He turned me to Mafia

i found out

so she call woojin he answered the phone

y/n: what happend last night?

woojin: we had sex and now were dating


woojin: you did last night

y/n: what when was this?

woojin: i told you last night you called me daddy

y/n: so im not ready

woojin: yes you are what we did is love

y/n: well im ready to love you.

woojin: me too but first i have to tell you something

y/n what is it?

woojin: im in a mafia gang

her mind went left

she could not speak after what he said

woojin: OH i Had to turn the oven off pizza burned

y/n: huh oh okay

woojin: are you okay?

y/n yes just stressed

then she remembered she had work

y/n: hey we can talk later? got work

woojin: okay call or see you in a bit

y/n: bye love

woojin: bye baby

she worked at at target she had a night shift

person: hello im here to get my cash back

y/n: why?

person: there was hair in my gum

y/n: no money back read the sign

person: no unfair where is your manager

y/n: i am the manager im going to have to ask you to leave

person: no and im calling the cops

y/n: please leave

person: hello 911 yeah there is this women who wont give me my money back okay

y/n: what the hell

person: bye

y/n took a wine bottle and bashed it on her head

person was bleeding out her head.

she put the dead body in a bag carried it to a fire she made and burned the body she heard cops and got back to work

a sexy cop came in the store her eyes became blind for a second

y/n: oh hey how can i help

jimin: im officer jimin did a lady come in and call

y/n: no not that i know of

jimin: here is my number

y/n: okay i will call you

jimin: alright have a nice day

she had got off of work and she went home she was hungry

so she went and ate some Korean noodles she was full

so she layed down and watched t.v she got a call

it was woojin of course

woojin: hey can i come over i got some toys

she new what he has and what he wants

y/n: yeah

woojin: okay on my way

he knocked on the door she ran so fast to the door

they went to her room closed the door and got naked

he had pink fury hand cuffs, red wip, and dilldo

woojin: this is your dilldo okay?

y/n: okay

they had sex for seven hours and he was tired she was too

y/n: woojin since your mafia can i tell you something

woojin: you can tell me anything

y/n: i killed a lady cause she called the cops on me

woojin: cool i liked to see that more often

y/n: your not mad

woojin: no why would i im mafia

y/n: oh o- okay

woojin: and i was wondering if you would like to be a mafia girl

y/n: um i- uh

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