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He turned me to Mafia


\few streets away they made it to her house woojin followed her to her home

she got so nervous cause she knew it was


y/n: what do you want jin!!

woojin: you want you!!!!

she froze in silence

y/n: oh i- just come in

they came in to house she took off her boots

woojin followed her he sat on a couch y/n: you hungry


she went in the kitchen to make pizza

woojin sat on the couch he was thinking.

then when y/n put the pizza in the oven she turned around and

woojin pushed her on the wall

and choked her

woojin: do you like me

she pushed her on the floor

y/n: WHAT THE HEl-

woojin: do you like me

y/n: yes ok gees yes i do i love you so much

woojin: get up now

as she got up he put his hand on her hip as she looked down she kept getting horny

woojin went for her neck to kiss she tryed to pull away and say no

but she loved so much

y/n: what are you doing

woojin: shhh baby

as she got a chill down her back she relaxed woojin carried you to the room.

he lays her down on the bed and sliped her skirt and panties off

she took off her shirt he got naked as he climes on the bed

she felt so happy inside she was happy that she got to have

what she never had woojin went far up in her cunt

she was a moaning mess

woojin: you like that babygirl

y/n: ahhhh YES DADDY

he went father she screamed

y/n: jin stop

woojin: hold on im bou

he open her legs and placed his hands on her thighs

and ate her out he barely touched her she was a moaning mess

she moved back then he grabbed her leg and did doggy style

she kicked him off the bed he pulled her off the bed and

she got on her knees and sucked on his prick

woojin: ahhhhhhhhhh

so they fell asleep and when it was morning

but woojin was not there he left a note she woke up and got the note

she was naked she looked down seen that her cunt was saggy

y/n: oh hell no!



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