End of Days


Key Two: Dog:

Allen is her dog now. He has do everything to please her. Road patted him on the head.

“Good boy,” she whispered. Allen smiled as she ran her fingers through his snow white hair. She gently kissed him on the forehead. The monster turned and walked out the room. Allen’s heart sank as the door slammed shut.

No. Don’t go.

Aizen ran up his spine again.

How long was she going to be gone this time? Hours? Days? The feeling of dread was the worst. Aizen ran along his ribcage. Touching himself wasn’t fun anymore. Road gave him so much more. But that wasn’t going to be enough soon. Lucky for his mistress, she knew how to get creative.

Only traces of him still reminded. They floated up from the surface from time to time. Does he still want to escape? He felt like he had to.

I can’t stay here.

He usually he would sink back into the drowning dark. Lately, he had been surfacing less and less. Allen had a crooked smile on his face.

That wasn’t the only thing happening around him as of late.

The blood of that family in Manchester reached Heaven, the Fallen City, and the Tower. Road took in the sensation.

“Mmm,” she said last night. She grabbed Allen by the cheeks.

“It’s already begun,” Road whispered. The angel gave her that goofy grin. At the time, it didn’t register in his head.

But now, he hears he chatter in his mind. Allen lay down on his side. A little bit of himself started to surface again. What did she mean that it had begun? What began? He rolled over onto his back. He won’t be in his right mind to ask Road later. She probably wouldn’t tell him anyway.

Aizen ran across his chest. Allen scratched at the skin with blank eyes.

The desire was going to start back up again. The whispering bushed by his ears. He frowned to himself for a moment. Was himself trying to surface again? So annoying.

Allen. Allen. Allen!

The angel looked over at the wall. Oh go away.



Allen. Can you hear me? Are you still here? Allen. Allen!

Wait… He knew that voice.


Her voice became distorted. Almost like she became lost in a storm of static. Allen lifted his head. Nothing she was saying was making any sense. The angel narrowed his eyes. He could feel himself struggling to stay above the surface.

What are you saying? I can barely hear you.

She tried to reach out to him but her voice became lost. Allen reached out his hand as if he could see her in front of him. Suddenly, her voice grew faint.

I’m losing you. Ophelia? Ophelia?

The connection was gone. Allen froze with his hand in the air. He let it drop to his side. And just like that, he disappeared into himself again.

The city howls at night. Even more so now. The smell of blood has become more potent. Cricket frowned as he covered his nose.

“Are there more of us coming?” he asked. Tate shook his head.

“No, something worse is coming,” he said.

“Hm?” the smaller angel asked. Tate turned to him.

“You felt it too, right?” he asked. Cricket rested his hand on his chest.

“Yes…” he murmured. Tate looked out the window.

“The storm is coming,” he said. “It’s not like what we’re used to either.” Cricket titled his head.

“What do you mean?” he asked. Tate put his arm around his small shoulders.

“You will see in due time,” he said. “All in due time.” Cricket shivered when he heard that. He grabbed onto Tate’s shirt.

“What is it, man?” the older angel asked.

“Will you stay by me until the end?” Cricket asked. Tate sighed. How did it come down to this? The smaller angel looked up at him with big eyes.

“Fine,” Tate said. “I will stay with you.” Cricket did his best to bow his head.

“Thank you,” he whispered. Tate frowned and patted him on the head.

Allen looked up when he heard the door open.

“I’m back,” Road said. The angel sat up, excited. He came bounding over to her. Allen huddled up at her feet. Her hand became tangled up in his hair.

“Have you been good today?” she asked. Allen gave her a little pout as he nodded.

“Aw,” she said. “Aren’t you so precious?” The angel looked up at her pouting. Road tilted her head.

“What is it?” she asked. Allen stared up at her with a hungry look in his eyes. She grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up to eye level.

“You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” she asked. Allen pouted as he nodded. Road smirked.

“Heh,” was all she said. The monster flung him across the bed. Allen lifted his head with his eyes glazed over. Aizen ran across his chest. Road climbed on top and giggled. The first seal had broken in time in the living world for the good part to start.

Besides, Road had some new games that she kept coming up to experiment on Allen with.

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