Two Hearts | Marauders Era |

By Taylor_MK

Fantasy / Adventure


NAME Daphne Rose Evans

AGE 16 years old (same as Lily and the Marauders)

HOUSE (you'll find out soon ...)

BLOOD STATUS Muggle-born

FAMILY Rose Evans (mother-muggle), Samuel Evans (father-muggle), Petunia Evans (older sister-muggle), Lily Evans (younger twin sister-witch)

WAND 13 inches, hazel wood with dragon heartstring



ANIMAGUS lioness

Salut! Je suis Daphne. Become my friend and it'll be Daph to you, but not yet. I used to go to Beauxsbatons Academy for Magic in France, but our new headmistress, Madame Maxime, decided that she couldn't handle me at all so I was expelled. Thank goodness Mother and Father still think I'm their good-two-shoes little daughter; otherwise, who knows how they would have reacted. They tried to explain that it must have been a misunderstanding and that their 'little angel' would never misbehave, but I'm now going to attend my sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with my darling little twin sister, Lily. Oh, she'll be ever so surprised! She's told me so much about a certain group of boys, calling themselves the Marauders. She particularly 'hates' this one boy called James Potter, but I know my own babe sister, so it was only too obvious for me to realize that she really likes him.

Anyway, now that I've just written an essay on my life for you, I'm going to say,

Au revoir!

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