End of Days


Key Ten: S-kun:

[A camera clicks on]

So tell me about your son, S-kun.

-A woman in her late forties sits on the couch, looking nervous. She fumbles with her hands before making herself look up-

“Where do you want me to start?”

Where do you think it would be best to start?

“Well, I love my son dearly. I don’t understand how any of this happened. Oh god! Where did we go wrong?”

Was there any mental issues undiagnosed?

“No! It’s not like that! He wasn’t dropped on his head as a baby! We never abused or neglected him. We were just a normal family growing up.”

-She pauses-

“Well, almost normal.”

What happened to him?

“I don’t really know. Everything was going fine until he was six. My husband and I were working at the time. I was at my desk when I got a call from his school. They said that S-kun had pushed a little girl off a slide.”

Where was this school?

“[School name redacted]”

I see. I heard of that incident. What did they say happened?

“They said that S-kun and F-chan were at the top of the slide.”

F-chan was the victim?

“Yes. The slide couldn’t have been that high up. She was going to go first. He would be going off her. But then he just pushed her off.”

-Her hands do a pushing motion-

How bad was the child hurt?

“A few scrapes and bruises. She twisted her ankle. Other than that, nothing serious.”

Why did he push her?

“He didn’t know. The teachers and I asked him many times. S-kun just said he didn’t know. The way he said it made it worse.”

How so?

“He had no emotion in his voice. He just said it matter of fact.”

-She shivers in her seat-

Were there more incidents like that?

-She shakes her head-

“No. For the most part, S-kun was a normal boy. He had little friends. He got along with his teachers.”

-She pauses-

What’s wrong?

“There were some things off about him.”

Like what?

“When he was younger, he stare off into space. He would be talking and acting normal at one point. But he would go quiet and just sit there, staring. I would wave my hand in front of his face but no response.”

Was this caused by any head traumas when he was younger?

“No. We took him to the doctor when it first happened. They couldn’t find anything wrong. The first doctor insisted that it was nothing and it would pass.”

How often would this happen?

“I think about a couple of times a week.”

Does he still do this?

“No. He grew out of it over time.”

What about his father?

“My husband is a good father. He’s constantly working but he will call S-kun every night. He’s only missed a call once.”

-She looks down at her hands-

There is something else you are not telling me.


Take your time if you need to.

-She takes a breath-

Has he tortured any animals?

“No! Never! S-kun loves animals. He wouldn’t do anything like that.”

-She pauses-

“There was one scare I had when he was ten.”

What happened?

“We lived back in [Town redacted] when this happened. There used to be this beautiful looking cat that hung around the house. I never got to formally adopt it. I would just feed it and pet it. This went on for a year, I believe. S-kun was about nine or ten at the time.”

What happened to the cat?

-She sighs-

“The cat disappeared one day.”

Did he do it?

“That’s what I thought at first. He wouldn’t give me a straight answer about that cat. I wasn’t sure if he was telling the truth or not.”

So what happened to the cat?

“Turns out the cat was hit by a car in town. I felt bad for the cat but I was glad my son didn’t do it.”

-She shifted into place-

So tell me about that day. Tell me about that stabbing in [School redacted].

-She sighs and lowered his head-

Take your time if you need to.

-She took another breath-

“No, I am okay. I can do this.”

Alright. What happened?

“You read the papers, didn’t you?”

Yes. But I want to hear it from you. What happened?

-She shakes her head-

“I can’t explain it, really. He didn’t show any signs. He acted normal.”

Was he being bullied?

“No. School was going great. He gets along with his teachers.”

-She pauses for a moment-


-She lifts her chins-

“He just didn’t interact with his classmates. He didn’t bring in any friends or dates. He didn’t seem interested in anyone. He just keeps to himself.”

Did any of the teachers abuse him?

“No! Nothing like that! Never!”

Did the victim ever hurt him?


Was he obsessed with her?


-She pauses again-

“Well… He didn’t talk much to me leading up to that day.”

How was his mood?

“I don’t really know. He wouldn’t talk to me. I didn’t push him but I told him that I would be here if he wanted to open up.”

And what did he say?

-She shakes her head-

“He wouldn’t say. I couldn’t read his face.”

Was he on drugs or anything?


Do you have him on any medications?

“No. There was never a reason to.”

-She pauses-

“We did turn to a priest two years ago.”

A priest?

-She presses her lips together-

“It was my idea, really. I didn’t know what else to do.”

And what did he say?

-She shakes her head-

“I don’t know. I couldn’t understand what he was saying.”

What is the best that you remember?

-She takes in a deep breath-

“He said that S-kun was possessed.”

Do you believe that?

“I don’t know. My husband didn’t believe it at first. But now he’s not so sure. We’ve ruled out everything else. Doctors and psychiatrists can’t find anything. What else can it be?”

And you’re sure that he’s not been hiding anything from you and your husband?

“Yes. We combed through his room after he turned himself in. And we found nothing. I even looked through our trash.”

-She buries her head in her hands-

“I don’t understand what went wrong. We did everything right! What did we do wrong?”

[Recording Stops]

S-kun is currently in jail awaiting trial for the murder of his teacher and the attempted murder of two of his classmates.

Grace and Kit lay silently in the sand, holding their breaths. She looked out into the vast emptiness.

“Is it safe to go?” Kit asked with his eyes. Grace held up one finger. Kit looked out to the vast emptiness. They trained their ears to the silence around them. These seconds felt like they would go on forever. This wasn’t good. Grace clung onto Kit as she counted down in her head.

When I say go, we go. Got it?

Kit gave her a quick nod. She and he looked back at the emptiness. He clung to her just as tightly. They heard the winds howling behind them. Grace puffed up her cheeks.


The pair leapt up and took off running. They wouldn’t let go of each other.

“Don’t look back!” Grace shouted as the winds grew louder. “Don’t stop running!” Kit complied and kept running. It didn’t matter where they were going. They had to get out of the pit. They could feel grains of sand against their backs.

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