End of Days


Key Fourteen: Heaven:

Meanwhile, Heaven is swamped. Between the endless war, missing angels, and the apocalypse game advancing, they had a mess on their hands. They didn’t have time to deal with a nephilim child.

Well, they would have to make time.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring.

“Hello?” Komui asked. At first, a little crackle of static burst through the phone. The angel had a confused look on his face.

“Hello?” he asked again. Komui narrowed his eyes.

“Bookman?” he asked. “Is that you?” The angel paused.

“What do you mean? Yes. Okay, hold on.” Komui looked around his office. He got up and closed the blinds.

So the rumors were true. The angel wished that they weren’t. Komui put up his hand and spread out his fingers. White shimmering waves popped up from the floor.

“Now what did you say?” Komui asked.

Why won’t this war end? The angels don’t know. Who are they fighting? The angels don’t know. When will this war end? The angels don’t know. They just keep this war going. That’s all they know how to do.

It’s another morning for this endless war. More angels are being sent off to fight. However, the war is becoming more unpopular as the years go on. This has got to stop.

It’s always the same. Send more, lose more. They don’t know how to break the cycle. Some have tried and failed. The younger angels are trying but making no progress. They started asking more questions. The higher-ups are running out of ways to make them stop.

“Just do your job,” they would say.

That’s it? Just do their jobs? Nothing could be more insulting. But what can they do? They can’t rebel in a time of war. Or can they?

There have been the rumors for weeks. But now, it might be true. So where’s the child? Some of the angels are sneaking out to find the child. There are thousands of pregnant women in the living world. Where could they begin?

“We should look for a mother who’s glowing?”

“No, she would be surrounded by demons.”

“No, it’s angels!”

“It would have to be demons. Most of us are on the battlefield.”

“It’s not angels or demons. It’s ghosts!”

No matter the sign, they had to do this in secret. They still in the middle of a war after all.

What is the point anymore? Once those angels go onto the battlefield, it’s over. They won’t come back. They will either be lost in the living world of the Fallen City. Once that happens, they can’t come back. Especially for the Fallen City.

But they are still looking. What’s the point? It is something to do? It’s rather cruel. A vain hope for normalcy? That also seems cruel. What is normal? That hasn’t existed for a long time. Why would that start now?

Sure, there are leads. But where do they go? I’ll tell you where. Nowhere. They aren’t going to find jack. And even if they do, how will they get them back? The living world might be easy. The Fallen City? You might as well count those angels as dead. Nobody wants to go down there. They wouldn’t even know how to get there. Some think that the City’s moving all the time. They definitely know that it’s hidden. But what if the City is growing? What if it reaches Heaven? Nobody ever wanted to think about that. There was a war going on after all.

Well, they might have to start thinking about that now. There is a baby on the way after all. Only one more month after all.

Komui sat down in his chair, frowning.

“Tell me again,” he said. “So it’s true.” He rubbed his forehead. His eyes turned to the covered up windows.

“You want to know what now?” he asked. Komui narrowed his eyes.

“Yes. That should be possible. We could work something out. How along is she now?” Another pause. His face grew grim.

“Ooo. That much time left. Why didn’t you say anything before?” Komui waved off the answer.

“Never mind. We can still try. I’ll see what I can do. Let me see who I can get for this mission.” His eyes stayed out at his covered up windows the whole time. This news suddenly changed everything. He could only act fast because the rest of Heaven found out.

Bookman hung up his phone. He looked back at the house. Heaven wasn’t reliable lately. This was all no thanks to the war. But if this was born, everything was going to get worse. Ami’s fate meant nothing to him. Lavi, on the other hand, was his responsibility. Sure, the war separated them from each other. That Heaven wasn’t going to see it that way. Lavi would end up back on the battlefield again. Bookman couldn’t decide which was worse: Lavi on the frontlines again or him turning fallen. One would be an endless while the other would cut him off from everyone dear to him. Well, not everyone.

He tried not to think about Stacy.

The biggest problem was that baby. This child was going to push the Apocalypse game into the overdrive. The only chance they had to stop it was to kill the baby after it’s born. He only hoped that he would be able to pull it off in time.

Ami sat in the bathroom, trembling. She covered her ears as the buzzing swallowed up her sanity. The white noise built up brick by brick in her eyes. She tightly shut her eyes.

Suddenly, Ami lowered her hands and opened her eyes. She just sat there as a cold wave of calm washed over her.

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