Two Hearts | Marauders Era |

By Taylor_MK

Fantasy / Adventure

Gryffindor Girls Character Profiles

NAME Lily Rose Evans

AGE 16 years old

HOUSE Gryffindor

BLOOD STATUS Muggle-born

FAMILY Rose Evans (mother-muggle), Samuel Evans (father-muggle), Petunia Evans (older sister-muggle), Daphne Evans (older twin sister-witch)

WAND 11 inches, vine wood with phoenix feather

BOGGART Loved ones getting hurt

Hi! I'm Lily Evans! I'm starting my sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with my three best friends, Alice Fortescue, Marlene McKinnon and Mary MacDonald. This year, though, my twin sister, Daphne, is coming, too, and I can't wait to show her all around Hogwarts. My best friend used to be Slytherin Severus Snape but at the end of last year he insulted me and we haven't spoken since. I hope James "Toerag" Potter leaves me alone this year, but knowing him that isn't likely. I bet Daph will get along great with them. It's gonna be a long year.

NAME Marlene McKinnon

AGE 16 years old
HOUSE GryffindorBLOOD STATUS Pure-bloodFAMILY UnknownWAND 8.5 inches, mahogany wood with dragon heartstringBOGGART DeathABOUT ME
Hey, Marlene McKinnon here! I'm going to enter my sixth year at Hogwarts soon, and I plan to live it up to the fullest! Unlike Lily and Mary, my bezzie Alice and I are quite close to the Marauders, and I have the biggest crush on Sirius Black, like, EVER! But if you tell anyone, you will be in SO much trouble! I hope he asks me out this year, though! He might be a player but, hey - a girl can dream, right? I'm probably the most outgoing out of my friends; Lily's the smart one, Alice the sweetheart, and Mary the bookworm. Oh, and you didn't hear this from me (well, you did but you are NOT telling anyone that!) but Lily totally likes James Potter! I bet now that Snape is out of the picture, she'll finally say yes to going out with him! See, this year will just ROCK!
NAME Alice FortescueAGE 16 years oldHOUSE GryffindorFAMILY UnknownBOYFRIEND Frank LongbottomWAND 11 inches, ash wood with hippogriff talonBOGGART FailureABOUT ME
Hi, I'm Alice! I have a wonderful boyfriend, Frank Longbottom, and three amazing friends called Lily, Marlene and Mary. When I graduate from Hogwarts in two years (OMG, can't wait!) Frank and I want to become Aurors and fight against You-Know-Who. Wish us luck!
NAME Mary MacDonaldAGE 16 years oldHOUSE GryffindorBLOOD STATUS Muggle-bornFAMILY Magnus MacDonald (father-muggle)WAND 12.5 inches, yew wood with unicorn hairBOGGART Lord VoldemortABOUT ME
Hi, I'm Mary MacDonald, and I'm best friends with Lily Evans, Marlene McKinnon and Alice Fortescue. I live alone with my father, because my mother died giving birth to me, so I have no other siblings. I'm not very close to my father, and try not to mention my home life to my friends at school. I don't want anyone pitying me or having another reason to tease me.
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