End of Days


Key Seventeen: Ritual:

Allen sat down on his knees, looking up. Road stood over him, smirking. She had him stripped naked except for the collar around his neck.

“Kiss my feet,” she said. Allen knelt down and kissed the top of her feet. By now, he doesn’t resist much anymore. In fact, he lives for this. The angel’s eyes trailed upwards. Road roughly grabbed him by the hair. She pulled him up to her face. Allen began panting heavily.

Road dragged him over to her bed. She pushed him forward, face down. Allen had a drunken cat smile on his face. The gears began to turn in Road’s head.

First came the rope. Road tightly tied Allen’s wrists together. She’s really good with the knots. The angel squirmed as her fingers ran around on his wrists. Aizen was already running around in his body. Road wrapped the ropes around Allen’s chest and waist. She wasn’t going for his ankles just yet. (She was going to need to flip him onto his back at one point.)

“Spread your legs for me,” the monster commanded. The angel complied without a thought in his head. The balls of his feet touched the two bottom corners of her bed.

“Perfect,” Road purred. But she wasn’t done with the prep yet. She walked over to her nightstand and pulled the drawer open. The monster smirk as she pulled out a blindfold and a ball gag. She looked over at her slave. Allen started breathing heavily. His mistress chuckled. She leaned down to his right ear.

“Easy, fuck boy,” Road whispered. Allen settled back into place. His mistress chuckled to himself. She climbed on top of him. Her knees came on either side of her. First came the ball gag. Road managed to strap it around as tight as possible. Now for the blindfold. She could feel him shivering underneath them.

“You want this, don’t you?” the monster whispered. Allen weakly nodded in spite of himself.

“Heh,” Road said. She leaned down and licked him on his right ear. His skin felt hot underneath her. She smacked him on the ass. Allen let off a loud scream in the ball gag. Road giggled before she climbed off. She reached back over to her nightstand. The monster reached down into the drawer. She pulled out a special-looking strap-on along with a bottle of lube. Road got them both especially for tonight.

She poured lube on two of her fingers. They darted straight for his asshole. Allen gasped through his gag. Road smacked him on the lower cheeks as she started probing. The muffled yelps made Road lick her lips.

“Mmm,” she said. The monster pushed her fingers in deeper. She used her free hand to pull Allen’s hair. Already, she was getting off on this. Road couldn’t help but to add a third finger. She was tempted to shove her whole hand inside. Not yet though.

Road just had to try out this trick first.

She withdrew her fingers. Allen started whimpering behind his gag. The monster gently shushed him.

“Hang on,” she whispered. She licked him on the ear again. Allen shivered. Road smirked as she took a step back. She strapped up her special toy and clicked it on. The monster got into the position that she wanted. Allen let out a loud gasp. She didn’t even rest with the pounding. Sure, Road had done this to him before but the vibrating took everything to a new level. She kept smacking him on the ass or pulling his hair. The monster licked her lips.

“You like that, don’t you?” she asked. Allen gave off a loud, muzzled moan in response. Road threw back her head and laughed. She gave him another smack. The angel’s mind went into stranger places. A drunken catlike smile spread across his face in his mind’s eye.

In Road’s mind, the first climax wasn’t enough. Sure, he got the stains messy but she wasn’t done with him. The monster flipped Allen onto his back. He couldn’t see her face but he could tell that she was smirking down at him. Road took off the strap-on and tossed it aside. She knelt down and took the deflated cock into her mouth. The monster cursed herself for forgetting the cock ring. Oh well, this would have to do for now.

She felt Allen getting bigger again in her mouth. More whimpering escaped from his gagged up jaw. Road slowly pulled away when he was big enough for what she wanted. Allen made more whimpering noises. She slapped him across the face.

“Shut up!” Road barked. Once again, the monster mounted her prey for the second time tonight. Allen’s mind went back into that strange place. This had turned into an endless cycle. He used to not want this. But now…

Was this all him? The angel used to be convinced that Aizen was making him do all of things. However the more times Road had sex with him, he wasn’t so convinced anymore. He could see himself smiling in his head.

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