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Chapter 1

Let me introduce myself. I’m an assassin. I have been since I was 14. I’m also adopted. Never knew my folks. I don’t mind, though. The only people I’m close to is my brother Jameson, our 3 best friends, Jack, Tom, Owen, and my adopted father, Luke. We’re all apart of a squad, I guess you could call it.

Right now, I’m getting stabbed.

Now, don’t panic. Yet. I’m fine so far; he hasn’t twisted it in so far.

“Is that good enough, sweetheart?” Stabber said. That’s not his real name, I’m just calling him that until I know his full name.

“No, I think you might wanna go farther than that.” I smiled sweetly, but flinching, because it hurt to smile where Stabber hit me with the back of his gun.

He removed the knife and turned around. Big mistake on his end. Since I could’ve been in worse condition, crazy right...?, I bet some of y’all are freaking out, because I’ve been stabbed, but no. I’m a tough girl.

As soon as Stabber turned towards me, I kneed him in his family jewels, and tore the rope off my arms, then as quickly as I could, I grabbed the gun from from his belt while he was on the floor groaning.

I hit him with the back of the gun, smirking down at him. “That’s payback.” I told him, but wincing.

I ran down the corridors and tried to find Jameson and the others. I neared a corner when a arm grabbed from a door, grabbing my arm and putting their hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t scream.

Thinking it was an attacker, I elbowed him then turned and kicked his leg. I turned with the gun pointing at him, but put it down once I realized who it was.

“I’m sorry, Owen. I didn’t know it was you.” I told him.

“Whatever.” He grumbled and stood up.

I was fixing to say something when I heard footsteps and hushed voices. “They have to be around here somewhere.” One said.

I tried peaking, but Owen shook his head. He positioned both of his hands on his gun and stood, back fully against the wall and I could tell he was counting to three.

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