End of Days


Key Thirteen: Bookman:

He’s been counting down. She has one more month left. And it was getting to her. Bookman knocked on the bathroom door.

“Go away!” Ami shouted.

“I can’t,” Bookman said. He took a drag of his cigarette. He didn’t really care about her. It was her soon-to-be offspring. The old angel had the dreams. This child’s birth would lead to the living world’s further destruction. Why not just kill the child? Well, it isn’t that easy.

Her grandmother is about image. There was already a scandal with the pregnancy. Abortion would make things worse. But what about after the child is born? Could he get away with it? It would have to be quick. Maybe cover up the baby’s nose and mouth.

“I won’t let you do that.”

Bookman turned his head. Though he couldn’t see him, he could see Lavi’s silhouette in from the shadow on the wall. The older angel had no emotion on his face.

“We talked about this,” he said. The silhouette didn’t respond. Bookman flicked out his cigarette.

“I am not having this argument with you again,” he said. The silhouette didn’t say a thing. Bookman shook his head. He wasn’t going to let his student become fallen. That baby was the only way of preventing that from happening. Lavi could not think of that child as his own. That was growing harder for Lavi to do each day. Bookman needed a way to cut the bonds.

Meanwhile, he kept his ear to the ground. The living world was sailing closer to its doom. Michael and Raphael were already awake. The only saving grace was Gabriel still hadn’t been found yet. It would only be a matter of time.

That wasn’t the only thing Bookman had to worry about.

Ami’s sanity was slowly slipping away. It wasn’t his job to care about her. But she was still part of this brewing storm. The outcome would not be good for her. She was either going to die or go insane after the child was born.

“Poor girl,” Bookman muttered to himself. He took another drag. It would be easy to kill the child before it would be too late.

But what if there was going to be a guardian to protect it? This was going to take more angels for this. But there was still that endless war going on. Most of the other angels were still busy. Some were still missing. They were either in the living world or the Fallen City. (Lavi was lucky to end up in the living world instead of the Fallen City.) But there were some angels that could help him out. The only problem would be discretion. Some angels didn’t know how to keep a secret if they tried. If Bookman told the wrong angel, it would make things worse.

It was a good thing he knew just who to call.

Bookman looked down the hall and then towards the bathroom. He turned and walked down the hall. The old angel walked all the way out to the backyard. When he was in the clear, he pulled out his phone.

“Hello, it’s me,” Bookman said. “Remember that little problem we talked about last time? I am going to need your help. You owe me for this, remember? Good. We don’t have much time. There’s only one month left. Can you meet me at that church outside of town? Good. I will see you there.”

Bookman vanished into thin air.

Lavi could see him out the window.

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