A New Perspective


Shinsou a new student who has no part in being into any type of relationship meets Kaminari. The yellowed hair teen instantly falls in love with the purple haired insomniac. Can the bakusquade the the two together?

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Fucking Elbows and Whatnot

I don’t know what I’m doing here.

This is going to be a bumpy ride so stick with me.

Umm... this is going to be a shin x kami texting story so I don’t know if it will come out well knowing how I never wrote anything.

Welp....😐 Lets start


⚡Pica⚡: Heyyyy

Sharky❤️🦈: Hey Denki whats up bro

❤️Alien Queen❤️: HEYYY BOYSSS I GOT ☕

Elbows: OooOoOoo what is it?


❤️Alien Queen❤️: There is a new transfer student coming from class 1 C


❤️Alien Queen❤️: At 7:54?

Sharky❤️🦈: yeah Bakubro you still sleeping?

💥SparkyBoi💥: FUCKK!!!

~ 💥SparkyBoi💥 has left the chat

~ Sharky❤️🦈 has left the chat

⚡Pica⚡: O.K.....Whos the new transfer kid????

❤️Alien Queen❤️: Wouldnt you like to know....😏

⚡Pica⚡: 😳 SHUT UP MINA

Elbows: OooOoOOoOOo Is DEnkI GaY?

❤️Alien Queen❤️: Are you ok Sero?

⚡Pica⚡: Yeah are you bro?

Elbows: ToTAlLY JuST SoME gRAsS I... WaIt LOoK It SaYs AsS😂😂😂😂😂

⚡Pica⚡: 😳

❤️Alien Queen❤️: 😳

~ Elbows has left the chat

❤️Alien Queen❤️: Welp

⚡Pica⚡: Ill go get him

❤️Alien Queen❤️: Same

~ ⚡Pica⚡ has left the chat

~ ❤️Alien Queen❤️ has left the chat

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