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By Taylor_MK

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter Two

Chapter Two
Diagon Alley

Daphne Evans finally finished designing her bedroom. She used her own magic, since she no one else in her family could at the moment, to match all the furniture and decorate the walls, with Lily suggesting ideas for her room.
It was nearing the end of the summer holidays. Daphne got up early and, after showering, got dressed. She skipped downstairs with her hairbrush and eyeliner and lipstick and mascara flying around her head doing her hair and make-up to show off and ambled into the kitchen.
Lily was at the table eating a bowl of cereal, and she playfully glared at her. Wagging her pointy pink tongue at her twin Daphne made herself a mug of coffee and sat down at the table, too.
Their mother walked into the kitchen and smiled at her daughters. She stood in front of them and said, "Do you girls want to go to Diagon Alley today? You both need new school supplies and Daphne, you need to get new robes."
The twins grinned identical grins.
"How are you going to get your school robes from here?" Lily enquired curiously. Her eyes widened. "Ohmigosh!" she exclaimed.
"Ohmigosh, what?" Daphne replied in the same tone.
"You're moving to Hogwarts!" Lily shouted.
Daphne rolled her eyes mockingly. "No shit, Sherlock."
Lily squealed happily.
"Ugh! Don't squeal like that, Lil! It gives me a migraine!" Daphne c0mplained.
Lily laughed. "Oh, but come on, Daph! It'll be so much fun! You'll get to meet all my friends," she cheered.
"Well, I'm praying they're nothing like you," Daph joked as she deliberately levitated her mug to the sink.
Mrs Evans snatched the empty mug out off the air and told them, "Well, get ready and we can set off. I heard Dorea's taking her son and his friends today."
Lily groaned and dragged her sister out into the hall. "Dorea is Dorea Potter, James Potter's mother!" she whisper-shouted. "The same woman that you pranked! What if they recognize you?" she asked.
Daphne shrugged. "They're going to find out anyway, so who cares? Let's just have some fun, sis."
Lily wasn't so sure, because she knew that Daphne loved flirting with guys - which was a MAJOR crisis where Sirius Black was involved - and their mother was great friends with Mrs Potter, which meant it would be even more difficult to avoid them.
Daphne cheerfully slipped on her leather jacket and slid into the small car, followed closely by Lily and her mother. Daphne was always an angel in front of her parents, and they were absolutely oblivious to all her flirting and occasionally inappropriate clothing.
Soon they were in Diagon Alley, and Daphne was awestruck by everything. Lily laughed at her childish behavior but was slightly nervous when their mother left to find Dorea. They quickly bought their new school equipment, including new robes for both of them, and now Daphne was dragging her sister up and down the street to look in nearly every shop, which was extremely exhausting for her, though the caffeine in Daphne that she had drank that morning was definitely paying off big time. Lily was constantly looking around, trying to spot the wretched Marauders in the large crowd. Luckily for her, though, they were nowhere to be seen.
Finally, after they'd bought nearly an entire joke shop, Daphne began to get tired, and told Lily, "Let's sit down somewhere."
So they sat down outside Florean Fortescue's Ice-Cream Parlour and ordered large sundaes from the waitress.
As they were eating their ice-cream, a voice behind Daphne suddenly said, "Hello, Evans. How was your summer?"
Lily had a panicked look for a moment, but it was quickly covered by a scowl of annoyance. "To be honest, it was amazing ..." she said.
James grinned. Lily's probably never said anything positive in front of him! Daphne thought, smirking.
"... until you showed up," Lily finished with a glare at the messy-haired boy with hazel eyes and round glasses.
There was a short bark of laughter. Behind him, there was a handsome boy with long dark hair and striking grey eyes. He stepped forward, eyes twinkling with amusement. "Ha! She's got you there, Prongs!" he laughed, slapping his mate on the shoulder repeatedly.
"That's a bit harsh, Evans," Potter frowned. "I haven't seen you in weeks - and I must say, you look very fine," he smirked.
Daphne choked on her ice-cream. Damn it, if this is how he flirts with girls, no wonder he's still single. She got up quickly, said, "Good luck, Lil," and made to move away but Lily swiftly pulled her back into her seat.
"Nu-uh." Lily shook her head. "You are not leaving me alone with the Marauders."
Daphne sighed, but she was actually enjoying the tension. "Fine."
She glanced at the guy with the stormy grey eyes who she was sure was Sirius Black, Hogwarts' heartthrob. Sure enough, he was eyeing her up and down, mostly her very revealed legs.
"Eyes up here, love," she coughed.
His friends snickered quietly.
He smirked at her and said, "Oh, I know, love. Just enjoying the view."
Definitely Black. She slipped off her stool and walked so close up to the boy that she could feel his faintly minty breath gently fanning her face. "Can't say I'm not enjoy it either, Black," she murmured seductively in his ear, and smirked when he stiffened against her.
Lily watched the exchange with growing dread and horror. She'd feared that Black and her sister would kick off immediately, as they were both flirts, and it was obvious that they were, well ... getting on very well. Potter had taken a seat next to her, making sure that he was right up close to her, invading her personal space, and was again pestering her to go out with him.
"Just leave me alone!" she exclaimed. "Come on, Daph, help me out here," she practically begged her sister.
Daphne sighed and rolled her eyes, but nodded. "I don't get why you don't just go out with him already, but fine, thought you're paying for it."
All eyes were on Daphne as she reached down to one of the particularly large bags and pulled out a long object. She quickly stung one end into her mouth to moisten the tip, then swiftly reached to grab Potter and stuck it into his pants.
"Five - four - three - two - one!"
The Wet-Start Firecrackers exploded in James Potter's pants, and he leapt about, howling at the top of his lungs, with his hands clamped over his rear. Shoppers stopped to stare and most pointed and laughed at the scene, including his friends. Daphne herself admired her handiwork proudly. Only Lily Evans, however much she despised Potter, pitied him.
Suddenly, two women burst through the crowd and ran up to them.
"Is everything all right?"
"What's going on?"
As the cracker reduced to ashes, Daphne told her mother sweetly, "Oh, we were just showing James here some of the stuff we've bought but I guess somebody decided to prank him." She nodded sadly at James, who was now having his mother fuss over him. He looked very pale and shaken, and Daphne only just managed not to laugh at the sight.
Rose Evans nodded her head. "Well, I'm sure he's all right. I never did like all these magical joke shops, really."
Daphne mentally gave herself a victorious pat on the back. She wasn't really lying, she was just missing out some bits of the story, like how it was her who put the cracker down his pants. James and his mother returned, and Daphne caught her breath, slightly worried that she would recognize her, but Mary smiled warmly at her.
"Oh, you must be Daphne! Your mother speaks very highly of you. I'm Mary Potter, James's mother," she said.
They shook hands and, by force of habit, Daphne daintily curtsied and said, "Bonjour, madame," which made the women gush and the boys snicker quietly. When no one was looking, Daphne gave them a venomous glare and they fell silent.
Together, they walked into one of the restaurants nearby, and ordered their meal. As it was being prepared, the Mrs Potter smiled and said, "Since Rose and her daughters are from the Muggle world, boys, don't you think it would be a wonderful idea to invite them over to our house for dinner, sometime?"
Their heads snapped up and they nodded eagerly. "Course, Mom!" James grinned. "It'll be a great chance to finally get Lil - I mean, to get to know the Evans better!"
This didn't go unnoticed by Daphne, who smirked and nudged her sister under the table. Lily blushed but muttered, "Whatever, Daph," which, of course, made Daphne smirk even more.
Soon, their were plans made for the Evans to visit the Potters in the week before summer break was over, and, although she was worried that the Potters weren't that stupid and someone would recognize her, Daphne couldn't wait to see the Potter Manor *cough* for the first time. *cough*
Lily, however, had other thoughts. The moment the front door was closed after their long day out, she screamed, "Mom!"

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