Return Of Legends

The Sand Village

I want to thank Uzukazi for all the time he spent reading through and fixing my silly mistakes.

Chapter 4

"Naruto why didn't you say that you had one that could carry us before?" Shikamaru asked as everyone jumped off when they reached the village.

"Cause I wasn't thinking when we left. Besides Danzo doesn't know what I can do and I want to keep it that way for now." Naruto told him. "Thanks!" He said before the toad disappeared in with a pop and the group walked into the village gates to the Kazekage's tower.

"Temari!" They heard as they reached the tower. They saw Kankuro start to run over to them. "Is everything okay? Gaara said something about the Hokage went nuts."

"Everything's fine now." Temari said.

"He would have gone nuts if he didn't agree to Gaara's terms, he's just crazy." Naruto said.

"Is that…?" Kankuro asked and saw Temari nod. "Naruto, where have you been? I haven't seen you in years."

"I was traveling for a few years." Naruto said.

"Kankuro, is Gaara up there, we have to talk to him." Temari said. Kankuro nodded and they all walked up to find Gaara at his desk.

"Temari. I was beginning to think he wouldn't agree." Gaara said

"No he agreed and even sent everyone you said to." Temari said stepping out of the way to show everyone. "We were happy to hear he asked you and you went a long with it."

"Yes, it is what I went a long that I want to know." He looked at Naruto. "What's this about a Jacket?"

"About that….. We were trying to get him to let us out of the village. I was trying to piss him off and make him change his damn rules. I told him that I was talkin to you and you had a Jacket to give me when I brought Temari here. He has anyone that was friends or close to Sasuke and me on lock down." Naruto said.

"We were really surprised when he let everyone, even Naruto come." Temari said "What did you tell him to make him agree?"

"I told him that I knew what was going on in the village, I would bring an army, and many other villages and we will end his rein." Gaara said.

"That's it?" Ino asked. Gaara nodded.

"What is the problem?" Gaara asked.

"He has tried to kill every one, and it will only get worse if he is left in power." Anko said. "We are going to need help if we are going to do it."

"I agree. I have heard many things about him from many people, including Tsunade. It will take some time but I will help." Gaara said. "For the time being, stay here. I can guarantee there will be no spies coming to watch your moves. Kankuro get them somewhere to stay. You go too Temari, get some rest." Everyone nodded and left as he said.

Late that night Gaara received a letter from Danzo. He let everyone see it when they came to his office to discuss plans. Sakura took it and read it out loud.

"Kazekage. The Shinobi I have sent to escort your sister home have done their job, now it is time for them to return home. I have information that leads me to believe you are trying to keep them from leaving and coming back to their own village. Send them home immediately or you will be declared an enemy. Hokage" Sakura said and looked up as everyone looked around. "We will have to leave tomorrow morning."

"No. I think I will let him think what he wants while I gather what I need. I have sent a letter to all the other Kages and I have received several back in agreement to help take Danzo off the seat of Hokage."

"That would cause an all out war!" Anko said

"I realize that, but most likely it will be everyone against him." Gaara said.

"Besides as soon as everyone knows Naruto is on our side they will help us." Ino said.

"Yes, but I wouldn't be betting on that." Kiba said. "There're still a lot of people that can't see passed the nine tails."

"No matter what, Danzo needs to be taken down." Naruto said. "He has done enough damage to everyone."

"Then let's finish it." Ino smiled.

"He will kill everyone." Neji said. "He wants us to be quiet so that when everyone votes, he will become Hokage."

"Then we're just gonna have to stop him from doing that." Ino said.

"Did you not hear Neji? Danzo will kill every one of us to make sure he wins?" Kiba said.

"Then we'll just have to make sure that doesn't happen." Ino replied, set on taking Danzo out of the picture.

"This is such a pain." Shikamaru said low.

"When would you like us to head back?" asked Anko.

"When you feel you have a plan." Kankuro said.

"We should plan on everyone meeting at Konohana on a certain day and go from there. Konohamaru is probably still irritating him anyway." Ino started.

"More like pissing him off. And when Naruto gets back it will only get worse." Kiba said.

"Between the two going to him every day, Danzo will probably declare war on them both." Sakura said.

"Then let him and get a message to us when it happens." Temari said.

"None of us are able to send anything out of the village." Neji said.

"Then we send the next best thing." Naruto said making everyone look at him. "I have the toads on my side." He smirked. "I'll send one of them. We need to get backa dn make sure he doesn't do anything to the village or the villagers."

"Then we should leave in the morning." Anko said and everyone agreed before they left to rest for the long trip home.

The next morning Naruto and his group stood at the gates of the sand village with the three sand siblings, saying their goodbyes. They had decided that when anything happened Naruto would send a toad to let Gaara know and Gaara would come to help with others when the battle broke out.

"Everyone ready?" Kakashi asked looking as everyone nodded. "Naruto." Naruto gave a nod before walking through the gates to the open space.

"Summoning jutsu!" Naruto yelled biting his thumb and hitting the ground. Suddenly there was a giant green toad in front of them.

"Naruto- Chan!" yelled a small toad as he jumped down and onto Naruto's Shoulder. "Where you going today?"

"We're goin home. I need you to remember this place. When I let you know I need you to come here and tell Gaara what I tell you to." Naruto said as everyone started to walk closer to them.

"I am guessing that you have come up with a plan?" Pa asked. "Who is this Gaara?"

"Yeah, we have a plan but we need you to tell Gaara our message." Naruto turned and looked at everyone as they walked up. "This is Gaara." He said pointing to Gaara and Pa gave a nod.

"Alright let's go." Sakura said as everyone got on the green toad and it made its way to the hidden leaf village.

"I told you that you were to escort the Kazekage's sister home and then return right away!" Danzo yelled while Naruto and Konohamaru went to bother Danzo the day after they got back. "I specifically told everyone that you were to return promptly!"

"Sir, this is really nothing to get upset about. We were told by the Kazekage himself that we were to rest up before returning." Sakura added from where she stood in the back of the room. Naruto had decided to bring her along in case they needed help right away. Danzo looked up at her and scowled.

"And what might you be doing here?" he half yelled at her.

"I am here with Naruto and Konohamaru." Sakura said making Danzo turn red and look at the two young men sitting in front of him with their feet on his desk.

"Get out!" Danzo yelled looking at all three people.

"You said we weren't leaving till you got your answers." Konohamaru smiled making Danzo turn a brighter shade of red.

"Fine, I may not be able to throw you two out but I sure as hell can throw her out!" He screamed walking over to Sakura and grabbed her arm. He smiled when she winced and gave a small whimper. "If you do not stay out of my office you will pay for the irritation your friends put me through." He said low and squeezed tighter making tears rise in her eyes from the force he was using. With in an instant Naruto was on one side with his hand on Danzo's arm and Konohamaru was on the other ready to draw his kunai.

"I suggest you let her go and you stop threatening her and the others….. After all it's me that pisses you off." Naruto said looking sternly into Danzo's eye. When Danzo didn't let go Naruto started to apply pressure and soon Danzo's hand released Sakura's arm.

"You have no idea what you have done!" Danzo yelled at Naruto. "You are to leave my office and never come back; no one associated with you is to even look at me! You are in more trouble than you can imagine!" Danzo screamed turning redder and redder. Naruto let go of Danzo and took a step closer to him looking down at him.

"You are the one that has made a mistake." He said low before he turned and all three left the office to meet out on the training ground. Once outside and walking on the path Sakura placed her hand on Naruto's shoulder making him look at her.

"Naruto thanks. But do you think that was a good idea? I could have just left." She looked up at him, looking into his angry blue eyes that seemed to soften as he looked at her.

"Sakura, what was I supposed to do? He would have killed you and the others. He doesn't know who he's talking to." Naruto said to her.

"He is threatening the grandson of the third and the Shinobi that save the entire world." Konohamaru scowled. "He's lucky Naruto was the one to get him, I would have cut his arm off." He said as they walked into the grounds and saw everyone waiting for him. As soon as they were in cover Yamoto and Sai came from hiding to walk to Naruto's side.

"You know he will come after you now. He will not stop until you are dead." Yamoto said and got weird looks from the others.

"What happened?" Kakashi asked. Naruto looked at Sakura before turning back to the others and answering.

"The bastard doesn't know how to keep his hands to himself." Naruto said still angry.

"What did you do, Naruto?" Ino asked.

"Danzo tried to hurt and threaten Sakura and Naruto grabbed his arm and almost broke it. Danzo flipped and told us to leave and never go back and that Naruto made a big mistake." Konohamaru explained. Everyone looked at Sakura as she healed her arm and Naruto who looked from Konohamaru after explaining to look at Sakura.

"Do you realize what you've done?" Iruka asked his old student.

"Yes, I do and like I told him, he doesn't know who he's talking to." Naruto said looking hard at everyone around reminding several of the spectators of a man that died years before. "Summoning jutsu!" Pa showed up in front of them again. "Tell Gaara that it's about to start and we'll meet him at Taki." The toad nodded and disappeared.

"So it's really starting? We are really at war with our Hokage." Anko said. "We have to warn the others. Danzo will try to kill everyone. He may even go after the villagers." The group nodded and took off to warn the others and meet back at the training ground.

It took several hours but everyone was now at the spot to meet the others. Many confused, some very angry and some just didn't know what to feel. They looked at each other and sat waiting for the last three to show up. Suddenly Kakashi and Sakura landed next to them and Naruto appeared.

"Mind explaining what's going on?" asked Inoichi.

"We are getting out of the village and going after Sasuke. If we can get him back he will be able to tip the balance and help us win against Danzo. We need the upper hand in order to save the village." Kakashi said.

"And how exactly are we going to do that? We are completely cut off from anything. Besides, how do you know he'll come back?" Choza said.

"I'll take care of it. Just start going towards the Whirlpool village, we can meet up there." Naruto said. Everyone looked at him wondering what he was thinking that was so great that would let everyone of them out of the village and safe to the sand village. "Kakashi sensei, is everything ready?" Kakashi nodded and they both made a cross with their fingers and called out. "Shadow clone Jutsu!" Kakashi made two and Naruto had six standing by for instruction.

"Make sure everyone is able to get out of the village." Kakashi told the clones, they all nodded and took off the keep watch. "Let's go."

"why don't some of us stay in the village to make sure nothing happens? We can meet up with you once you get back." Shikaku asked as everyone started their walk to the closest wall.

"that may be the better path to go. We need to get help to win this but we still need to make sure Danzo doesn't do anything to the village." Ino said as everyone agreed while Naruto summoned Gamakichi and Gamatatsu. The two medium toads stood in front of Naruto.

"Naruto I heard what's going on." Gamakichi said "What do ya need?"

"I need to open a whole to let everyone through, but nothin that will call attention." Naruto said and the two toads nodded.

"Gamatatsu, line up." The red toad said to his brother.

"Can I have something to eat, brother?" The yellow toad asked making everyone but Naruto look at the toads funny.

"After you help Naruto, I am sure he will find something for ya." Gamakichi said looking back at Naruto.

"Yeah, sure. I don't know when but I'll get ya somethin" Naruto said and the yellow toad walked to face the wall. Naruto climbed onto his back and the toad took a deep breath and as he shot water, Naruto pushed his wind chakra through to combine with the water pistol. The force of the shot created a whole large enough for the people to fit through but the explosion wasn't big enough to draw unwanted attention.

"Naruto, what are you doing?" Inoichi asked angry looking around.

"I'm getting us out of here." Naruto said as he jumped from Gamatatsu's back and looked at everyone. "Once through spread out and we'll all meet at the whirlpool country."

"Naruto, there is nowhere to hide there, it was destroyed long ago. No one survived." Choji said.

"It was destroyed, but while I was gone I meet people that moved into the territory and the city was rebuilt. As for no one surviving….. There was one. She was the only one to survive and was killed years ago when the fox attacked." He looked at Kakashi and Shizune before turning back and looking around at everyone. "Let's go."

"If you stay together no more than three together." Kakashi said to the younger adults. Everyone nodded and took off out of the hole. Kakashi, Anko, and Yamoto left in a group, Kiba, Hinata, and Shino were in another, Ino, Choji, and Shikamaru left, Neji went with Lee and Tenten, and Naruto and Sakura had Sai with them. The five teams went five different ways all to get to the waterfall county.

"Do you think they'll be fine by themselves? Naruto still hosts the nine tails and if angered…" Yamoto said

"Tenzo, you must see it too. Naruto is in more control then he has ever been. He is stronger and wiser than a few years ago." Kakashi said.

"Besides he was alone for three years with no one to take control and pull him back. I think he taught himself to control it by leaving for three years." Anko said as she ran between the two men.

"Yes. I think it was good for him to leave and force himself to gain control." Yamoto said.

"He really reminded me of someone I knew years ago." Anko said.

"He truly did look like him." Tenzo said.

"Yeah, took me back." Kakashi said as they fell silent as they ran.

"Naruto, why are we meeting Gaara up in the waterfall country?" Sai asked.

"Because I have somewhere everyone can stay and be safe while I get Sasuke." Naruto said never taking his eyes from the road ahead. The path they were taking would have them meeting Gaara halfway before heading north to meet the others.

"Naruto, you know you're not gonna go by yourself." Sakura said. Naruto glanced at her out of the corner of his eye before looking back a head. "Don't think about taking off. I will follow and you know most if not all of the others would too."

"None of you will be able to keep up." He said. "Sai, can you try to get a head and see if you can find any rumors or information about Sasuke." ANBU root solder gave a nod. "Send a message if you find anything, if not meet at the waterfall city in a week." Sai gave another nod before he took off. The way they had taken was the one that would take the longest. Naruto and Sakura ran for hours more after they split with Sai, it was now starting to get dark and it was time to find a place to make camp to rest for the running the next day.

"Naruto?" Sakura asked when he stood to take a walk. He turned and looked at her. "Naruto, don't go too far. I don't want to have to come save you." She smiled making him give a small half smile before he turned and went into the dark forest only to return soon after. He sat leaning against a tree as he drifted off slowly.

In the middle of the night Naruto was woken up by noises he was hearing in camp. He opened his eyes and looked around to see Sakura tossing and turning in her sleep. He slowly made his way over to her and knelt down to wake her when he heard her talking.

"Naruto…. don't….no….Naruto you have to… don't die…I love….. NO!" She screamed and shot up looking around breathing hard. When she saw Naruto next to her she launched herself at him and hugged him tight. " Naruto!" He wrapped his arms around her and held her.

"Sakura, what's wrong?" He asked as he held her in his arms.

"I had a dream that you were fighting and were hit so hard… you were almost k-killed." She said as images in her head began to flash and she looked up at him. "Thank you." She told him as Naruto tightened his grip and gave a half smile before letting her go.

"Try to get some more sleep. We have a long way to go in the morning." She nodded and he went back to where he was resting before. Sakura looked around, and then looked back at Naruto.

"Naruto?" She called and he opened his eyes to look at her. "Can I sit with you?" She asked and watched him nod before she moved over to his side.

The same night in another camp sat Neji, Tenten and Lee. Neji had placed himself on a low branch in a tree, Lee was leaning against another tree and Tenten was against a third tree. They had been traveling for hours and would be doing for longer tomorrow. They had taken the second longest route going up to the sound country border before turning to go to Takigakure.

"Naruto sure has changed." Tenten said.

"Yeah, he sure has. He isn't that annoying kid anymore." Lee said.

"He's learned how to be a leader. He knows how to use his own abilities to his advantage." Neji said from the tree.

"I know, but did you see how cute he got. He used to be…. I don't even know what to call it, but now…." Tenten smiled making the men roll their eyes.

"Just go to sleep and we'll start moving in the morning." Neji said and all three leaned back and fell asleep for the next day's runs.

"Shikamaru, it's getting dark we should stop." Choji said as he ran beside his best friend. "We still have a while to go don't we?"

"Yeah. Let's stop here for the night." Shikamaru said and the three men began to set up camp for the night. "This is such a pain in the ass."

"I wonder why Naruto wants us to meet at the waterfall country and not at Suna." Choji said.

"It's one of the first places Danzo would look for all of us once he realized we were gone." Ino said.

"Yeah, yeah, let's get to sleep and keep going in the morning." Shikamaru said.

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