Return Of Legends

Traveling Again

I want to thank Uzukazi for all the time he spent reading through and fixing my silly mistakes.

Chapter 5

The next morning came and the rays of sun falling through the canopy the trees made. Naruto looked around; he had been up most of the night thinking about his old team mate. After Sakura's dream she had sat next to him and fallen asleep leaning against him. He had turned her and now she still slept with her head in his lap. He really didn't want to wake her up but they needed to get moving soon to be able to meet everyone at the same time.

"Sakura." He said shaking her gently. "Sakura" He said louder shaking her a little harder. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked up at him. "It's time to get up. We have a long time to go."

"Morning already?" She yawned and sat up.

"Yeah. Short night. Let's get goin." Naruto said and was about to take off when Sakura placed her hand on his shoulder making him look at her.

"Thank you, Naruto." He nodded and they both took off to try to stay on schedule. They ran for hours before coming across a city in the River country. "Where are we?" Sakura asked.

"This is a river city called Kawa. We're gonna stop and rest for a day and get supplies then we're gonna meet Gaara at Kishibe. We meet with Gaara then start heading north and meet up with everyone." Naruto explained as they walked through the gates and went to get something to eat before going shopping.

"Naruto, look at this." Sakura said running over to a rack of clothing at a shop. Naruto smirked and followed her over. "It's so cute!" She smiled pulling the red outfit off the rack and holding it in front of her. Naruto looked at the outfit. It was a form fitting short red ninja outfit, not much different than the one she wore. "What do ya think?" She smiled up at him.

"Yeah, looks good." He smiled and rubbed the back of his head. She pulled her cash purse out and counted what she had and sighed putting the outfit back.

"I'll have to get it later." She said turning around and they continued down the street finishing their shopping for supplies. "So are we staying here for the night?"

"Yeah, let's go get a couple rooms and relax for the rest of the day." Naruto said leading the way to a hotel that he had been to a few times. When he walked in the owner looked over and smiled.

"Naruto!" The man called and came over to him. "I haven't seen you in a while. Where have you been?" The man was about five feet tall black hair and brown eyes.

"Yeah, kinda been busy lately." Naruto said and saw the man's eyes shift to look at Sakura.

"Turning into Jiraiya-sama, now? She's a good one. Better than most he used to have." He said making Naruto and Sakura looked at each other before looking at the man with a blush.

"No!" the both said before Naruto continued to talk to the man. "Tamotsu, I am far from Jiraiya." He laughed. "We are just passing through on a mission, we need to meet some friends in a few days, just need a place to stay for tonight." The man looked between the two before he gave a sly smile and walked back to the counter with Naruto and Sakura following him.

"Well it looks like you came the wrong time. I only have one room left." He looked up at Naruto who glanced at Sakura who shrugged. "I'm sorry Naruto but if you came yesterday I could get you the really nice one. Maybe tomorrow night."

"No Tam, we gotta get goin in the morning." Naruto said as the man sighed. "At least ya don't have Jiraiya scaring your customers away." Naruto said making the man laugh and nod.

"Yes, you're right. Still miss his company though….. Here is the key." The man said softly handing Naruto the key to the room.

"I know what ya mean. Never had a question with him….. Thanks." Naruto said with a sad smile and the man smiled before Naruto turned and looked at Sakura. "Ready?" She gave a nod and they went up to the room to get settled and relax.

"Naruto, that man knew you pretty well." Sakura said as they reached the door.

"Yeah, Jiraiya took me here for years and when I went on my own I stayed here a few times." He said opening the door. "You take the bed I'll get some blankets and pillows from Tamotsu." He said as they walked into the room that held one bed with a light blanket and two pillows on the bed. A window was straight across from the bed and looked out onto the street below. "I'm gonna go out for a while, I'll bring the blankets and pillows up when I get back." She gave a nod her cheeks still tinted pink and he left to go for a walk through the city. Sakura sat on the bed and laid back to relax.

Thoughts flew through her head as she sat on the edge of the bed laying back. She stared at the ceiling with her green eyes as she thought out loud. "What is going on? This feels so weird. Ever since I saw him when he came back….. I feel so…. Happy when he's with me. He so strong now and smart and really cute and nothing like he was years ago." She sighed. "What am I thinking?" She sat up and sighed again and looked straight at the wall as her eyes went wide as she continued to think. "I love him….. I really love him." She whispered.

Naruto walked out of the hotel and down the street as he began to think. A lot went through his head. He wondered where the others were and if they were alright. He wondered if Danzo had found out where any one was or what Danzo was going to do. His thoughts turned to how he was going to get Sasuke to join him and how he was going to get everyone out of this un hurt. He and Sakura would have to meet Gaara and travel with him up to the others… his thoughts then turned to Sakura. What do I do? I haven't felt like this since I was on a team with her, only it's feels like so much more. When she's with me I'm just so happy. She wants me to be with her, I make her feel better. It feels…..good, to be traveling just me and her. She smart and beautiful. She's grown up from when we were in the academy even all the way to a few years ago. He sighed still walking around the village still thinking about Sakura and how he feels around her. I think….I think I actually… love her. He stopped shocked at what he had just thought. He stood in place for a moment and thought about his discovery before smiling. I do. I do love her. Not like when we were kids, no this is different. He thought with a smile as he walked back to the hotel when suddenly there were yells and screams from up stairs. Naruto walked in and looked at Tamotsu who jumped at the yell.

"Tam, stay down here." He said and instantly was gone, only to show up at the door to his and Sakura's room. He tried to open it and found it locked. "Sakura!" He called hearing more screams and thuds of weapons.

"Naruto!" She screamed. He used his shoulder and banged hard on the door and opened it. He found seven special ninja from the highest ranks in the ninja society, so high they were a secret rank, in the room. Sakura was being held to the ground by four of them, she wiggled and threw her body around trying to free herself while the last three men looked at Naruto as the door was broken down and got into a fighting stance. Sakura suddenly cried out in pain making Naruto look and see three kunai sticking out of her, two in the abdomen, the third in her chest. Naruto narrowed his eyes pulled his Kunai as the three men smirked and got ready to fight suddenly the three were on the ground dead. He stopped for a moment and watched the four men's faces twist with shock and confusion before letting Sakura go and taking off. They didn't make it two steps before three were dead and Naruto held the fourth up.

"Why are you here?" he asked sternly.

"We…we… we came because Kei said he was told by some guy, Danzo he said to kill the leaf ninja we saw. We followed orders!" The man said shakily. Naruto looked at the man and stabbed his gut and whispered in his ear.

"Don't go after the ones you don't know." He threw him out the door and turned to kneel beside Sakura. She coughed and looked up at him unable to move as blood came from the side of her mouth. "Sakura." He said as he pulled two of the kunai out of her lower abdomen and pulled her close as he pulled the third. He pulled her into his arms and ran down the stairs. "Tam. I'll be back!" He called as he ran passed and flashed to the hospital.

"What happened?" Asked a young woman as she ran to him carrying Sakura as blood flowed from her chest wound.

"There were ninja that attacked her two kunai in her abdomen and one in her chest. She's bleeding heavily." He said as they brought a stretcher out and he laid her on it.

"You have to stay out here; we'll tell you when everything's finished." The woman said stopping Naruto who kept his eyes following the stretcher and all the medical staff with her.

"Summoning jutsu." He said hitting the ground with his hand. "Pa, Ma, I need you and the other toads to do me a huge favor."

"What happened, Naruto? You have blood on you." Pa said.

"Are you alright?" asked Ma.

"Yeah, I'm fine but Sakura's hurt." He said and the toads gasped. "I left to walk the village and she stayed in the room. When I went back I heard shouting and yelling. I went up and found seven special ninja attacking her, she had taken out three but four got a hold of her and held her. Three were look outs. When I was about to take them out three put kunai into her. Two in her gut, one in the chest. They were from Danzo. She's getting fixed now but I will let you know when I know something. I need to get the information to everyone. Tell them to stay on guard, Danzo is tracking us down. Send four toads out." Naruto said to the two toads.

"We'll do that as soon as we get back." Pa said as Naruto looked over his shoulder.

"Thanks." Naruto stood and turned to walk away when he heard Ma.

"Naruto- Chan. Are you going to be okay?" She asked looking as Naruto give a small fake smile and a nod.

"Tell everyone to keep going. We'll get there but will be late." The toads nodded and disappeared to do what their summoner asked. Naruto found a spot to sit and wait.

"Kakashi!" a voice rang out making the three ninjas stopped and looked at the large red frog.

"You're one of Naruto's toads." Yamoto said.

"Yes, and I was sent to give you a message from him. They went through a village and they were attacked."

"Are they alright?" Anko asked

"What I was told was that Naruto is fine. Sakura on the other hand… special ninja from Danzo got a hold of her when he left for a few minutes. Said she took three out, four got a hold of her and three more kept watch. Naruto got to her and killed the three but before he turned to the other ones they dug Kunai into her. Two in her gut and one in the chest. He called Ma and Pa and told them that she was being taken care of and he would send word when he knew anything. He said to keep going and they will come but would be late." The red toad said.

"Can you get to Naruto?" asked Anko.


"Tell him that as soon as he gets anything that we are to know." Anko told him.

"Tell Naruto to be patient and hold on. Sakura's a strong girl. She'll make it." Kakashi said. The toad gave a nod and disappeared to give the message to Naruto.

"Does he think she won't?" Anko asked.

"He's not very good when he doesn't protect people." Yamoto said.

"Especially the ones he loves." Kakashi said "let's get moving."

"What about the others?" Anko asked.

"Naruto would have sent a toad to each group." Yamoto said. "We'll meet where we are supposed to and wait for Naruto and Sakura to show up." They continued on their way all hoping that Sakura would be fine.

"Neji!" called a green toad. "Neji, Tenten, Lee. I have a message from Naruto." The group stopped and looked at the toad.

"From Naruto?" Tenten asked.

"Yes, he said they will be late meeting you. There was an attack. Danzo sent ten special ninja."

"Are they okay?" Lee asked.

"Naruto is, or else we wouldn't have been sent, but Sakura, from what I hear is injured. Naruto called Ma and Pa and told them a message to pass to everyone. He said that Danzo sent special ninja and while he was away from her they attacked Sakura. She killed three before four held her down and three kept watch. Naruto came in and killed three but the others stabbed Sakura, two in the gut and one in the chest. She's being taken care of and he said he would send word as soon as he found anything out." The green toad said.

"Thank you." Neji said and watched the toad disappear

"Naruto!" called Gamakichi. Naruto turned from talking with Pa to look at the large toad.

"Gamakichi. What is it?" Naruto asked as he walked closer.

"I came from Kakashi and his group. The woman said that as soon as you find anything out they are to know. And Kakashi said to hold on and be patient, she would make it. He said she's a strong girl." Naruto gave a small smile.

"Yeah, I know. That sounds like Kakashi, telling me not to worry about a team mate I left and she got hurt." Naruto said. "But he's always right so-" He started but was cut off by another Toad popping in.

"Naruto!" Naruto looked at it as it continued. "I came from Shikamaru's group. The woman with blond hair said that if she gets worse or something else happens to send word and she said something that she thinks you'll understand." The toad said looking at Naruto for a moment before he continued. "She said stay calm, she loves her too and she knows she's strong. She said that talk if you need to and it would make it better."

"Do you understand it, Naruto- Chan?" Asked pa from his shoulder.

"Yeah, I get the just." Naruto smiled "She knows." Before anyone could say anything there was a third toad.. Naruto listened and gave a nod and the next ten minutes the last one showed up to give a message the others sent. Everyone said about the same, that if he needed them to send word and they would come.

"Sir?" he heard behind him and turned to the young woman that had taken Sakura back. "She is out of surgery and is now stable. She needs to take it very easy for a while and she will be asleep for a while. She lost a lot of blood; the kunai that went into her chest nicked an artery. We aren't sure exactly sure when she'll wake up. You can go see her if you want." Naruto smiled and nodded.

"Yeah." He said and turned to the toads.

"We're on it. Just go see her." Ma said with a smile before they all, but Pa, disappeared. Naruto turned back and followed the woman to Sakura. He said thanks before he pulled a seat closer and sat down. He reached over and took her hand and looked at her sadly.

"I think I will meet ma and the others back home. If you need any of us, just summon." Pa said and Naruto nodded as the toad disappeared. Naruto looked down at Sakura's sleeping form; she was pale from the loss of so much blood.

"Sakura-chan, you have to wake up. We have to get moving. Remember we're supposed to meet the others." He sighed. "I sent a toad to everyone so they know what happened. Ino's worried so is Kakashi. Ino said that I should talk. Figured I would try her way before I try mine." He gave a small smirk. "Sakura-chan, I'm so sorry. I should have stayed. Sakura please wake up. I need you to wake up and kick my ass for being such a baka." Naruto sat for hours holding her hand hoping she would wake up that moment. He went back to talking and trying to bring her back. "Sakura, please, please open your eyes. Sakura, come back. You have to open your eyes and be okay. Come on, you can do it, just open them, tell me you're okay." He stopped and watched her as nothing happened. "Sakura-chan, I don't know if you can hear me but I need you to wake up. I want to tell you something I figured out when I went for that walk. I think Ino knows already, because of the message she sent back but I'm hoping you can hear me. Sakura….. I….I love you." He whispered and sat for more hours on end before he fell asleep with his head on the edge of her bed. The nurse walked in several times and smiled when she found him fast asleep at her bedside. She got a blanket and placed it over his shoulders and let him sleep.

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