End of Days


Vol. 9. Third and final part of the Wasteland Project. The world is slowly dying. It all starts with a grisly mass murder in England. From there, everything from the Apocalypse game falls into place. More blood will be shed. The angels will respond to the living world above them. Ami's child is due to be born. Meanwhile, the war with the angels and monsters take a turn for worst.

Horror / Drama
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End of Days

Key Zero: Fallen:

The world is starting to die.

Manchester, England.

A man was arrested on the streets in the early hours of the morning. Witnesses say they saw him wandering down the street covered in blood. He seemed to be mumbling to himself incoherently. The man still clutched the bloody knife in his right hand. His eyes looked so empty with his head lulled to the side. He had no shoes on his feet.

The police thought that he had gone insane and killed someone. They held him in an interrogation room. He wouldn’t say a single word. He wouldn’t give them his name. He wouldn’t tell them what happened or why he did it. The police couldn’t get anything out of him. Whispers filled the police station. Aside from all of the blood on his clothes and body, he looked like an ordinary guy. The man looked like he had gotten off from work. The right lens was cracked. His knife was taken in as evidence. The strange thing was he didn’t resist. The man never said a word.

The police did their routine booking. They took pictures of the bloody man. They processed him with no troubles. The man never resisted. Though, they did have to drag him along with them. His silence crept them out in the back of the squad car. The police didn’t want to make eye contact.

So here he was.

He didn’t touch the food or drink happened to him. Nothing worked to get him to open up. The cops were nice to him. They tried reasoning with him. They shouted at him. He wouldn’t say a word. For the most part, the man had no emotion on his face. The camera didn’t even pick up on him doing anything while the cops were out of the room.

“They still had cause to hold him. But that was all they could do. However, one cop could’ve sworn that he smiled. Not just smiled either.

“He had the face of the devil,” the officer would later report.

The horrors would be so much worse.

117 Conwell street became a house of nightmares. A mom and her three kids brutally murdered. They didn’t see it coming. A neighbor was the one who discovered the bodies. The mom, Doris, hadn’t been out for the day. Since it was summer, she should have been loading the kids into the car for shopping. The neighbor rang the doorbell but there was no answer. Strange. Doris was usually up around this hour. She should be getting the kids out to the car by now. Curious, she looked into the bay window.

The whole neighborhood could hear her screaming.

Police swarmed the house. They had seen carnage before. But this…

The walls and carpet were stained red. The two youngest children were asleep in their beds. Five-year-old Lily probably didn’t feel a thing as she was stabbed and stuck in the forehead several times as she slept. Her blood covered her sheets and her stuffed animals. Some of it mixed in with her dark brown bangs.

Ben was only ten. He was nearly decapitated with his throat cut down to the bone. Stab wounds covered his torso, arms, and legs. It was suspected that his nose and mouth were covered as his throat was cut. Ben was not spared a quick death.

Sixteen-year-old Katherine was in the shower when she met her end. The poor girl was ambushed by her killer. The shower was still running by the time the police found her body. Despite most of the blood washed away, there was still some on the walls and floor of the shower. Katherine did try to fight back as she covered herself. Stab wounds covered her throat, hands, and chest.

Doris was the one who put up the most fight. She was having a smoke in the kitchen. Judging by the open fridge, she was probably about to cook something or get a snack. Doris was stabbed in the slide first. But not before fighting off her attacker and running to the living room. She made it as far as the front door. Her spinal cord had been severed before she stabbed in the back and neck. Doris’ head was slammed repeatedly into the door as an insult to injury.

Time of death was estimated to have been last night. None of the neighbors heard a thing. The family didn’t have any enemies either. They had just paid off the house. The dad had just gotten promoted last week. The family seemed happy.

The neighbors stood outside of their houses as the bodies were carried out. The police kept back noisy onlookers trying to get close to the house. It’s kind of hard to push away phones held up in the air.

Meanwhile, the husband had gone missing. No one had any ideas where he went. All efforts to locate him so far have come up short.


Allen lay in Road’s bed with a twisted little smile on his face.

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