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The begining of the begining


my first book and idk what to say plz read

Action / Adventure
Natika uzumaki
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boring new chapter

Let me tell you a story about two brothers: cuphead and his little brother mugman. In 1960 there were two cups one was mugman, an introverted little cup who liked reading and writing, anime and comics. The other was a cuphead. He was a curious little fellow and very extroverted. He liked playing outside, going to events and socializing. The brothers were polar opposites in retrospect.

One day mugman was in the room the two boys shared. He was reading a book about biology, wondering about the impending question that was on the little mug’s mind. How am I alive? The little cup wonders in his head. As he read the book he learned about the anatomy of other things like humans, but based on the knowledge the human page gave him he still couldn’t find answers. The little mug looks outside his window to see his brother playing outside carefree and not questioning anything. mugman wished he could be as unaware as his brother.

As mug was looking out the window he didn’t realize that a spider was crawling on his book. The little mug looked down and saw the spider. He screamed and jumped up off the bed face planting on the wood and ran to the corner of the room. The mug grabbed a broom sitting in the corner of the room and hesitated before hitting the place where the spider was repetitively until he was sure the spider was dead and off his bed.


Cuphead was playing outside in the river by the house,elder kettle was sleeping in his rocking chair when suddenly a scream rang out from upstairs cuphead knew who that scream belonged to it was his own brother! “MUGMAN ″ the cup shouted in worry as he rushed up the stairs past his sleeping guardian. When cuphead got to the top of the stairs he stopped and looked at the scene going on in the brothers room. He started to laugh at his brother huddled in the corner of their room swearing at a spider the size of an orange seed, and swatting at it wildly with a broom

Cuphead just stared and watched the scene of his brother with arachnophobia swearing and hitting his bed with a broom. After a little while mug stopped swatting at his bed with the broom. He looked up as he heard laughter, his own brother was laughing at him. Mugman stared at the cuphead as the cup rolled on the floor laughing. “You stood there for how long.” The little mug asked, seething with anger.” Long enough to see a spider get demolished by a broom.” Cuphead said with a laugh.


First chapter I’m trying to use all the big words I know so I don’t sound like an idiot or inexperienced which I am but anyways that’s it for today and don’t forget to hit that save button like a boss, high fives all around.

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