Return Of Legends

The Hardest Thing Ever

I want to thank Uzukazi for all the time he spent reading through and fixing my silly mistakes.

Chapter 8

"Naruto." Tsunade struggled to say as Danzo did a hand sign.

"Run." He heard Jiraiya say as they tried to fight against themselves and stop themselves from hurting him.

"I refuse to run. Danzo will take over and destroy everything. I'll be damned if I'll let everything that we have worked for be destroyed!" Naruto said as he came back to back with Sasuke.

"Sasuke, leave and hide." His father fought to say as he took another swipe at his son.

"Please!" his mother begged.

"The dobe said it best. We will do what we have to, to keep our home safe." He said as he dodged another strike by his father.

"Sasuke, I have an idea." Naruto whispered. "Can you survive for a few minutes?" He asked.

"Yeah, what's this brilliant plan of yours?" Sasuke said as the two ran in circles.

"I think I have a way to take control away from Danzo and give it to them." Sasuke looked at him skeptical. He knew this was a forbidden jutsu and would not be broken easily. "After the first and second were brought back I have been thinking and recently I have come up with something that I want to see if it will work. I need a few minutes though."

"Hurry it up." Sasuke said stopping to hold everyone off while Naruto started hand signs.

"What are they doing?" Inoichi asked as they saw the two run in circles.

"I have no idea. They don't want to fight them but they don't want to run either. They have no choice now. They have to fight and win." Choza said.

"I wouldn't want to be out there fighting that group either." Kiba said sitting by Akamaru. "Even just one of them would send me running."

"That's you. Naruto and Sasuke know they can't do that. But I do agree two sanin, the fourth Hokage, the head of police, his wife and the last survivor of the whirlpool country. I would definitely not want to be out there either." Anko said.

"Wait, Sasuke stopped and is holding them off and Naruto is doing…. Hand signs?" Shikaku said watching at Naruto went through a long series of signs and pulled another clone, what no one knew was this was Naruto's second to last clone. Sakura sat next to Ino watching afraid what might happen. Everyone watched quietly as Naruto did the last sign.

"Sasuke let one." Naruto called and Sasuke dodged an attack by Jiraiya leaving an opening straight to Naruto. He ran straight as Naruto stood in his place and last minute he hit his opened hand into the center of his old teachers chest. "Rokotsu Goshojin Metsuki Ken Kaihou!" He yelled and suddenly Jiraiya stopped slashing and fell to his knees. Breathing heavy he looked up with a smile on his face. "It worked." Naruto whispered before shouting to Sasuke. "Another." Next was Tsunade as she charged and ran passed Sasuke and into Naruto he repeated the same thing he had done on Jiraiya. She dropped to the ground to be caught by Jiraiya. "Sasuke." He said as another fell through onto Naruto's hand. Fugaku fell and Sasuke let Minato through, then Mikoto, lastly Kushina. Naruto didn't even look at the people he had saved and he ran passed Sasuke and at Danzo. Sasuke glanced at the people as they stood up before he followed Naruto.

"Naruto, let finish this now." He said coming to Naruto's side. Naruto nodded and flashed up to Danzo who jumped and tried to get away only to run into Sasuke. He looked horrified between the two and he started to beg.

"Have mercy! Please! Naruto, have a heart!" He said looking into Naruto's eyes as they once again took the shape of a toad and the kyuubi. "Sasuke, surely you understand?" He said backing up and falling off his lizard to fall to the ground and try to run. He took one step and Naruto was in front of him Sasuke right behind him. There was nowhere to go and he knew that. Naruto and Sasuke grabbed an arm each and picked him up. Carrying him to Manda.

"You are the only one that would take care of him. Enjoy." Naruto said to Manda.

"Take your treat extra slow." Sasuke said as he and Naruto threw Danzo forward crying out to be saved. "You have caused enough problems and pains. Where was your heart when you killed hundreds of innocent people? You caused this for yourself, now take the conciseness." He said and the two young men turned around and walked away. Manda took his treat very slow like he was asked and enjoyed every bit as Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other and gave a smile before they both dropped to the ground. Everyone ran to them to make sure they're alright. Sakura was beside Naruto with Karin and Jugo next to Sasuke and everyone surrounding them.

"Naruto!" Sakura called as she slid on her knees next to him. She looked down and saw the blood pooling around him and saw Sasuke with blood coming from all the wounds. "Ino, I'm gonna need help." She said as Shizune knelt and started to heal Sasuke and Ino knelt and started to help Sakura. Tsunade, Jiraiya, Minato, Kushina, Fugaku, and Mikoto came to stand by the crowd.

"Sasuke." They heard Karin say as Sasuke began to open his eyes. Then they heard someone else that made them push through the group to see what was going on.

"Come on Naruto. Come on." Ino said as she and Sakura were still trying to heal the wounds and stop the bleeding.

"Naruto, you stupid ass, wake up! You can't die! Not now!" Sakura yelled with tears in her eyes. Every one watched as blood still flowed. Tsunade dropped to her knees next to Sakura and placed her hand over the wound on the chest by the heart. "Tsunade?"

"Keep healing, I'll take care of this." The three women sat for a few moments as they healed all of his wounds and stopped the bleeding. They sat back and Tsunade smiled at Sakura. "When he wakes up, you can kill him." Sakura gave a small smile and looked back down at Naruto, then over to Sasuke who had fallen asleep. "Get them to the hospital." Choza and Choji picked Sasuke up to carry him and Kankuro and Gaara lifted Naruto and walked him to the hospital their summons went home and everyone followed. Naruto and Sasuke were in their beds and every one of their friends sat in the room waiting.

"Why aren't you guys gone? I mean once the jutsu ended shouldn't you have too?" Lee asked.

"It's because Naruto is the best!" Konohamaru said crossing his arms making several people laugh and look at the young man lying in the bed.

"Well if it wasn't for Sasuke, Naruto wouldn't have been able to do that, or even be here." Karin said crossing her arms making Konohamaru angry.

"Well if it wasn't for Naruto, Sasuke wouldn't be here, he saved his life and brought him back, he owed it to Naruto!"

"No he isn't ya little brat!"

"Yes he-" Konohamaru stopped when he heard Naruto and Sasuke.

"Would you two shut up?" They yelled before they opened their eyes and slowly sat up.

"You two shouldn't be up." Ino said as she ran over to try to lay them back down. Naruto and Sasuke looked at her and she knew she wouldn't win so she sighed and sat back down.

"How do you feel?" Tsunade asked. Naruto and Sasuke looked at her surprised before looking around and seeing the others.

"You're not as much as a dumb ass as I thought you were." Sasuke said looking back at Naruto who gave a smile and rubbed his head.

"I didn't know it would actually work." Naruto said.

"So you let them come at you swinging on a theory?" Ino asked.

"Yeah, I guess." He said looking at his friends' disappointed faces. "What, it worked didn't it?"

"You could have been killed, baka!" Ino and Sakura yelled at the same time.

"If it wasn't for Tsunade, you would have been. Besides it's not the first time he let someone come at him like that hoping to win." Jiraiya said with a small smile. "Tell me, where did you learn to do that."

"It's just something I thought of over the years. I made the whole thing up. I wanted to be prepared for anything that anyone could throw at me. The only down side is I lose my large chakra pool for a few days, I'm down to a normal villager now." Naruto smiled.

"You've done a lot of making things up lately." Sakura said.

"Making things up? Like what? Have you been adding to your jutsu?" Jiraiya asked excited making Tsunade hit him.

"Would you stop being such a pervert?" He rubbed he head with a slight smile looking back at the chuckling Naruto who shook his head.

"No. I out grew that a while ago, pervy sage. No I learned how to do several jutsus that were in the family and I made a few adjustments and I made some seals too." Naruto explained.

"Naruto explain to them how you changed the flying thunder god." Kakashi said leaning against a wall close by.

"I just figured how to reach my chakra out and pull myself to that spot is all." He said and looked at his parents with Tsunade and Jiraiya who looked shocked. "It's not that hard."

"Surpassing your father. I never thought I would see they day anyone passed him." Jiraiya said making Minato chuckle.

"I don't know everything, like you want to believe." Minato said and looked at his son. "What about the seals?"

"Well I made several of them so that I wouldn't be affected by the Sharingon. I wanted to make sure that Sasuke couldn't use any tricks to win." Naruto said looking at Sasuke.

"Like you do, using the fox." Sasuke shrugged.

"Like in a fight?" Fugaku asked looking between the two.

"Yeah, these two never grow up." Kakashi said. "They never went easy on each other at all."

"Why were you two fighting?" Asked Mikoto. Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other as the rest of the room stayed quiet.

"We didn't see eye to eye." Sasuke said simply looking away.

"That is no reason to fight a friend and not hold back." His father said.

"Sasuke, just tell them." Tsunade told him. He looked at his parents before speaking.

"Years ago I went and followed Orochimaru. Naruto and Sakura tried to stop me but I got past them. Naruto and I had a huge fight and we were separate for years. Naruto always tried to look for me but up until a few years ago he couldn't find me. I killed Orochimaru and took three people with me. Naruto found me about a week ago and that's when we fought again. We never saw eye to eye about things anyway." Sasuke said and watched as the four adults looked between the two young men. Tsunade looked at the two before she broke the silence.

"You two never said how you were feeling." She said looking between the two.

"I'm fine." Sasuke said.

"Yeah, I feel good for what I did." Naruto said.

"Naruto, did you use all of your clones?" Asked Ino. He looked at her for a minute.

"Yeah I think I used the last one with Danzo." Naruto said. "I used a lot when they all hit at once."

"When you grabbed Sakura we thought you were both dead."

"I would have been if I didn't have five clones to use." Naruto smiled.

"So would Sakura." Ino said. "It's a good thing you saw that attack, none of us saw it till it hit."

"What happened?" Kushina asked.

"Everyone was fighting and Naruto and Sakura got separated from everyone. Danzo wanted to take him out first and sent everything to attack. Sakura was too close and Naruto took the brunt of the attack." Yamoto said.

"Manda got Sakura out of the way while Naruto and I went after Danzo. That's when he brought all of you out." Sasuke said.

"Sounds like you all have had a bad day." Kushina smiled.

"Those two have had a bad few years." Jiraiya smirked.

"You didn't have to deal with both of them when we went on missions." Sakura said.

"You only had the two; I had all three of you." Kakashi said making many of the people laugh.

"We weren't that bad." Naruto said thinking of when they went on missions.

"Well Sasuke wasn't." Sakura said laughing. "You were something else, Naruto. Always getting into trouble."

"Hey, I wasn't always in trouble." He protested.

"Should we talk about the academy?" Ino said making everyone laugh but Mikoto, Fugaku, Minato and Kushina who were completely confused. They felt slightly awkward as the little group of friends went back and forth joking with each other. "You and painting the monuments and having the ANBU chasing you all over the village."

"Painting the monument?" Kushina asked her son.

"ANBU chasing you?" Minato asked with a small smile.

"At least you didn't have to keep him quiet when the third was giving the missions." Kakashi said looking at Naruto as he laughed and rubbed his head.

"He was giving us the same thing every time for like a month." Naruto said making everyone laugh.

"I think we should leave the boys to catch up with their parents. As soon as you're done you two should get some rest, you were both injured pretty bad." Tsunade said. "Especially you, Naruto." He watched her look at him and gave him one of her scary looks he remembered from years ago. "I mean it, Naruto, get rest." He gave a nod as people started to leave.

"You better listen, you know what that face means." Jiraiya said. "OW!" He yelled rubbed his head where Tsunade hit him making Naruto chuckle before he was rubbing his head and looking at Sakura as she rolled her eyes and left with Tsunade and the others Naruto stood carefully putting his jacket on before walking very slowly into another room to talk with his parents. They all had a lot to talk about and it was privet matters that no one else needed to know about.

"So you've been doing well for yourself, Naruto?" Asked Kushina as she sat in a chair across from her son and Minato took the seat in between. Naruto was quiet and started talking slowly but both his parents could tell he was uncomfortable, all three of them felt awkward sitting in a hospital room talking and trying to catch up on the last nineteen years. They all knew that it would be a very long time before they acted as a family if they did at all but they all wanted to give it their best shot if they were given the second chance.

"As well as I can. I've worked myself up through hell to get where I am all because of this demon you sealed in me." Naruto said looking at his father who sighed but never got a word out before Naruto began talking again. "I've work past that though. When I was fighting pain and lost control you stopped me and explained a bit to me. I know you sealed it in me to make me a hero but no one acted like that, even now, they mostly acted friendly but they are still pissed at me for no reason."

"I am sorry for that Naruto. I really do wish I could have done something differently and been there for you." he said looking down sadly.

"We both wanted to be there as you grew up but fate had other plans." Kushina gave a small smile as she sensed the tension in the room growing. "Why don't we just start talking about ourselves? Eventually we can live as a family, but for now, let's just talk." Naruto looked at her a moment and gave a small smile and a nod.

"Sakura-chan." He said with a smirk and shook his head as his parents looked at him. "Come on." The door slowly opened to revile Sakura standing with a bright red face for being caught.

"How did you know, Naruto?"

"You forget I've been away training with elites for the past few years." He smirked at her as she gave a small smile and looked away ashamed at being caught.

"You seem to know a lot about Naruto. Would you like to join us?" Kushina smiled at the young woman as she glanced at Naruto who only shrugged. She walked over and sat in the empty chair between Naruto and Kushina as they started to go over the last nineteen years and tell his parents everything as they took turns talking and telling Naruto everything about them.

Sasuke sat on the edge of his bed with his usual dark scowl on his face as his parents found places to sit before they started to talk. Sasuke glanced at his parents and remember how they were when he was a child then sudden flashes of them laying dead at Itachi's feet made him look away determined not to relive those days.

"Sasuke, what's wrong? You never used to act so angry before." His mother commented making him look at her out of the corner of his eye before answering.

"When you knew me I was a child. That was before I had to go through hell to get anything at all, and it still doesn't help me."

"Don't talk to your mother like that." Fugaku ordered making Sasuke turn his cold dark eyes on his father.

"You have no right to order me around. You want to talk and catch up then fine but don't talk like you know me and expect me to be the child you once knew."

"Sasuke, I'm sorry, I just….. Why don't you tell us what happened after…."

"After you were all killed leaving me alone? Fine, I grew up real quick determined to make Itachi pay. I made a mistake and got too close with Naruto and it held me back for a long time until we fought it out." Sasuke started and began telling them more stories of when he was a child, some made them smile and others made them horrified at what he had gone through and done.

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