and the others were worried about Naruto as he set his things up and sat down not saying a word. Anko went to Kakashi as he sat by a tree.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Nothing." Kakashi told her as he kept his eyes on Naruto who had his head down thinking.

"Kakashi. I know Danzo said something and you said something back… what's going on?" Anko tried again. Kakashi looked at her and sighed.

"Danzo threatened Naruto. Said that his mother died for being stubborn and not listening and if he kept himself going he would too." Kakashi said low. She gasped as he continued. "I told him not to threaten Naruto and that if anything happened to him he would have problems."

"He means a lot to you doesn't he?" She asked looking at Naruto who was still looking at the ground.

"His father meant a lot to me and becoming Naruto's teacher, I can see a lot of his father in him."

"Yes. I can see a lot of his mother in him too. Your sensei would have just smiled and left and acted like nothing had ever happened. His mother would have done what he did."

"She probably would have hit Danzo." Kakashi chuckled softly.

"She was always a feisty one." Anko smiled and watched Naruto stand up and walk to the edge of the woods before hitting his hand on the ground and suddenly there was a small puff and a toad sat in front of him as he took a seat.

"Looks like he's trying to get some comfort." Kakashi said.

"Looks like he will be getting comfort." Anko said watching Sakura get up and go to Naruto's side.

"Naruto?" Sakura asked in a soft voice. He looked up at her with his bright blue eyes. "Can I sit with you for a while?"

"Sure." He said looking back at the large frog. "So you knew her Pa?"

"Yeah, she was a beauty. She could put up a fight though. Jiraiya said you used to remind him of her when you would be smart and play those pranks you used to do." Pa said

"Who?" Sakura asked.

"My mother." Naruto told her. "I wanted to find out if what Danzo said was true."

"What did he say?" Sakura asked softly, wondering what Danzo could have said to make Naruto this upset.

"He said she died because of Stubbornness to listen. Said I was the same and would die the same." Naruto told her looking at the ground.

"Oh, Naruto. That was horrible." Sakura looked at him sadly. "He's just saying that to make you mad." Naruto nodded and they both looked back to the frog. "So you know Naruto's mother?"

"Yes. Like I was telling him. She was a beautiful woman. She could put up a fight and was quiet the prankster, she could be quiet a smart alic too. That woman was something else." Pa said.

"How did she die?" Naruto asked.

"She died from bleeding a few hours after you were born. She was trying to get you to safety while your father was fighting and she got hit with debris." Pa said sadly. "You know with how you turned out, Kushina would be so proud. Especially with all the pranks and jokes you pulled and how brave you have been as you grew up." The frog saw Naruto start to smile. "If you want I can take you to where she's buried, she's with your dad."

"Yeah. But it's not gonna be for a while. I have to straighten this whole thing with the Hokage and the village out first." Naruto told him.

"Your dad would be really proud of how you've turned out too." Naruto smiled at the frog and gave a nod.

"You know his dad too?" Sakura asked. Naruto looked at her and back at the frog and shook his head as Sakura started asking questions.

"Those aren't questions I can answer till Naruto says so." The frog watched Sakura turned and look at Naruto. "Well?" He asked his summoner.

"Maybe later." Naruto said just before Shikamaru voice was heard.

"Get some sleep; we have a long walk still ahead of us." He called to everyone in camp.

"I'll see ya." Pa said as Sakura started to move off. "You really should tell everyone before they have to find out the hard way with lies and rumors." Naruto gave a nod and the frog disappeared with a pop and Naruto stood and started to walk into the woods. Several friends were about to follow when they heard Kakashi and Anko.

"Leave him walk." Anko said.

"I'll get him." Kakashi said and jumped off before anyone could say anything. He found Naruto on a cliff edge looking around at the scenery. "Naruto, you find the answers you were looking for?"

"Yeah, kind of." Naruto said looking at his old teacher as he sat beside him. "Pa said that she was really pretty, was a really good fighter and Ninja. He said that she was smart to everyone and played jokes. Said Jiraiya told everyone that I reminded him of her." Naruto looked back out of the side of the cliff.

"Everything he said was true. She was also one of the nicest people I knew, had a big heart. You may look exactly like your father and sometimes act like him but you remind me more of your mother when you're on missions and with your friends." Kakashi said making Naruto look at him.

"Did you know my mother well?" Naruto asked

"I met her on one of the missions that we were to do. It was one of the first missions and we had to take a family back to the whirl pool village. We decided to stay for a few days and we all went our own ways. I don't know how they actually met but the several days we spent there they would always meet and eat before walking the village. She was so kind and made me and my two team mates go with them to a restaurant. She went to Konohana a few times and it was like they had just met then they were getting married." Kakashi looked at the sky. "She would always invite me over for lunch when Minato sensei and I were practicing. She would even join in a few times." He rubbed his head. "She could really hit too." He looked sad for a moment. "Soon after that we got reports of attacks on her village, Minato sensei got clearance and we went to help stop the attacks. When we got there the village was destroyed. She was the last."

"Who destroyed it?" Naruto asked.

"Well it was destroyed shortly after your father was told he would be the fourth. An advisor became angry and decided to try to destroy your father by destroying his life. I think you know who it was." Kakashi looked at his old student as he glared off into the distance.

"Yeah. The same one that I'm gonna get rid of." Naruto said determination in his voice.

"But it has to be at the right moment." Kakashi said and Naruto nodded. "Let's head back before they start to follow and see what's going on."

"Yeah." Naruto said and he followed Kakashi back to the camp site before they both found a spot to sleep.

The sun started to rise and Naruto sat up as the others started to rise. He looked around and saw everyone was starting to pack up and move slowly. They were all tired from yesterday, they weren't used to the missions any more, it had been over two months since the last one any of them had. Naruto smiled, he had an idea and ran ahead of everyone out of the trees into a very large clearing. He stopped and waited for everyone to catch up.

"Naruto what are you doing?" Ino asked. He smiled and bit his thumb as he slammed his hand to the ground.

"Summoning Jutsu!" He yelled and in a pop a large yellow toad was in front of him. "Hey. You mind doing me a favor and carrying us?" He asked the toad and everyone waited for it to give its answer. Suddenly it croaked and Naruto laughed. "Alright, come on!" He called to everyone who made their way over and climbed onto its back. Naruto jumped onto its head and smiled. "Thanks, we're headed to the sand village." The toad croaked again and started off on its way to the sand village hopping all the way.

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