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"What will I do without you?" She smiles. "Nothing." "Hey!" "Just kidding." He chuckles. "You trust me right?" He says and looks at her. "Yeah, why?" "Nothing...just making sure." He smiles as he understood what a gullible person you were.

Mystery / Horror
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"Ow!" He flicked my forehead. This is seriously getting annoying.

"What now?!"

"You are spacing out again!" Tyler said. "What's the matter with you?"

"Matter with me? I am fine."

"Fine? Are you sure about that?"

I looked at him, dead in the eyes. Is he okay?


"You sure about that?"

"A 100%!"

Again, he looked at me like he is finding something. Honestly, it's pretty creepy.

"Yeah, honey it's a no." He said and threw himself on the bed.

I scoffed.

"Excuse me—"

"You are hiding something, aren't you?" He said and comfortably layed on the bed like a king.

"No, I'm not—"

"You know how I knew?"

Seriously? His nerdy side is coming on. What does this guy want?

"You blink too much when you are lying."

"What—?" I blinked.

"Aha!" He screamed and got off the bed. "You are too honest, Luna."

"Oh, am I now?"


"Prove it, old man."


I smirked and teasingly sticked my tongue out.

"Okay, if you want me to prove it to you...then….who was the one who threw eggs at Mr. Garfield's house during Halloween?"

"Tyler, that was 10 years ago."

"Uh-uh. No excuses young lady. You did what you did."

"Okay fine….but I didn't get grounded!"

"S-shut up…"

I chuckled as he sulked. I looked around my room. I have got to say, my future job could be an interior designer someday. I finally got my room right. It was almost like a prison cell when I moved in!

It was horrible! I am so happy I removed the cockroaches. But now, it has definitely become more me. Even though no one cares and no one even comes here besides me and Tyler, I'd still say, it's impressive.

I looked at my study desk.


It's so empty now. It used to have so much mess on it. My books, car keys, photo frames, and random crap.

But now, it only has a glasses case.

It feels so lonely in a way…. A good lonely though. I am not complaining. It's just that, the memories just….just flew away in a blink of an eye.

I didn't even realize how much this has changed.

"Luna?" He caught my attention. "Are you okay?"

"Huh?" I said, startled.

"You're tearing up...Are you okay?"


I quickly wiped my eyes.

"Yeah yeah. I am okay." I nodded my head repeatedly. "Don't worry. Just not feeling well…"

I was restraining my tears from coming out.

"Oh….should I check your temperature? You look little red…"

"Oh no it's nothing...just a seasonal fever...I'm fine."

"Oh...should I be here?"

"No, no...I don't want to bother you. I'll just take some rest and I'll be fine."

"You sure?"


"Okay. Take care. I'll see you tomorrow." He apologetically smiled and left.

I let out a deep sigh.

Oh, this is going to get hard….


"This is getting even harder!" Alexis huffs as she slams her head on the table.

"That's what you get from not studying, Miss Drew." The professor scowls at her.

She looks down, still shocked at her test paper. She was confused at to where she had gone wrong. She had studied so hard.

"I threw an all nighter for this." She said, pupils shaking.

"What have I done?" She repeatedly says, digging her nails in her scalp out of frustration.

"Alright class!" The professor says, shouting. "As said before, this test will determine half of your grade. If you get above 50 percent, well and good."

"But if you get below 50 percent…."

"Just consider yourself aldready down the drain…"

Alexis looks down at her paper and frowns.

49.5 percent

"Oh no…."

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