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A New Perspective

I'm... Not Gay?

:< ughhhhhhhhh I suck

⚡Pica⚡ has joined the chat

❤️Alien Queen❤️ has joined the chat


❤️Alien Queen❤️:😏 Like im going to tell you

⚡Pica⚡: Come on Mina

Sharky🦈❤️ has joined the chat

Sharky🦈❤️: Hey me and Bakubro is going to be late ok

⚡Pica⚡: O.K. bro

Sharky🦈❤️ has left the chat

⚡Pica⚡: Mina plzzzzz

❤️Alien Queen❤️: Fine i’ll give you a hint

⚡Pica⚡: YESSS

❤️Alien Queen❤️: HE is a Guy and may or may not be gay....😏

⚡Pica⚡: 😳 Thanks Mina your the best😊😊

~Time Skip cus im lazy~
In class
Denki's POV

"Hey Mina" I waved. A boy and he may be gay. I cant wait.
"Hey Denki, your ready?" she asked.
"Am I ever?" I asked back. "HEY BROS" yelled Kirishima
"Oh hey guys" I wave back. Seeing Bakubro with him, are they a thing?
"Shut up Dunce Face" said bakubro more calmer than normal. I rase any eyebrow at Kirishima and he just stares into space. "Um Kiri?"
"Yeah bro?" he asked
"Can I talk to you alone?" I asked
"Yeah?" he says confused? We went to the bathroom and I asked "Are you gay bro?"
He stands there, his eyes wide. "Who told you? I'm... not gay" he said.
"Bro I'll tell you a secret I'm gay to" I said to reasure him.
"Really bro?" he asked.
"Yeah bro" I said back. 'Well I honestly don't know if I really am though so... maybe.' i think to myself.
"Ye-yeah bro im gay and me and Bakubro are da-dating" he stutters.
"I knew it" I cheer silently.
"H-how did you know?" he asked.
"Well you both come to school together and he is a lot like scary lot calmer around you so..." I say to his question.
"Ohh..." he says rubbing the back of his neck.
"Don't worry bro secrets' safe with me." I say
"Thanks bro" he said "Now lets get to class and see this new exchange student"
I blush at that. Luckyly he doesn't see.
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