Return Of Legends

Meeting The Others

I want to thank Uzukazi for all the time he spent reading through and fixing my silly mistakes.

Chapter 9

Naruto woke up to the sound of talking. He kept his eyes shut and listened.

"It's amazing how much he's grown." He heard Kushina say.

"What's amazing is what he has done in three years." Jiraiya said. "When I left to find Pein he couldn't do half the stuff he can now, from what I have heard" Naruto listened as others joined in, wanting to smile but determined to listen quietly.

"So he's really surpassed both of us." Minato said.

"Yeah, nineteen years old and he's already way beyond both of us. He was fun to train, until I provoked him too much." Jiraiya chuckled. "I messed with the seal once and learned my lesson. He used the fox's chakra, and soon he was up to four tails. He lost control and attacked, nearly killing me Naruto still felt guilty for that. He heard a gasp. "But I settled him, and we found ways to keep it under control."

"Until the Pein invasion. Pein nearly killed Hinata and Naruto lost control, but somehow he just turned back. No one had to do anything." Tsunade said

"How many tails?" Minato asked.

"Eight." Tsunade said.

"He turned back because when I sealed the kyuubi, I placed enough of my chakra inside, just in case eight tails was ever brought out." Minato explained.

"He has control of it now." Kakashi said. "He's been able to use its chakra and stay in complete control. He's changed a lot over the years."

"He was something else." Jiraiya chuckled.

"At least you got him after I settled him." Kakashi smiled. "You wouldn't have been able to handle him when I first got him. I used the bell test and that was quite…. Amusing.," Kakashi laughed. "but he has grown up since then; even beat me when I used the bells again to see how he and Sakura both grew." He turned to Tsunade then continued. "Lady Tsunade, was it really necessary to teach her everything?"

"You turned her into another you." Jiraiya laughed "OW!" He yelled, making Naruto turn his head.

"SH! You'll wake them." Tsunade said. She looked at Minato and Kushina before looking back at Naruto 'asleep' on the bed and Sakura asleep in the chair next to him. "This is Sakura. She's been with Naruto from the academy."

"Yeah, we met her yesterday when we were talking. It seems she wanted to hear what was going on and Naruto caught her." Minato smirked.

"From what I hear when Tenzo took over while I went on a mission, they became pretty close." Kakashi said looking at the two.

"They look closer now." Tsunade said looking at the two kids she and Jiraiya had taught.

"They have looked like that since they took the long route to get to the waterfall country. They were supposed to go with Sai and meet up with Gaara before heading north, but Naruto sent Sai ahead to look for any signs of Sasuke. We were to go after him after once we met. Naruto sent the toads to everyone; he said they were in the river country and special ninja sent by Danzo attacked when he wasn't with her. He said she had taken two kunai to the gut and one to the chest. She almost died, but he got her to the hospital and started up to meet Sai." Kakashi said. "I don't know the full story, but they met Sai, who found Sasuke. That's when Naruto and Sasuke started to fight. From what I've heard, Sakura tried to stop them and Sasuke used his Sharingan on her. We came in at the end of the battle as Naruto and Sasuke passed out. That night she woke up still under the illusion. Naruto now knows how to remove the illusion and was the only one who could get her to calm down."

"So it seems our little Naruto has a love interest." Jiraiya said with a little laugh. "At least she doesn't look like Tsunade." He was hit so hard that he fell down, making Naruto open his eyes and look over to see what happened.

"You're awake. How do you feel?" Kushina asked as she ignored Jiraiya as he got back up slowly.

"Pretty good." Naruto said looking at them as Jiraiya rubbed his head and gave a small glare to Tsunade. "What happened to pervy sage?"

"What do you think?" Tsunade said, glaring at her friend. "Not even back a few hours and he's already starting." She said.

"Granny, I wouldn't give him any ideas." Naruto said as Jiraiya began to stare out the window. He watched as Tsunade hit him again, making him turn around. Naruto noticed Sakura asleep in the chair between him and the others.

"She's been there the whole night." Kushina said watching her son look up at her then back down at the woman that had refused to leave his side. He smiled and noticed that Sasuke wasn't in his bed anymore.

"Where's Sasuke?" He asked.

"He's outside" Jiraiya said and watched as Naruto stood up, threw his jacket on, and left to find the man he had been tracking for years. "Looks like he's feeling better." He laughed as they followed him. He noticed Kushina had stopped to look at Sakura and she gave a smile. "She'll find us when she wakes up. She knows where Naruto would run off to." The group left to follow Naruto and find out where he had gone.

"Hey dumb ass." Sasuke said when Naruto walked over to him. "Just get up?" Naruto nodded.

"Yeah. Sakura's still sleepin though." Naruto said with a smile as everyone joined them. "Was Danzo finished off?"

"Yeah, Manda made sure he took a few hours doing it." Sasuke said with a nod.

"I hear you've been trying to help my son for a few years now." Mikoto said with a smile at Naruto.

"Yeah, well I made a promise to bring him back. Part of being a ninja is never going back on your word." Naruto said feeling awkward. Sasuke rolled his eyes as Naruto turned to Tsunade. "So are you taking your spot as Hokage back?"

"Actually, I think I might take it back and retire in a few years and give the position to the younger generation." She said with a smile.

"Who are you choosing to succeed you?" Fugaku asked as Tsunade gave a smirk and looked at Naruto.

"I have someone in mind. It is a question of if he would want it still in a few years." Tsunade said looking over to Naruto, who stood confused with everyone but Sasuke and Jiraiya. "When it comes time we can discus more, but for now, I will be taking it back." the group stood talking for a while before Naruto left to finish changing. He walked in and saw Sakura still asleep in the chair. He quietly placed a blanket over her before taking his clothes and changing in the bathroom. He came out to find Sakura stirring as her eyes fluttered open.

"Naruto! You're up!" She said getting up and hugging him as he smiled. "When did you get up?" She asked pulling back to look up at him.

"A few hours ago. I just came back up to finish getting dressed. I was outside with Sasuke and everyone. You didn't look very comfortable sleeping there." He said looking down into her green eyes.

"It makes up for how you slept waiting for me." She smiled. "So Sasuke's up too?"

"Yeah, you wanna go with us to the training ground for a bit?" Naruto asked and saw Sakura give a nod. He turned and was walking away when a hand grabbed his arm and made him turn and look at Sakura. Her gaze fell as he looked at her. "What's the matter Sakura?" She looked up at him before speaking.

"Did…. Did you really mean what you said that night? After we found Sasuke, and we were up in the corner." She asked, looking away as he looked at her for a moment. She was about to speak again when she felt Naruto's arms surround her.

"Of course I did. Why would I lie? Especially to you." He held her tight as he asked what was sitting in his head for a long time. "Did you mean what you said?" She pulled back, looked up at him with a smile, and gave a nod. They stood there for what seemed like hours and slowly they leaned closer, and their lips connected in a soft kiss that lasted a few minutes before they pulled away and smiled at each other.

"Let's go." She said walking around him, holding his hand and pulling him behind her.

"Yeah, before pervy sage thinks it's time to spy." Naruto laughed. Once outside, they saw that Sasuke and the others were waiting. They all said hello to Sakura as Sasuke and Naruto walked in front of the group with Sakura talking. "We should get Kakashi, Guy and several other senseis's and give them the bell test." Naruto said with a chuckle.

"You're just a show off." Sakura said making Sasuke smirk and Naruto smile. "But I bet we could beat Kakashi sensei even faster now." She said and squeaked in surprise when Kakashi landed next to her.

"Is that so?" He asked looking at her and the two men walking to the side. They all looked at him and shrugged. "Would you care to try?" He asked. "The first time with all three of you, Sasuke was the only one to touch a bell." He chuckled remembering the first bell test he had given them. "Sakura was out the easiest, and Naruto, you were something else."

"Well we've all changed and grown. Maybe this time Sasuke and I will get the bells and Naruto won't be such a baka." Sakura said with a smile towards Naruto.

"Yeah, I must be a baka. I saved you I don't know how many times." Naruto laughed until he was on the ground with a lump on his head. Sakura stood over him with her hands in fists making everyone stop and look.

"You really did make her into you." Jiraiya said looking as Naruto stood back up rubbing his head. "Actually, I think she's worse." He said quietly.

"As long as you didn't teach Naruto to become like you, he should be fine." Tsunade said.

"He was already bad when I got him. Ask him about the special jutsu he taught Konohamaru." Jiraiya said with a smile when everyone looked at him strange. He turned and called to Naruto to get his attention. "Naruto!" He turned and looked at his old master. "They want to know about that Jutsu you taught Konohamaru." Naruto gave a smile but lost it when he heard Sakura.

"Naruto, you do that and you'll be hurt so bad…" She warned, making him look at her then at Jiraiya.

"I learned my lesson. As for Konohamaru. He's probably at the field now anyway." Naruto said, continuing towards the field. As they walked up to it, they found Konohamaru practicing with his clones.

"Hey." Naruto said. "Jiraiya wants ya to show everyone the special jutsu." Konohamaru looked at everyone and gave a shrug before doing the proper hand sign and transforming, making Jiraiya fall over. The women looked at Naruto with frowns, Sasuke rolled his eyes, and the other men shot a smirk at Naruto. Konohamaru laughed and turned back into himself while Naruto and Minato helped Jiraiya up.

"You never did that one," the perverted sage said.

"He took the super one and made it his own." Naruto laughed. Everyone looked at him confused while Tsunade looked slightly angry that Naruto had been encouraging the pervert. "It was the only way I could get him to listen to me half the time." He laughed, making everyone look between the two.

"Kakashi sensei, what about that test now?" Sakura asked. "Just team 7 again." She smiled. Kakashi nodded and pulled the two bells out of his pocket, as everyone backed up to a safe distance.

"You have until lunch." He said, and, suddenly, the three were gone. "I definitely will need this, this time." He said, sliding his head band up to reveal his Sharingan. He looked around and found orange leaping through the trees to one side and red on the other, and like the last time all three did it, he saw no sign of Sasuke.

"How long does this take?" asked Konohamaru as he stood with the others in the trees at a safe distance.

"Last time with Naruto and Sakura it only took a few hours. Naruto used Kakashi's one weakness." Jiraiya said with a smile. "He started to talk about the newest books ending. But with the three of them I can't see it going too long. He does it the same way I did." Jiraiya laughed.

"What? Strap someone to a post while the other two eat?" Minato smiled "Who was it with this group?" He asked, watching as Kakashi threw shuriken at a snake.

"I have heard a few stories. I believe it was your son." Tsunade said. "Seems he never learned and always went straight in. You should ask for the stories sometimes. It seems your son is quite humorous at times."

"He may be humorous at time but when he's fighting he's deadly." Jiraiya said. "I've come to death only twice. Once when I was looking at Tsunade when she was bathing." He glanced and saw her usual glare "And the second was when Naruto first had four tails. I heard that after that he was able to control more and more but even without the fox, he's lethal." Everyone turned back to watch Sasuke walk out and stop in front of Kakashi. He was suddenly behind him and the Kakashi clone popped. Sakura jumped out of a tree to land beside him, and Naruto was next to join them. They watched as Naruto and Sasuke jumped away, and Sakura punched the ground, destroying it. Kakashi jumped out and pulled kunai, ready to fight the two men as they came from nowhere. He fought from both sides as Sasuke and Naruto pushed harder. Kakashi jumped away doing a back flip, when he landed the three were gone. Kakashi looked around, ready for anything, but was stunned when Sasuke was behind him and Naruto appeared in front while Sakura took the bells.

"Forgot about our techniques?" Sasuke said, putting his blade away as Naruto smiled and put his kunai away. Sakura held up the bells as everyone came back to stand with them.

"They did do it faster." Tsunade said. "And they still remember the reason for the test."

"They've come a long way from falling for a bell lying on the ground." Kakashi said looking at Naruto who crossed his arms.

"That's not fair. You tricked me." Naruto said.

"You just thought you could win everything." Sakura said.

"You were so stupid." Sasuke said.

"I don't think I've seen anyone finish that fast. Not even people who have been ninjas for fifty years." Tsunade said.

"I bet I could beat it." Konohamaru said with a smile.

"Yeah, bet you could." Naruto smiled. "But let's not try it right now."

"Yeah, let's get something to eat!" He said, making Naruto, Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Sakura laugh.

"You sound like Naruto." Sakura said. "Let me guess, you want to go to the Ramen bar." He gave a quick nod and took off leaving everyone to chuckle and laugh at his actions. "You turned him into you." She said and started to walk away with everyone following. Naruto's parents fell to both sides of him as they walked.

"Just like you?" His father asked.

"Yeah, I was kinda like that when I was younger." He said looking at everyone in front of them, when Sakura turned and smiled.

"Konohamaru doesn't even begin to explain you." She smiled at him, making him smile as she turned back around. He kept his eyes on her as she continued to talk to Tsunade.

"You like her, don't you?" His mother whispered, making him look quickly at her and look back ahead with his cheeks dusted pink. "Does she like you?" Naruto glanced at her from the corner of his eye before giving a small nod. Kushina smiled as Minato smirked and interrupted to save his son.

"I heard you were quite humorous when you were younger." Minato looked over at his son. "Jiraiya said you could be lethal too." He gave a smile still trying to learn all he could about his son while they all worked on slowly becoming a little family like they should have been all along.

"Yeah, I guess you could call it that. I used to be in trouble all the time. The Third would always have the ANBU trying to find me. I painted the Hokage monument a few times." He laughed. "Iruka sensei never liked me playin around in class." He smiled over, and they heard Sakura as she and Sasuke turned and looked at him.

"That's because of what you used to do." She said. "You would sleep through class, interrupt his lessons, and do your jutsu when we had to duplicate him. The list goes on." She said as Kushina moved to the side a bit and she fell into step next to Naruto. "That doesn't even start the list of what happened after the academy."

Sasuke looked at the two and began mumbling under his breath only to stop when he heard Sakura's voice.

"There's a list for you to Sasuke." Sakura said, making Sasuke smirk and turn back to his parents. "But he never gave up on anyone or anything. There is a list of good things he's done; just the obnoxious baka things out-weigh them." She smiled.

"How old were you when you graduated?" Kushina asked, making Naruto look down for a minute and Sakura placed her hand on his arm.

"Technically, I didn't. I couldn't do a proper clone. Some things happened and I wound up learning the Shadow Clone Jutsu. I saved Iruka that way and that's how I graduated." Naruto smiled. "But I learned a lot of jutsus after that." He said as they made it to the ramen bar. They saw Guy talking to the owner's daughter again as they walked in. Naruto and the other stopped and looked around. A few years ago Ayame and her father had upgraded and made their restaurant larger, being able to fit a very large amount of people. As Naruto looked around he saw every one of his friends, the place was packed. A large white dog came up to him and barked. "Hey, Akamaru." Naruto scratched behind his ears.

"Naruto. You're finally awake. How do you feel?" Temari asked. Naruto began speaking with all of his old friends as Sakura and Sasuke stood with him, talking, and the adults went to find seats.

"He knows all of these people?" Kushina asked.

"Naruto is very social. Most of them he had to work hard and earn their friendship." Kakashi said. "Most of them wouldn't even look his way because of what their parents said, but him saving a few of them, and fighting on when there was no hope, he turned them to their own opinions."

"Don't forget saving the village a few times. That changed most of the villagers' thoughts, and still makes most of them ashamed for what they did." Said Shikaku as he walked over to them with his wife, Inoichi, Choza, and Shibi.

"Looks like they're enjoying themselves." Inoichi said. "We were running late." He continued, looking back at Kakashi.

"You mean someone planned everyone being here?" Mikoto asked.

"That would be us," said Temari as she walked up with Shikamaru and Karin. "We figured it was the least we could all do. They saved everyone once again."

"We figured we could pay them back by making them happy." Karin said.

"It's such a pain." Shikamaru said looking back at Naruto laugh. "But I guess it's worth it."

"Shikamaru, Temari, Karin, this is Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha, Kushina Uzumaki, and the fourth Hokage." Shikaku said.

"Minato, will work fine." Minato gave a small smile and watched as Temari smiled.

"So you're Sasuke's and Naruto's parents? I saw what happened. I'm sorry, I don't know much about this village or anyone from it, but they are two of the best people that have ever lived. I never got to know Sasuke but I met him during the Chunin exams, and he was always willing to help his friends even if he made it sound like a pain, like this one." She smiled and pointed to Shikamaru who rolled his eyes. "I was able to get to know Naruto more later on. He was the only one to get through to Gaara. He helped save him too. I hope they both enjoy themselves."

"Temari!" Ino called. Temari turned back to the adults and told them it was nice to meet them before she and Karin ran off to Ino, Sakura, and the other women. The adults just looked around the room at everyone, before hearing the girls squeal and laugh before looking over to where Naruto was with a group of men.

"Wonder what they're so excited about." Mikoto said.

"Why don't you Tsunade, and Kushina go join them?" Jiraiya asked, making Tsunade look at him wondering if her truly meant it or was planning something.

"Because you'll run off to do what you always do." She crossed her arms before she heard Minato tell her that he would take care of him. She smiled and wandered to the other women with Kushina and Mikoto. The men saw a small toad hop over to the women. The adults looked at each other before laughing.

"He's going to be in so much pain when the women find out." Shikamaru said before Minato and Fugaku looked at him in silent question. "Several of those women do not like to be spied on."

"Who would do something to them?" Fugaku asked.

"Tsunade, Ino, Sakura, Temari." Shikamaru said before Kakashi added Anko and Shizune. "And from talking to that woman Karin a few times, I don't think she's gonna like it either." The men laughed and waited for the women to figure out that they were being spied on. After a few minutes they saw the toad on its way back to their masters. The large group of men began to laugh. "Wonder what they found out?"

"Part of me wants to know and the other part is afraid of what Tsunade and the others are going to do when they find out about it." Jiraiya said, making the adults laugh.

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