Leviathan is Not the Biggest of Fish: A Catradora Story


Inevitable She-Ra fanfic: get ready for fluffy, overused tropes… but gay! Cute and a little saucy but appropriately worshipful of canon.

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1

“Hey Adora.”

Catra rolled over, propping herself up on an elbow to cast a knowing look down at Adora.


“Did you sleep OK?” She smirked.

“Was I sleep-fighting again?”

“It kind of sounded like you were dreaming about something… nice,” Catra grinned.

“Probably last night’s cake.”

Catra raised an eyebrow.

“Interesting noises. You were really enjoying that cake.” Adora’s cheeks reddened. She sat awkwardly up in bed, her knees tenting the sheets about her.

“Yeah, because the cake was amazing, I mean, maybe they changed the chefs in the Bright Moon kitchens since we defeated Horde Prime. That’s probably it. Because that was the single most enjoyable… cake… I ever... I hate you.”

“You too, dummy,” Catra said, whipping the covers to the floor and grabbing Adora by the wrists, “You’d better have been dreaming about me.”

“I told you,” Adora whispered into her ear, “It was the cake.”

Catra kissed her, softly then deeply, straddling her bare stomach.

“Do you feel like some… cake… now?”

“You’re such an idiot,” Adora said, digging her fingers into Catra’s short hair and pulling her in for another kiss. Catra’s knees pressed against her hips, warm and naked.

“The library here is incredible!” Entrapta bellowed, bursting through the doors, waving a dusty book in the air, “A hitherto untapped source of information about the mysteries of Etheria!”

Catra attempted to shield Adora with her body as she slapped her hand frantically around the floor for the fallen bedsheets, the fur on her tail standing erect.

“Entrapta!” Adora yelped, “What have we said about boundaries?”

“I must only come into your room for really important matters.”

“No, you must only come into our room NEVER,” Catra growled.

“Entrapta, Castaspella is furious you’ve taken that book,” Wrong Hordak panted, diving into the room after her, “I tried to reason with her but the woman is quite forbidding.”

“Please leave immediately,” Adora said, her voice strained through a forced smile.

“Entrapta, you can’t just go running into their room!” Perfuma skidded across the carpet, yanking Entrapta back by a bundle of purple hair, “This is their sacred space to open like new blooms and share the intimate bond of their love.”

“I’m going to be sick,” Catra muttered, burying her face into Adora’s shoulder.

“Entrapta, you bring that tome back immediately, it’s a priceless addition to the library--” Castaspella stopped abruptly, “Oh, I’m terribly sorry, girls, I wasn’t aware you were… busy.”

“Perfuma, did you find Entrapta? Castaspella’s gonna kill her if she--” Scorpia ran into Wrong Hordak, knocking them both to the floor. “Oh, hi Adora, hi Catra,” she said merrily, waving at them with one giant pincer.

Catra wrapped a sheet around herself and hopped to her feet with as much dignity as she could muster.


“Oh, you sound just like Hordak!” Entrapta squealed delightedly.

“Are we having a party?” Swift Wind chirped, poking his head through the window.

“Will everybody just please leave?!” Adora screamed, launching her magnificent sword through the air and embedding it into the wall halfway to the hilt.

“Hey, I think she wants us to leave,” Entrapta whispered to Catra, grabbing her wrist.

“She doesn’t mean me,” Catra hissed, her tail flicking dangerously. “OUT. NOW.”

Catra pushed the gaggle out of the double doors, sliding Adora’s sword into place to bolt it closed, cursing and muttering about the intruders.

“Maybe I should have let Horde Prime kill them all.”

“You know,” Adora murmured, “Council meeting’s not for another couple of hours…”

Catra made the distance from the door to the bed in a single leap.

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