He turned me to Mafia


she was lonely but he has taken over her with mafia

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

love at first sight

it was a family and friend party every one came
y/f/n: hey sick party
y/n: got tapped on the shoulder it was her brother
brother: is it okay if i bring my friends and girlfriend please.
y/n: yeah sure no prob
brother: thank!
y/n sure
he went to the car to get his friend and girlfriend
her heart stoped y/n brother came with his friend and girlfriend
brother: this is my friend kimwoojin
woojin: but call me jin
y/n: nice to meet you jin im y/n
few hours past every one stared to get drunk and dance.
y/n: i need a ride home
woojin: i can take you home
y/n: okay
she got into the car first he droped off y/n brother and his girl
then it was just kimwoojin and y/n in the car
in her head she wanted to scream i like you so much
woojin: so where we goin y/n
y/n froze y/n: um i- were going on lee fleix sreet

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