End of Days


Key Five: Ophelia:

She lay on her back, panting. Her skin looked so pale.

“I can’t reach him anymore,” she wailed. Her eyes darted over towards the edge of the cage.

You have to keep trying.

“But how?” She rolled over onto her stomach. Leda floated in front her outside of the cage. The French angel glanced over at her. Leda appeared to have mist raining on her body. Ophelia could see through her. She lifted her head, looking confused.

“You can project yourself now?” she asked. Leda shook her head.

“It doesn’t hold well,” she said. The angel looked down at her body as it started to glitch out. Ophelia pushed herself up.

“I can’t do it,” she said. “He’s too far gone.” His vacant eyes still chilled her.

“We need to get him back. You don’t have much time to escape,” Leda said. The other angel blinked.

“Why are you so interested in our escape?” she asked. “I thought you weren’t so interested.” Leda leaned as close to her face as possible.

“Things have changed,” she said. The French angel gave her a strange look.

“What do you mean?” she asked. Leda started to glitch out again. She only managed to say one thing.

“Look at the living world.”

“Huh?” Ophelia sat up. “What do you mean by that?” Leda was gone. The French angel looked around.

“Where did you go?” she asked. Suddenly, her body went stiff. Her eyes grew wide. Images swirled around in her head. She could see the true terror now.

Red smoke clouded the land. Her eyes began to sting. Ophelia covered her nose and mouth.

What… What is it?

Then came the screaming. Oh god the screaming! That wasn’t the only thing though. Where was that siren coming from? Ophelia turned her head. The smoke was thick but she managed to see through it. Hoards of shadows were walking down a cracked rocky path. She couldn’t see any of their faces. Her stomach dropped as she figured out where they were going.

“No! Get away from there! This is not where you should go!”

They can’t hear her. Their wailings and the fire drowns them out. She can’t reach them either. More and more keep coming. Ophelia tried but couldn’t get closer to them. Her fingertips couldn’t even touch the tops of their heads. She was just stuck lingering in the sky.

But she wasn’t alone for long.

When Ophelia turned her head, a wash of fear came over her. Her stomach turned as face grew paler.

Oh no… No…

That cold smile was enough to yank her back into reality.

The French angel yanked open her eyes, gasping. Her eyes darted around the cage. The bars did little to comfort her. She started to catch her breath.

“What was that?” she asked.

That is what is about to unfold in the living world.

Ophelia looked up at the ceiling. “What?”

The End of Days are coming. You are running out of time. Heaven shut its gates soon. This why we have to get Allen back.

Ophelia had a confused look on her face. “But about the city here? What’s going to happen to it? Why are they coming here?”

That I have yet to work out.

Ophelia started to tremble. Her contact with Allen wasn’t the only problem. The angel tightly shut her eyes.

She was coming back again. When was the last time she saw her? Ten years? Twenty years? Thirty-five? Why was she coming back after all this time?

Ophelia shook her head.

Is something wrong?

The French angel shook her head. How could she even explain it? This was Leda and she could see everything, but still…

She lifted her head when she heard the door open. Uh-oh. They are coming back.

“Yo-ho!” Jasdevi shouted. The other angels in the cage looked up. Who was going to be selected this time? The twins circled the cage. Alma cuddled in close to Marion. The other angel tried to keep her calm. Ophelia didn’t try to fight it. This was no different than her human life in a way. She had just given up one master only to be forced to service another.

Suddenly, the cage door clicked open.

A hand grabbed Ophelia by the shoulder. She didn’t even turn around. She could hear the twins laughing.

“Yes,” Jasdevi said. “You will do just fine.” Ophelia didn’t say a word as they dragged her away. She already knew what was coming.

She ended up in the Red Room. Jasdevi tossed her in there and locked the door. Ophelia stared at the door. Who was it going to be this time?

Ophelia’s thoughts were broken up when she heard a wheezing laugh in the darkness. The French angel turned around.

“What a pretty girl you are,” a voice hissed in the dark. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Ophelia looked up. A giant monster with glasses looked down at her. He was wheezing and laughing as he looked down at the angel. The monster licked his lips. Ophelia looked at him with contempt. The big monster sneered and slapped her across the face. She fell over sideways.

“Bitch!” he snapped. Ophelia didn’t speak. The monster grabbed her by the dress and flung her onto the bed. She didn’t make a sound. She only saw her faceless johns in him. What difference did it make? Human or angel, it was all the same to her.

He smelt like death. Death and sweat. Ophelia had to choke back dry bile. She had her head turned to the side. The monster forced her to look at him. Contempt. That’s all she felt for him. Everything about him wanted to make her vomit. His body was big enough to crush her if he passed out. She didn’t even bother to get a good look at his face. They all looked the same to her. That’s the life a sex worker. The johns’ faces all start to blend together. Soon, they have no faces to her. This monster would be no different. But something else caught her attention.

A woman about twenty years old hoovered over her. Her pale skin made the angel freeze up. Her red tutu and shoes looked like she had been dipped in blood. She had no eyes. Her long dark red bangs covered them. The worst part was her smirk. This Red Ballerina was staring at Ophelia through her bangs. Memories of the past started to drown her mind.

The monster forced her face towards him again.

“Only look at me!” he growled. Drops of spit hit her in the face. Ophelia wrinkled her nose. She wanted to spit back in his face. His heavy hands grabbed her small shoulders. The monster groaned as he pounded harder.

“Oh yeah! Oh! Oh!” he shouted. Ophelia looked over his shoulder again. The Red Ballerina stood in the corner, watching her. Who was she? How long was she going to stand there?

This wasn’t the first time Ophelia saw the menacing Red Ballerina.

-Paris, France-

-Winter 1997-

Another client tonight. She doesn’t even remember what they looked like. He had to have been a man. This took place after her first abortion. She couldn’t afford to keep the baby. The madam convinced her as such.

“How would you care for a child?” she asked. “What kind of life would you give it?” The madam made so much since. Ophelia felt numb afterwards. She felt as such for days. That night was no different.

That’s when she noticed that she wasn’t only in the room with the john.

There she was. That damned ballerina. She stood silent in the corner of the room. That vile smirk made Ophelia panic.

Who are? What do you want from me? Stay away from me. Stay away! Stay away!

“Is something wrong?”

Ophelia looked up. The john looked in her eyes. Was he… concerned about her? Why would he do that? She quickly shook her head. He pauses for a second and then goes back to pounding into her. Ophelia doesn’t moan. She went back inside her head.

There she was again.

That Red Ballerina stared at her. That smirk could cut deep inside. Ophelia let off a small gasp.

“Are you sure you are okay?”

The john stopped moving. The color drained from Ophelia’s face.

“Can you see her?” she asked in a whisper.


She pointed behind him. The john turned and looked. Ophelia’s stomach turned into knots.

“What are you talking about?”

“Huh?” she asked. She was staring into his eyes.

“There’s no one in the corner.”

The sex worker looked confused. “What?” She lifted her head. That Red Ballerina still stood in the corner watching her. That smirk revealed fangs.

“How can you not see her?!” Ophelia wailed. “She’s right there! I can see her! I swear!” The john looked behind him again.

“There is no one there.” He climbed off of her.

“Wait! Where are you going?” she asked. He shook his head and got dressed. He said something about her being crazy before leaving. She didn’t remember exactly what he said. Ophelia couldn’t even remember what his face looked like. All that she knew was that damned Red Ballerina was still there even after he was gone.

She never did leave, did she?

-Present Day-

The Red Ballerina’s fangs could be seen across the room. Ophelia doesn’t even call her out anymore. But why was she back again?

Who are you? Why are you back? What do you want from me? What the hell do you want?

“Oh god!” the monster shouted. He threw back his head and he moaned. His load made her feel so dirty. There was that feeling again. When was the last time she felt it? Last night. That disgusting mass on her laughed as he panted.

“Wow!” he shouted. “You were great!” Ophelia didn’t respond. The monster gave her a sloppy long lick. She choked back more bile. That Red Ballerina watched the whole time, smirking.

Ophelia could hear her laughing—again.

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