Two Hearts | Marauders Era |

By Taylor_MK

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter One

Chapter One

Daphne Evans tapped her foot impatiently on the smooth, tiled floor. Families bustled about her, laughing and crying as they met up with their friends and families.
Her auburn hair danced in the slight breeze, curled to perfection. Her sky blue eyes sparkled in the sun. Next to her were two large pink suitcases packed with her belongings, and over her shoulder was a blue Coach bag.
Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a wave of fiery red and pale blond, heading in her direction. A moment later, her mother and father appeared in the crowd, grinning.
"Mother! Father!" she cried, her French accent leaking through her words.
"Oh, Daphne!" Mrs Evans screamed, smothering her daughter in a hug. "Thank goodness you're OK! I was so worried, all along on a plane - anything could have happened!"
"Please, Mother, I'm fine!" Daphne laughed, then turned to her father. "I've missed you, Father." She hugged him.
"You too, sweetheart." He smiled lovingly at his daughter. "Now, we should get going. I'm not very fond of airports."
He grabbed the suitcases in each hand and headed towards the exit, his wife and daughter following behind.
Soon they were driving back home, catching up on the year they had spent apart. Daphne Evans had previously attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, in France, but was now transferring to her sister, Lily's school in England: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her sister didn't know this yet, and Daphne couldn't wait to see the look on her twin's face when she found out. Even though she knew she would miss her best friend, Rosa Estella, Daphne couldn't wait to finally see the magnificent school her sister always talked about.
Eventually, they arrived home. The house was empty. Petunia was out with her beefy boyfriend, Vernon Dursley, whilst Lily was over at her friend's place. None of them knew that she was back from France.
"Here, darling, why don't you take your luggage upstairs and have a shower whilst I make some dinner?" her mother told her, smiling warmly. "Your sisters should be back soon."
Daphne nodded and dragged her suitcases up to her room, which now looked very childish for a fifteen-year-old girl. While she was in the shower, she heard the front door open and slam shut, and, a few minutes later, the door opened again. She supposed her sisters were home and felt a sudden thrill at the thought of getting to see them again. Daphne quickly got dressed again and happily skipped into the dining room, where her mother was setting the table. At the same moment, Mr Evans came in front the lounge, closely followed by Lily and Petunia. They sat down at the table, too busy glaring at each other to notice their other sibling watching them, amused. her mother sat down next to her, placing some salad at the table. Everyone began to eat.
Daphne laughed. "Woah, girls! Don't you get fed at your schools?" she asked, watching as they wolfed down their plateful of food.
"Shut up, Daphne," Lily muttered, then bolted upright. "Daphne!" she screamed. Throwing her chair back, she lunged to her feet and ran around the table to envelop her twin sister in a large hug. "OMG, I've missed you so much!" she squealed. Daphne laughed again. "Me too, sis." She turned to Petunia. "What, no hug?" she asked, smiling lightly.
Her sister glared at her in reply, as if daring her to come any closer. But of course, Daphne got up anyway, skipped around the room, hugged her lightly around the middle, than sat sat back down again. Even so, Petunia scowled, then gave a faint hint of a smile. Daphne grinned, satisfied, leaning back in her chair as her parents laughed at their three daughters.
For the rest of the meal, the main conversation topic was Daphne. Her family questioned her about her studies, her friends, her professors, until Lily asked, "So if you've left Beauxbatons, what school will you go to now?"
Daphne glanced at her parents. "Well, we'll find out soon, won't we?" she smirked.
Lily looked confused, then shook her head and grinned. "Well, since you're spending the holidays here, I want you to meet all of my friends!" she squealed again.
"Definitely, I want to know everything about your friends - and your boyfriend," Daphne declared, winking at her sister.
She blushed. "He's not my boyfriend! I hate Potter - he's such a ..."
"Overexcited sweetheart?" Daphne suggested, raising an eyebrow.
"What? No! He's not like that! He's a bully!" Lily protested.
"Sure he is," Daphne sang, standing up and expertly dodging her sister's arm, which made a swipe for her.
"Come on! Major goss sesh!" she laughed as Lily - yet again - squealed with delight and followed her sister up the stairs. They walked into Lily's room; Lily collapsed on her bed while Daphne sat down on the dressing table stool.
"Je sais que vous l'aimez, Lily, (I know you like him, Lily,)" was the first thing Daphne said, speaking in French by habit. "Vous savez peut-être pas encore, mais vous avez vraiment. Ce est tout à fait évident pour être honnête.(You may not know it yet, but you really do. It's quite obvious, to be honest.)"
Lily sighed. "That's what I don't understand: if her really truly liked me, he would stop being so horrible to Severus!"
Daphne made a face in the middle of applying some of Lily's powder on her nose. "What, Snape? What's he got to do with anything?" she asked, turning around. "I thought you broke up with him?"
Lily stayed silent.
Daphne's light blue eyes widened. "Lily," she began, dropping her lipgloss and sitting down on the bed next to her sister, "what really happened?"
Lily leaned on her sister's shoulder. "He - he called me a ... Mudblood," she faltered.
Daphne lunged to her feet. "He said what?! How dare he? That's my - I cannot believe this!" she thundered.
"Please, sis, please don't say anything to him," Lily said quickly.
"But Lils -"
"Daphne, promise me."
"Fine ... I promise," Daphne mumbled reluctantly.
"Look, the thing is: apparently Severus had a crush on me but I always ignored him. Now I'm not his friend anymore and everyone says I'm starting to give up to the Marauders, so he's heartbroken," Lily explained. "And I really don't want to look like the bad person who's getting who's left their best friend for his bullies."
Daphne knitted her eyebrows in confusion. "If you miss him that much, why don't you just go back to 'Ogwarts after the hols and speak to him?" she asked.
Lily shook her head vigorously. "No, I couldn't. Because, well, I hate him for calling me a Mudblood. He calls everyone who's got Muggle parents a Mudblood, like Mary, but when he calls me it, he says he didn't mean to," she continued. "I mean, it just doesn't make sense! I kept on telling him not to get so involved in the Dark Arts but he never listened to me. I'll bet he'll become a Death Eater like Lucius Malfoy and Macnair and all the other Slytherins when he leaves Hogwarts."
Daphne's brown eyes widened in horror and disgust. "Wow, I told you to stay away from him, Lily, but you never listened either. Oh well, at least you've come to your senses and got rid of him. In fact," her eyes sparkled with mischief, "to cheer you up, let's go pull a prank on Potter!"
Lily's head shot up. Pull a prank on the Prank Master? This was when she knew her twin really had lost it. "Are you mad?" she whisper-shouted.
Daphne grinned. "Yes, actually, thanks for noticing. Now, what shall we do?" she thought aloud.
The mature twin shook her head. She couldn't think up a good prank even if she wanted to. After all, she was the sensible one, and she left her twin to the trouble.
"You know what?" Daphne said, smirking. "Let's take it back to the basics. Got your phone?" she asked.
"Yeah ... why?"
"Bring it with you," her sister said, standing up. "I want you to tape their reactions. It'll be so funny."
Curious as to what her twin was planning, Lily nodded, slipping her phone into her pocket. Together, they left the room and headed downstairs. Petunia and their parents were in the sitting room, watching TV.
"Mother, Father, we're going out. We'll be back soon, I promise," Daphne told them, smiling when they nodded absentmindedly.
As they went into the hallway to grab their coats, Lily whispered cautiously, "We are coming back, right?"
Daphne threw her head back and laughed. "Course, sis! Do you not trust me?"
Lily nodded but, knowing her sister, she could never be sure. After all, her plans were always a bit on the crazy edge.
"Now, lead the way to your beloved lover's house!" Daphne said.
Without even bothering to protest, Lily grabbed her sister's arm and Apparated them to the Potter Manor. Daphne looked around and, she had to admit, she appreciated the view. She also loved Apparition, and had been Apparating everywhere ever since she'd passed her test. She'd even suggested Apparating back to England but her mother had forbidden her, saying that she was too likely to get Splinched.
"Cool place," she nodded. Lily gave her a small smile, but was still wary as to what Daphne was going to do. "Get your phone out," her sister ordered her, and she immediately pulled it out, hoping she wouldn't have a big role in the prank.
As they marched up towards the grand oak doors, Daphne explained, "I'll do the talking, don't worry, and you can tape everything and send it to me. Before knocking on the door, Daphne pulled our her wand - in France, students become of age at 16, don't ask me why - and quickly cast a charm on her hair to make it shorter and blonde, and then gave herself some freckles. Even to someone who knew her, she was practically completely unrecognizable.
"Quick, hide behind that massive bush over there and tape everything," Daphne ushered her sister to her nearby hiding spot.
Brushing off her jeans, she knocked smartly on the door. After a few moments, the door opened, and a woman with slightly greying hair opened the door, smiling.
"Hello, dear, how can I help you?" the lady, who Lily recognized as Mrs Potter, asked sweetly.
Daphne put on her best fake smile. "Hello, ma'am. Would you be Mrs Potter?" she asked, even though she knew perfectly well what the answer would be.
Lily held up her phone a little higher so they could clearly see the females' conversation.
"Yes," Mrs Potter replied uncertainly.
"James Potter's mother?" Daphne urged.
"Yes," Mrs Potter repeated, like Lily, clearly wondering where this was heading.
"Oh, that's good." Daphne mimed looking relieved. "I'm his girlfriend. Is he home? Only I have something really important to tell him."
Lily's eyes widened. Girlfriend? What in the name of Merlin was her sister doing?
"Well, he's quite busy at the moment, I'm afraid," Mrs Potter answered. "Would you like me to pass a message?"
Daphne pretended to be thinking for a moment before she daintily shrugged her shoulders. "OK, then," she smiled. "Well could you tell him that Daph called, and that she's pregnant with his kid and wants to meet him?"
Lily nearly fell out of her bush. Pregnant? With Potter's kid? She tried not to jump out and strangle her disguised sibling. Mrs Potter's reaction was no better. Her eyes widened and her mouth nearly fell to the floor. Lily could practically see Daphne smirking her face off.
"P-p-pregnant?" she stammered.
"Yes!" Daphne squealed, bouncing convincingly on her sandals. "I was exactly the same! Isn't it wonderful?"
Lily facepalmed. How were they related?
Mrs Potter seemed to get over her shock. Turning, she screamed into the empty hallway, "JAMES CHARLESTON POTTER! GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!"
Almost immediately, a mop of unruly dark hair appeared over the top of the banister.
"Yeah, Mom?"
"Come down here, NOW!" Mrs Potter demanded.
The teenage boy swifly slid down the banisters and approached the females in the doorway. "What?"
"Don't you "What?" me, mister! How could you?!" she screeched.
Confusion etched itself onto James Potter's face. "Could I do what?" he asked.
"How could you make this poor girl pregnant! She's still only a teenager, bless her, and so are you! You're too young to become a father!"
By this time, four other males had gathered round to hear what was going on. The first was Mr Potter, followed closest by his son's friends, the Marauders, all of them intrigued by the commotion.
Mr Potter and all four Marauders rebounded back as Mrs Potter accused her son, tears streaming down her face, as Daphne watched them all with a massive smirk on her face.
Finally, James spoke: "What do you mean? I haven't done anyt -"
Daphne decided it was time for her to leave and, to try and keep up the act, she skipped merrily to the top of the stairs and stood next her 'boyfriend'.
"Oh, you really shouldn't be so worried about it, Mrs Potter," she grinned. "After all, love's love, isn't it? You should be encouraging it, really."
Mrs Potter gave another howl of despair, and Daphne couldn't stop the huge smirk growing on her newly-freckled face. Mr Potter looked absolutely murderous, so she quickly thought of a way to escape before anyone's head got torn off.
"Well, I'd better be off," she smiled phonily, and, for good luck, swiftly wrapped her arms around James's waist and gave him the smallest peck on the cheek. Then, with a happy wave, she skipped down the stairs and down the winding cobblestone path. She ignored the intense stares of the other seven wizards around her and headed towards one of them: Lily's.
"What. Was. That?" Lily demanded the moment they were out of sight and no one could hear them. "Pregnant with Potter's kid?!"
Daphne laughed. "Yep. It was ever so funny, really. Did you manage to get all their faces?" she asked.
Before Lily could reply, they heard a high-pitched scream and a few crashes and bangs, which was probably James dodging a few objects being thrown at him.
Neither of them could help it; they broke down in giggles.
"I still can't believe you actually did that!" Lily gasped, staring at her sister, who shrugged.
"Its's a gift," she said, and pulled out her wand to reverse the magic on herself. "Now, let's get back home so we can watch that video and post it online!"
Lily just shook her head, grinning, and they Apparated home.
"Mom, Dad, we're back!" she yelled, then quickly followed her sister into her room so they could watch the prank together.
"OMG, did my hair really look like that? Why didn't you tell me, Lily?" Daphne demanded, patting her head in horror.
Lily could only smirk at her twin; one thing was for sure, she'd definitely missed her twin sister.

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