Return Of Legends

Surprise Summoning

I want to thank Uzukazi for all the time he spent reading through and fixing my silly mistakes.

Chapter 7

The group had been running towards the hidden leaf village. The older adults had added their opinions before talk turned to the thought that Naruto and Sasuke were looking and acting like their fathers. They rolled their eyes and continued planning when they go to the village. When they got close enough to see the village, they saw stunned them. Around the village was a very large army that was a mix of leaf ninjas a missing-nin from many different villages.

"Naruto." Sasuke said.

"Yeah. Let's go." Naruto said before turning and looking the others. "Sasuke and I are going down. Clear out what you can and get everyone you can out here to get away and hide or to help fight." Sasuke and Naruto bit their thumbs at the same time and hit the ground with their hands. "Summoning jutsu!" They both called. Sasuke was on the head of a giant purple snake. Naruto stood atop a giant red Toad that Jiraiya had been seen on a few times.

"Naruto you call for these weaklings?" He called looking at the army that began to cower in fear.

"No Boss, I called you for what will be coming. We need to get in there and kick a guy's ass. He basically planed the attacks and the deaths of Tsunade and Jiraiya before her and who know how many others before that. Boss, I want him dead and I want him to suffer." Naruto said

"If he has been up to this long enough he most likely has planned the death of the last three Hokage's and who knows who else. Let's get him and teach him." The giant Toad said.

"Sasuke?" Naruto called to him.

"Let's go, Manda." Sasuke said and he and Naruto started their attack and watched the army run away clearing a path for them. Gamabunta jumped over the wall Manda slithered overtop and continued with the giant toad towards the Hokage tower.

"This is it." Naruto said. "Danzo, this is where your terror ends!" He yelled and suddenly he saw Danzo fly into the air on the head of a giant lizard. Naruto and Sasuke stopped in front of him as he smirked.

"Naruto, you are now an enemy of the leaf village. You have joined forces with a missing-nin and you are both now attacking your own Hokage and village." Danzo smiled.

"If we are enemies then you are not our Hokage. I suggest you leave the village now unless you want to fight." Sasuke said.

"You think you will scare me, Uchiha?" Danzo laughed

"Then let's go!" Naruto yelled. "Unless you think you'll lose." He said before he and Sasuke started towards the open area. Danzo smiled and followed. He would finish this and he would be the hero and protector of the village. He and his lizard ran and landed in front of the two young men. It was amazing to the bystanders. The entire village began to gather along with the army, and those that had gone with Naruto.

"That is something you don't see every day." Kiba said.

"It's the fourth, He came back to save everyone!" A woman yelled in the crowd as they began to gather.

"The fourth and Fugaku have come from the dead to save us!" A man yelled.

"Fugaku, learned how to summon so he can help the fourth to save us!" Came a call from another villager. Kakashi and the others looked at each other.

"They do look like them." Iruka shrugged looking at his two old students in a stare down with Danzo. Sakura watched along with the others watching to see if her two friends would need any help. Suddenly Danzo's lizard shot Fire out at Sasuke and Naruto. The two were able to avoid the blast before looking at him. Gamabunta pulled his blade as Naruto jumped down in front of him.

"Danzo, are you really that bad of a fighter? You're too old to be out here playing!" Naruto called, laughing as it made him grow angry. "I think you're too old to be the Hokage! Not enough brains! I think I'll do things much better than you could ever imagine doing!"

"Naruto has everyone cheering for him now, imagine when he kills you." Sasuke said with a smile as he jumped next to Naruto.

"You little brats! The only reason they cheer for you is because of who you look like!" Danzo yelled pissed.

"Oh, really? That must mean I look famous!" Naruto said looking up at him on the giant lizard head seconds before he flashed to be next to him. "Who is it we look like?" He asked softly making Danzo yelp and almost fall.

"It….it can't to be!" Danzo yelled. "You can't be the fourth!" He said backing up slightly before pulling kunai from his robes and charging at Naruto. Naruto dodged each swing and laughed

"Actually, Danzo, I am his son." Naruto said before he flashed beside Sasuke again leaving the man stunned.

"You having fun?" Sasuke asked looking at Naruto smiling.

"Kind of. I'll have a lot more once we finish this." Naruto said looking serious again.

"Then let's finish it and stop playing games." Sasuke told him just before flames shot at them making the separate. "Looks like you're serious now. How about you actually fight us." Danzo cloned himself and the lizard did the same. The clones went together and went after Naruto while the originals went towards Sasuke.

"What will you do now that you are not together?" Danzo taunted Naruto who stood in front of him arms crossed watching as the lizard walked closer and closer. Suddenly it stopped and Danzo began throwing kunai and shuriken as Naruto ran the lizard was about to hit him with its giant claws and end their battle when Gamabunta blocked it with his sword.

"You aren't touching the boy." Gamabunta said as he pushed back making the lizard almost fall and Danzo jumped down to deal with Naruto while the two summons were battling. He ran at Naruto with a sword and began slashing and swinging as Naruto dodged and blocked the blows with a kunai. Naruto pulled a clone from the toads home and disengaged it taking in all the power that it had been saving up for almost a month. He looked at Danzo as his shocked face left and he tried to charge again. Naruto pushed back with greater force making him fly through the air and into the ground skidding to a stop. Clone Danzo slowly got to his feet and threw shuriken at Naruto making him run as the armies came and two men came to stand beside Danzo. The men used a jutsu together and called a huge centipede to immerge from under them causing the earth to break and Naruto to be thrown back.

"Not so fast boy!" Called one man.

"My brother and I will take care of you!" The second one said laughing.

"Naruto!" Sakura called when the brother combine hand signs and shot a blast of wind and fire at him. Gamabunta jumped back to his side and Naruto flashed to his head, slightly burnt.

"You okay, kiddo?" asked Gamakichi who sat next to him on his father's head.

"Yeah, I'll be fine but now we have bigger problems." He said and suddenly he heard a voice.

"Summoning Jutsu!" Sakura yelled and under her was a giant slug. It was the one Tsunade had taught her how to use shortly before pain attacked. Naruto and Sasuke, who had rejoined with Manda, looked at her surprised as she came between them. "What, you can't think you're the only special ones." She smiled before all three turned their attention to their enemies in front of them while the others ran to help take care of the regular men in the army. Several men stepped up summoning many things. Hornets, birds, rams, and a panda stood in front of them.

"Boss can you take most of them? Manda and Katsuyu will help but if you can handle it from here I'm going to try to take care of the men." Naruto asked.

"Yes, I will be fine. Gamakichi go with Naruto." The giant boss toad said and the two were off the medium toad followed and tried to help where he was needed by blocking and killing someone as they were about to kill a friend. Naruto flashed through the army killing every man that he came by and made it to Gaara. The sand Kazekage was doing very well and was beginning to scare the enemies when Naruto showed up and the men around Gaara ran away in fear.

"Looks like you're making a reputation for yourself." Gaara said.

"Yeah, well maybe most of them will run away and we can focus on the real threats. I'm gonna need your help." Naruto pointed to the battling animals and men. "I don't know if we can take them all at once. I'm using up my saved clones very quickly." Gaara nodded and Naruto took off as Gaara made his way over to help while Naruto ran around for a while again killing and seriously injuring the enemy as he went. He looked up and saw Gaara throw a defense up in front of Sakura.

Naruto flashed next to Danzo and watched as he swung and he disappeared to reappear on the other side. He played around with all of the enemies wearing them out until Danzo became so outraged he turned his lizard on his own men. When Naruto was messing with them he had his back to Danzo. That's when he would strike. Naruto showed up and Danzo struck. Everyone was busy fighting and never saw Danzo turn to attack. Suddenly Naruto was flung across the area to slam into a rock wall. He could only look around for a moment before he started to try to move. Slowly he got to his feet and pulled another clone. By his count he only had a small handful of them left and would need to finish this soon. He charged to the others this time watching to make sure he wasn't attacked like that again, but Danzo knew he had to finish this. That wouldn't work again so this next trick would have to be the last. He looked over the crowd and saw the summon beast fighting each other and the men were clashing with each other everyone fighting as hard as they can. Danzo called out when he saw Naruto save Sakura from a killing blow and was distracted with fighting the medium centipede.

"Let's finish this!" he called and suddenly everyone stopped fighting to look at Danzo and suddenly everyone lunged at once at Naruto he turned and only had time to grab Sakura and shield her with his body as everything came down on him at once. His friends could only watch as the enemy pulled back to see what they had done. Everyone was shocked to see Sakura unconscious on the ground and Naruto was laying over her. Everyone thought he was dead and then he slowly started to get up.

"Naruto " Ino said as Naruto stood all the way up. He was bleeding heavily and breathing heavy when he looked at the animals that stood in front of him and the men who stood stunned behind them. He looked over to his friends who stood shocked and worried. Naruto's eyes began to glow red as he turned back to his enemies growling. Danzo stood on a clone of his lizard as he started to yell orders.

"Attack, kill him. Men attack the friends, kill every last one of them!" He screamed as everyone clashed together. Metal clashing with metal, claws, talons, horns, paws, and legs colliding together the scene was horrifying as everyone fought as hard as they could, men and creature falling all the same. Suddenly there was a horrid roar making everyone turn and look where everything was flung away from and flames erupted.

"Naruto." Kakashi said as Yamoto made it to his side.

"He unleashed it?" Yamoto said sadly. Everyone looked on as the nine tailed fox walked between Naruto's friends and their enemies.

"Look closer." Sasuke said stepping up with Gaara next to him. "Naruto wouldn't release the kyuubi. He has lost too much to release it."

"What?" Everyone asked silently as they looked back at the nine tail fox.

"He used something that only a few can do with their summons." Sasuke said watching Naruto take out three creatures at once. "He combined with Gamabunta." Everyone looked at the kyuubi as it attacked again and was fighting with another creature. "Manda." Sasuke said and the snake tilted his head down to look at Sasuke, scaring several of the people standing near them. "Get Sakura to safety then join me." The snake slithered away and Sasuke left before anyone could ask anything. Manda was next to them again and placed Sakura on the ground and slithered after his summoner to help fight in the battle.

"This is when I wish Jiraiya and Tsunade were here." Choza said.

"Or the fourth." Inoichi said. "What are we supposed to do now, our opponents are dead."

"We need to have faith in them." Ino said. "Sasuke and Naruto know what they're doing, I know they'll win. We are their back up now." She said looking up from Sakura.

"How is she?" Shikamaru asked leaning down.

"It looks like she'll be fine. She was knocked into the ground hard and fast. It's Naruto we should be worried about. He took the brunt of it." Shizune said making everyone look back out at Naruto as he and Sasuke worked together and took down several more men and creatures. Danzo was becoming desperate and knew he was going to lose, but he had one more thing up his sleeve that would throw everyone off guard. He did the hand signs and called on the dead. Suddenly six coffins were raised from the earth. Everyone looked to see what was going on and saw the lids fall revealing the ones who had passed.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? Where did you learn that?" Sasuke yelled as he saw who he had brought back. Naruto and Gamabunta destroyed the last of the creatures and turned back to two separate creatures. Naruto looked on too shocked to move as he watched Kushina, Minato, Tsunade, Jiraiya, and two people he didn't recognize walk forward to stand in front of them. He heard Sasuke whisper. "Mother, father." They were under Danzo's spell and they would have to fight the ones they loved. Naruto and Sasuke jumped to the ground.

"Boss, don't interfere, this is for us to handle. Make sure no one but us eight fight." Naruto called over his shoulder.

"You too, Manda." Sasuke said as he stood beside Naruto. "This is about to be the hardest thing we've ever done."

"Lets get it done and over with." Naruto said as they heard Danzo laugh.

"What's the matter? Want to die by your loved ones hands? Do you forget that I once knew Orochimaru?" He laughed looking down from his lizard as the six dead walked closer. "I think this will be rather interesting." He chuckled and watched as Gamabunta and Manda worked at keeping everyone back. "Why not invite the others I have more to come."

"Damn you, Danzo! You resurrect another person and I swear I will kick your ass all the way to Hell!" Naruto screamed at the man as he laughed.

"Oh, after this, you will be the one in Hell." Danzo laughed.

"Naruto! Get everyone out of here!" Jiraiya called making Danzo laugh.

"Naruto?" Minato asked looking from Jiraiya to Naruto. Naruto stood ready to fight, next to him stood Sasuke ready to kill Danzo.

"It's nice to see everyone but this is not how I wanted to see everyone again." Tsunade said.

"Naruto! Sasuke! Get going! Now!" Jiraiya called as Danzo chuckled again.

"I hope you enjoy your reunion. You can catch up in hell" Danzo called to Naruto and Sasuke and suddenly the dead charged at them. Naruto and Sasuke were too fast for them and easily dodged the attacks.

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