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The Begining


Ever wonder how Minato and Kushina met and fell in love? This is just one scenario to tell their story. Starts shortly before they meet. Does not follow the manga.

Action / Drama
Lauren Boerner
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I do not own any of the Naruto characters that are in the original story created by Masashi Kishimoto. I would be rich if I did, that would be awesome, but I do not. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

"Sensei!" A tall young man with blond hair and bright blue eyes called as he ran towards the open field. He stopped and looked around not finding his teacher anywhere. "I wonder where he could be." He asked himself aloud. He started back to the crowded streets of the ninja village hidden in the leaves. As he walked, he began to hear yelling. He smiled and began to run towards the noise. "I should have guessed." He said reading the sign above the building. 'Bar and House.' The young man chuckled and shook his head as he walked into the bar just in time to see a man with white hair being slapped. The women stormed off as the man sat on the floor rubbing his cheek. His black eyes followed the angry woman as she left; he stopped following her when he spotted the blond man laughing.

"Minato." He said and watched him come closer and hold out a hand to help him stand. "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be with the Hokage?" Minato chuckled as he led the white haired man out of the bar.

"I've been there and back. I came looking for you, sensei." He shook his head. "I should have known you wouldn't wait where we agreed on. You just can't stay away from the women." He laughed as his teacher smirked. The two men began walking the village street as Minato told his sensei what went on in the Hokage's office.

"So how was the meeting? What happened?"

"The third said he was impressed with my techniques and has promoted me to Jonin. He gave me my own team too. Looks like you won't have me following you around on missions and you won't have me to get you out of trouble, Jiriaya sensei." He chuckled making Jiriaya smile. "He gave the best and the worst of the class and a girl that is very talented at healing." He said handing the three files to Jiriaya.

"Looks like you're going to have a tough time." Jiriaya said looking through the files. "Obito Uchiha, I've heard he was claimed to be the worst of his clan. He never truly listens is all over the place, I think you might have some fun with him." Jiriaya closed the file and opened the next one. "Rin Takeshino, she is very gifted. Her parents are head of the medical ninja. You should have no problems with her." He moved onto the third and final file and opened it only to stop walking. "Kakashi Hekate."

"I have a feeling he's going to be a challenge." Minato said. "He's the son of the white fang. From what I gather, he's taken the death of his father pretty hard. From what they say he's become cold and hateful, he's become very by the book." He explained as they began to walk again. "Hey sensei, would I be able to use the bells in a few days?"

"Yeah, I'll drop them off to you later on. I need to get my research done first." Jiriaya said with a smirk looking around for a place to start his research. He suddenly took off making Minato chuckle as he continued to walk.

Two days later Minato stood on the old training field watching Obit struggle and squirm from his spot where he was tied to the post. Kakashi sat to one side eating quietly as Rin only looked at her meal then at her teammate then to her teacher. She felt bad for Obito but didn't know what to do. Minato disappeared to watch what his team would do. Kakashi sat still for a moment before he held his lunch up in front of Obito.

"Looks like one gets it." Jiriaya said from where he stood next to Minato. "He does have his father's brain after all." Minato nodded as he watched Rin lean closer and help feed Obito. "Well let's see if you can scare them half as much as I scared you and your team." Minato chuckled as he disappeared only to reappear in front of the three making them jump, as he looked at them hard. As the skies darkened and the thunder could be heard loud and clear, Rin jumped and hid behind the one post only peeking out to glance at her upset teacher. Kakashi sat in his spot and looked back at his teaching with a look that could have rivaled his teachers, while Obito went completely still and silent.

"What were you doing?" He asked sternly as Rin peeked around the post. "I told you the rules, and you disobeyed them." He paused and looked at the three children all with different expression on their faces. "Since you didn't listen you all not only fail, but you all will be dropped from the ninja program."

"No!" Obito screamed as he began to struggle again. "I worked so hard to get here! My clan needs to know that I'm not a waist and a screw up! I will become a ninja, no matter what you say!" He shouted as loud as he could. Rin gave a small nod as she came out from behind the post working up the courage as she came face to face with Minato.

"Obito's right. We've all worked so hard and came so far, we will not back down now. We were put together for a reason, and we will just have to work harder together to get through everything that's thrown at us." She said as Kakashi stood up and looked dangerously at his teacher.

"No matter what you say I will become a ninja and so will they. We can do it ourselves if we have to." Kakashi said low looking at his teacher hard and suddenly the skies cleared and Minato smiled brightly.

"I'll meet you at the Hokage's tower in one week. We will begin our missions." The three kids stared at him confused before looking at each other then back to Minato. "You three have figured out the key. You need to work together to get what needs to be done, done." He looked at the three look at him surprised. "See you then." He smiled before leaving only to appear next to Jiriaya.

"Nicely done. Now let's go eat." Jiriaya said making Minato laugh as they disappeared. As they sat down in the restaurant, they began to talk again. "You did better than I thought you would have. That Hekate kid's one tough kid." Jiriaya chuckled.

"Yeah, he looked at me like he was going to come at me and kill me. He really is his father's son." Minato said. "Obito seemed to rile Rin up enough to build up the courage to speak up."

"Looks like you're going to have your hands full from now on." Jiriaya said as they ate the food set in front of them.

Team Minato had been finding and capturing the same cat every day for the past three months now. They were starting to get sick of the same mission repeatedly. The team now stood in front of the third Hokage waiting to be assigned to another mission.

"It looks like you are very good at returning the cat so I will give you a d rank mission today." The third said as the team all had separate celebrations. "I have received a request for a young man to be taken back to the whirlpool village. He doesn't want to be caught in the middle of anything on his way home and wishes to be escorted home." As he finished the door opened to reveal a man in his early thirties standing in the doorway waiting for the team to get moving. He was about to put up a protest about three children escorting him but he saw the older one, their teacher. All ninja, knew the face and villagers so he kept his mouth shut.

"Go get your things for a month long trip and meet me at the main gate." Minato said to his team as they ran from the room to go prepare. He was about to leave also when the Hokage's voice was heard making him turn back around.

"Minato. I have important information to be taken to the Takage. I trust you will get it there safe." The Hokage said handing him a scroll as Minato gave a small nod and took it.

"I'll take Jiriaya. It'll give you some peace and quiet for once." Minato chuckled before he too left to meet everyone at the main gates. When he arrived with Jiriaya beside him, the three looked between the two, as did their client. "Everyone ready?" He asked

"Yes." They all said at once. The group started out with talk amongst themselves. Rin slowed down while Obito was trying to argue with Kakashi, she was tired of breaking them up all the time and decided to walk with the adults and let the children play.

"Are you one of the sanin?" She asked looking at Jiriaya. He smirked and nodded as Minato started to chuckle as both boys stopped and looked back at them.

"Yeah sensei, who's the old geezer?" Obito asked as he and Kakashi slowed down to the others. "shouldn't ya be sitting with the other old guys talking 'bout when you were a kid and how we shouldn't be doin' what we do and all? That's what old guys like you do right?" He asked making Minato start to laugh at Jiriaya as he got more and more upset when Obito opened his mouth.

"Obito! That's not nice!" Rin scolded. "You shouldn't make fun of people no matter how old they are." Jiriaya was about to lose it as they continued on their way to the whirlpool village that was still a few weeks away.

Two weeks later the group was about to cross the border as talk started once again with Jiriaya having gotten into another argument with Obito and the other two weren't helping at all.

"Minato, have they been around the two?" He asked trying to control his voice as he watched Minato shake his head with a smile. "Then what have you been teaching them?" He half yelled making Minato begin to laugh again which made Jiriaya even more upset. Their client was looking around at the group wondering how in the world this group would be able to protect him from the dangers on their trip. Suddenly Jiriaya and Minato pulled weapons and turned back to back telling the three young ninja to get into position.

"Sensei, what's wrong?" Obito asked as he and the others looked around trying to see and sense anything that would explain the two adults' reactions. Suddenly they could hear faint sounds of a battle raging on and it was coming their way. Four figures burst through the trees into the street followed by twelve more. A young man with black hair in a black and blue ninja outfit was working beside a young woman with brown hair as they charged the large group and took most of the force from the other two who looked to be barely standing. As the two fell to the group in pain, the last two pulled their kunai and pushed as hard as they could. The man with black hair was first to go down, leaving the woman with red hair still barely standing to fight the large group off by herself.

"You three stay here." Minato said as he took off to help the young woman. As Obito and Kakashi were about to run in to even the odds Jiriaya walked up to them and smirked as he put his kunai away.

"You should listen to him. You'll only get in the way if you don't know how he works. His own teammates could barely keep up with his thinking; I don't know what goes through the kids head. Never have." Jiriaya smirked at the stunned faces as they looked back at the battle to see Minato up against five at a time only to see all five hit the group quickly. "Besides, Minato never needs any help in battle." The last three ninja stood and looked at him before stuttered out a sentence before running for his life.

"Y-you're the Konohana's y-y-yellow f-flash." He stuttered before he turned and began yelling to the others "Run on sight!" The last of the ninja took off running in fear as Minato caught the young woman as she fell sideways in pain and the others ran up to them to see if they could help. Jiriaya went to another of the ninja and had Rin begin healing him while he checked on the other two to find they were passed out from exhaustion an minor wounds. Minato was talking to the young woman as he tried to quickly stop the bleeding of the major wounds. The client ran over to the women with Minato, there was only one-woman ninja with red hair that he knew from his village. He knew the team that was there and knew the woman was….

"Sister!" He gasped and knelt down as she opened her eyes slowly. "What were you doing all the way out here? Who were those ninja?" He asked as she looked up at him with her green eyes.

"Yoshi!" She said with a smile as she looked up. "We were sent on a scouting mission and they were following us from the start. We were chased down here and we hoped we would run into some help like they did." She said softly as he eyes started to shut again and she started to drift off to sleep again as her brother was about to wake her up again.

"Leave her sleep." Minato said as he finished wrapping a major wound on her thigh. "Jiriaya, how are the others?" He called to his former teacher who was looking over the last of the whirlpool ninja.

"Looks like these two are exhausted and minor wounds, Rin just finished with the boy that was the worst of the three." Jiriaya said as he laid the woman with brown hair back down. "Looks like we're gonna need some help carrying them. Summoning jutsu!" He called and a dark green toad appeared in front of him. He slowly lifted the young man up onto its head, he looked to be the first one to wake and be able to walk. He went to the side and picked the young woman over only to hand her to the client, Yoshi, when he went to check on the others. "Carry her." As he was about to protest Jiriaya smirked and looked over to see Minato lifting the young woman up. "Looks like the girl's taken care of, take this one and I'll grab the guy. Let's get going." The group began their slow walk to the village that would take them three more days to reach. They decided to stop for the night and let everyone rest.

"So this is your sister?" Minato asked as he looked up from re-bandaging her thigh.

"Yes. And what gives you the right to touch her?" He said angrily as Minato finished wrapping the wound. He looked up wondering what was wrong with the man only to see him look suddenly away and sigh. "I'm sorry, I just…. She's my little sister. I never liked the fact that she became a ninja. I hated when she would get hurt training and it only makes it worse seeing her this bad." He said softly looking down at the woman with red hair.

"I think I understand." Minato said. "It sounds similar to the way I was when my teammates would get hurt. Never really liked to see those close to me hurt and that's why I went and made myself better so they wouldn't get hurt." He smiled brightly and glanced at Jiriaya who was leaning against a nearby tree resting with a smirk on his face.

"But someone can only get so good at what they're doing. I mean there will always be someone stronger than you." Yoshi said looking up at Minato.

"You haven't seen the kid fight. No one could be better than the yellow flash of the hidden leaf village. I mean how many ninja do you know have a flee on sight order out?" Jiriaya said from his place making Minato chuckle softly as Yoshi looked between the two men.

"You make me sound like a god or something, Jiriaya- sensei." He said before shaking his head and going back to work changing bandages from worst to best person. "Tell us what was going on. Why did that large of a group chase them? Who were they and what about this scouting mission?" Yoshi looked at them for a moment before looking across the camp at the three sleeping young ninja.

"My father the Takage has been having trouble with a man that was hired to take out our village. We have been working missions to find out how to counter him but many of our teams never come back. I'm just glad we were here or else I wouldn't have my little sister." He said looking sadly down at the young woman fast asleep.

"Rin and Minato took care of the wounds. They should heal nicely in a few weeks or so." Jiriaya said as he looked up at the two. "Do you know the name of the man hired to destroy your village?" Yoshi shook his head. "Well it looks like this got a little tougher." Jiriaya said with a small groan. "I'll send word to the third and see what he wants to do." He said as he cut his hand and summoned a small purple toad in front of him. "Go to the third and tell him that there is someone who is highbred and is trying to take the whirlpool village out. We took care of several of the missing-nin but it sounds like this is going to get much worse." The toad nodded and disappeared.

"We better get some sleep while we wait. We can start towards the village again in the morning." Minato said as he finished tying the last bandage on the young man with black hair and blue eyes; before he sat back looking around. "I'll take the first watch." He said before he jumped off into the trees leaving the others to find their spots and rest before drifting off to sleep.

The next day Kakashi woke up to Minato and Jiriaya talking. He walked closer to find out what was going on as they fell silent.

"Kakashi, start waking with the others. We're going to head out soon." Minato said and watched Kakashi nod and got up and started to shake the others awake. "This will only get worse and if it is who we think pulling the strings this is about to blow up."

"Well the old man knows what he's doing. We'll see what the Kage has to say and then we'll start our work." Jiriaya said as he sat heavily next to his former student. They turned when they heard Yoshi move closer to them as the three young ninja started packing.

"Is it wise to take those three into battle? Especially this one." Yoshi said looking at the three before turning to look at Minato and Jiriaya sitting beside him with smiles on their faces. "What?"

"Don't worry about those three." Minato said. "They are a lot better than they look." Rin walked over with a bright smile as she handed Jiriaya and Minato some food she had packed. "Thank you Rin." She gave a nod and went back to the boys before all three returned and the other ninja began waking.

"Sotaru, how do ya feel?" The woman with brown hair and black eyes asked the young man with black hair and purple eyes as he sat up.

"I'm fine, few wounds that will heal. How 'bout you guys? You okay Kita?" Sotaru asked her and glanced over to see a young man with black hair and Blue eyes sit up. "Everyone okay?"

"Kushina." Kita gasped. "Ryuu, what happened? You were supposed to take care of her." The young woman said with worry and small twinge of anger in her voice as she moved closer.

"I did what I could Kita. I went far beyond what I should have." Ryuu said moving over with his two teammates to look down on the still unconscious woman. "She was the last one standing, I don't know what happened."

"Minato-sensei took care of the others. Then we took care of your wounds, that's pretty much it." Rin said as she moved in and started to heal again. "If I heal a little bit at a time it will help her in the long run." She smiled as they moved their eyes from her to their friend.

"We should get moving again. Someone is bound to find the bodies and track us down." Kakashi said as he stood next to Minato and Obito. "Would you like us to split up and divert the trail?" He asked and looked up at Minato who gave a slight nod before the three took off in separate directions.

"Let's get going." He said kneeling down to pick the woman up as the other three helped support each other and the group moved out slowly. "If we get moving it should take them a while to figure out which trail is ours."

"By that time we will be close enough to the village for our ninja to help protect everyone." Yoshi said as he helped Kita move faster as the two men leaned on each other moving as fast as they could to keep up with everyone.

"What about Kushina till then?" Kita asked. "She's still hurt pretty bad. They find us all together hurt they will have a really easy target." Minato gave a small nod as he glanced around before looking at Jiriaya.

"Those three can throw the enemy off with their trails but if they get through that they will be able to find us easily. Jiriaya take those two, Yoshi, can you handle her?" He asked and watched his client nod. "Take your own ways to the village, if anyone of us meet with the genin we are to tell them to split up and one is to join each of us. This will make sure we are not caught before we get close enough to the village for help." Everyone gave a nod before they started moving their own ways slowly as Minato backtracked and took a very long way.

"Do you think this is smart?" Sotaru asked. "None of us are in any condition to fight if we're attacked." He said helping Ryuu stand and keep moving forward.

"Don't worry. Minato may not look it but he knows exactly what he's doing. Once we split up we can make smaller trails. Even if we're slow there is no way the enemy will be able to find all of us. If they're going to find anyone it will probably be Minato. But believe me; he can handle armies by himself." Jiriaya said with a slight chuckle, he could almost hear Minato laugh and tell him to stop talking about him as if he's a god or something.

"You sure put a lot of faith in that guy." Sotaru said shaking his head.

"You haven't seen the kid fight." Jiriaya chuckled. "Let's start turning and heading towards the village now." The group of three kept walking towards their destination.

So what do you think about those guys?" Kita asked as she moved slowly next to Yoshi. "The big guy likes to joke about everything and the blond thinks he can survive with Kushina unconscious and these blood thirsty bastards out looking for us." Yoshi smirked and glanced down at the young woman.

"Relax. These guys are the real deal. The big guy jokes about everything but he is one of the legendary sanin. As for the blond, he's nothing to mess with. The enemy knows him as Konohana's yellow flash. Kushina is safer with him rather than us." Kita couldn't believe Yoshi had just admitted that someone else could take care of his little sister better than he could. The two fell silent as they continued straight for their village.

Three days later Kakashi and the others showed up at the split. "Minato- sensei split everyone up." Kakashi said as the stopped and saw three different trails. "Rin you should take that trail, Obito take that one and I'll take this one." He said giving the orders before the three were off again to try to catch up with the others.

Minato ran through the trees making several trails leading in circles as he went to confuse anyone who followed him, when the young woman in his arms shifted making him look down and stop setting her on the ground as her bright green eyes fluttered open. She sat up quickly only tore open the worst wound on her side causing her to wince and grab her side.

"Relax. Let me take a look, you probably opened that nasty wound." Minato said as he moved closer and gently laid her back down and looked through the ruined fabric to see the wound had opened wide again. He took bandages from his pack and quickly took care of the bleeding before he bound the wound and sat back.

"Who are you exactly?" She asked sitting up slowly mindful of her wounds this time.

"I'm Minato Namikaze from the village hidden in the leaves. My team and I were assigned to escort your brother home, but he never mentioned that there were problems up here. You're lucky we were there when you came through. Those guys were some of the nastiest in the water country missing-nin." He said looking over all of the little wounds.

"Yeah, well they aren't supposed to be here destroying our lives. They need to learn that they can't push everyone around." She said sternly making Minato smirk. "You must be a really strong ninja for my team mates and brother to let you take me off by yourself after what just happened." She said looking at him as he slowly met her emerald green gaze after checking her last healing wound.

"Some say that." He chuckled imagining Jiriaya and his way of explaining how strong Minato was. "You seem pretty strong yourself. You were able to hold five of those guys off and protect your friends while near death." He said with a smirk as she crossed her arms across her chest."

"They're some of my best friends. I wouldn't let anything happen to them if I can help it." She smiled. "Do you have friends like that too?" She asked making Minato lean back on his hands and smile as he recalled his friends back at the village and nodded. "What are they like?"

"Well, my friends are a little different than most." He chuckled and rubbed the back of his head. "My best friend likes to be very cold to everyone. He only opens up every now and then and he can be pretty wild. One of my other friends is very quiet and loving. She can be quite cute when she wants something." He laughed thinking of a young woman with brown hair and dark brown eyes then a man with light red hair and dark blue eyes popped into his head. "There is a man that I grew up with since we were small children. He's something else. Always getting into trouble making me get him out of it. He can have a big mouth when he really shouldn't. But what can I say, their the friends. Like the friends I imagine your teammates are." He smirked and looked at the sky.

"Are we going to get moving?" She asked making him laugh and rub the back of his head.

"No. It's getting late. We should actually start setting up camp and get some sleep before we get moving again." She nodded and tried to get up only to be gently pushed back down to the ground by a strong hand. "Just relax. You don't need to get up." He said and pulled food from his pack, a few logs nearby and he started a small fire for some warmth through the night.

"So, what do you call the jutsu you use to be the yellow flash?" She asked looking over at him.

"It's called the flying thunder god." He told her. "Have to through my kunai or leave my mark somewhere in order to use it." He saw her shiver and moved closer to her placing his jacket over her shoulders making her thank him before moving closer for the warmth he seemed to be giving off. "It's getting pretty cold tonight. Didn't you or any one in your team bring blankets or jackets?" He asked as she shivered again.

"We did but everything was destroyed when they attacked out camp." Kushina said as Minato wrapped his arm around her softly to offer as much warmth to her as he could.

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